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First Look: FNH SC-1 Over/Under Shotgun

by Guns & Ammo News   |  September 1st, 2011 7

Chris Chambers from FNH USA gives us an exclusive look at the company’s first attempt at a competition level shotgun. The new FN SC-1 over/under shotgun touts classic Belgian-made tubes and a Winchester 101 platform modified for the competitive shooter, a 28-inch chrome lined, ported barrel and a laminate blue stock. The MSRP on the gun $2399.

•    Gauge: 12 gauge
•    Receiver: 3″ chamber barrel
•    Barrel: 28″ vent rib
•    Choke: Standard Invector choke tube included
•    Stock: Laminate, blue
•    Sights: Bead
•    Weight: 8 lbs. (empty)
•    Capacity: 2

  • Joe J

    Toooooo much $ for this. I'd get a Browning XT instead. If the make the price $1300-1150 then it would be interesting.

  • Billy Bob

    It is a Browning, do your homework. FN owns Browning, Winchester, and several other firearms.

  • TK Jay

    @ Billy Bob, it is pretty pricey but I think we will see a price drop soon.

  • jimmy james

    Saw one of these hanging on the wall at Mackey's. Nice looking OU but the price and the blue laminate put me off. Lots of nice (custom) features built in.

  • Jay

    just got one. Got a really good deal. Haven't shot it yet. Build quality is outstanding. Going to the trap house tomorrow and sporting clays next week. Let everyone know how it is after that.

    • Scott

      Jay, how did you like your gun. Im getting mixed messages from FN and other websites on the sc-1 specs.
      Does it have a 3" chamber or 2.75". Some sites only provide 3 chokes and the others 5?

      How much browning do you see and feel in the gun or is it all 101? Good trigger pull?
      Thanks, Scott M

  • Liz

    love the blue laminate, wish it came in more models

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