Benjamin Voss of FN Herstal USA gives us an exclusive look at the FNH Ballista Sniper rifle before consumers can even get their hands on it sometime in 2012.

The Ballista—a multi-caliber, modular precision rifle—is FNH’s response to the Special Operations Command’s solicitation for a sniper rifle.

The PSR can be changed from a .338 Lapua to a .300 Win. Mag. or a .308 Win. in a matter of minutes by just swapping out the barrel, the bolt head and the magazine. The trigger can be set to single or two-stage and the folding butt stock is adjustable for length of pull. The Ballista weighs at a tick under 17 pounds and gives the operator the ability engage targets out to 1,500 meters.

What are your thoughts on PSR Ballista?


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