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First Look: Nighthawk LadyHawk 1911

by Guns & Ammo News   |  August 31st, 2011 32

Jason Teague takes the Nighthawk Ladyhawk 1911 in 9mm for a walk down range.

This 1911-style pistol features thinner grips allowing for more control for a shooter with smaller hands. It’s also available in .45 ACP or 40 S&W. Watch the short video below to see this pistol in action.

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  • Randall Priester

    It says also available in 45 and 40… is he shooting a 9mm?

    • Jason

      Yeah, it says 9mm in the video description after the clip plays. No wonder it's got such a low recoil.


      yes, springfield has been developen this weapon for a while and they have got it dailed in now!!!!

  • Rick

    Why not 9MM?

    • Nam Marine

      You couldn't kill a dog with a 9mm.

  • Frank

    Hmm, 10 round magazine in 9mm caliber for $2895 plus tax.

    This is a $3000 gun ??????????

    I don't think so.


    bull crap. U can get the same gun for less at a gunshow, I have seen it.

  • Wayne

    What the fish!!!

    Who the hell would pay that kind of $$$ for these things!

    I have a Para.. 16+1 round in 40S&W…$549…and a Ruger…15+1 round in 9MM…$279…and I would put them both

    up against any Nighthawk ANY DAY!

    My girlfriend is 5'3" 116 lbs. and they both fit her perfectly!

  • melvin marx

    they should have mentioned that was a 9mm at the start

  • Bill Loles

    It's just like when the yuppies started buying Harley Davidsons. Uneducated consumers with hunger for trendy new stuff. They will come to reality eventually.

  • Frankie

    If you think your assembly line Para stacks up against a hand made Nighthawk then you have never felt and shot a Nighthawk

  • Phillip Martin

    Choosing a 1911 pistol for self defense is like choosing a Ford model T for transportation. This is 2011 after all and there are better designs.



      • Gottabkiddin

        LOL! I doubt it…. Maybe riding in saddle, but not walking. : )~

  • Frankie

    @Phillip…I partially agree with your statement, although there is a reason the 1911 remains extremely popular to this day. I personally just love the look and feel of a 1911.

    @Wayne…I was not knocking Para. They are indeed reliable firearms, but comparing a Para to a Nighthawk is like comparing a Toyota Corolla to a Ferrari. Yeah, Toyota makes a great car, but if you can afford the best, the best sure is a fun way to go.

    • Rocky

      Please check if the Ferrari is more reliable than the Toyota Corolla. I'm sure it is not.

  • Wayne


    Actually I have…I'm just saying you don't have to take out a second on your house to purchase an accurate, and most of all, reliable firearm. An expensive weapon DOES NOT make anyone a better shooter. I would still put the pistols I own (and let my girlfriend shoot 'um!) up against any Nighthawk ANY DAY!

    Kindest Regards…

    In God We Trust…

  • Evey

    Why don't they have a female shooting the firearm? In fact the female should be shooting the 9mm, .45ACP and the .40S&W. Pointless video otherwise!

  • R. Pollack

    Evey – that's the best point anybody made here.

    Uncle Russ

  • SkyRat

    1911 is still one of the best designs ever. 2011 or not, I know the 1911 very well. In the thick of a gun fight, I will know where all the buttons are. Hopefully never need that! But, its the gun I would choose if I had to go gun fighting!

  • bcyboop1

    Personally I perfer the 1911, because I know I shoot better with that than with any other pistol I've shot, and as far as the cost goes, if it's what you want and you can afford it…why the hell not get it. Ive shot many 2011 models including the Gen 4 Glock 40S&W which is a sweet pistol, but I don't feel personally that I would choose it over my Kimber 1911 45ACP. Now if I need a gun with more bullets, then maybe I'd select the Glock, but then again if I need more bullets, then somebody had better be calling in the Marines, cause I know I'm a good shot. Bottom line is it's all personal preference for everyone, and what they feel most comfortable shooting.

  • Jacob the Israeli

    If only Smith and Wesson offered their scandium alloy framed 1911's in 9mm (and also in a commander size). Those would sell in numbers in our over-restricted state of California.

    I was excited about this Nighthawk until I read the price tag.

    • Jacob the Israeli

      ^"Those would sell in numbers in our over-restricted state of California, where high capacity double stacks are irrelevant in terms of advantage over a single stack design.

    • Terry

      The Ruger sr1911 is one helluva gun and very reasoally priced and has pretty decent accuracy too.

  • Eric R. Poole

    I have about 800 hundred rounds through this Nighthawk model. It’s unusually enjoyable to shoot and is oh so smooth. I love the damn thing. My only problem with it is the name. I wish they’d quit calling it a LadyHawk so I wouldn’t feel so weird when I go to reach for it. I love budget 1911s as much as the next guy, but if you’re a shooter and you give this Nighthawk a chance, you’ll see that the hand-fit quality and premium materials and finish you pay for is hard to miss—even if you know little about guns. The hours of labor hand-build procedures along with the materials they select doesn’t allow Nighthawk to mass produce $500-$800 1911s. Nighthawk customers do benefit from the care and expertise of those working on each high quality part at the bench. Everyone should have a Nighthawk penciled on their bucket list. That’s my opinion.



    Eric R. Poole, Editor

    SIP Division, InterMedia Outdoors

  • chan lee

    hi im new to guns. Can u tell me the diff. Between 9mm .45ACP and .40S&W !


    Chan lee

    • Nam Marine

      A whole bunch of numbers!

    • Pecos

      Caliber measures the diameter of the bullet. .45 ACP is (very close to) .45 inches in diameter. 9 mm is (very close to) .38 inches. The diameter of the bullet (approximately) correlates to the power of the round fired. A bigger round (should) have more impact power on the target. Of course there are MANY more variables – barrel length, powder charge, shape and weight of the bullet. Generally, a smaller round has a lighter recoil so – in general – it is easier to shoot a 9mm but a .45 ACP will have more knock down power. The .40 S&W is a more recent round, a lot of police departments have "upgraded" from 9mm to .40 S&W.

  • Nam Marine

    I have a 1991A1 series 80 in stainless steel. It's a Colt and cost $800. new! Much better gun in my opinion!

  • Jim

    all these new 1911 clones, from $$$ to $$$$, where is the ambidextrous safety? product liability suit just waiting to happen. how many of us have stood on a bullseye firing line next to a newby that happens to be lefthanded? in contrast, which side is the fire control is an m-16/ar-15? pause and think.

  • Big T

    Seriously I have to laugh at some of these posts. Yeah Night Hawks are expensive because they are refined. Paras are decent so are a lot of other reliable 1911's but they do not reach the same level of refinement.

    The fact is you can get a decent 1911 and upgrade parts as you go or you can buy a 1911 with all the bling like a Night Hawk.

    Just an observation.

  • Guest

    Try finding a 1911 in 9mm with a rail…besides STI, plastic trigger, looks gay. While this is an expensive handgun, it is a damn good one. I want one bad. The actual frame grip size has been reduced beside the grips just being thinner. Making it a good choice for smaller hands, especially with gloves on. I would look at S&W or other production guns if they made something similar. Maybe others will follow and we'll see it at 2012 SHOT SHOW.

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