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First Look: Mauser M12 Debuts for American Market

by G&A Online Editors   |  May 8th, 2013 3

CEO Thorsten Mann debuted the Mauser M12 to the American market at the 2013 NRA Show in Houston, Texas. The name Mauser has become ubiquitous with reliable bolt-action rifles the world over, and the new M12 illustrates the quality of manufacturing we’ve come to expect from German imports.

This new offering, manufactured in Isny, Germany, is available in both wood or synthetic stocks, 22″ or 24″ barrels and a dozen different caliber choices, allowing the American consumer different configurations for their next bolt gun. The crisp trigger and positive locking three-position safety are sure to impress hunters and bench rest shooters alike. Not to mention, field stripping the rifle is simple and requires no tools. Perhaps the most desirable feature is the detachable 5+1 round magazine, which enables easy follow-up shots.

The Mauser M12 will be distributed by Blaser, and comes to the American market at $1,499.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    M 12 Extreme; well at least the price is extreme.

  • PatriotHunter

    Appears to be a very high quality rifle. The action is very smooth and the trigger is crisp. The main point here is a HIGH quality rifle, so a bit more pricey then most. But a gun that should last a life time. I will have to give it a once over. By the way, I have an M1A1 that cost $1,600.00 several years back. Outstanding rifle. I’d never sell it. And like Springfield, Mauser is a high quality rifle manufacter. Simply put, “You Get What You Pay For”!

  • AussieShooter

    I want this Rifle for Christmas

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