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First Look: Laserlyte Kryptonyte Center Mass CM-15 Laser

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 29th, 2012 5

Laserlyte vice president Aaron Moore gave us a look at the brand new Laserlyte Kryptonyte Center Mass CM-15 laser out at the range. This laser spreads nine dots downrange, spanning roughly the same distance as a shotgun’s blast radius. With a 532-nanometer green laser, the CM-15 uses a refractive lens that allows nine points of contact with the target, tightening on close targets and widening on targets farther away. The green version is available now and retails for $284.95, and a red version is coming soon. Check out the CM-15 in action at the range.

  • Wolvie

    Interesting concept.

    However, one has to think how it applies to the old adage: "Aim Small Miss Small…Aim Big Miss Big".

    For me, I'd rather just have a good flashlight mounted and some hi-vis Ghost Ring sights.

  • Charles

    Absolutely. It seems the laser is solving a problem that doesn't exist. I think of a shotgun as a very forgiving rifle. So what is the point of adding a laser circle when good sights or even a single point laser would work just fine.

    • Frankster

      Neither the 'good sights' nor single point laser will give you the instant information about the approximate size of your pattern at that distance.

      The single point laser or regular sights may cause an unrealistic expectation of precision at a range where unintended collateral damage might be done due to pattern spread.

      Granted, a lot of experience shooting at various target distances with the same load out of the same shotgun barrel would allow you to learn this information well enough to estimate, but the laser is a shortcut for those with less experience.

      • Spanky t Smackme

        You people are ASSUMING that you are stationary and have time to aim…You need to think of this as a combat sight for target acquisition on the move. Makes it more probable to HIT than miss while on the advance.
        Perfect sight for close to medium range combat..

  • Mack Missiletoe

    I think this may actually be useful!

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