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Viral Video: Father Shoots Facebook Brat’s Laptop with 1911

by Dylan Polk   |  February 10th, 2012 184

Comedian Louis C.K. said it best when he noted the amazing technological advances the modern world has to offer are wasted on the worst generation of spoiled, self-absorbed whiners. Of course, negligent parenting only enables this behavior in children, so it’s refreshing to see one parent stand up to that sort of behavior.

Throw in a Springfield Armory Model 1911-A1 in .45 and the guilty party’s computer, and that just makes it even more awesome.

This is one father who’s had enough of his daughter’s spoiled attitude, and drives the point home with a few hollowpoint rounds through her beloved laptop.

Let this be a message to you kids: Be very, very grateful for what your parents have given you, and do not ever complain about doing a menial amount of work around the house. In other countries, children the same age as you are fighting poverty, enslavement and disease — stop complaining about your first-world problems and pull your weight.

As for the father, well, we here at Guns & Ammo salute your parenting and marksmanship. Well done, sir.

WARNING: This video has some cursing and may not be work-safe.

  • Phantom

    This guy is a prime example of a bad parent. He probably uses a .45 to overcompensate for something little that God gave him.

    • Brian

      You're out of your mind. This is the kind of parenting we need to get back to.

      • dom

        Parenting via the internet & a firearm?…you are a lunatic if you consider this man's behaviour normal.
        He's failed as a father. His wife has failed. They are idiots. Their daughter is an idiot. Guns & idiots do not mix.

        • Big D

          You really do need to get lost…. Perhaps you failed to see the banner at the top of this page. GUNSANDAMMO I also think you need to watch the video again. There was not a single instance of him threatening his daughter, let alone shooting his kid. I wouldn't be surprised if you have not even watched the darn thing. Just like our hallowed legislators, you probably don't even read before coming to a conclusion. Lets buy into what we believe is popular opinion and maybe we will get accepted. Go find some anti-gun/anti-family website to troll on….

          • Mack Missiletoe

            "Just like our hallowed legislators, you probably don't even read before coming to a conclusion." LOL u got THAT right–on both accounts! :D

          • John

            Well said……

        • L Z

          Obviously this spoiled brat understands nothing BUT the internet!! I say hats off to this guy. She will get the idea now. Todays parents let the kids run all over them and it's time to stop this. I will not let my kids have a lap top, cell phone or I-pod. I got along just fine and so will they!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alex

        Totally agree with you. Those kids of today need to be spanked and spanked and spanked until their asses are glowing red for days!

    • old vet

      Must you people ALWAYS refer to a "bodily" appendage to try to make a silly point? I'm sure this guy knew quite well the feedback he would get for this, but he probably felt he had to do it. Maybe he could have used a rock, but the .45 did a pretty good job, unfortunately his problems with the girl will likely continue.

      • ahyup

        Or maybe he just had a temper tantrum which is how it looks to me. I keep guns to defend my family not to make them behave.

        • David

          The teenage daughter behaved like a teenager. Unfortunately, so did dad. Parenting has to be done face-to-face, every day. He is behaving as poorly as her by being passive-aggressive and going behind her back to the internet. What kind of parenting has he been doing up to this point? Why does he feel like his daughter is SO out of control? Who let it get this bad? Those are just some of my questions regarding the parenting issue. As for the use of the gun… We have all felt like blasting a computer at some point, and I'm sure it was his money to waste as he saw fit. I personally don't like the idea that he posted it for the world to see. The idea that an angry man used a gun to take out his aggression and "solve his problem" is exactly the kind of negative press we must combat in the media every day.

    • VaShooter

      You're probably a 15 year old kid who thinks his parents are working him to death as well. Moron…

    • Phantom

      FYI I am a gun owner myself and also a parent of three wonderful children. This guy did not directly threaten his kid but the act of shooting something in form of a punishment is completely over the top. It will not surprise me if this retard gets a friendly visit from the PD. This kind of loser shames us responsible gun owners and further damages our reputation.

      • Mack Missiletoe

        This video is proof [to the uneducated] that guns have other uses besides killing people. Such as for a friendly plinking session!

      • Guest

        Nope, just a hard working dad trying to instill values of respect and hard work into his daughter who doesnt seem to get the message. Now that she will have a lot more quality time with him, maybe some of this might sink in. He was also completely safe and competent in the use of that gun. Hollow points not only would destroy the computer, they will likely not go any further. He was mindful of one of the four safety rules of shooting; "Always be mindful of your target and what is beyond it."
        He also follows the rest of the rules; "Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire", "Dont cover anything or anyone you are not willing to destroy", and he even did a check to make sure the gun was loaded, since the fourth rule is "Every gun is loaded"
        Pop was right on the mark. Look out daughter, your embarrassment on FB is only the beginning.

      • FormerFed61

        He did nothing wrong. He didn't do anything to his daughter, just her computer (which he most likely bought for her). He was on his own property, the computer was on the ground so there would be no fear of ricochet and he used hollow-point bullets which would stay inside the computer. I think he did an excellent job. The police would have nothing to charge him with since he was on his own property, shooting at an inanimate object and did not put any person or animal in harms way. Don't forget, this is Texas!

      • Gail Kohler

        I bet it got everyones attention and it is most likely your kids that are her friends and approve of what she did!

    • Virginia

      Which planet are you from????

    • Bubba49

      What are you talking about, little Hannah is going to have to make it in the real world in approx 6 or 7 years.
      She is so far behind, the average 15 year in other countries. This spolied young lady is lucky she has a daddy like she does.
      Go figure..

    • Good Sam

      Bad parent ??? Not in my mind. That fellow is what real america should look like. Unfortunately, there are way too many like his daughter.

    • offshore oilman

      Sounds like YOU are the one who is overcompensating. I hope your insecurity issues are eventually resolved. Go commiserate with your "Occupy" homeys and wave a misspelled protest sign.

    • Larry Chesney

      Obviously you have never has a smart ass kid to raise. If you had you would understand.

      • Gail Kohler

        She does have but is too ignorant to notice it is her kids that are ruining this country!

    • richard

      IT goes to show that you are even more RETARDED that the brat kid !!!!!!!!! Maybe your parents should have practiced the birth control your LAME PRESIDENT obama is trying to push down my Countries throat !!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Phantom, sorry to tell, you but you are an asshole. I'd love to see your parenting skills, probably right out of some pop psychology magazine.

    • Joe Bob

      Phantom, based on your comment, I doubt if you are responsible for raising teenage children, and are probably under the age of 25. If he were a 'bad parent' he would let his daughter do as she pleased with no consequences and feed her feelings of entitlement. Using a .45 was probably not the best choice to teach the lesson, a 12 gauge would have been much more dramatic. Oh, and as to the overcompensation to the "something little" God gave him, not everyone is blessed with your endowments of exemplary perception in scouting the crotches of men.

    • Phantom's a Looser

      And you Phantom, are a prime example of all that is WRONG in this Roman Empire.

    • Tom

      YOU ARE AN IDIOT, this guy is a genuis i am willing to bet that what he did actually got results from that brat, take a lesson from this guy, kids dont respond to a slap on the wrist!!!!!!!

    • polished357

      You must be joking! This guy was on target with everything he said. Kids in this generation are lazy, have no respect for authority or their parents, and expect everything for free while every one else has to work. I showed this video to my kids before they went to school because I WAS dealing with attitude and now I'm not. Thank you very much sir for your 45.

    • styles7

      The guy did the right thing. Ontre of the things wrong with the world today is parents let their children do what they want with little or no guidance. Parents should always fd=keep their promises to children. That said, if you promise them punishment, give it to them.

    • Gail Kohler

      You haven't the foggiest idea of what your saying. Its people like you that is making this world go to hell! We need to seriously discipline our children for their sakes and the future of our country. This generation is lazy, disrespectful and if they are left to continue well God help us all!

    • bratz

      I agree with your statement about ".45 guys" and compensating. But this is how more parents need to act, not so much by facebooking and shooting laptops, but by giving kids responsibility and chores and demanding respect and good behavior. And is that a road with cars driving by? And houses withing 100 yards? And he is holding a camera in one hand and firing at an 12degree angle into a laptop w a .45? Bad decision guy.

  • Kristin T.

    Actually it sounds like this guy is spot on with what he did. She sounds like she is an ungrateful brat and who needs to be taken to be busted down a few notches and reminded how good her life really is and what REAL WORK is really like!!!! If it'd been me….well she'd be cleaning THE WHOLE DAMN HOUSE by herself EVERY DAY UNTIL SHE TURNED 18!!!! THEN she'd be working in a homeless shelter every Saturday for the rest of her teen years…..just saying. Our kids are spoiled rotten these days, we need more parents like this out there and maybe the world wouldn't be screwed up. GO DAD!

    • dom

      "Our kids are spoiled rotten these days"…can you not see the contradiction in your words? Her father & mother are responsible for her behaviour. It's called "upbringing". Kids don't spoil themselves, they are products of poor parents.
      This viral video only serves to prove just how many other irresponsible adults there are out there agreeing with this moron's actions.
      If you have an issue with your child, you do not resolve it not through violence, not through shouting, not through calling your child a "brat", not through prayer or attending tea party rallies & not through emptying a gun into a computer. You resolve it by communicating. By using what little intelligence is left in your redneck brains. Stop using your children as an excuse for your own failings.

      • Jeremy

        You apparently don't have a clue how kids are today. Take that Dr. Spock crap and go somewhere else…

        • Jeremy

          And for the record, I'd do the exact same thing if one of my kids pulled something like that. Are you saying I'm a bad parent? Who are you to judge? There comes a point in time when a kid has to start taking responsibility for their actions. I think this was a perfect way to teach that lesson, considering this had gone on once before and she was grounded for it.

      • Phantom

        Spot on with your comment. At least I know I am not the only person with a brain here.

        • old vet

          Oh great, if others disagree with your arrogant butt they have no brain? O. K. I'll grant you probably have two, one is the size of a walnut, the other is really small.

      • Rochester NY

        BRAVO! I like how well versed and properly written an intelligent person's opinion is intead of just typing "Take that Dr Spock crap and go somewhere else".

        Funny how adults who have grown up to be sexual deviants, alcoholics, abusive or socially inept etc. often blame it all on the parents and what they learned growing up. It's now been proven that children that are raised with communicative parents often wind up as adults with proper reasoning skills and get into less combative situations. They also wind up more succesfull as they themselves are able to prosper in their work environments. (Could you imagine an HR rep walking into your office and shooting your computer for berating your boss in an email)

        WHAT REAL- WORLD LESSON DID THIS COWBOY TEACH HIS CHILD? Other than obey HIS rules while in HIS house, oh and teaching her to take her aggression out on inatimate objects when HER kids disobey her in years to come.

        When I first watched the video I thought "Yeah you go dad, tell her whats what!" Then he emptied his clip and lost his power (or blew his load). He has nothing to reason with her anymore, nothing for her to work toward to better herself except get to 18 and leave.

      • L K

        Are you serious?!?!?!?!? We need to go back to the days when parents , teachers, bus drivers and anyone else in life could discipline a child for wrongful behavior, I remember as a kid in Chicago if I got whacked over the back of my head with a dictionary by my nuns, the only thing I prayed for was that my old man did not find out, He would not ask why it happened , all he would do was redden my butt so I couldn't sit for days. He would just assume the nun had a good reason. I say God Bless this parent OORAHHHH

      • Indy Mac

        Dr. Spock thought like you, then his his kid went out and committed suicide.

    • ahyup

      I know parents who don't make their kids do chores. When my kids gripe about it I tell them that as far as I'm concerned not making kids do lots of chores is child abuse. I feel sorry for kids who don't learn how to work and be partially responsible for maintaing their household. And they can keep their opinions about how awful I am out of my face or they can get lot's more chores to do.

      At the same time I'm sure they spout off to their friends and even their friends parents but I just don't care. I don't care if they even put it on Facebook. God knows I spouted off about my parents when I was a teenager. I even wrote epic songs for my band about it and played them publicly. It's part of growing up and learning to have your own opinion. I can handle that because I am the adult in this situation just like my old man did. He sure got frustrated sometimes but he showed me how to behave by doing it and making me do what I needed to do whether I liked it or not. If he had decided to shoot my guitar things would have turned out very badly for all of us. I don't need to shoot their possessions or anything else to prove that the parents are in charge of the household. Apparently this guy does. That's a bad thing not good parenting.

  • EdC

    Interesting parenting technique if a bit over-dramaized. Still, his anger and disappointment are communicated pretty effectively, I'm sure there will be some idiots who want to jump him as threatening the child and try to use Alinsky and strawman techniques by bringing up other issues as a distractions. It's all they know to do when confronted with reality. If only more parents would pay attention to what their kids are doing on FB, with their phones and embracing the entitlement mentality this country could make one of the steps we sorely need to get back on the right track.

  • Adam Braunersrither

    Great job will definitely use on my daughters if they get like that

  • Joe Sobotka

    What he did was perfectly acceptable. If that lil brat was my daughter, I would have trashed her laptop, smart phone,I-Pod etc. Complete and total disrespect for her parents. Totally unacceptable. Then she would get a simple cell phone (for emergencies) that she has to pay for herself, if she ever decides to get a job. And she is really dumb also because her dad is an IT guy, and thought he would never see her post.

    • Sandy Eisner

      That Dad is a great Dad. Too many kids have gotten lazy and disrespectful. They're use to getting everything handed to them without working for it. I sure hope that daughter learns the lesson intended.

  • Jesus M Ramos

    I have mixed feelings about this family problems. I have confronted the same problems with my daughter and inverted a huge amount of money in her education, have bought her two used cars, laptops , cellphones. She have not finished University, does not help in the house and I have disciplined her without going to these extremes, took her to a psychologist and she determined some mental issues. I understand this father anger and despair I'm a retired law enforcement officer, Vietnam vet and I'm a very strict person but I wouldn't have acted the way he did. I recommend him and the whole family to go a family counselor,talk to his pastor or priest . But shooting a laptop shows that some gun owners are dangerous and give excuses to anti-guns persons to add arguments to their fire.( I'm a NRA member and have CCW) By the way my daughter is behaving well now, have a job and she decided to finish her bachelor degree, it has been a long way of up and downs but when you put Christ in your heart you have half of the battle won.

    • Indy Mac

      First off I want to say "Welcome Home" and I'm sure you know from where. Second I too am retired and was law enforcement until surgery put me out to pasture. NRA, CCW, and carry everyday. I can understand the possibility of mixed feelings when your daughter is diagnosed with some mental issues.

      To me, he took much thought, and what was done was well thought out. situation, He used an extreme "Shock Learning" technique he devised to send a message to his daughter as just how disrespectful she was to her family. If she was bold enough to boast of her actions to her friends (she must have felt really mature with all that language she used) the dad felt compelled and "bold" to back his actions to her friends in reply.

      Mr. Ramos, we do not know the whole story, maybe more latitude was used in the past. He did mentioned if a situation happened again prior to this action.

      Sometimes extreme measures work sometimes they don't. In Vietnam, if we had continued the carpet bombing the NV said they were at the point of surrender, but we stopped and used the "table talk" technique and ended up losing. I know, I know and extreme example.

      Lastly, I would hope that everyone would know Christ because that is the "BEST" solution. But unfortunately not everyone does. But even Jesus Christ had to use "shock learning" by turning over the tables of the money changers, whipping those that sold doves and went completely berserk (in the minds of those round about) just because they were making HIS house a "den of thieves"

      Again Mr Ramos, Welcome Home

      Indy Mac. DAV Vietnam 1971-72

    • steve

      You just stated the problem in the second sentence! (ie- bought her two cars,laptops etc…) If anti gunners want to try and find something dangerous about this.. so be it.. They most likely won't change their mind about it. To them, shooting paper targes is dangerous, but they drive on the road in deadly cars every day.

  • Joe

    OMG, I think you have missunderstood the message this Father was trying to send by using his daughter's laptop computer as target practice. I believe he feels disrespected and taken for granted. I have two teenagers at home and know first hand how he feels (been there), although I don't have a Colt .45 I often wish a had a steam roller instead to kill that XBox 360, cell phone, MP3, etc all in one swift move. I congratulate that young father for having the nerve to execute such an act and set right what once went wrong. As for the daughter- get a clue, you've had it too easy up until now. Too bad that show on TV, "Banished" was cancelled! Such is the hard lessons in life-you don't know how good you have something until it's taken away. I wish you good luck with the other lessons in life, may their resolves be as easy as this one. Perhaps you should take in a little religion, ask God to give you the strengh and wisdom to move on with enlightment and open eyes.

    • noname

      just us a mallet. works just as well

  • Sheila CrackpotPatriot Holmes

    And we wonder why teenagers think it's ok to wave guns around in the face of people who piss them off.

    • Jeremy

      Seriously? Was he "waving" his gun around? I didn't see him waving a gun in anyone's face. Some people amaze me… Like the ones who are so idiotic that it's a miracle that they remember to breath.

      • SkipTowne77

        Amen brother Jeremy!

    • Rachel

      Didn't see him WAVING a gun around. Maybe I saw the wrong video????

      • NUNYA


    • MotoJB

      Crack Pot is right…for you to try to draw/connect these two issues together shows your stupidity.

  • dom

    A father communicating with his daughter via the internet & a hand gun. Anyone who considers this normal behaviour, let alone "parenting", needs to see a psychiatrist. TALK to your child, LISTEN to your child, resolve conflicts using understanding, carefully chosen words & TIME. If none of that works, you are not trying hard enough.
    I realise though that this guy is a gun totin' American, so mature, thoughtful & reasoned behaviour does not come easy. Just ask yourself what kind of a father posts videos of himself slagging his child off on the internet? A father who needs deep therapy & very probably disarming.

    • Big D

      One of the joys of being an American, you get to spout off your uneducated, biased, and hateful comments on a gun website of all places. Are you truly that idiotic? Get a reality check and maybe an education in common sense while you are at it, and take your unwelcome comments with you.

    • jujube

      I'm pretty sure you're exhibiting the same mature and thoughtful behavior by insulting him – or attributing any of what you feel is abnormal behavior – to being American. Not to mention insight and intellect.

    • old vet

      What part of fantasy land do you live in? Talk to, reason with, get off of your cloud and see what you are trying to shovel. You cannot reason with today's indoctrinated teenager. Also forget any notion of disarmament. As far as "slagging" as you say she did a pretty good job on him. And yes she is responsible for her actions and needs to know the results.

    • Phantom


    • elogam

      Did you pay any attention to the whole eight minute video? He DID talk to his daughter first. He disciplined her using standard teenage disciplining techniques where she was grounded and she lost her laptop privileges. She didn't learn from it. I'm sure the girl gave PLENTY of feedback verbally and then took it online. Once you try treating them to "normal" behavior, you are clear to step out of the box to get your point across. As far as saying, "if none of that works, you're not trying hard enough" you must be a blame fool! What's he supposed to do? turn over the house to his daughter to make her happy? I suspect you either do not have children, or you live on the East/West coast and think your children are your "buddies".

    • Travis

      Hey dumbass when I was a teenager all talk did was delay me doing the same thing again since the consequences where minor. Obviously you don't have a teenager or if you do you are one of the "cool" parents, you inow those that are more worried about having a popular kid than one that can be a useful member of society. I applaud this father for taking it up a notcfh to get her attention. If I did this not only would I be ground but I probably would have gotten my ass whipped since it was the second time around.

    • Larry Cheney

      You need to grow up. the father tried in the past, to rationalize and communicate with the smart assed daughter. It obviously didn't work. So the father tried a different and unique method. I don't know your background and don't care. I have raised two daughters and a son and I fully understand his frustration and support his actions.

    • Flori D

      You clearly have no kids, or must be one of these idiots that think their kids are angels when they are really the neighborhood delinquents. And then when somebody tells you that theyre criminals you fall on your ass explaining how your babies would never do something like that. Because of people like you our jails are full.

  • none

    No kids of my own yet but I was definitely taught to respect my parents and what they told me to do, if you cant contribute around the house you don't deserve to live there. way to go dad

  • Big D

    If I had spouted off like that girl in either words or letters, my behind would be sore for weeks. I remember the first time I called my mom a mother f'er. You would not believe the reaction AND the discipline I received after. Needless to say, I learned real quick that parents are deserving of respect even in a society like today where physical punishment like spanking is discouraged and spoiled behavior is put on a pedestal. The so called "experts" tell us that an unruly child needs counselling, that they possibly have a mental issue. That theory is one of the many things on my list as being ridiculously stupid. Children need a firm hand and guidance, they need to learn that actions carry consequences and this fine gentleman demonstrated just that.

  • dave

    Why not sell the laptop, to recoup the work he put into it? Wasteful to shoot it.

    • Jesus M. Ramos

      I agree, besides discharging a firearm in your backyard without a reason in some jurisdictions is a crime. Not the best example for guns owners.

      • Greg

        Judging by the background, the guy lives in the country. Most rural areas have little to no laws regarding firing weapons on your own property.

    • Larry Chesney

      Good thought. Should have auctioned it off to her friends.

  • Dan

    Great move…cars going by 50 feet away and this idot is shooting into the ground. No excuse for this. Not only is this ike turner wanna-be engaging in domestic violence but he is engaging in the kind of reckless gun behavior that gives us all a bad name.

    • John

      Dan , Dan , Dan, Its easy to see that he was more than 50 feet away from anything and the cars were WAY more than 50 feet…more like a 100 yards. It looks like the homes were out of city limits and he shot into soft ground. Whats wrong with that. Your saying he wants to be like Ike Turner ???? A black man in the music business ??? Your comments give you a bad name. This Dude wanted to make a point. He did.

      • old war horse

        Whelp, in SC it is illegal to dischage a firearm within 200yrds of house or public paved road, unless it is yer own house.

        • Greg

          Too bad it happened in NC then, huh?

    • Dave

      Amazing…. Doesn't anyone actually watch the video?! Its guys like you sir who get our rights taken away….

    • elogam

      Dan, the father was about three feet from the laptop. He fired directly into it. He drew his weapon directly onto it and when he finished shooting he cleared the weapon and put it away. No risk to anyone or anything but the laptop. Are you one of those people who think that bullets can defy the laws of physics and that discharging a firearm ANYWHERE is a danger to people and things EVERYWHERE?

    • NUNYA


    • MotoJB

      You never shot a gun before, did you? You also need to get your eyes checked.

    • Brad

      you like fantasy, don't you dan? I bet you even believe you're a man…

  • albert p

    Umm, who raised this obnoxious kid for the first 14 years? Duh. And now the solution is to make a childish facebook video and shoot a laptop.? Says a heck of a lot about people.

    Scenario: Father can't control teenage daughter, asks God for help. God speaks to him. "Make an 8 minute Facebook video and shoot her laptop," he commands. Great idea, the father says. I will make it so.

    Just like in the bible.

    • old vet

      Who raised her? Today's schools, and all her little buddies. Plus the new permissive, media and junk on MTV that is passed of as acceptable.

    • polished357

      To albert p,
      Scenario: lived with parents till you were about 27, finally saved some money to move out of parents house and in with a friend. Wait a minute, you still live with parents…

  • GEToffFaceBook

    This is why I stay far away from facebook and clean guns for a job.

  • jim

    i have no opinions how others rear their children.

  • old vet

    Went through raising a daughter who had today's entitlement mind-set (she picked it up from school and from media) plus she was just head-strong. Understand what this guy is dealing with. If you noticed he is perfectly calm, and in no way "out of control", he was doing what he felt he must do, I won't second guess him. Bye the way my daughter and I both survived, she's doing pretty good.

  • old vet

    I love where he says she has to pay for the ammo!

  • Alex

    I think your daughter meant you to see it, she was not hiding it from you at all. You definitely have a problem at home and a big one.

    Now a message to the daughter — if you don't want it, move out, pay your own rent and clean after yourself.

  • DwnwLibermedia

    I think disciplinary actions of ones child should be a private matter. Not for the general public viewing. Not for posting on the internet.
    Someone out there might think this guy is a bad parent, pass a law that says you cannot discipline your child without government oversight.

  • TooRight

    OMG, I LOVEEE this guy!!! He's my new hero!! So awesome seeing a parent take a stand… as for those that critisize him… hey, he let her have her say, he read the note out loud, then went over it and said what was truth and exposed the truith behind the exaggerations, he explained how disrespectful her words/behaviour was, what was expected of her, and he dealt with it, removing one of the equations of the problem, KUDOS!!

  • old vet

    Holy crap! way over the edge, get some help quick. This comment is totally boggus.

  • old vet

    Poopy head is rught, get some therapy. Way over the edge moron

  • BSdetector

    Wow. I think dude is nuts. It sure looks like fun, shootin' up a laptop, but he destroyed something that meant a lot to his kid, and really, all she was doing was venting her frustration. And I think he went off the deep end saying he's gonna make her pay for upgrades that he shot up. WTF? Stay tuned, next week Billybob uses an excavator to bury his son's xbox eight feet underground taped to a handgrenade. Shuks, I'monna bring tha whol' faymilee! Chump.

  • candice

    lol 'parenting technique' communicating anger with a gun is a parenting technique?? ! I'm sure she's going to have more respect for him now…NOT! She will be more careful about what he can find on her computer posts (or maybe he'll tap her phone.) She will move in with her older boyfriend next year. The country was never on the 'right track'. There weren't any good ole days. Myths people would like to believe in, maybe. It went from genociding the people who couldn't fight back, to enslaving people by skin color. Always taking advantage of the weaker, with the help of a gun. Teens have always rebelled…thank God. The myths of this country have people reared to be obedient workers who do what their told and don't question authority. Great job rearing the sheeple. The ones who aren't sheeple are the ones who make the country evolve, and they're rebels.

    • donttreadonme

      She'll move in with her boyfriend and get pregnant, go on welfare because she doesn't know how to work, and wind up moving back in with Dad after splitting with her mullet-wearing boyfriend. As far as the rest of your multi-tangential tirade, I don't know where to begin. Teens do rebel, with about the same outcome as OWS. Adults with values, religion, and education rebel, formulate a Constitution, and grow a country. Life, liberty, and the pursuit (not the promise) of happiness. This means you are free to fail, or free to succeed. You need to stay in school and really study American history. By the way, the USA had no corner on the slavery market–slavery was around for centuries before we got started. And before you judge this guy's parenting, raise a daughter of your own.

  • Cong

    Meanwhile in Africa….

  • ahyup

    Wow, and people worry that the harmless pursuit of fantasy zombies makes gun owners look bad. No people, jackasses like this make gun owners look bad. I mean really let's get this straight. Teenage girl immaturely spouts off to her friends on Facebook. Allegedly adult male responds by spouting off to everyone with a public video and shooting the damn laptop. It's what you call a temper tantrum and makes him look like he posses the emotional maturity of a 14 year old.

    The big problem here is that this is not the technique decent parents use to teach unruly teenagers a lesson. It comes off as a threat but not the "you'll spend a month alone in your bedroom and never drive the car" sort of threat. This is the technique pimps and other sorts of abusers use to demonstrate ownership and total control over "their girls". It's "I own you and everything you own and can destroy it all". If he thinks that's the best way to deal with a teenager in this day and age no wonder he's having problems. This kind of control freakery makes me wonder if maybe she has a point.

    And yes I raised one who just graduated from college and started her first real job making more money than I ever did. I have a 16 and 14 year old boy here as well. A mouth to me or their mother when they are doing chores is one thing. Spouting off to friends on Facebook or anywhere else is another. I don't see any reason that I should care what they say to them.

    • old vet

      WHAT? because you in your nice cozy world, were able to remain all warm and fuzzy in your Dr. Spock world, This guy is compared to a pimp? It seems to me highly doubtful your kids were public schooled, certainly not the dysfunctional district I live in. Yes he has and will have problems. I myself only hope this situation ends well for the family. It does appear it will be rough.

  • Smith

    This idiot embarrasses every gun rights supporter in the country. His hubris takes a giant swipe at rational behavior and gun use. The fact that he and his daughter have to communicate via Facebook and YouTube Is a likely a contributor to their problems. But making his ham-handed point with his pistol sets back both gun rights and good parenting. This is the kind of idiocy anti- gun advocates leverage against us in the media. His mawkish points about how to correct a child's bad behavior appeal to the dumbest of us only.

  • Mack Attack!

    Lol! He's right man. "You won't have to worry about buying a new laptop battery, you won't have to worry about buying a new cord…" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Hello new generation, u sicken me. Stop posting everything (person information) on the internet–and especially lying about it. It's no one's business!

    Our youngest generations are most foolish. They know not of WWII and what our soldiers have bled out through just so we can enjoy an energy drink or hamburger.

    I myself am not perfect and am most willing to learn from my mistakes and those of others. It is most wise to listen to others and understand the hardships they have gone through. Life is most enjoyed when we appreciate the little things.

  • NECK

    OOOHH! "EXPLODING" hollow points huh?

  • middle o da road

    OK, no need for me to post a comment on whether the dad was right or not. None of us know what really goes on in someones house, so go ahead and post away that the kid is a brat and dad is just wonderful. I think that both of them need to work on their behavior. I think he is an idiot for using a gun to teach his kid a lesson. You wanna get angry, run the thing over, stomp on it with your boots. There aren't any groups that will use his example to outlaw cars or boots. But when you use a pistol, now everyone is going to use that to show how people use weapons in anger and new gun laws come into place. Also, if I was a neighbor (and the houses don't look that far away) I'd be pretty pissed to see someone firing rounds at an oblique angle towards my property. I think "dad" may be getting a visit from the men in blue at some point.

    • elogam

      I suspect that no matter HOW he destroyed the laptop, there would be "childhood advocacy groups" decrying his "lack of parenting skills". As far as the neighbors, I doubt they'd feel threatened if he was firing directly into the ground three feet in front of him. A firearm handled in a safe and responsible manner is no more dangerous than a car or truck handled in a safe and responsible manner. (and yes, I believe the manner in which he used the firearm was safe and responsible.)

  • Mike

    I can understand the father being mad and doing what he did up to shooting the laptop. I'm guessing he paid for the laptop himself, he said he upgraded it as well. How much money does he have in the laptop?

    Why not just take it from the daughter or at most, sell it or give it away? I don't see the point in him destroying the laptop that he paid good money for.

    • Indy Mac

      Money is not the issue :o)

    • elogam

      The point he made was clear: "If you cannot use what your mother and I have chosen out of the kindness of our hearts to give you, in a responsible and respectful manner, we will take it away from you". I think it's message received from the young girl.

  • bootman

    This video is a total disrespect to parenthood and this guy is the one that should be punished. He is completely responsible for his daughters actions. I am surprised that G & A magazine has even posted this video and I suggest that you look at your subscribers comments and reconsider ever posting another lunatic video like this one….

    • old vet

      I suggest YOU look at comments and see how many were in favor of dad. Granted this may NOT have been best action to take, but it is what he chose, and it made a point, he harmed no one. And his daughter IS responsible for how she acts and now faces the results.

  • P-K

    Teenagers have been pissing off parents since the beginning of time. Having said that, there definately seems to be much greater sense of entitlement in todays youth… Just look at the "Occupy" movement.
    But can we expect from a generation of parents that want to be "friends" with little Jonny and award trophies for mere "participation"? Schools teach political correctness rather than actual history, greed is rampant in our government and society in general and it seems to only get worse… A child's behavior is in large a product of their home, and even though it's good to see that dad is getting a clue, perhaps had he gotten one a few years earlier his 15 year old little princess wouldn't have turned out to be such a foul mouthed diva…

    • elogam

      I disagree. Having just gotten my youngest past the age of 19, I can assure you that some kids respond improperly in even the most PERFECT of parenting conditions. You can give them everything they want and they will be ungrateful. You can withold all but the bare essentials and they can feel blessed and grateful. There's no surefire way of making sure you raise your kids to be respectful. You can't pin it all to bad parenting.

  • Dad

    Right attitude, wrong means.

    He would accomplish the same if he sink the computer in salt water or just donate it to Salvation Army or any other charity.

    The message is clear – Girl, you lost your computer!

    But instead he shot 8 rounds on it; he lost his very good argument.

  • MDM

    Very, VERY scary.

    • steve

      some people are scared of wet paper bags.

  • Shiloh

    Perhaps a little extreme but it is evident the father cares which is more than I can say about a lot of parents. The ball is in the daughter's court. Perhaps an apology for the Facebook post, a cease to the complaining, getting a job to buy back the computer, and a little respect all the way around would do wonders to set things straight.

  • Frank G in Tennessee

    Should have put a round through her cell phone as well!

  • hicusdicus

    To me the mature thing to do would have been to take it away and have her a donate it to a charity. She will then know that some one else is benefiting from it because she abused her privileges. Shooting holes in an inanimate object to seemingly teach some one a lesson is a bit on the immature side.

    • Indy Mac

      It's called "Shock Learning" has proven to work well even in the business community. :o)

  • MMcQuown

    Two thumbs up! Bullet placement is everything.

    • Indy Mac

      It was good grouping even though it was close. :o)

  • The Scoad

    Whoa mama, I sure hope he doesn't go after the real root cause of the problem …. Mark Zuckerman!

  • MotoJB

    Say what you want about this Father and "how the girl got this way" or whatever, but it doesn't change the fact that she is a little smart-a$$, entitled, spoiled little brat. She needs a serious attitude adjustment. For the record, the father likely is so stubborn and hard headed that he helped mold her this way but too bad, so sad. My Dad beat the crap out of me but I never had the disprespect this little brat demonstrates. She's a 15 year old that needs to learn respect, commitment, hard work and once more…RESPECT. He took it quite to the extreme but the little twit daughter still deserved it. Kids these days are effing out of control. This country is screwed – just go hang out with high school kids these days.

  • Smith

    This is not about her, it's about him. Unfortunately it perpetuates gun owners as vindictive and reactionary. All the sterotypes we need to overcome are reinforced by this guy. Show that to someone on the fence about gun control, what will they think? It's hard enough being a shooter/hunter without this stupidity.

    • Indy Mac

      You mean like when the USA goes after terrorist with extreme armaments? But it sure gives a wake up call. Extreme, maybe. Needed, definitely. A lesson that will not be forgotten for a long time to come. By putting it together in the manner he did proved it was well thought out and not with temporary insanity. :o)

      I only wished I could think of those things first. BTW, a lot of our youth need a wake up call.

      The anti gun crowd will always be looking for something for their cause, even if they have to make things up.

  • Tony Cruz

    I applaud this father's parenting techniques and his ingenious new way to put that beautiful 1911 to good civilian use. For all of you who criticize this man for his actions take this into consideration. If we spent more time holding our children accountable for their bad behavior then maybe this dad and many other parents wouldn't have a reason to resort to this type of thing. Our government and its silly laws that prevent good parents from disciplining there children has fostered a generation of disrespectful, hideous children. Hats off to you pops and keep on shooting. I think you should open a school and give parenting classes.

  • Indy Mac

    Bravo, Bravo dad. Our generation has gone berserk with rebellion. And too many youth are becoming "SPOILED ROTTEN". When things began to change where parents could be turned in for child abuse (and some rightfully so) many kids jumped on the band wagon and threatened their parents that they would turn them in even if they were grounded.

    My kids tried that over a grounding one time and my answer to them was, "go ahead, and by the time they get here, they will then have a good reason to be here". Never received another threat again. :o)

    Shock teaching at it's best…. and another BRAVO!

  • abclark

    Wrong, plain and simple. If he thought he had problems with her before he just let the Genie out of the bottle. One of the worst examples of parenting I've seen. Not to mention he apparently carries his 1911 in
    Condition 2…….Lord, where do I even start on that one?

    • elogam

      You're right. Perhaps he should have sat down and given a tearful, heartfelt apology to his daughter, assured her that he truly understood how hard her life is, promised to never again impose upon her in any way, and opened up his wallet to get her a full-time maid, a chauffeur to get her to and from school, and a newer, faster laptop.

  • gil

    –this piece of human garbage is a disgrace to male human beings, fathers and especially to firearms ownership–

  • johnnie winesap

    go daddy!!!!! and not dot .com now put over your knee and paddle her bottom and you have done the job.

  • Kimber

    His only issue is that he probably raised to the top of the watch list for the local liberal army and police departments. If there are any unexplained shootings in the area he will probably get a call.

  • Cliff Hewlett

    Having worked with teens, including delinquents, for twenty plus years I'd venture that his teen is within the normal range for her age.
    This does not excuse her behavior, she should definitely have appropriate consequences.
    Violence is a bit extreme and may not be modeling mature behavior but, on the other hand, one does feel awfully good after taking one's stress and disappointment out on an inanimate object!

    • SkipTowne77

      Sorry Cliff, can you point out to me in this video where this particular father resorted to any form of "violence"? The use of his handgun was in no way violent, no more so than using any other tool, his tool was just perfect and precise and most certainly attained his ultimte goal of assuring his daughter that she wont get to use it again.

  • MadDog2047

    Bravo to him. He warmed her and she chose to disobey and did not take heed. Then, just like in life, she needed to learn that her actions and decisions have consequences. She was wrong by discussing Family business outside of the house. To not punish her would send the wrong message. This way, she lost something near and dear. Well done to her parents.

  • SkipTowne77

    I am a father with a 16 year old son, my wife and I both grewup on midwest farms with very strict and very close families, we were loved and at the same time we were taught respect and good moral values, sometimes the hand or the switch was required. Looking back on those days, I am so thankful our parents cared enough to teach us this way. It is a shame that the government and do gooders of todays society *think* that it is "acceptible" for them to decide HOW we raise our children, and what is considered "abuse". A spanking is NOT abuse, a "time out" in the corner of the room in my honest opinion is a lazy persons way of ignoring the issue for the short term and making the situation worse for the long term.

  • SkipTowne77

    I also feel that we as families should really keep our personal lives in the home and not on the internet, I only found this video today by a link in an email from G&A magazine, as far as the father shooting the laptop, it is NOT our responsibility to decide if he was right or wrong, it is merely an observational item on the internet, its in no way threatening the child, so it cannot be considered abusive, I am pretty sure his point has now been made, which I interpret it as "You will not use the laptop that WE supplied for YOU against us again".

  • 4teengirls

    do you have a daughter? this is a warning for all the boys after her…….not just her rebellion………

  • SkipTowne77

    That being said, I applaud said father for his actions, it is still better than doing nothing and the daughter needs to realize her parents are only attempting to prepare her for what is coming VERY soon which she will learn that the handouts STOP, the world she is about to enter changes drastically when the cute cuddlyness of a child wears off and you are now a young adult paying your own way. The people she will meet as a young lady will NOT be as friendly and giving as her "damned parents" have always been. Just one old mans opinion.

  • Bugzs

    He sent a clear message to her. I know I would have gotten my azz beat royally for doing something like that. Hopefully other kids see the video and it makes them stop and think before they post a bunch of crap like that about their parents.

  • jamie g

    I dont agree with the method but I agree with the out come. The little girl lives in her own world and doesnt know how good she has it,compared with other kids in the 3rd world. How many parents wake up one day, find little suzy pregnant and little tommy in jail cause mom and dad failed to put limits and consequenses on there behavior. our kids think there owed there cake without any work, find me a kid who doesnt think he's worth fifty bucks an hour on his first dishwashing job, If you can find one who will wash dishes. wake up parents before you find your kids name in the paper.

    • Raymond

      Why do we bring up the idiots in the 3rd world,as far as im conserend we were all there at one point. Now its the moron in the white house that is letting any and all wasted beings in America to collect food stamps,medicaid and any other goverment handout they can grab,This is a polital message to oust HUSSIEN OBAMA from the White House,another 4 years will destroy AMERICA. Please vote REPUBLICAN or else unemployment will be @ !5% percent

  • Dad 2

    Quite frankly I am surprised at all of the negative comments in response to this video. Those must be from parents of children who rule the roost at their house. I see plenty of these spoiled and ungrateful brats at every school function I attend and their parents just sitting there as they act rude and disruptive. This girl needs to not only learn some respect but be thankful for what she has in life. Her dad gave her an opportunity to correct her behavior by putting her on restriction from her laptop after the first offense. That didn’t work so what’s a parent to do? I agree “fully” with his course of action and I especially like the fact that her friends and undoubtedly the parents of her friends will see it.
    Those of you who thought the dad was irrational or somehow acting threatening with a firearm are way off base. This was a symbolic act. Taking the laptop away had no effect after the first offense so he upped the ante a little by destroying the laptop in a dramatic manner to drive his point home. I’m sure this made an impression on his daughter. I’m sorry but sometimes you need to raise your voice to be heard…especially by teenagers. I just love the posts criticizing the dad for being over the top or immature. I wonder if they are actually parents or just antigun Lib-Tards spouting nonsense.
    I am a parent of five children ranging in age from 4 to 17. While I agree that good communication is key there are times when you have to say “or show” enough is enough.
    He obviously loves his daughter very much and provides her with a good life and amenities. He wants her to be a respectful and well behaved member of society. It’s called good parenting folks. I will say this…It was a shame to see nearly 10.00 of good .45 hollow points go to waste. Perhaps a 12 gauge with bird shot would have been a better and more entertaining choice. I think if I were in this situation I would cut the laptop in half with my band saw…give her half and say you can have the other half when your attitude improves. Since the daughter will have some extra time on her hands maybe she can utilize it by volunteering at the local homeless shelter.
    I give Kudos to the dad and good luck.

    • Dad


      I do not agree with you. I had a similar problem with my son that complained about his "unfair" life, that he has to wake up in the morning and go to school and help me. It was simple, his playstation was donate to a charity auction – and I took him to watch the auction.

      Same message, without the playstation 2 for life and he saw that what he was not giving enough value can do good for someone else.

    • MotoJB

      "I think if I were in this situation I would cut the laptop in half with my band saw…give her half and say you can have the other half when your attitude improves." Awesome…I may try that myself. ;)

  • Paula Hisle

    I would LOVE to shake this man's hand! He is an awesome parent!

  • Brittany

    Good for this father! I'm glad to see a parent who is taking an active role in his child's outcome rather than sitting back and letting her get away with poor behavior. And it's even better to see that the father, step-mother, and mother are all on the same page here- too often divorced parents compete with one another for their child's affection. I'm glad to see that the girl's mother was represented in the disciplinary action here as well as the father, so the girl sees that such behavior is not tolerated by either parent. Good for all the adults involved in this discipline!! It gives me hope for the future!

  • 45 in MT

    I understand the this Dad's anger and disappointment at his daughters actions. This seems to be more the norm with many of today's teenagers. However the fathers response was a little over the top. I'm sure he made his point with his daughter, but at the same time, he comes across as a gun totin' redneck who feels empowered by carrying his "1911" as he puts it. It would've been just as effective to list and sell his daughters laptop on eBay and recoup his money! He could've bought a boat load of rounds for his gun at least!

    I agree with some of the previous posters. I suspect that the problem is not only with the daughter, but in the parenting skills of the parents as well. Family counseling would help this troubled teen more than using her laptop for target practice.

    For the record, I also have a CCW permit and carry a variety of guns on a daily basis. I believe in discipline and family order, applied in the correct manner though. Force on force usually is not very effective applied to parenting like this father has done.

    • elogam

      Selling the laptop on eBay would not have been as immediate, nor as effective as destroying it. This was not about money, it was about demonstrating to the daughter that SHE IS NOT IN CHARGE. He is saying "Although I just spent a lot of time and money upgrading this machine, I would rather destroy it than let you run roughshod over your mother and me." Over the top would have been burning all her clothes and belongings, banishing her from the house, and telling her she's officially on her own.

  • Carey

    Sounds like they have a troubled relationship. Psychologists and smart parents have proven you'll get more cooperation with positive reinforcement. All this is going to do is upset her further and consider how to retaliate. Its immature and disappointing that a parent would reduce themselves to this level and let a child get the best of them.

    • Joe Bob

      Big difference between cooperation and compliance. Children need to be taught limits and consequences. The 'hug a thug' mentality is a joke, and Ben Spock wrote books with no data or research supporting his permissive ideology. Cooperation is when two parties wish to achieve the same goal, compliance is when there are rules expected to be followed. I'm a psychologist with over 20 years experience working with convicted felons, Those defiant of authority see kindness as weakness and play those begging for cooperation as suckers.

  • 2manyhobbies

    6 year old's with cell phones, 12 year old's dressed like hookers, all the whiny children pretending they are adults, declaring their rights. They have a right to what ever their parents give them, they own what is on their backs, not everything they see and want.
    Too many parents mistakenly give immature young children free reign of terror thinking it is love heaping objects upon them, when it is in reality, one on one time they really need and are asking for.
    There is a reason 16 years of age for driving, 18 to buy a long gun, vote, enter into a contact. The youth must be guided not simply turned loose like a balloon in the wind.

  • Steve

    Reminds me of when I through my ward's iPod in the pond!

  • charlie

    Hell I would have done that if i could do that and lived in the country

  • MotoJB

    …but I bet it was fun.

  • Doug

    Before I watched the video I thought he was a kook, but I understand his frustration with the little brat. I would have sold it or given it to, well…. anybody I guess.

  • terry

    I read a story about a kid that wanted a 22 auto rifle for Christmas. His parents couldn't afford anything except a used single shot. When he opened it up on Christmas morning and threw a fit his dad took it down the street and gave it to a neighbor kid he didn't even like. It took him 2 years before he had enough money to buy his own 22 single shot. He said after that he didn't complain much.

  • MSG Randall, (Ret)

    It is still a free country. If he wants to shoot the computer, he purchased, where it is legal and on his own property, God bless him. So far, it is still a free country! Citizens have the right to do whatever is legal in the pursuit of their happiness. Those who do not like his actions that is their personal opinion. They are free to voice it or they can move their sorry ass to another not so free country. Written by a proud retired US Army veteran.

  • Jesse Lee

    OK, I do get the shock and awe that was created while shooting the computer that his daughter made the posts on face book with. Saying that, He should have done less talking in this video, I think the speech lost allot of it creditably and power because of the stuttering.

    If he really wants to know why his daughter thinks money grows on trees, he need look no further than himself. I think the real message that was sent here is that this man has as much blatant disregard for money as his daughter. No matter how hard he works for his money, there is no reason to waist Hollow points the way he did. Why shoot it with hollow points? This makes no scene to me, They will not expand in the laptop or do any more damage then cheap ammo. Also, Why shoot a perfectly good laptop, when you can just as easily sell it and buy a new gun. Then print out the post and shoot It with a new gun and regular bullets. I'm just saying!!

    It did look really fun though!!



  • Railfancwb

    Another over reaction to Facebook issues…at about the same time.

  • Stu

    I have to agree with all that think SHOOTING the lap top was wrong. Taking it away from her, and selling or giving it to some charity would have been better.
    Can't help wonder if some reality show will call him !!!

  • Dan

    The apple did not fall far from the tree.

  • bob

    nobody got hurt, he did a great job making his point! Parents need to get tougher and teach their kids to work to achieve sucess, not to walk in the door of their first job wondering why they're not the VP on the first day.

  • ahyup

    I understand that a lot of folks are frustrated with how mouthy kids can be today and how hard parenting can be. But look folks there are a few basic problems here that none of you seems to realize and it has nothing to do with guns. Heck it doesn't even have to do with displaying your parenting on youtube like you want to be on Jerry Springer. Please don't tell me that those of us who disagree with this guys actions spoil kids. The complete opposite is true. He spoiled his kid and then freaked out and did something irrational when it didn't work out like he thought it should.

    YOU SHOULD NOT GIVE A LAPTOP TO A 15 YEAR OLD! What the hell was he thinking?

    1:) They are extremely expensive and things that expensive kids should have to earn the hard way or at least not be given unless they really, really need it because they are doing something exceptional that already qualifies as earning it.

    2:) I am a Network Administrator by profession and as such I know an awful lot about the way the Internet works. When you hand them a laptop and they go off on their own there is actually nothing you can do to keep them from getting into and doing anything they want. Mouthing off on Facebook is the least of it. Try extra-sick hardcore porn readily available for free from any major search engine. You can't stop it. Yes there are all kinds of filtering products and ,well, none of them really work. Knowing that my kids are at least as smart as I am and that I could bypass any parental filtering product on the market easily I just won't do it.

    3:) If you give a kid a laptop they will do what you don't want them to do. This is as predictable as death and taxes. It just works that way. Why set them up for this?

    In my house I built a nice computer for the living room and bought an Xbox. They both sit there in the living room when they are online and nowhere else. I don't need to snoop through their stuff. They just know I can look over their shoulder at any moment.

    Of course if I did look over their shoulder and see them bitching about what a slavedriver I am rather than shooting the computer I'd probably say "Oh you poor child, that work must be so awful for you. Would you like a little cheese with that whine?" They are welcome to think what they want and I am welcome to point out the error of their ways. As long as the do the damn chores I don't care.

    Please. Kids don't need laptops but they do need to have their own opinons and parents who pay attention to what they do. Don't put them in a situation where they will screw up and then turn around and blame them for it by shooting the damn laptop. Keep control of things in the first place.

    One thing I will thank the idiot in this video for is giving me another example to show my kids of how lucky the actually are. Next time they whine about chores I'll make them watch the video and point out that they could be stuck with somebody asinine enough to shoot their possessions to make a point they should have never had to make.

    • Dad

      In what year are you living ? Notebooks were expenseive 15 years ago. Tpday with less than $400 you buy a decent notebook for your kids. They are not expensive anymore. Every kid has their own notebook or workstation . . . Each one of my kids have their own computer and I supervise then. This is not a big deal anymore.

      • ahyup

        I am living in a year where $300 to $400 is still a lot of money for something they will take for granted. We have plenty of computers in the house but only the adults own ones that can be taken off to bedrooms on their own. The kids get to use them while sitting at the table but they are family computers not "theirs".

        This is the problem here I think. People today buy their kids all kinds of expensive things that they take for granted and are not necessarily ready for yet. That's why parents don't get respect. I made out fine with a computer that resided in the living room. My kids can to.

        In my view this is much more important with the Internet now. Being on the Internet is like going out in public all around the world. It's not as physically dangerous as driving a car but a kid can be exposed to a heck of a lot more than they will driving around town or wandering around on their own. Perhaps this is just because I know all the tricks and thus I am well aware of the limits of any supervision besides them not doing it when I am not around. But I will not give them their own laptops until they are at least 17 and then only if they keep up the straight A average. I don't want them disappearing to their room if I don't know they are keeping up on their studies.

  • Jade

    Finally, a parent that feels the same way I do about ungratefull brats! And to all these people who say "boo, bad parenting" get off of it. He didn't beat her and in no way was this any kind of abuse. If anything she was abusive. This just may be the wake up call she needed. You can't be sneaky, deceptive and disrespectful in life and get anywhere. No matter what the tv says. Good job dad!

  • Gary Waddingham

    It is true enough that parents and kids are not equals but there is another side to this. His daughter has posted a response to this and it is apparent that this is a troubled family. According to her, she has since run away, used dad's shooting lessons to shoot his truck, and revealed to everyone his Christmas tryst with an "aunt."

    • GEO1

      Gee…any little pissed off brat can LIE on facebook??? LOL!!!

  • Michael Mullins

    Hey so this guy was stupid only for the fact that he probably bought the computer in the first place. The video and the amount of people who watched it pretty much tells us that her friends watched it and forwarded it on. I am in the army have served two combat deployments away from my daughters and would do something equally embarrassing if they did that to me. However I would probably just sell the laptop. This guy was more than a little extreme but I know people who's kids would not have been able to sit down for a week after they were done with them for something like this, so it could have been worse.

  • J Kingery

    Kids these days feel entitled, which they are, to food (whatever we cook) to clothing( no name brands) and shelter( a bed) kids today wouldn't last a week if you could transport them back to the 70's! While i understand the message dad was trying to convey i think i would've donated the laptop to a kid who actually needed and deserved it.

  • JustSomeGuy

    I'm 17, I still live with my parents, I have responsibilities, I do chores, and when I don't there are consequences. I know that discipline is NECESSARY, and when problems get as bad as they are in this video- the discipline should too.

    I know better than to act that stupid, I can't even imagine the sacrifices that my parents have made for me. I would never disrespect my parents like that, and IF I DID, I would expect the same type of response as was featured in the video.

  • J Kingery

    Sounds like your parents did a good job with you, kudos to them

  • Brad

    He should've borrowed my AR-15 and run 30 rounds through it, all the while cursing her using words that would make a nun blush…

  • polished357

    You must be joking! This guy was on target with everything he said. Kids in this generation are lazy, have no respect for authority or their parents, and expect everything for free while every one else has to work. I showed this video to my kids before they went to school because I WAS dealing with attitude and now I'm not. Thank you very much sir for your 45.

  • Anne Eisenman

    To the people who whine this was overtly violent. I can only imagine what your kids are like. Family therapy ? Hahaha it's that kind of thinking that got America's children into this mentality. There is no Self accountablity because there is a diagnosis for everything. All that "Book parenting". Pfft.
    Bravo Dad.

  • phil

    I absolutely agree with him, the kid is spoiled brat and demeaning to the lady that trade for services with her father. He has respect and understanding for people who works hard. She does not work and expect to have things handed to her. He is absolutely right. It is better to correct her now than allowing her to continue to think that the world owes her something.

  • david kermes

    Oh, Lord! I watched the father's recording and the daughter's first reply. He was a little melodramatic in shooting the computer, but I sure shared his pain at what his daughter had done with her little tell-all letter. Her response seemed to show only her self=aborption and total lack of understanding of the real world. In a year or less she'll probably be considering hooking as a means of survival. She wants to be young and have fun? How to pay for it doesn't seem to be in the picture. Being young? Ain't all it's cracked up to be, and doesn't last anyway. I tried to watch her second response but she's a lousy singer. I dread the possibility of the mother putting up a response. I hate watching a family disintegrate.

  • no name

    Thought about subscribing to G & A, but if this guy and his actions are something they think is something to salute, i will look elsewhere. I had a completely different expectation when i came to this website. I was not looking for a site posting clips of the new Jack Ass movie. His actions were reckless and dangerous. This site is a complete joke.

  • Steve

    We have all seen what the government as well as the public education system has done to parental rights in this country, let alone the liberal media who have already pronounced him as a guilty psycho and an unfit parent. Its no wonder parents let the schools and television raise their kids for them. No matter what the parents do, there are morons that will condem their actions. This man, like most responsible parents has taken the responsibility back, even if it is a little extreme. At least he cares and is not afraid of liberal backla, like some of the comments posted here. At least his Daughter wont grow up a spoiled liberal brat without a moral spine.

  • John

    Shot an arrow through a laptop onece does that count?

  • Jacob

    It is sad when a kid reaches a stage of disrespecting parents. Unfortunately its probably seen as cool by the peer group. I come from a home where we had just enough of every thing and were grateful for hand-me-downs we learned to respect what our parents could give us and be grateful for it – many did not have what we had. Today we give our children what ever we can afford and that usually is more than we can really afford. They say things we never would in tones we would never use to our parents. I guess know no better, they want to keep up with their peer groups, and things we see on TV certainly do not help. I do hope the little girl appreciates what the parents are doing I am sure the father reached this stage after many years of being pushed. She will certainly understand once she is grown and has kids of her own.

  • Mike K. Calgary

    Hugs rarely work. Meaningful punishment frequently works. Not quite on topic but perhaps a distance relative……… When I was a young teenager, my parents didn't like most of my friends. They said they were a bad influence on me. The reality was that I was the bad influence!

  • Batman

    This dad is not a dad and if i was to do a letter like that i would have sad it to his face. As this dad on here go FUCK your self with your gun. YOU FUCKING ASS!!!!!!

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