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Boston, NYC Mayors Fight Illegal Guns in Super Bowl Ad

by G&A Online Editors   |  February 6th, 2012 90

While most football fans were ooh-ing and ah-ing over the down-to-the-wire game between the Giants and Patriots, and while many casual fans were still in stitches over Dorito bribes or partying M&M’s, some of us gun nuts — depending on where you live — caught this ad courtesy of Boston Mayor Tom Menino and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg calling for tighter gun laws to keep guns away from criminals.

Menino and Bloomberg co-founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which supports the Second Amendment and the rights of citizens to own firearms, but seeks to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals, according to the group’s mission statement.

The group consists of over 600 mayors in over 40 states, claiming “a responsibility to protect their communities by holding gun offenders and irresponsible gun dealers accountable.” The group demands trace data used by law enforcement to track illegal gun trafficking, and works with lawmakers “to fix gaps, weaknesses and loopholes in the law” that the group says make it too easy to put guns in the hands of criminals.

MAIG has come under fire from the National Rifle Association, however, which claims the group is a front for Bloomberg’s alleged anti-gun agenda. According to a notice released by the NRA in 2009, “Bloomberg created MAIG as a front group to lobby Congress to oppose important pro-gun reforms and support new federal gun control restrictions.” In a 2007 article in the NRA’s magazine, America’s 1st Freedom, MAIG was lambasted as a cover for sweeping gun control with a carefully phrased mission statement, while Bloomberg was called “a billionaire, Boston-grown evangelist for the nanny state”

  • David

    we dont need more gun laws , if you are a free citizen and not a criminal , you should be able to buy , posses, and carry a firearm , no questions ask.

    • Rick

      Amen to your statment my fellow gun owner. The only gun controle i have found that works is hitting your target.We don't need more worthless laws hindering those of us who are law abiding citizens.
      If you are a law abiding citizen then we should have the right to keep and carry our weapons without any questions without being hasseled by those who have no idea of the facts.

      • hicusdicus

        Actually the US does not need any more laws of any kind. We need to get rid of about three fourth's of them and start enforcing the rest.

    • Al Brady

      ABSOLUTELY! That is the difference between a citizen and a subject.

    • Max

      I agree. The mayors that say they are for our rights should then lead by example and lift the gun bans in there cities.We all have the right to lawful carry and all the gun laws out there are against the law abiding citizens. This is the "UNITED STATES" yet there are so many laws that keep us from being law abiding citizens when we travel state to state we now become bad guys in the eyes of the law.A lawful carry permit should be good "ANYWHERE"
      God Bless the USA

      • warren

        i agree with Max and think there needs to be uniformity in all states that allow us law-abiding citizens the right to carry concealed on a federal level to increase the difference between the bad-guys and us. However I also believe that those who have a domestic violence charge should lose thier right to carry for two years and have to prove to the courts they're psychologically fit by a Psychologist at a cost to the states to collect fee's near $2000 as DUI offender's to curb domestic violence in every state for those of us who are law-abiding and carry for self-defense especially here in Florida which should go in someone's DMV record to keep Police /Troopers safe in routine stops prior to them reaching a driver who carry's concealed . We also need a way to determine via the courts a way to reinstate someone's right to carry after a certain period (perhaps two years) and another $1000 for the state to collect more fee's back to our poorly cash- straped states to be sure no "law-abiding" breaks the law over some B.S. …

  • Mark Lewis

    Bloomberg supports the 2nd, lol wow I needed a good laugh

    • Al Brady

      That those two 'mayors' can tell us that they support the 2d Amendment of our Constitution shows clearly the kind of liars they truly are!

  • Antonio

    If they really wanted to protect us, they would focus on the criminal element, stop the revolving door of justice, and let us law-abiding citizens have our guns. I'm with the NRA on this one — this is the mayors' first step toward denying us all of our 2nd amendment rights.

  • old vet

    Face it, these two don't give a crap about rights, or any such thing, it's all about failed policies and special interests. Watching the typical democrat is like watching two guys moving a couch in sideways, OOPS! if it didn't work, try again. We couldn't have been wrong.

  • Mark Williams

    I'm with the NRA this could be the first step toward Gun control and then where does it stop! Stricter sentences against the criminals would help! law abiding citizens use guns to detour crime and defend themselves. And lets not forget the revenue generated by the american sportsman we need more not less.

    • Al Brady

      The 2d Amendment will always be targeted by those politicians that want more power and to push for what is totally against the will of "The People". The day the 2d Amendment is lost we cease to be a free nation!

  • Retired Soldier

    Be better if these Mayors put the money their spending or spent on this ad to try to take firearms from law abiding citizens and put it toward preventing crime, putting the unemployed (who in most cases turn to crime to earn money) in their cities to work and enforce stricter sentences against the criminals. Criminals don't fill out any paperwork to purchase a legal firearm. If law abiding citizens could own and carry firearms there would be less crime in these cities. These two are playing us for stupid!

  • Mack Mmissiletoe

    Lol! If you want criminals to stop shooting people, give them the death sentence when they illegal shoot or kill someone (offensively without righteous reasoning). Don't put 'em in jail then let them out! They will do it again.

    It isn't the guns killing people–guns are just a tool, like a sword or a knife. It's the criminal killing people. The criminal pulls the trigger. Swings the knife!

    I am all for the bad guys not having guns. I am NOT going to limit myself or other law abiding citizens, who love life and respect their neighbors, on their gun ownership. Guns are not bad–they were the tool this country defended themselves with and fought with to declare freedom from an often greedy selfish world.

    Realize it or not, there are droves of Americans that enjoy their freedom–and their freedom to shoot their gun in a lawful zone (ex. shooting range or legally owned land). It is like riding a motorcycle, owning a nice home, flying an airplane etc.. Shooting firearms has become my favorite hobby and I find it interesting to share with others. I have met cool respectful people through firearms.

    There are far more good people with guns than bad. The good people represent America. You cannot take away our guns. Our guns are not only an important part of our history, but they're how we keep lawful order in modern society. I know guns are not for everyone. That's fine. But there's nothing wrong with the good guys.

    If we could keep the peace with squirt guns that sprayed water which embarrassed bad guys–we would. But it doesn't always work that way! There will always be extremists who want to hurt others. And so mankind must stand up and fight. And when the next draft drops on America, and America has to fight through death, America will cherish their firearms skills. If America forgets how to shoot a Rifle, America will fail. We would be invaded and helpless if we became too soft to shoot.
    If you passed as many gun laws as you wanted, and felt as though you had complete control, you'd find out you were a fool. There would be a black weapons market and gun factories next door, right under your nose.

    Being smart is not the answer. Wisdom is the answer to stopping criminals. Criminals are the ones who break the law–law means nothing to them. So what can we do THAT WILL WORK? And not hinder the good guys who work hard to have a fun evening shooting their rimfire at the range with friends? Beats sitting at the bar, eh?

    • Mack Missiletoe


      • hicusdicus

        Missiletoe? Is that when you kick somebody when you are barefoot?

    • Rick

      You hit the nail on the head,but you forgot other ways that people kill such as auto's baseball bats,lead pipes and so on.
      The only way to deal with these people is to go with eye for an eye tooth for a tooth.
      This would stop a lot of this aimless killing of people.
      But i would also like to make another point.
      Has anyone wondered why other countries have not tried to outright invade the United States?
      Would you want to invade a country where more then half of its citizens are armed?
      I don't think so or at least I sure as hell wouldn't want to.
      Think back to the revolutionary war where there was an armed citizen behind every tree, bush and rock.
      They wouldn't stand a chance.

      • old vet

        Right on, the largest armed force in the world, is the group of American hunters that hit the fields every year. Huge amounts of income are raised from their fees and taxes.

      • Watchlizard

        If the government attempts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, there's a very good chance America will be "invaded" by it's own population. Wasn't it Jefferson who said something like "sometimes a country has to protect itself from it's own government"? There are some who are already geared up for the next revolution.

  • Peter

    It's not their views on guns that irks me, it's the lies. At least have the cojones to come out and say what you believe and are trying to accomplish: You want to make it as difficult as possible for ANYONE, not just criminals, to purchase, own and carry firearms. You do not believe that gun ownership is an individual right and will do everything in your powers to undermine the Supreme Court's rulings in Heller and McDonald. Then we could at least have an open and honest conversation. But no, these asshats recognize that any such statement would alienate 90% of the American electorate, gun owners and non-gun owners alike. So, they lie through their teeth.

  • Metalchemist

    These globalist fat cats have NO problem surreptitiously erroding American's Constitutional (Civil) Rights with the second amendment being at their focal point in this particular ad.

    Some may not like what I'm about to say, BUT This is America and there is the First Amendment.

    But they have no problem donating, push legislation to assist funding (seeing that taxpayers pay for) the legal killing of unborn children.
    This is just an observation but it seems pretty obvious to me.

  • Pat

    New York and Boston are both screwed up because of these 2 idiots. Just keep their dumb asses out of Texas We do not have problems here that require anything they have to offer. Another thing, If any of you New Yorkers or Bostonites move South, leave your gun control schemes behind. We don't need them.

    • browcs

      As a native New Yorker….I agree with you Pat. I live in FL now and brought down with me my pro-2nd Amendment views. Sadly, a good number of fellow native New Yorker "snow bird" types and others live down here and cling to their nonsensical anti-gun, anti-freedom, tax-more so I can live comfortably when I retire, views forgetting this is not New York (or New Jersey)….this is FL. I loved living in the great state of TX when I was stationed there during my earlier years in the USAF.

  • just no


    • MinuteMan

      Pat its Bostonian's. I've lived in the Boston area much of my 58 years and I've owned firearms most of my life; I've hunted and target shot all over the northeast its a great place to exercise your right to own and use firearms. All of that said please understand we have a very strong group of gun owners here in the northeast and we used to proudly claim to have all of the top gun manufactures located here as well. These two knuckleheads don't know dick about our history considering our country's fight for freedom started in Boston you'd think Menino would have have a little understanding about this subject! Its not easy though for gun owners living here as we have more stupid anti-gun laws disguised as "Consumer-Safety" regulations/laws the MA Attorney General can issue w/o a vote of the people. This scheme has greatly limited we here to a small selection of specific guns we can purchase I would like to own another 10-20 firearms but they are not allowed in the state due to stupid consumer safety laws!!! So while we carry on the fight count yourself lucky for what you enjoy in Texas. But please don't lump us here in the northeast as ALL LIBERALS!! We're not!

      • browcs

        Agreed 100% with MinuteMan….while living in Harlem, NYC, I remember asking my parents to get me a subscription to G&A when I was all of 11 years old….still have those issues too! Got my first gun, a Browning HP Mark II when I lived in Puerto Rico (PR) as soon as I turned 21; a gun I still own and cherish. Between PR's and NJ's (lived there as soon as I was employed as a law enforcement officer) gun laws, I found it funny when the politicians in those locales and other anti-gun havens claimed crime will tumble with each new gun law only to see they increase or remain at then current levels.

      • BJC

        You guy's need to rally together and vote out these anti-gun politicians who lie, misinform, construe the fact's and are for nothing other than their own increased power over the citizens of this country, and we as the people of this country need to do this starting at the top. I think you all know to whom I am referring to.

  • Vern

    We don't need gun control….we need idiot control….

    • hicusdicus

      We are already controlled by idiots, one in particular.

  • Alan

    AlanAll in favor of the OLD WEST method— Guilty–Take him out back and hang him!!!

    • Alan

      This is NOT me ! I'm a different Alan ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Tim McKnight

    Why is it, that people such as these two mayors, who are so far removed from being an everyday person, always are trying to do something to keep so called illegal guns out of criminals hands. Just a front to their REAL agenda…get guns out of EVERYBODYS hands.

  • John Doe

    The only way to reduce crime is to kill the dangerous criminals and permanently lock up the non-dangerous criminals.
    Oh, and also, kill all the lawyers. :)

    • hicusdicus

      How about starting with the head lawyer?

  • David Smith

    What we have here is two idiots running two big cities in the U.S. If you take the guns from law-abidind citizens, only the crimminals will have guns and we won't have anyway to protect ourselves. I think they are more worried about us turning the guns on them because of the government policies of today. This is just some of the mentality of our elected officals today. case in point, look whats running our country today in Washington, D.C.

  • Glenn

    the last time I looked, there were over 20,000 gun laws already on the books. I love my country,
    but I fear my government. Enforce the current laws. We DON"T need any more.

  • Joe

    Exactly what is an illegal gun? An unregistered machine gun mabe? Are they saying it is ok to let criminals have legal guns then? If a criminal steals and is in possession of my legally purchased gun does that make the gun illegal? I guess these two boneheads want the cops to arrest the guns and let the criminals go. Oh wait, they already do that in NYC and Boston.

  • John Doe

    We need fewer, like two.

  • South Bound

    Until there are more serious consequences for criminals, such as short sentence, short time to death for their actions, you will have this type of behavior by criminals The fact that they are promoting what they are promoting, best thing to say; TWO BONE HEADS!

  • WSA

    These guy's are nuts inforce the 40,000 gun laws and stop the GOV from breaking them and things would'nt be so bad.

  • Hersfelder

    Time to apply the Second Amendment to these two mayors……………

  • jeffadaklin

    Just last week, obama told Sarah Brady (the Brady bunch) he was going after guns, but he had to do it 'covertly.' The Cato Institute just released ANOTHER study on how many times guns are used by law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, their family or others. These people know those statistics, they simply want to know where every gun is, because just like other governments in the past, they know the only way to totally control 'we the people' is to be able to make us defenseless. The Founders knew this day- these people- would show up someday. Obama and his liberal horde are trying to continue the piece by piece dismantling of the Constitution, and if he is re-elected, he'll have absolutely no reason to honor the Constitution for the next 4 years. It will get worse.

    • PRogers

      I don't know why ANY gun owner would vote for him. Actually, I don't know why anyone would vote for him, especially if they've been paying attention these last 3+ years.

      • hicusdicus

        Well it is official. Mu mar Gaddafi and Osama Binladin are dead. They both just registered to vote in Chicago.

    • James

      Can the revolution just hurry up and come already? I'm sick of my rights being pissed on, and not just regarding firearms, either.


    Bloomberg is a lieing SCUMBAG!!!!! Take 60 seconds and look at his record. It is much like Adolph Hitlers record of disarming honest people and then attacking them with Jackbooted thugs. He and his Pooftah buddy Michael Moore are great at disarming the public and surrounding themselves with armed gang members. The only difference Moore uses inner city hooligans from Detroit and Bloomberg uses the NYPD. In the anti gun hysterics Bloomberg uses …I don't see much difference in either organization. I know the NYPD did a historical job on 911,but the conduct of this dept. is anti American and shabby when it comes to the subject of average citizens defending themselves. In my opinion New York city is a dangerous place to live or visit. The Supreme Court has ruled that the police have NO OBLIGATION to protect individual citizens,citizens in NY can not own firearms to protect themselves,unless you are a fatcat scumbag like Bloomberg your only option is to quietly die when you are eventually attacked.You could call 911 and at least have a good laugh waiting for the Keystone cops to show up as you die.(This is the hardest place I have ever tried to type in too.Your webmaster needs to try and leave a message here)

  • Michael

    If they "support the second amendment" then why don't they loosen the gun laws in their respective cities to allow law abiding citizens to own and carry legally obtained weapons.

    • BJC

      Because they are lairs and do not actually support the second amendment.

  • Ryan Jones

    Now I would like to ask them if they would make their bodyguards give up their guns if we had to give up ours and is bet you a million dollars it would never happen.

  • Randy Bauer

    The add sounds perfectly legitimate to the unknowlegable, hence the reason I answered to the second response. As a firearms owner I knew that these two are anti-firearm and their resolve is to disarm us all, a nit at a time. Problem is, there are too many unknowlegable people in this good old, USA. And all you Romney supporters, remember, he comes from Massachusetts. Nuff said??

    • old vet

      About Romney, SOOO true, he changes spots so skillfully as to be undetected. Almost a Chameleon.

  • LJ from Kansas

    Why is it that all progressive liberals, (men and women) all look like funeral directors from the 1800-1900's. They all look the same in that they appear cold, clammy, colorless, without emotion and very shallow as they lie to the public. Bloomberg,Tom M., Harry, NanZi, Hotrod Axelrod, all of them. They could care less about controlling guns and keeping them from the hands of criminals. It's PEOPLE control that they crave and must have to make them feel so important. It's POWER that gives them the fuel to get through another day. I bet these gutless wonders carry heat or have it nearby but won't admit it because in their own minds they think they are better than the rest of us.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    if you need more gun control, use both hands.

    • hicusdicus

      I can only use one hand for gun control. I need the other hand to lean against the wall.

      • old vet

        Ha! right on… And be sure to hit the Fonda sticker on the back of the urinal

  • jerry, al

    That is one thing i will not do, vote for Romney. He is just another ass kissing pup joint. When will we get real leader ship for our county

    • hicusdicus

      The way things are going it may be the Chinese.

  • Dr. John

    It has been illegal to commit murder in most societies, probably since before the Code of Hammurabi. If you have people violating the law by killing others, or even plotting to, prosecute that. As people are violating that law which in most cases has the stiffest punishments allowed, then they certainly are not going to follow a gun law.
    It is the same old song and dance.

  • terz81

    These two guys need to talk to there friend Barack Obama and help him clean up his justice Department
    there the only ones I know who passing out illegal firearms to known criminal fellons that have resulted in the murders of at least 213 innocent people.

  • jeff r

    how about the mayors focus on the governments "fast and furious" gun control program for openers!!
    im not selling my guns to the mexican drug cartel…..

  • wnettles

    With approximately 29,000 gun laws on the books now, and, with enforcement efforts aimed at denying law abiding citizens the right to self defense, I can see no good coming from any of this legal garbage. If a citizen does not have the right to defend his or her life, his or her family members' lives, or his property, then, are we no longer "free" citizens? Or, are we just subjugated slaves?

  • Al Brady

    Infringe – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster …… – Cached
    to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another <infringe a patent>. 2. obsolete : defeat, frustrate. intransitive verb. : encroach —used with on …

    There are many a criminal that would choose to neuter our right to bare arms ……. most especially those who wish to steal our freedom!

  • pyrolighterfighter

    MAIG is based on misinformation, deception, and lies.
    Here in Kansas we are now mayor free. We have no mayor's belonging to MAIG, although they still list three mayors still active. One mayor listed no linger sits as mayor, and the two other mayors have withdrawn their names after figuring out that they were duped into joining.

  • 5.56

    The reason we a not speaking a foreign language now is those countries knew Americans where armed and capable. They would never be able to invade the US and survive. That 's the only reason all of us are here today. The same facts still apply !!!!!

  • BJC

    Websters needs to change the definition of politician to "Any person who lies, cheats, and steals for their own personal gain."

  • BJC

    If law abiding citizens are forced to give up their weapons than police, FBI, CIA, homeland security, body guards, secret service, and all other government agencies who have guns should have to do the same since these politicians claim criminals would no longer have guns. Do you see the stupidity in there reasoning. The only reason they want to take our gun rights away is so they can control everything. The only way they are going to get my gun is to pry it from my cold dead hand!

  • jerry, al

    Amen brother, thats the first thing Hitler and Stalin did was to disarm the people. We are looking at a new world order where you and i are nothing but gunless slaves. They will have to pry open both dead hands. Wake up people ,our kids need leadership.

  • brc

    The 2 enemies of guns are rust and politicians

  • Bob

    Armed citizenry is the best way to stop criminals, seconded by Judicial accountability(can you imagine the whining roar that would come from judges if they were held to the same standard as regular working people?) Legally holding judges responsible for their decisions, would go a long way towards stopping criminality, haven't we had enough revolving door felonies?

  • Bryan Rushing

    This is just a way to get a foot in on Gun control. They're not gonna come out and say it but side step it like these two jerks. Don't listen!!!!!

  • J.R. Verdugo

    I agree with the mayor's. We should keep guns out of the hands of criminals. These convicts don't really need them anyway. They're so hyped up when they get out of the "big house," very few men can overtake them. Best thing to do is to stay away from them until they get sent back for a violation of their probation.

  • Paul Moore

    Everybody knows where the Mayor of New York stands, and it is not behind the right to own guns. Heck, he tried to sue guns shops in other states for selling guns to police officers from New York city, a mission he sent them on to begun with, so they were not breaking the law. If they enforced the laws they have on the books now, there wouldn't be so many guns in the hands of wrong thinking people. Here in Ohio the have a law that says three years if you use a gun during a crime, I really don't have to tell you the first thing they plea bargain out. ENFORCE THE LAWS YOU HAVE ON THE BOOKS NOW. We really don't need any more.

  • DrEd

    Boston mayor Menino is behind the move to regulate knives. How can anyone believe that he is behind the 2nd Amendment? Unfortunately, he is another Massachusetts politician who believes in big government and government control of people's lives.

  • C.U. Enhel

    If not mistaken the largest proliferation of high powered arms put directly into the hands of criminals was recently accomplished by our justice dept. along with the ATF. Maybe they should direct their comments at the feds.

  • Manny

    Take a deep breath, relax, NYPD are the same as inner city hooligans, Blumberg is akin to Hitler, the courts have ruled that police have no obligation to protect citizens, I don't think so! Protecting our right to own fireamrs is constanting under attack but making hysterical arguments does,t help the cause. Only sound and reasoned discourse helps. This from an upstate NY resident who has a ccw permit and protects his home and family.

  • Ken Harris

    These guys are lying bas+++++ as usual nothing we can say will make sense to them. Remember to vote against OBAMA unless you want the Supreme Cort packed with folks like these.


    Mayors who stand in support of anti-Constitution measures can be voted out. Let's do that. Send a message. Then repeal their measures and restore the Constitution and hunt the ex-mayors down.

  • old vet

    If our great nation falls, it will never be from invasion from without, but from slow rot and corruption from the inside such as these two idiots. And from weakening our concept of our constitution by calling it such things as "evolving" or trying to figure what it REALLY meant. It is in plain English, what else can "shall NOT be infringed" mean?

  • tom barker

    Thomas Jefferson said it right . He was a very smart man read some of his quotes.. oh yeh and piss on Bloomberg and Tom Menino

  • Dale Johnson

    Starting 30 yrs ago the Dem's and Liberals, one in the same, started to rewrite the constution by getting liberal judges to make unconstitional rulings that have gone on to be quoted time and again in other ruling, Justice Ginsberg has nothing but contempt for the constition saying it is the worse thin there is. The only thing that makes the Dem's scared is an armed citizen who will not let them 0ver throw the USA. Be real careful who you vote for this Nov, X and see where they stand and have stood on Gun Control. Nothing causes a politition to lie more than an election yr.

  • old vet

    Clarify please

    • old vet

      O.K. Whatever.

  • old vet

    Not sure what I wrote earlier that didn't pass. but suffice to say, I second Mr. Johnson's statement and then some.

  • Bobe

    We need more laws against Mayors like these two!! Good example of Liberal thinking, they are so so much smarter than anyone else and know what is the best for us mere dumb subjects!

  • Mr.D


  • Farkle

    Best known to be the biggest assholes we have in New Egland,tho there are many more!

  • George

    We do't need any more gun laws. We just need courts and prosecutors to stop making deals and putting criminals back on the street. No matter how many laws are passed, criminals by nature do not care and will continue to break the law. How many people have been killed in "gun free" zones?

  • Roadkil2

    Glad I got a new pair of rubber boots!!

  • phil

    let me see, MORE LAWS are needed to keep ILLEGAL guns away from CRIMINALS……hmmm and more laws would make the criminal be afraid of breaking the LAWS now….???? I think if you know that you are a criminal (most do) then you would know that you are breaking the law or planning to break the law and or are in process of breaking the law and I doubt that you give a rats Ass that they passed more laws…am I the only sane one that gets this…these are mayors that run our cities?

  • Cantbelieveyouthinkthis

    Funny how they never allow comments on anit gun videos on youtube. Nothing like someone that can’t handle their opinion being questioned.

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