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Bank of America Drops McMillan Group for Being Firearms Manufacturer

by Ben OBrien   |  April 22nd, 2012 103

Bank of America told McMillan Group International –the corporation responsible for McMillan Fiberglass Stocks and McMillan Firearms Manufacturing–late last week that their business was no longer welcome with the nation’s leading financial institution.

Director of Operations Kelly D. McMillan said his company had been doing business with Bank of America for the last 12 years and has never been late on a payment or bounced a check. The debt outstanding on the company’s line of credit was at 61 percent as of Friday.

What could be the reason for Bank of America to make such a move? The answer: McMillan makes guns.

Bank of America, a company that received $20 billion in the federal bailout from the U.S. government in 2009, has been rumored to have anti-gun business policies for years. The National Rifle Association (NRA) launched an investigation in 2010 after “information from a few members surfaced detailing some problems that firearm-related businesses were having with Bank of America.”

It appeared back then that BoA was denying banking services to businesses that were associated with guns, but Senior Vice President Douglas K. Bland told NRA-ILA in a written statement that “Bank of America does not have a corporate-wide policy to deny banking services solely on the applicant’s involvement in the firearms industry.”

In a statement on the company’s Facebook page last Friday, McMillan says otherwise.

During an “account analysis” meeting with a BoA Senior Vice President, Ray Fox, McMillan began to become suspicious that the meeting was more than it appeared.

“[Fox] spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories,” McMillan wrote. “At this point I interrupted him and asked ‘Can I possible save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer want my business.'”

Fox confirmed to McMillan that he was correct and the decision was politically motivated. The enraged firearms executive took to social media to let the world know about what happened, and the story began to spread.

Not only is McMillan’s company cutting all ties to BoA–they are no longer accepting their credit cards from customers–Second Amendment advocates from around the country have stepped up to do the same.

Only five hours ago, Kelly McMillan took to Facebook again to thank everyone for the support and encourage followers to keep the cause alive. He wrote:

Please don’t wake up tomorrow and forget this. Don’t forget to follow through and let this fade into obscurity as so many “causes” do. I haven’t asked anyone to close any accounts or credit cards. If that is how you fight this war, then great. But even if you don’t, find a way to make sure that every time our 2nd Amendment rights are challenged, you become a soldier and do what you can to make sure we defend our rights.

What is your reaction? Tell is in the comments below how you plan to show your support for the Second Amendment.

  • Shane Faust

    I have let all my FB friends know and my friends. I will ask my 2 local ranges if I can post on the board. I will also let my local gun shop know. I do banking else where but I will be asking the question.

    • Christina Collins

      I may just start banking elsewhere from now on!!

      • Larry A. Singleton

        May? Every gun owner in America should close their accounts with BofA TODAY.

        Are you kidding me?

        BofA are a bunch of filthy bloodsuckers to begin with. Everybody should opt for Credit Unions. Screw the banks.

    • Roy Reeves

      I have a checking account with B of A. That will be closed shortly.
      Roy Reeves

  • PaulC

    Well it certainly looks as if I'll be closing a few accounts tomorrow. Hope the wife doesn't mind.

  • wave the flag

    Time to close a couple of bank accounts on Monday!

  • Butzbach

    It's going to take a couple of weeks due to direct deposits and auto payments but BOA is history in this house.

  • skipper

    Kelly McMillan is a straight shooter, and this is a sad sad day. To hell with Bank of America, the country's welfare state of a bank…read this:

  • Rich

    Bank of where, the U.S.S.R.!?

    • LarrY DeMaio

      Rich, I know what you are saying and I know how you feel. But pall "there is no more U.S.S.R." Sorry…

  • Jesus M Ramos

    I will cancel my Bank Of America credit card because I'm associated with firearms. If they do not want firearms manufacturers doing business with them neither gun lovers like myself.

  • Ken

    I am glad that do not have anything to do with BoA and from what I have seen latly I don't want to

  • Jim

    I won't be associating with BOA any more!

  • Mary K

    I've been banking with BofA since 1949. I'm going in to my bank tomorrow, show the president the article and ask fo an explanation from the corporate headquarters. I'm also sending the McMillan story to my email list, especially gun owners.

  • Linda

    I'd be curious to know if the BoA takes the same stance with any breweries, distilleries, wineries, or tobacco companies…

  • Joe

    Just left BofA a "friendly" message. They will never get a dime from me if it means me living on the street..

  • doug

    Remember BOA started in San Fran, Boxer and Feinstein territory, LWNJ (left wing nut jobs)

  • david k

    BoA – thought control advocates. "Think like we want or we'll break you."

  • A Gun owner

    Since BofA obviously does NOT support the Second Amendment—-let the occupiers extract their retribution on BofA….

    No sympathy for BofA when all hell breaks out….maybe they'll want the police to protect them….with guns.

  • John

    I do my part to let people know.

  • Keith

    This is an unprecedented move by a financial institution. The current Anti-Gun Administration has overstepped their bounds and will do ANYTHING to pressure, now firearm manufactures, into submission or out of business. Guess they forgot that McMillan builds US Military weapons too! This is what happens when the Government gives away money ~ there are strings attached. I PRAY that my views are wrong. I do not believe so. Our rights are under attack, one at a time. Elections have consequences, choose wisely.

  • Laminator


  • Laminator

    Why was my comment deleted by the administrator? It did not include profanity. There was no reference to our current administration or President not anything other than basic fact.

  • Laminator

    A credit card my be obtained via Alaska Airlines from Band of America allowing the customer to earn air miles. I wonder if Alaska Airlines customers are aware of BOA's policy regarding doing business with weapons manufacturer's?

  • we have rights too

    let all my FB friends and anyone else i know BofA are EVIL beasts, we lost our home after a TWO year refinance battle, they had us in a 10.9% illegal predatory loan and would not negotiate… VERY sad… we had 18 years in that home and raised our two sons there… i will NEVER do business with those crooks EVER again….

    • mpierce

      Don't sully the argument against B of A because of your bad judgement. Unless they forced you to sign the loan agreement you have no one to blame but yourself. Gun ownership is about freedom and individual responsibility; freedom to make good and bad decisions. It sounds like you made a bad one so own up to it and take responsibility for your actions.

  • Lariet

    This is only the beginning. Change the direction by voting for Romney

  • We the people

    I left b of a long time ago due to irritating policies and agendas. Stories like this are not surprising to me.

  • carlos

    ever since they tried to put a fee 0n the debit card, i have been looking for a excuse to drop them…this will do it.

  • kelly

    I have a credit card and some bonds in BOA. I will drop the card but have to wait until 2015 to drop the bonds.

  • bob

    Remember folks, Bank of America issues BASS PRO'S Visa!

  • Jonathon Dough

    It is absurd that a corporation feels that it has the right to walk all over the 2nd Amendment. I'm glad McMillan brought this to everyone's attention. I do not do business with BOA, but if I did, I would end it tomorrow. I hope all gun owners that have accounts, credit cards, etc. with BOA do the same.

  • Mike

    I have a side, non-essential personal account for when I had a business account (easy transfers). Like a few others, I've been looking for a reason to close. Only a few grand, but more than happy to close now. Thanks for the push BoA..!!

  • bobvelon

    I have not had an account with B of A for a long time and now because of this I will never open another account with this bank

  • Mack Attack

    :O I'll be looking for a new Bank! What a pansy thing to do. America was not defended by a bunch of gun-virgins but by men who HAD to fight for their country WITH GUNS. Soldiers and armed men have given their lives so that we Americans may enjoy a crisp refreshing background check before we can plink with our shiny new .22's.

    Without guns, the modern tool to defend oneself, America will fall. More like 'Bank of Pansies' They do not deserve to have 'America' in their name!

  • Garrett

    Bank of America has been a anti American bank for years. My family cancelled all accounts several years back and I will not accept credit cards issued from bank of America. We need to put them out of business as they are a anti 2nd Ammendment bank.

  • Tc Toc

    WOW…I guess the admin is only for what they think is right. Funny, I guess Americans really are a nation of American'ts.

    You defend the 2nd amendment but you walk all over the 1st amendment, (FREE SPEECH and EXPRESSION).

    • Jonathon Dough

      Part of FREE SPEECH and EXPRESSION is choosing who to do, or not do business with. BOA has CHOSEN not to do business with a firearms manufacturer. Hence, I and many others choose not to do business with BOA.

      Maybe BOA should have considered the potential consequences of their actions before jumping into the political arena.

  • Very thin Blue Line

    I heard about this firts from Glenn Beck. I'm in Law Enforcement, investigate Documents Crimes as a Detective and work with BOA all the time. I have a personal BOA Bass Pro Shops card. I am calling BPS to enlighten them. I am paying the plastic off and closing the account! Bank of Amigo has done duh-huh things in the past, but this one takes the cake or tortilla! Adios.Beam me up…no signs of intelligent life!

  • Martin

    Take a look at your Bass Pro cards. Mine says Bank of America.

  • Edward

    Glad I closed my B of A account years ago!!!

  • Hank

    I have my entire portfolio with Merrill Lynch AKA Bank of America. I have just started the wheels rolling to get the hell out! I am an avid hunter and shooter and if they don't like gun manufacturers, they don't like me either.They can kiss my grits!
    Hey Martin, Cabella's has a credit card with points or maybe you can talk them into changing to a different bank.

  • Brian

    The wife spoke with Bass Pro and they are standing with BofA. We will cancel the Bass Pro credit card and dumping BAC stock.

  • guest

    It is their right, whether you agree with it or not to not do business with a company that goes against their ethics, and if they believe its ethically wrong to have firearms its their right not to do business with them.

    • Jonathon Dough

      The flip side of the coin is just as true. Their ethics, beliefs, values, etc. conflict with mine and shooters/gun owners in general. Therefore, it is our right not to do business with them.

    • hicusdicus

      I don't believe that a public co can discriminate or refuse to do business for personal reasons.

    • Ed Ken

      History has shown us that Church and Government ruled the world killing and stealing was how they controlled the world. Today it's Banks and Government that control the world and killing and stealing is the same M.O. We are now being controlled by Bankers like Bank of America who have received over $45 Billion in Bail outs — FREE MONEY and then more Government guarantees for an additional $55 Trillion if they (BofA) need more money. We the people will never survive the raping of this country by these Banksters and criminals in the White House.

    • ann berger

      And it is my right to open an account with another bank

  • ron

    isn't it funny that companys cant disriminate against poeple who choose to be gay but if you choose to practice your right to own a gun they can

  • Richard Rider

    Naturally gun owners are incensed, as am I. But I've had a longstanding dislike for B of A. It's an AWFUL bank — always has been. We had quite a row years ago — they "done me wrong."

    Bad idea, B of A. As a result, I very publicly kicked Bank of America's butt from San Diego to San Francisco. I gave them hundreds of thousands of dollars of bad publicity.

    Payback's a bitch, as B of A found out. It's a fun tale, if you don't care for B of A

    • AmberRose Catchelor

      Very interesting and amewsing article. Good for you Mr Rider!

    • Jeff L

      I love guys like this….

    • Loraine Harrison

      Loved the article. Thanks for giving us the strategy for retribution to companies that “get too big for their britches” and their business is all about numbers and profit!

  • gun manufacturers

    I always try to find royal and old guns. This is also good achievement for me. Well, Ia m here to find some gun manufacturers. Please share a list of world's best gun manufacturers.

  • Bryan

    Thank God I don't have Bank of America for anything, but I do have friends that do, and love their 2nd amendment rights, and I'll be sure to pass on this information.

  • Steve

    I dropped BofA several years ago when they removed the American flags that had been placed along the street in front of their bank for a 4th of July parade. There is nothing new here, just more and more people are finding out about their policies. Sorry to hear about Bass Pro though, I used to like that store. Plenty of other places to spend what little money Obama lets me keep.

    • Ken

      Obama is not the topic and further does not make policy for Bank of America. Businesses have the freedom to make policy choices whether we agree or not, likewise all of us can choose who we do business with. BOA has been on my do not do business list for many years. Another reason to stay away.

  • Randy

    At my business we now have a new policy as of today, we will no longer take B of A cards and my wife is cancelling hers

    • David M Foss

      GOOD FOR YOU!!

  • Bill Gattes

    We are going to cancel our B of A bank cards !! I am also going to call Alaska Airlines about using B of A their points card

  • Andy

    I have a Bank Of America Bass Pro card that I am cancelling ASAP. I also have a Cabela's card which is pretty good; 9.9% if you buy anything in the store and 13.23% for purchases outside of the Cabela's. I prefer Cabela's on anything relating to gun accessories, ammo, or firearms because they beat Bass Pro Shop in price every time. They also sell pre-owned and exmilitary rifles and handguns; Bass Pro Shop does not. I guess you got to really look at there name and what they are interested in selling; fishing equipment! I called Cabela's Visa to clarify what bank issues there Visa and was told it was World Formost Bank not BOA. When I told the Visa customer service rep. that if it was BOA I was cancelling it on the spot and paying off the balance, he reiterated that they have no affilation with BOA and said others are calling and had expressed my same concerns. I guess Bass Pro Shop will be closing their gun department soon, too bad because it will affect their bottom profit line and some possible employee layoffs.

  • Joe

    Not true -I'm a veteran who was hired by the bank because "I served my country honorably". In fact, the guys in my office took me to the courthouse to get my CCW permit, and the bank puts on a big bird hunt each year. Also, they have some huge, and I mean HUGE names in the industry although I can't disclose them.

  • Jennifer Cunningham

    I'm happy to see where Bank of America stands. Between the fees and now allowing politics to rule. You will not see my money going into Bank of America.

  • david lundy

    tell them to get screwed they are evil and racist jus cause we enjoy our 2nd ammendment dont make us criminals

  • Douglas Barry

    Another back door move by the Obama administration.It's not just McMillan thats under attack,it's all of us.NRA,over four million strong,stand together,send B.O.A.a message of our own.

  • stefan

    I e-mailed bofa and they wrote back saying that they do not have that policy as a rule, and that they have communicated with the people responsible for that decision and it has been rescinded. True? I do not know. But they did respond and attempt to explain.

    • R. Butler

      NOT true, according to Kelly McMillan! B of A is to the 2nd Amendment, like Obama is to the Constitution!

  • Pete

    Bank with USAA, they LOVE GUNS!!!!

    • Gordon

      Way to go Pete

  • M.S.

    Bank of America is the worst company to do business with on any level, be it personal or business.

  • Ron

    In the link to the NRA, provided in this article, the NRA states that BofA has no policy that is discriminatory against the gun business. If this is the case then I would expect to find that BofA has fired Mr. Ray Fox, the person who stated that it was the banks' policy to deny business to the gun industry.

    When I hear of Mr. Fox being fired then I will resume doing business with BofA.

  • Jason

    My Bass Pro Shops credit card is from BoA. Funny because I opened that account to buy a new shotgun. They don't have any issue taking the interest payments on that transaction, and I'm sure many of the other purchases at Bass Pro Shops which are firearms related. BoA is a bunch of hypocrites.

  • John

    FIRST THOUGHT – I'M SHOCKED! SECOND THOUGHT, NO RUSH TO JUDGMENT. HOW ABOUT GIVING BA A CHANCE TO RESPOND. I've been a BA customer for 37 years (and that's the extent of my relationship with them) . MY NRA Life Membership is now in its 54th year and I have been a Benefactor Member for some years. If BA has such an anti-firearms policy as described, likely BA shareholders would also be shocked and a majority quite unhappy since such could quite negatively affect BA's bottom line. Following an anti-firearms line of thought, it would seem a logical extension that many DOD contractors as well as federal state and local agencies should perhaps also lose BA banking privileges as consumers of such products. And what about our service men who bear, or have borne, arms (such as us military retired folk). .Somehow such a corporate policy move. simply makes no sense. If true I will certainly terminate my banking associations with BA. But I want to wait for more facts to develop. BA may not be ethically able to comment on a particular customer, past or present. But they can surely make a policy statement which would affirm or deny the allegation presented here. I would also hope that the NRA will weigh in on the matter quickly and expect to see something in the American Rifleman within the next month or two. I simply can't rush to judgment without giving BA an opportunity to respond.
    My take.

  • John

    >>> Update prefacing below comments. After just making the below post, It took me about five minutes to find this statement from Bank of America: I would say a rather plain and direct denial of the allegation. I am not suggesting where the truth in this matter is, but there are TWO sides to most stories.
    "Bank of America
    April 22
    We want to let you know that we hear your comments and questions regarding one of our customers. While we cannot discuss the details of any individual client we work with, we can assure you the allegations being made here are completely false. Bank of America does not have a policy that prohibits us from banking clients in this industry. In fact, we have numerous, longstanding customers in the industry.

    We are also extremely proud of our support of the US military and reject any assertion to the contrary. We count as clients many companies that provide for our nation's defense. We employ thousands of veterans, Guardsmen, and Reservists, and plan to increase our hiring this year."

    Website for the above quotation:


    Below are my original comments prior to finding the BA response.

    I've been a BA customer for 37 years (and that's the extent of my relationship with them) . MY NRA Life Membership is now in its 54th year and I have been a Benefactor Member for some years. If BA has such an anti-firearms policy as described, likely BA shareholders would also be shocked and a majority quite unhappy since such could quite negatively affect BA's bottom line. Following an anti-firearms line of thought, it would seem a logical extension that many DOD contractors as well as federal state and local agencies should perhaps also lose BA banking privileges as consumers of such products. And what about our service men who bear, or have borne, arms (such as us military retired folk). .Somehow such a corporate policy move. simply makes no sense. If true I will certainly terminate my banking associations with BA. But I want to wait for more facts to develop. BA may not be ethically able to comment on a particular customer, past or present. But they can surely make a policy statement which would affirm or deny the allegation presented here. I would also hope that the NRA will weigh in on the matter quickly and expect to see something in the American Rifleman within the next month or two. I simply can't rush to judgment without giving BA an opportunity to respond.

    • D kropelnicki

      You must be a California moron! You are one of the reasons that the country is tanking big time! Get a life lefty!

  • Chris

    I haven't dealt with BofA for years, this is just one more reason to avoid this rip off excuse for a bank- try the Credit Unions, better service and cheaper loans and they don't sem to hate guns!

  • D Kropelnicki

    B of A has been scum since the founder passed away! I would never deal with these turds, no matter what>

  • Jim

    I need to find the closest BOA and transfer all my accounts to them. A corporation with balls to take on the gun nuts.

    • Joe

      Certainly you should. You may enjoy the Predator Practices and failure to honor the contracts of their aquisitions.

  • Tom

    The B of A ( and "A" stands for a certain piece of anatomy that they don't know from a hole in the ground) is sadly sucking up to the current administration. Not only am I never going do business with B of A, but I'm going buy some thing from/by McMillan just to show my support. Then I'm going send an extra $100 to the NRA-ILA.

  • Nathan Danus

    I'm in the Merchant Services industry and see this discrimination to shooting sports professionals and FFLs on a daily basis by banks and 99% of our competitors.
    Payment Alliance International (PAI) is the endorsed merchant services provider for both the NRA and the NSSF. We specialize in the shooting sports vertical and are here to help. If you would like more information about a "gun friendly" payments company please visit:

    Nathan Danus
    Vice President – National Accounts
    Payment Alliance International

  • Jeff M

    This is the Elephant, not the straw, that broke this camels back. B of A has been one of the root causes of the mortgage mess, causing untold grief to millions … and now this! History may quite rightly point to this latest travesty of business 'sense' as the ultimate downfall of a once proud and citizen friendly company. Shame on them.

  • Madison

    Good for Guns and Ammo!!! I have e-mailed all my friends and relatives to boycott B of A. I have not done business with them in years. Jesse James used a gun years ago, but B of A does it with their fees and service charges. Would really like to see B of A go down the tubes.

  • Mike

    I agree with you Madison. B of A are definitely robbers!

  • Joyce Randall

    We closed our BOA account last year due to our disgust with them as a bank in general. If we hadn't dropped them last year we'd be doing it now due to this issue.

  • HistoryVet101

    In that I believe in free enterprise, I would normally support a bank’s right to make its own, lawful, business choices. But Bank of America (BofA) is now surviving on all of our tax dollars– and has apparently joined the liberal’s attack against the lawful firearms industry. BofA has singled out at least one firearms business to discriminate against, and more are probably going to follow. Your business, or one of your suppliers, or one of your advertisers, may be next.
    If you are a merchant in the firearms industry, a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, a veteran of the U.S. military, and/or a taxpayer, I ask you to join me in sending a clear message to the BofA. Tear up your BofA credit cards, close your BofA bank account, and refuse to honor BofA credit cards offered for the purchase of your goods. If you are a BofA shareholder, join me in at the next election in voting out the current board, and voting against any compensation plan for their executives. If Merrill Lynch (now owned by BofA) is your broker, let your account representative know that you are considering going elsewhere. And one more thing, I ask you to vote in the upcoming election.

    • bill

      Just closed all my accounts…

  • fredscurlygal

    I can't believe this crap! Our B of A credit card will be closed tomorrow and my family will never do anymore business w/B of A!!!!!

  • Ron G.

    It's mighty odd that McMillan is the ONLY B of A customer to have experienced this situation. If BofA had/has such a policy wouldn't there be news of many more of these incidents? The NRA investigated this and are taking the word of the bank's spokesman that they have no such policy. So what's going on????!!!!!

  • heavenly3

    Nice to know there are people out there with principles! And that there are some things more important than money!!!

    • Kingofthehill

      Hey jerk, McMillan Tactical now is into the merchant solutions industry and is their own bank supporting the firearm community. Suck it! HA!

  • heavenly3

    I'm switching to BOA!!!

  • klaus

    I have My 45 in front of me. They collect My money for another company, but I will not use their bank. NICK

  • David

    BofA see you later

  • Barb

    So did a lot of other businesses you probably deal with, such as Google. I have never cared for B of A, but to blame it on California is sort of silly.

  • Derick S

    I have all my finances with B of A.. I'm in the U.S. Army, have been for 14yrs now… Mortgage, financing, but after this crap, goodbye… Their customer service sucks, their rude to me and now this… I need new banking for my money, savings and for my family? Any good banks out there? Let me know!!
    SFC Derick S
    U.S. Army

  • Mike Holder

    You should have all closed your accounts after the Housing / Mortgage scam / Crisis…I did. We were ripped off, lied too and robbed by them and they were bailed out while people sank and drowned from their greed.

  • Liz

    Ok, I have AAA credit card that is BOA. So what banks don't have this anti-liberty attitude?

    • Loraine Harrison

      USAA, They are very military family friendly, are a Texas based bank in San Antonio. They have secured and unsecured credit cards and other banking services available. We also carry our insurance with them.

  • David M Foss

    Well I will never do any business with “Bank of America”! If I was doing business with them, I would close my account! I would also like to know the banks that feel the same!!!!

  • Nelson

    I also found out 2 years ago that they also help finance the killing of babies by supporting planned parenthood.I’ve stopped using their credit card since. And now their anti second amendment. That’s the AMERICAN spirit. Seems like the feds, b of a and planned parenthood are in bed together

  • JPfrmME

    Accordding to Fact Check and Snopes, the Bank of America says this never happened and that they are happy to do business with firearm manufacturers. Anybody got any real evidence from either BoA or McMillan?

  • frog

    Its best not to do business with one of the leading New World Order institutions anyway. They are pawns to the Federal Reserve who in turn are run by Globalist -nut -case sociopaths bent on taking every freedom we have and turning us all into slaves.

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