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Australian Swimmers’ Gun Photo Lands Duo in Hot Water with Olympic Committee

by Dylan Polk   |  June 12th, 2012 80

D'Arcy and MonkA pair of Australian swimmers are in it deep after posting a photo of themselves bearing arms at a California shooting range.

According to the Yahoo! Sports blog Fourth-Place Medal, Aussie swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk have been asked by the Australian Olympic Committee to leave the 2012 Olympics immediately after they finish their events, all because the two posted a photo on Facebook in which they are seen posing with a couple pump-action shotguns and a semi-auto pistol.

Furthermore, the AOC imposed a social media ban on the duo effective July 16, but the two have already gone into digital exile on their on volition.

Can you say “hypocrisy”?

Believe it or not, Australia, the Olympics hosts numerous shooting events, which will be hosted at this year’s summer games at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, a royal borough of London. Even more mind-boggling is the fact that the Australian swim team took a team-sanctioned trip to a gun range in 2007.

Despite this, committee members and journalists have condemned the two, apparently for making poor choices.

“They showed poor judgement in posting what we saw as inappropriate photos, in which they appear to be skylarking with guns while in the U.S. last week,” said Kevin Neil, CEO of Swimming Australia. “While what the boys did was not illegal, posting the photos on social networks encourages public debate, and that debate can be seen to have a negative impact on the image of the sport and their own image.”

Oh yes, encouraging public debate; we can’t have any of that, can we?

Yahoo! blogger Chris Chase took a similar approach:

This wasn’t a case about gun control or the rights of gun owners. It was about two swimmers making a bad decision. Alcohol and topless bars are legal, too. Should athletes post photos of themselves doing shots at a strip club?

Read that again for emphasis; this guy is actually comparing guns — equipment in a sanctioned Olympic sport — to booze and strip clubs. Seriously. Petersen’s Hunting editor Mike Schoby had some choice words in response to Chase’s choice of words — none of them were publishable.

In all honesty, we do take issue with the fact that D’Arcy and Monk are exhibiting poor trigger discipline, as the photo doesn’t exactly scream “responsible gun owners.” But what’s equally, if not more, disturbing is the reaction and furor over a pair of athletes making it known that they participate in a perfectly acceptable sport — even in the eyes of the Olympics.

In 2008, I boycotted the Olympics because of the gross human rights violations by the Chinese government. If the athletic world truly thinks this lowly of the shooting sports, maybe I won’t feign interest in track and field again this year.

  • Joe S.

    Let's start removing the pointing finger and thumb of people, so they can't make a fake gun with it.
    Sounds reasonable…. (after your lobotomy, it will)

  • JDS

    This is so freaking stupid – what is wrong with the Australian government? I thought they all came from gun toting gringos.

    • A.P.

      No, I believe that would be "dingos". (don't think many of those were gun toting….)

      • MaxTex

        You took the words out of my mouth…

    • S. Morris

      who cares ? I live in the USA… tough for them I say.there is nothing wrong with their government… it's theirs, let it be. we worry about us…. to hell with all the rest, that's what i say

  • Antonio

    So would I be chastised if I took a picture with a kangaroo? Crimey! These are just kids having fun while in the US.

  • Dan Oblak

    I think context might be more important than the props involved. For me, this picture is 'trouble' for these guys not because they're holding guns — but because of the way they're hamming like 'gangsters' (likely as best they can muster). Back to the stripper analogy — while it may not be horrible to get your picture taken with a scantily-clad tart — posting a picture of you stuffing a $20 in her g-string is likely not what any Olypmic team wants plastered in every magazine and web site in the months going into the games. Note that this many years later, almost everyone thinks 'bong' when Michael Phelps' name is mentioned — instead of the number of medals he walked away with.

    • Jimbo Citizen

      ur as bad as the Aussies. I don't see a damn thing in that picture that represents the all pure, drugless, steroidless, politicless, scandaless Olympics…the Olympics was first based on competition between WARRIORS…now it's a bunch of politically correct hussies.

      • Alan_T

        Couldn't have said better myself Jimbo !

      • frankie c

        i agree completely we are becoming a world of pu—–ys

      • Jama

        I think you mean "politically correct sissies.

    • mikey D

      When I think of Michael Phelps' I think of CHAMPION!!!

      • Shane Evans

        Bong Champion.

    • Alan_T

      " Hamming like ' gangsters ' " ? ? ? Where ? Certainly not in this photograph ! Sounds to me like you are repressed and have " issues " , getting yourself all worked up over non – existent " gangsters " and " tarts " Dan .

      • Dan Oblak

        You're telling us that you believe holding those two pistols in that manner constitutes no 'hamming'? OK. I may have a skewed perception because that's not normal where I live. I submit to the validity of your assessment which is clinched by that neat-o accusation that I'm mentally defective for my expressed opinion.

        • Alan_T

          Dan , in the first place , there is ONLY one pistol in the photograph . In the second place you didn't say " hamming " , you said " HAMMING LIKE GANGSTERS " which they are not . In the third place , yes , you DO have a skewed perspective no matter WHERE you live because you are seeing things in a photograph that just aren't there , which IS abnormal . Fourth , as to your state of being " mentally defective " ( your words , not mine ) , rather than any assessment I may have made , I think what really clinches it , is your reply here . Lastly a bit of advice , if you are going to reply , stick with the truth , and not throw out a bunch of " red herrings " by trying to change what you said previously , when it is so easy to verify just by scrolling back up and looking .

          • Dan Oblak

            I apologize… I thought I saw something in the guy's right hand. But I wasn't there, so I'll admit I don't have a better

            vantage point than the original poster.
            "In the photo, Monk is toting two pump-action shotguns and standing beside D’Arcy, who has a pistol in each hand."
            "In the photos which appeared on Facebook and Twitter, D'Arcy is smirking as he holds up a pair of automatic pistols, while Monk

            smiles broadly with two pump-action shotguns across his chest."
            "D'Arcy was snapped holding two automatic pistols while Monk bore two pump-action shotguns."

          • old vet

            Go get 'em Alan

          • Alan_T

            Maybe I should take up drinking , dealing with these trolls takes it's toll !
            Didn't know I was a poet , did you vet ?

    • Woob

      Oh, yeah. These "Gold Medal" swimmers will be remembered for their gun totin' antics. Sure. Right. DUH?! Pass the bong, please.

  • Copperhead

    RE: AOC OLympic Committee: 'Stupid is as Stupid does!!!!" It seems that not all the Stupido's live in the U.S.

  • David

    Sadly, the picture was taken in California. Anywhere else, they could have been holding a couple of AK's or AR's. I would love to see the reaction of the Aussie Olympic Committee on that photo…..

    • Woob

      Now that would have been cool !!

    • John

      Ringht on!

  • Neto

    In Australia is like here in Brazil, stupid asshole government!
    Remenber, a citzens with no guns are not citzens, are lambs!

    • Frank907

      Yup, and we all know what happens to lambs. Led to the slaughter and presto, lam chops, leg of lamb, rib roast, lamb burger.

    • Alan_T

      Yeah …… uh …….what Neto says .

  • James Jones

    As we say here in Ireland,its a load of ballox.

    • Alan_T

      We have a similar expression in the States and both apply James ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Tanstaafl2

    Jeez – given the uproar, they'd have had a good case asking for asylum. Bet they'd be interested if someone mailed them application packets to start the immigration process.

  • Steven

    I can't help but wonder how close we in the US were to similar reactions thanks to the Clintons and the Brady bunch. As for trigger discipline, if there's no one allowed to teach you you just don't know. Join the NRA today!

    • Alan_T

      Good for you Steven !
      Call 1 – 888 – JOIN NRA ( 1 – 888 – 564 – 6672 )

  • Chuck

    To Chris Chase- whoever the heck that is- who's business is it if they take a pic with a gun? Just because you're an athlete doesn;t mean you can;t have a life. I suppose you're implying that they shouldn't because the kids might see it? Ever heard of the Eddie Eagle Program? Kids should be exposed to guns & safely and at a young age. In fact, they SHOULD be exposed to the U.S. Constitution, but liberals seem to have stopped that as well.

    • Alan_T

      AMEN Chuck !

  • tdarnett

    If these pu**y AOC members stroke out because a couple of their own are having a little fun getting to actually touch a real gun!! Hopefully the old geezers down under will actually kick the bucket and maybe Australia will once again be free from stupid politicians running their lives like we have here, but not as bad YET anyway. This is going to be our future soon if something isn't done to change it. Whats it going to take? "Cival War, the Second Time" Sometimes I think this is what the government is afraid of. They want people to run like good little robots and nothing else. But in realitiy it may take a second time to get things right, the things our forefathers died for are almost dead too. The people of this country is supposed to govern it, its time for that to happen. We have the instructions, The Constituion!!

  • Ben in Australia

    I'm a gun loving Australian. There's plenty of us, but we tend to keep a low profile to avoid the attention of our media. As they say "the pen is mightier than the sword", and what better example than the hyperbole written about Nick D'Arcy? The part of the story you probably haven't heard is that a few years ago while drunk and in a bar D'Arcy was convicted of the violent assault of another member of the team that required reconstructive surgery of the victim's face. D'Arcy was convicted but escaped jail time and was subsequently sued by the victim, although he declared himself bankrupt to avoid paying damages. He may then have gone on to study to be a surgeon like his father, I'm not sure, but all the other details are correct. He hasn't exactly paid for his crime, but I'm sure he's really sorry. For himself.
    The media in Australia declared the photo insensitive since Martin Bryant had a pump action shotgun when he killed over 30 people at Port Arthur in Tasmania. And I thought Bryant did most of the killing with an AR15? At least Bryant is going to die of old age in prison if the other prisoners don't get hold of him first. I'll never forget the story of a mother begging for her two young daughters' lives before he executed all three during part of his rampage. The widowed father subsequently started a charity to protect children from violence, may that give him some peace.
    Don't get me wrong, the fuss the media have made in Australia about this photo is all out of proportion, but I sure hope the laws here would prevent this guy from ever getting a firearms license. He can't hold his liquor and beats a team mate's face to pulp over a trivial perceived offence? How did he get a visa to visit the US for God's sake? And there's children too young for school mistakenly on the no fly list? Old women in wheelchairs searched invasively? Something is wrong with US homeland security alright.
    I'll be watching as much of the swimming at the Olympics as I ever have. None at all.
    Ben in Australia

  • Tony98k

    Australia has a Rabidly Anti Gun Media, Any Gun Related Stories get the Hell Beaten out of them.
    Greens, Gays, and Feminest Anti Gun Lobbies all get the Ear of TV and Papers,Shooters and Collecters
    are Looked on as Unclean,and Wiedos. If the Boys had been Fondling a Blonde while Sucking on a Beer
    It would not have made the News.

    • Alan_T

      That's the same way with the major broadcast news networks in the States . They are all controlled by Liberal elitists , with the exception of FOX ( which to be fair , kind of goes to the other extreme , but considering that FOX is one against a multitude , I give them a pass ) . The " Media " , like politicians , can't be trusted . In my own area , every single television station ( with the exception of PBS ) , is owned by the same corporation , EVERY SINGLE ONE ! Now then , what do you think are the chances of getting anything other than what THEY want you see , are ? …… Hummmmm , I wonder …..

  • Simon

    I am a keen shooter living in Australia.

    This is an example of the politically correct stupidity that has infected a considerable number of public service managers, media and politicians in Australia.

    Fortunately the US only has one state that is terminally infected with the contamination. But you have a number of others that suffer from it.

    My advice is to resist it as it spreads and it operates as a form of censorship somewhat like that under McCarthyist America, where the majority become frightened to speak out.

    Believe me, the majority of Australians cannot believe the petty minded stupidity of the Olympic selectors.

    • Rob

      Unfortunately, we have SEVERAL states "terminally contaminated" with this nonsense. Pick ANY state on the West Coast and any on the East that are north of the Mason-Dixon Line. As far as "McCarthyism" goes, after the fall of the USSR with the opening of KGB records, Joseph McCarthy was proven 100% correct regarding Communists in the U. S. and State Department.

    • Alan_T

      Simon , most of the people I've known from current and former Commonwealth Nations have all seemed to be reasonable , intelligent people ( and I've met a lot of them over the years ) that I have liked and most of them have expressed views similar to yours about their governments . Unfortunately , because people like you are reasonable , you try to compromise . Compromise NEVER WORKS when you deal with Liberal extremists . They are like the old Arab proverb about the camel and the tent , pretty soon they are in the tent and you are on the outside !
      Best of luck Simon .

  • Alfred

    I guess all that freedom went to their heads.

  • Dave

    Monk, and in particular Darcy have been involved in incidents before – Darcy assaulted another swimmer before the 2008 games. It's pretty disgusting the way our media has been treating them over this 'incident' though. Articles have been written stating that the weapons they're holding are similar to those used in the Virgina Tech shootings and the Port Arthur massacre in Australia, which I don't believe is true. The media in Australia is becoming a joke.

  • Dale

    Mention Olympics and you get a bunch of twerp "officials" who think they live atop Mt. Olympus I seldom watch the contests because so many of those creeps have been bought!

    • Alan_T

      I haven't watched the Olympics for 20 years ….. because It's not about who is best at the sport …. it's about propaganda .

  • Shawn

    For a country that faced a Japanese invasion during WWII they have forgotten the people in that country that defended there home land and stripped their citizens of most of their firearms. Why is this relevant, from what I have been hearing China has basically told them to choose the US or China as their new best friend. The Aussies are a great people who built a country out of a harsh unsettled penal colony. It is really a shame to see where they have gone under a liberal goverment. With athletes being viewed as role models, I would much rather have a photo of one with a firearm than a stripper and a shot of tequila. So what will they do if these two guys when some metals I imagine they will conveniently for get about the photos. If it wasn't for all the hard work and years of training these two young men had been through they should just leave now as a matter of principle.

    • Alan_T

      AMEN !

  • Shawn

    Sorry win not when, and forget not for get typing to fast and to late at night.

    • Alan_T

      Been there , done that .
      ( yes I know it's a worn out phrase but it applies ) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Alan_T

    Unfortunately you can't reason with the unreasonable . Hopalophobes ( those afflicted with an unreasoning fear of weapons ) are so frightened by life that they can't even stand a photograph !
    If you try to negotiate with the Liberals they will take and give NOTHING in return .
    Take this as a lesson from our Australian friends , fellow citizens of the U. S . , when it comes to our Second Amendment ……. DON'T GIVE AN INCH !

  • Bob

    I think all of us should write to Swim Australia and let them know what we think of their reaction to the photos. Also tell them that in the US these boys would have been taught firearms handling. A second thought since the Aussies have banned just about every type of firearm we should ask them about their crime rate and how their subjects defend theme selves against the criminals. Of course the only ones their that are armed are the bad guys!

    • Georgia

      No actually the only ones armed are the police.

  • gary lanier

    personally i would have been pleased to see the young men posing with guns, a beer and a "tart" . at least they would be having harmless fun,which is what young men do. at least they do in my part of the world. it's all about control, gentlemen. politicians of every stripe including the olympic commitees of practically every country wish to excercise control over everything and everyone they can the media has nothing to do with real journalisam , they just parrot what the government officials say. it seems too late to settle their hash by peaceful means. maybe it is time for a second revolution .

    • Alan_T

      I don't know about the second revolution , but I whole – heartedly agree with everything else you say Gary !

    • Mack Missiletoe

      If Gov tries to take our guns, there WILL be a second revolution. The police in Louisiana (Hurricane Katrina) who did so will ALWAYS be remembered for their wrongdoing. I am surprised there was not a 'revolution' in Louisiana!

      I am not against the government, but to take away our 'equalizers' aka guns in a situation such as that… it is pure evil. I heard they even destroyed some people's guns, and that many people are still unable to get their guns back due to a lack of receipts & logs. Basically a lack of cooperation from bad Police

      Pure blind evil. It's one thing to take away the guns of a mentally ill person or a bad guy, but to disarm the good guys makes THEM the bad guys!

      I am not saying to attack these people, but I will NEVER live in such a place, and if I did I would simply leave. That is un-American. Many people's guns have sentimental value such as them being passed down from fathers. A large percent of Americans own guns–and for good reason. It's how we got here and how we will continue our existence.

      The police should be sued for every gun they stole. I am not against police–I support them, but NOT when they do wrong such as this.

      I like ALL my guns and worked hard for them. I would never disarm a good Police officer… and they have no right to disarm me.

      To take good guy's guns away is a fearful, scared, weak move. It is no way to run a country.

  • old vet

    The ONLY thing the Olympics should be about is the sports and competition. It was never started out as a soap box for a country's political BS. This just makes Australia look small and petty, which after having been there I know they are not.

    • Alan_T

      Right again vet , grandkids 1 through 6 have a grandfather to be proud of !

  • Ben in Australia

    I'd rather not have a guy who beat a team mate so badly that he needed metal plates inserted into his face and then prosthetic teeth fitted to his healed bones to represent my country as a sportsman held up to the so called highest Olympic ideals.

    It's nothing to do with the photo of him with a couple of pistols. Nothing at all. This is the point so many seemingly can not grasp.

    D'Arcy(hole) was drunk and he beat a mate to a pulp for no good reason. It was not the act of an immature youngster, it was the act of a spoiled, vain thug. Not what my country represents. Australians may have a reputation as hard drinkers but they are not all vicious bar room fighters. How many men have died from being king hit by drunk idiots in our country? I remember Kim Hughes, a sporting hero in my state, being killed when struck from behind. Did he deserve to die for his smart mouth?? There is no glory in it, only a deep, deep sense of shame for our society.

    I subscribed to be notified when posts were added to this Guns and Ammo thread and it's clear that no one outside Australia understood what I was trying to say and that few inside my country did. It's nothing to do with guns. It's about respect for decent folk. Curse the internet trolls and their vitriol. Damn them all.

    I'm going to unsubscribe from this thread. My increasing lack of faith in mankind has been reassured. Our blinded, petty self interests will be our undoing. Enough said.

    Ben in Australia

    • Dan Oblak

      Well said. I'm following your lead, out the door.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Don't feel too bad, I got fired for something so ridiculously stupid too! It didn't have anything to do with my job, and it was not something I never agreed to. Ironically boss said he'd back me up if crap happened a week earlier. He also said he'd talk to me about situation in person when he returned to job site so we may discuss the issue.

    None of that happened. Fired before I could make it to work to even talk to the boss. Everyone on my shift was like, "wth!?" I think someone from the issue may have lied to him.

    Obviously leaders make bad uneducated decisions too. Sometimes they are hypocrites. My boss has done worse than what I did, trust me. I got no warning, nothing. Everyone is so surprised and some are looking for new jobs it's so ridiculous.

    I don't feel one bit of remorse for the decision I made that 'got me fired.' I did nothing wrong. Now I am getting a new job. It's nice not to work for a boss like that.

  • John

    I think this is a more USA website not Australia!

  • john


  • AOKSteve

    How much uproar would there have been in Australia if members of their Olympic shooting team had held up a pair of swim fins? Their Olympic shooting team will make Australian history by having the first father daughter combination in the same games. Their shooting team also has a husband and wife pair in the London competition. Australia has earned shooting medals in the last 4 Olympics. Australia has a long heritage of producing some fine shooters. At one time civilian marksmanship was promoted as a means to discourage invasion of the country, and there were many privately owned guns by their citizens. Australia has had relatively low levels of violent crime even though firearms were readily available. Firearm restrictions in Australia came to being because of a mentally handicapped person going on a shooting massacre. Through pressure from the federal government and the "politically correct" circus that ensued all of the states passed restrictive gun control laws. Most studies show that these laws did very little to lower crime.

  • AOKSteve

    It is really sad that these athletes have to leave their own country for the opportunity to even hold these weapons. It is also distressing that a country's citizens are so brain washed that a photo of some of their best athletes are reviled and reprimanded for holding something in the US that is considered one of our greatest rights. This should remind all of us not to take our rights for granted. Do we want our next generation to be mislead like the Australians? Remember to vote in November for pro-gun candidates.

    • Me Myself and I

      You do realise you can still purchase and own some types of guns in Australia. I don’t know enough about guns to know which type, but you need to be registered, have a criminal and mental history check, and need to be a member of a gun club.

  • AOKSteve

    Somethings may be legal e.g. alcohol and topless bars, but neither are constitutionally protected rights that firearms are.

  • Tim

    They took the guns away from the Australians some time back I guess they can't be seen in public with them now. From what I understand crime has gone through the roof there, funny how that works!

    • Just Me

      Violent crime has increased slightly, while the homicide rate has decreased dramatically. The increase in violent crime is because people are being attacked with knives rather than guns and less of them are dying.

  • Steve down under

    There is a substantial portion of the Australian population here who think the treatment of these two swimmers has been ridiculous. And they have had their voices heard in the media over here.
    In fact, I might go so far as to say that most Aussies think that the Australian Olympic Committee and the media have overreacted to this in a big way.

    And this has nothing to do with politicians or the Australian government, just the out-of-touch old fogies who run the Olympic team.

    • John

      When all I can say is I hope you the best; and regain to any degree the right to keep and bear arms.

      • Aus Liz

        Just keep telling yourself that you feel safe with a handgun tucked under your pillow, with your doors locked tight, and I’ll sit over here chilling without my guns okay.

  • Aussie Andrew

    As an Australian Citizen, Living in the great state of Texas, I saw this and immediately was APPAULD at MY people for creating a stink about the picture. SERIOUSLY! It's LEGAL in that State, they were having fun, Australian Olympic Committee, GET OVER IT YOU BUNCH OF BEUROCRATS! I am proud to say I own numerous weapons…

  • Dan Oblak

    I went and FOUND those links because, although I can clearly see the second pistol, the author of this post missed it and you clearly disagreed with my perception — so I went hunting to see whether I had misread the photo. I am a gun-owning Conservative — sorry to let you down — and I felt the need to express an opinion that the Olympic committee (regardless of how little we respect them and their history) likely acted against the guys, not the guns. I understand that everyone has right and opportunity to disagree with me — but when you attack my sensibility just because we don't see eye to eye, well, I find that a bit silly. And yet, this many replies later, you still work to paint me as the bad guy. I'd never even heard of these guys before I read this article — but it was an easy thing to locate a blown-up (larger) version of the photograph with, and it wasn't my intention to shake my fist in the air and moan that the author had his facts about the number of pistols wrong… that was a passing remark that you decided to mock me for. I really don't understand why I am such an attractive target; I have no beef with you.

  • Alan_T

    Dan , you posted this at 2:39 AM Central Time . Why is that Dan ? I've got a couple of ideas why , but , I'd like to hear YOUR excuse . I've noticed a similar pattern from some other trolls , like " dad " . While we are on the subject of time DAN , you did an amazingly swift " search " since you posted your " finds " within 3 minutes of my rebuttal of your nonsense . I know that because thes posts have TIME STAMPS …. DAN .and I was still here on the page when I got the notice of your response , with your so – called " finds " , you must have the world's fastest search engine , DAN !

  • Alan_T

    Now , you're starting to sound like you have a persecution complex ( a common trait among trolls ) with you false , " poor me " humility ( another common trait among trolls ) and your denying of typing what you typed and trying to make me out to be some insulting bully ( yet another troll trait ) . Evidently you aren't very astute if you don't realize that what you said and when you said them can be ( again ) easily verified just by scrolling up . There was NO MOCKING , JUST THE TRUTH . Any mention of your sensibilities or lack there of was initially made by YOU , not me . Although most " normal people " when in your position of being caught in falsehoods would just cease , but apparently , you're not normal . Judging from the other contributors responses THEY don't think you're right or normal either . So why don't you pack up your falsehoods and mosey , preferably around what ever country you're writing your nonsense from and stay out of the U . S . ?

  • Dan Oblak

    I went to bed at 3:15AM last night because I was helping my wife with a project that she needed to deliver today during business hours (got only 2:45 to sleep). I live in Indiana. I do sit at a computer all day long. And, I do have Google. Wow… look at all the dirt you got on me. (Isn't my icon a link to my Facebook account that you could have discovered all by yourself whether I'm some offshore liberal troll?) If your goal is to simply make me very, very tired — it's working,

  • Alan_T

    OH ….. and by the way , here's a copy and paste from your last two entries of you contradicting yourself , enjoy them Dan !
    Dan : " I apologize… I thought I saw something in the guy's right hand. But I wasn't there, so I'll admit I don't have a better vantage point than the original poster. "
    Dan : " I went and FOUND those links because, although I can clearly see the second pistol, the author of this post missed "
    As they say Dan , now you see them – now you don't … literally ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Dan Oblak

    One of these lines was sarcasm (I'll let you guess…). How old are you?

  • Alan_T

    No it wasn't Dan ……but nice try !
    Ever notice how when someone like you gets backed into a corner they whip out the tired old " How old are you ? " ?

  • Alan_T

    Uh huh …… well , I really wasn't interested in you enough to link up to your FB page , but now since you sort of challanged me to , I'm really pleased that I did !
    " Professional Geek and WordPress Monkey "
    Photos of the old T . V . series Star Trek , which you also " like " .Dan's an official member of " Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Official) " Dan like's The Princess Bride , Wayne's World , The Fresh Prince of Bel Air , Mary Poppins , Captain America , Iron Man , Shrek , Animal ( from the Muppets ) hmmmmm and YOU are asking how old I am ? ? ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    But to fair , it does say you are in Indianapolis
    And you DO have a few conservative and pro firearm images , so I was wrong on a couple of details ( see ? I can admit when I'm wrong ) but only a couple and I still stand by the rest of my posts . And sonny , I don't make you any where near as tired as you make me with your prissy whining , distortions , half truths and lies .

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