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At the Range: Nosler Varmageddon Signature Series AR Varmint Rifle

by G&A Online Editors   |  September 10th, 2012 9

We recently hit the range with Nosler’s Mason Payer, who brought along the Nosler Varmageddon Signature Series AR varmint rifle. The product of a joint effort from Nosler, Noveske and Leupold, the Varmageddon rifle is chambered in 5.56/.223 and features an 18-inch stainless barrel with a 1:8 twist and a free-floated 13.5-inch NSR handguard, plus a Mil-Spec receiver extension, Geissle SD-E trigger, Noveske Short Throw Safety (STS) Selector, and a PRS stock and MOE grip from Magpul.

The rifle retails for $2,295, and is also available in a complete package with the Leupold VX3 Long Range 4.5-14x50mm Varmageddon Edition Scope with calibrated CDS turret, Harris 6- to 9-inch bipod, two boxes of Varmageddon ammo and more for $3,195.

After putting a few rounds through the Varmageddon and hitting steel at 550 yards, we decided to have a little fun and test the penetration power of the 64-grain Nosler Varmageddon ammo on a few water jugs. Check out the video straight from the range.

  • Walt A

    Only 3195.00 for the whole set, what is it made of gold and platinum? What is the point of such an expensive AR derivative.

    • Philip

      My thoughts, exactly. It appears that the more parts they can call by name, the higher its value.
      eg: "Vern…check this out. It has an SD-E Trigger, STS safety, PRS stock, MOE grip, steel firing pin. AND, if you get the $900 upgrade…. they'll include ammo!" ~sigh~

      • dick

        If you knew what the heck you were talking about, you’d understand.

    • BJC

      Walt, I have to agree with you their price is way too much. I have a Colt A3 elite with a Leupold long range tactical 8 to 25 power 50mm bell and ultimate varminter reticle scope. Magpul stock, Jewel trigger, Hogue grip, and Harris by-pod. I have just over $2000 in it. Longest confirmed Prairie dog kill-950 yards with an Opti-Logic range finder.

    • Dick

      If you have to ask, you don’t need a rifle like this.

  • sah

    A guy can build a better gun with quality parts under 1k. The optics are where you have to put some money in. They are crazy at that price buy a rock river predator or a dpms sass both of those run 15-1600 I would bet money they are just as accurate.

    • Bill

      Yes you can but then you will have more in a parts gun you put together than you can ever sell it for

    • John

      Go read up about Noveske barrels and then add up the cost of the parts. And then there’s the whole resale value issue (these will hold value longer). Bottom line, it’s a gun made of better parts by a custom shop, rather than another mil-spec AR assembler.

  • Guest

    Oh, look . . . yet another G&A review of a high priced AR-snore ….

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