We recently hit the range with Nosler’s Mason Payer, who brought along the Nosler Varmageddon Signature Series AR varmint rifle. The product of a joint effort from Nosler, Noveske and Leupold, the Varmageddon rifle is chambered in 5.56/.223 and features an 18-inch stainless barrel with a 1:8 twist and a free-floated 13.5-inch NSR handguard, plus a Mil-Spec receiver extension, Geissle SD-E trigger, Noveske Short Throw Safety (STS) Selector, and a PRS stock and MOE grip from Magpul.

The rifle retails for $2,295, and is also available in a complete package with the Leupold VX3 Long Range 4.5-14x50mm Varmageddon Edition Scope with calibrated CDS turret, Harris 6- to 9-inch bipod, two boxes of Varmageddon ammo and more for $3,195.

After putting a few rounds through the Varmageddon and hitting steel at 550 yards, we decided to have a little fun and test the penetration power of the 64-grain Nosler Varmageddon ammo on a few water jugs. Check out the video straight from the range.

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