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10 New Handguns for 2012 (UPDATED)

by Patrick Sweeney   |  December 28th, 2011 15

It’s 2012, and despite the impending end of the Mayan calendar, this year is shaping up to be a stellar year for new handguns. Every manufacturer out there is acutely aware that carry guns are the new norm, that we all want something light, powerful, easy-to-carry and not expensive. And that we are more than willing to move down the gun-shop counter until we find what we want. Gone are the days when manufacturers could issue a few new/not-so-new models, call it “done” and wait for us to pony up the cash for something “close enough.”

With the best manufacturers now making handguns on all-computerized systems (CAD/CAM to CNC to your local gun shop) the new normal is more handguns than you can shake a stick at. Here’s a brief look at eight handguns that will be the topic of conversation in 2012, some we’ve already heard about and others that were previously just blog fodder and forum rumors.


Be sure to check G&A magazine and G&A TV for tests and evaluations of these guns, and keep checking back throughout January for more new handguns from your favorite manufacturers.

  • dabrewer

    I like that the manufacturer listed on the side of the pistol the place of production as St. Louis, MO, USA, Earth. Just in case one of these little buggers gets off the planet, the aliens will be able to know where they can get another one! Too cool.

    • jsr5

      I hadnt even noticed that is pretty cool. Guess its not a big suprise with them making their main money in the aerospace industry, but cute when on a lil pistol :D

  • GaryE

    Folks, for awhile recently I keep reading articles understating the effectiveness of the 380 caliber. I have fired many guns and wore the Army, Navy, and Air Force uniforms of our country's military. I have come to the belief that we're getting to much academics involved in the reality of various firearms and calibers. I have found the 380 to be a very deadly caliber to use as self defense. Lets consider a statement someone made concerning the 22 caliber. The person shot may not show signs of difficulty or pain but will die suddenly. This is the real world. While it is a fact people shot with the big and small calibers still managed to walk away in reality they were just plain very lucky.

  • Jamie Spaulding

    The 9mm fails in a military setting for the same reason the .223 fails in a military setting. The "Full Metal Jacket", Stoke up with some Hornady Critical Defense or some Speer Gold Dots and put one in Muhamad's chest and see if he still feels like dancing!

  • Dumb Grunt

    He's refering to the 9mm FMJ ammo the troops are issued and must use. The 9mm ammo LAPD uses is a high performance JHP, not Full Metal Jacket.

  • Dan

    The Kahr CM platform in a .40 S&W!? I can't image second shot accuracy is very good during rapid fire! The CM9 seems to be the perfect balance of power and compactness. It already has enough kick for it's size. Check out our shooting impressions here:

  • John

    Per FNH, the 9mm FNS magazines are NOT interchangeable with the FNX magazines. The 40 S&W FNS and FNX are interchangeable.

  • Matthew Rich

    Gonna check these out, would like to see it in person

  • Alan Z…

    Look at your keyboard…there's a key for the period.

  • chris

    What are you looking at ? This is a colt

  • john

    @comments above. I also like DA/SA in an automatic. I also think the .380 is a good round and the .32 auto a John browning favorite needs to make a comeback!

  • Guest

    No it does not.. go play some more Halo

  • lance dunigan

    10mm. Nuff said

    • Gary S.

      Right on Lance,

      The 10 mm is the best auto round there is and mayby the best handgun round period. The velocity of a 357 mag, a nice big 40 cal slug, the weight of a 45 ACP slug and high capacity (in the Glock 15 + 1). If they would have named it 40 cal magnum (which it is) instead of 10 mm (which it of course is also) it would probably be a much more popular round.

  • fdfdsf


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