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Something of a “trip through time” for Guns & Ammo, chronicling Garry’s sometimes bizarre discoveries in the antique firearms world and his unique knowledge of firearms history and development.


The Ray Gun: An Introductory Gun of Yesteryear

by Garry James 7

I know in these PC days, it’s hard to imagine a time when most of the toys at the five… more »

Bulldog Revolver1

What are Your Favorite Firearm Nicknames?

by Garry James 153

Like so many things in the world that are admired, cherished or feared, firearms of various types have acquired nicknames… more »

Colt Revolving Pistol

What’s in a Name: Common Mistakes in Gun Terminology

by Garry James 107

I’m constantly getting questions about what various gun terms mean.  Even those individuals who have been in the sport for… more »

Model 1870 Gasser

A Gasser of a Revolver: The Austro-Hungarian Model 1870 Gasser

by Garry James 9

There’s no question about it. The Austro-Hungarian Model 1870 Gasser revolver is one serious hunk of metal. Tipping the scales… more »

Webley revolver

The World’s Best Service Sixguns: The Webley Revolvers

by Garry James 34

Most of us admit to having a guilty pleasure or two, and I will own up that I have more… more »

Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine

Troopers’ Twofer: The U.S. Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine

by Garry James 5

A number of people have asked me what kind of gun I’m holding at the top of my blog. The… more »

Shooting Obregon

The Best .45 Auto: The Obregon Auto Pistol

by Garry James 45

When one thinks of countries known for innovative firearms design, Mexico is not one that immediately comes to mind. But… more »

Repeating arms

8 Most Important Developments in Shooting History

by Garry James 22

Once again, the blogmeisters have given me the thankless task of coming up with a number (this time, eight) of… more »


What’s the Best Military Longarm Ever?

by Garry James 143

No matter how sophisticated things get, it’s always going to be the infantry in a war — the ground-pounders who… more »

1910 FN

The Deadliest Handgun in History?

by Garry James 43

With a total of 35 million casualties, there is little doubt that the First World War was one of the… more »

Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes: A Historically Good Shot?

by Garry James 14

While everyone is familiar with the many skills of the world’s first consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, what is not generally… more »

William Shakespeare

Was William Shakespeare Really a Gun Writer?

by Garry James 11

To today’s average theatergoer, it should come as no surprise that firearms and the entertainment business are virtually joined at… more »

Russia's Winchester

Russia’s Winchester Model 1895

by Garry James 20

On paper, at the beginning of World War I, the Russian Army was the most formidable land force in the… more »


What are the Best Gun Movies Ever?

by Garry James 111

When you think about it, guns and movies have always had a very close relationship, but what are the best… more »

RIC Revolver

Military Mystery: What was George Custer’s Last Gun?

by Garry James 44

For a good number of years there has been much speculation about what was Lt. Col George Armstrong Custer‘s last… more »


10 Most Influential Handguns of All Time

by Garry James 92

The other day the blogmeister here at, Ben O’Brien, dropped me an email, opining  it might be fun for… more »

1898 Gasser

What’s the Ugliest Handgun Ever Made?

by Garry James 86

In my earlier blog on the most beautiful handguns ever made, Jim Wargula (a faithful reader) suggested that I cover… more »


What’s the Most Beautiful Handgun Ever Made?

by Garry James 270

What’s the most beautiful handgun ever made? That’s an interesting question on many levels.  Of course looks are pretty personal,… more »

Ferret wearing a muzzle

Ferret Muzzle

by Garry James 10

While not a firearms item per se, as these pictures were found in a c. 1910 British Jefferey’s guns and… more »


Burglar Alarm Revolver

by Garry James 2

Back in the good old days when homeowners had more rights than burglars, you could purchase one of these 6-shot… more »

pistol-covered breastplate

Pistol-Packin’ Breastplate

by Garry James 18

One of the all-time goofy gun items, this multi-shot breastplate was discovered in Bordeaux, France, in 1917. It is of… more »

Breechloader to muzzleloader conversion

Retro Retro

by Garry James 2

Generally speaking, when an improvement is made in firearms, older guns are either (1.) updated or (2.) given a dignified… more »

Holland & Holland punt gun

Punt Guns

by Garry James 3

Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, commercial hunter employed large bore  muzzle and breech-loading shotguns to harvest large… more »

gonne shield

Gonne Shield

by Garry James 3

Over the centuries, two-fers have always been popular, in firearms as well as in other areas of endeavor. One of… more »


The First Gatling Gun

by Garry James 6

Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling patented his revolutionary repeater during the Civil War in late 1862. Like later models, the first… more »


Steam Punk Powder Scale

by Garry James 10

by Garry James So you thought electric powder scales were new? A look at this c. 1920 beauty will change… more »

volley gun

Nock Volley Gun

by Garry James 8

by Garry James Naval warfare back in the 18th and 19th century wasn’t only about  ships coming up close and… more »

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