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G&A Mystery Gun: Identify and Win!

by S.P. Fjestad   |  July 12th, 2012 34

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s wrong. This is not a retro-looking small power drill, older metal glue gun, or even a vintage sprayer attachment for a garden hose. Believe it or not, it is a gun, and if you can be the first person to identify it, you’ll win a signed hard cover of the 33rd edition Blue Book of Gun Values ($85 value).

OK senior licensed gunocologists, assorted gun nuts, tenured behind-the-gun-counter employees, Googlemeisters, firearms expert wannabes and aging camoed rocket scientists – you can raise your firearms ACT score considerably if you can identify this pistol.

I’m even going to give you a couple of clues to make this easier, so you can get on with your zombie sightings:

  • It is chambered for 9mm Parabellum
  • It has a cast aluminum body
  • It is currently valued about the same as a new Honda Accord



The first person to correctly identify this mystery gun and year(s) of production will receive a complimentary deluxe hardcover of the 33rd edition Blue Book of Gun Values ($85 value) signed and inscribed by the author/publisher. However, you better hurry – time’s up on July 25. Submit your answers in the comments section below.

  • SamF1911

    I think it's called The Deer Gun, single shot pistol made in 1964.

  • Roderick Kutch

    The Deer gun is an updated version of the Liberator, manufactured by the CIA for use by resistance groups in Vietnam.

    • Ben_OBrien


      You're the winner of our contest! Please email your shipping address, name and any other details to


      Ben O

  • BryanPatten

    Deer Gun, 1964

  • rivrbouy

    deer gun 64

  • Shambo

    Deer gun, 1964. 1,000 guns were produced by American Machine & Foundry Co. to be dropped into South Vietnam.

  • itsme

    Its a C.I.A. Deer Gun, designed by Russell J. Moure. They were made from 1962-1963.

  • itsme

    C.I.A. Deer Gun, made from 1962-1963.

  • Dave Hicks

    well this competition is over
    that is a deer gun as stated above
    almost hoped it was a liberator but for not

  • sam

    all you had to do was drop the image into google images and it would of gave you everything that the past 8 replies posted. everyone should be disqualified for cheating.

    • Michéal Franklin

      Wow! I did not know you could do that!!!
      Just tried it….. super cool!!!

    • Dave Hicks

      why do believe anybody cheated? some of just like old guns.
      As I stated I hoped for a liberator, but it lacked the metal strap across the front, almost like a hand guard on a sword. But the caliber was wrong as well. but hey, nobody is allowed to be a fan of rare, odd guns I suppose.

  • Iblis

    Deer Gun. Same principle as the Liberator but used in Vietnam.

  • Joel

    Actually, this is the new U.N.-approved firearm for civilian ownership.

  • remo34

    I know what this is – It is a Cavin Super Nine, designed and built by Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson. It was designed for a 6 year old boy (with a stuffed tiger), and actually only shot spit-wads – although at high velocity. It's design closely copied the ray gun used by famous astronaut Spaceman Spiff. This is the only copy ever made and its value is Astronomical!

  • JZ1

    Cia Deer Gun – 1000 copies made in 1964. Proved not to be as effective as they thought and no more were made. Most ended up being destroyed. Some were tested in Vietnam and some are still known to be in existence.

  • Jess Gypin

    The Deer Gun (sometimes spelled Dear Gun) is a very interesting replacement for the Liberator Pistol. Research indicates it was developed for the CIA in the early 1960s. The Liberator Pistol book contains pictures of the pistol as well as a single-page instruction sheet (similar to the one packed with the Liberator pistol) and a 16-page instruction book written in Vietnamese.

  • corn_field_sniper

    deer gun, 1964, designed by the CIA manufactured by American Machine & Foundry Co. used by the Americans and south Vietnamese in the Vietnam war there where 1000 made they costed $3.95, muzzle velocity was 1050 FPS, they had plastic sights

  • Hailey LeAnn

    CIA Deer Gun. It was designed by Russell J. Moure and was manufactured in the 1960's. I believe its years of production were 1962-63. Only 1,000 of them were produced and of those, only 20-25 are believed to still be in circulation today.

  • Karl

    9mm Enematic.

  • Greg Garcia

    The Deer Gun

    • Greg Garcia

      Produced – 1964

  • Zermoid

    It really does look like a hot glue gun though…….

  • Conrad

    Actually spelled "dear," not "deer." It's a CIA Dear gun, made for the CIA to issue to Vietnamese agents in Vietnam.

  • Buddy George Worley

    Buddy George G Worley The Liberator That Never Was, ManufacturerAmerican Machine & Foundry Co,.Place of origin United States. Type Single-shot pistol, Number built 1,000.,9mm Enematic, Model Liberator, Deer gun, Produced1964, Designer CIA.

    • Buddy George Worley

      Adding Produced 1962 to 1964 meant to put in in My info The Gun was also know as a Sanitized insurgent weapon

  • Kirk Augustin

    The answer is already common, but here are some much more rare firearms of stealth:

  • Michael Pratt

    I believe the gun is an Deer gun (the barrel goes indide the ear and the flange makes shure it has its depth and blocks unwanted spray. then pop right thru the brain. minimal parts and cleanup.probably used for cows and livestock till it made its way arround then they found a different use for it. one does need an excuse to arm people in an unstable nation." CIA " does some messy stuff

  • David Jordan

    Vietnam era Deer gun.

  • death

    deer gun vietnam

  • elepe3000
  • Buddy

    Where do You Find out who WON Please send or give the Address

  • joe

    cia deer gun only 25 left in the world I want the book

  • joe

    it was supposed to be used kind of like the WWll liberatoer were you would point and shoot the enemy take his gun and flee but because the viatnam war was not like France was in 1941-1943,44 most were simply thrown away

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