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What are Your Favorite Firearm Nicknames?

by Garry James   |  March 19th, 2012 154

Like so many things in the world that are admired, cherished or feared, firearms of various types have acquired nicknames over the years. Some  are specific to particular styles of guns based on who designed or made them or how they look, sound or were employed—a good example being the Thompson submachine gun. It’s been called everything from a “Tommy Gun” (after the inventor John T. Thompson,) the “Chicago Typewriter /Chicago Piano” (because of its popularity with Gangsters in the 1920s and 30s) and “Trench Broom” or “Trench Sweeper,” a more martial name it shares with the Winchester Model 1897 Trench shotgun.

Others are a bit more generic. Sometimes their derivation is obvious  like “Gat”  shortened from  the name “Gatling.”  Another handgun term from around the same time as “Gat” (probably the 1910s) is “Roscoe.” Some opine it was coined by writer Damon Runyon as a prop to be used by some of the gamblers and underworld types who populated his stories. Others feel it has a rather naughtier derivation—but as Sigmund Freud supposedly said, “sometimes a cigar’s merely a cigar.”

The earliest nicknames I’ve been able to uncover date back to the 18th century. Small, large-caliber pistols were called “Snappers, “Barkers” or “Bulldogs,” the latter term coming down to this day, and along the way achieving  trademark status.

AKAs such as “Heater, ”  Shooting iron,” “Smoke Pole” and Persuader” are pretty easy to figure out, as are “Saturday Night Special,” “Suicide Special” and “Flyapart ,”  the latter a trio of terms to describe cheaply-made,  inexpensive handguns intended for limited, somewhat specialized usage.

“Long Tom”, which has generally come to mean an extended-barreled, large-gauge shotgun (it too was ultimately adopted as an official model designation) goes back to at least the 1820s and originally described a large naval cannon. The appellation has since then also been applied to other artillery pieces.

For some time, it was not uncommon for a hunter to call his trusty rifle “Old Betsy” hearkening back to the name given by David Crockett to a flintlock rifle presented to him by some Tennessee  constituents  that was built  by Pennsylvania maker James Graham.  He did not have this rifle with him at the Alamo, but  passed it on to his son, John Wesley, when he left for Texas. Interestingly enough an “International”  cannon made from bits and pieces of parts donated by various  military forces during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion of 1900 was christened “Betsy,” supposedly a nickname for the Dowager Empress—though I’ve often wondered if some U.S. Marine might have come up with a name as a tribute to Davy.

“Horse Pistol” originally meant a large military pistol that was carried in saddle holsters, but the moniker mutated to mean any large-caliber, generally oversized handgun.

These are just a few aliases that I came up with off the top of my head. There are others, such as “Peacemaker,”  Six-Shooter,” that I felt were just too obvious to include, but look, I guess I included them anyway. Can’t help myself.

Bet there are a bunch I’ve forgotten. Anybody else out there have some favorites?

  • Kevin Page


  • Frank Demundo

    well- I have nicknamed my Colt Detective Special "Lenny" after "Lenny Brisco" the Law & Order old school Detective. Kind of makes it easier to talk about your "Pieces" in public with out anyone really catching on to what you are talking about. I also just got a "McLane" for my birthday- anyone whant to gues on that one?

    • garry james

      Maybe (no, I'm sure) I'm showing my age, but the only McLane I can come up with is actor Barton McLane, who played everything from Old west desperados to detectives (most notably as Lt. Dundy in the 1941 "The Maltese Falson.") He carried so many different types of guns, that I'm at a total loss–tho' I have a feeling that's not the McLane you're referring to.

      • Joe Brown

        Come on… its the Beretta 92, you know, from "Die Hard"

        • Heretic

          I would have guessed a stretched out '94 from The Rifleman.

          • Dan

            Hjs name was McCain not Mclane

          • semperfi_brat

            In the "Die Hard" series, Bruce Willis played the character of Officer John McClane.

  • Jacob Gonzales

    I think it would have to be a preference of what type of firearm you're using.
    Handgun : 9-Milli
    Shotgun : Boomstick
    SemiAutoRifle- Carbine…..or Platform

  • Richard DeCesare

    Always got a kick out of………………."Trench Broom"

  • Khalid Najjar

    well in jordan the browning Hi-Power is called Barashot ( Parachute ) as it was used by the military skydivers

  • Samuel Ingraffia


    • Big Daddy Rich

      Barney Fife said it best – "the old Roscoe".

  • John Burk

    Lets not forget " Hog Leg" and " Chopper"

  • j d


  • Duke

    I always liked "Smoke Wagon"

    • Guest

      Go on. Do it! Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens! Awesome nickname dirty harry style I'm glad somebody said "smoke wagon"

      • James

        Love the Tombstone reference. That movie is too bad ass for words to properly describe.

  • Joe Brown

    Broom Handle

  • jeff behymer

    I call my colt combat commander "ol fliver " its been faithful.

  • Heretic

    I have a Topper mod148 with an 18" barrel I call Handy Dan.

  • Phil

    I had a Glock 23 that I called my "Austrian Guard Dog" or "Austrian Shepherd" from time to time.

  • the_grey_rider


  • John

    Dare I say "Gat"?

  • Bob White

    Cruchenticker………..ala Jeff Cooper.

  • Sandhu Bhupinder

    punisher is my option for a second name

  • Donk

    There's a Remington 581 that I have always called "Baby"

  • garry james

    That's also what Sir Samuel Baker called his Holland & Holland 2-bore rifle.

  • Kyle Meier

    "zig-zag" mauser anyone?

  • karl


  • D.j.

    Nicknamed the Model 23 – "Doctor Glock-Blooden-Spiel!"

  • Big Lew

    Street sweeper comes to mind

    • dingpud


  • RoyJaruk

    The M1911A1 was referred to as "Old Slabsides" for many years.

    Of course, there are "The Mighty Mattel," the "Jam-A-Matic," and my personal favorite courtesy of Colonel Jeff Cooper, the "Poodle Shooter," for the M-16 line of rifles and carbines. Wouldn't have one as a gift.

    I have a Mosin Nagant I have accurized that I call "Natasha" after Natasha Fatale from the old Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons, because when I got her, she was tall, dark and mysterious. She's still tall and dark, but no longer mysterious to me.

    • Richard

      I always disliked the M-16 myself. Doesn't work for me.

  • Henry Bowman

    Yellow Boy; Smoke Pole

  • Tanstaafl2

    Had a 1911 I called "Hand-biter" – for very good reason

  • Dave

    I think that more than most manufacturers, "COLT" named their guns to the point where they are like nickname for that gun. Besides the PeaceMaker that you mentioned, certainly the SNAKE series had popular names that people remember—Diamondback, Python, Anaconda, or even their TROOPER. And it also didn't hurt that they were extremely well made guns. Hard to do a "name thing" with for example, a S&W 686, an excellent gun but no nickname to be found there. However S&W now has the Governator, or is called the Governor. Anti-gun Arnold S. must hate people naming a gun after something related to him.

  • wasajco

    My Little Friend!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Many years ago I had cause to call the AK-47 "That Mother——"

    • old vet

      Oh YES!

  • Garandguy

    How about the "Pepperbox" series?

  • Little Arkansas

    "Trombone" for slide-action guns.

  • old vet

    How do you ever forget " ma Deuce"?

    • old vet

      When she brought her sisters, she was a "Quad", now there was a party.

  • Scott

    Don't forget "Brown Bess" "Mississippi Rifle" "Thumb Buster" "Slab Side" "Hog Leg" "Mare's Leg" "Grease Gun" "Burp Gun" "Black Rifle" "Martel" "Four-Clicks-Spell-COLT"

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    My 1911's 45AP are the "MAN Stopper" , "GRAVE Digger", and "Widow Maker"

  • Richard

    I call my Saiga 12 with a 20 rounder " Give 'em lead "

    • Jim

      A good friend of mine calls his Saiga 12 gauge, "Sheeva – Destroyer of Worlds"

  • Doc Holiday

    Tell me more for shotguns! How 'bout an Italian shotgun held by a Chicagoan? "street howitzer". More ideas?

    • old vet

      My Grandfather always just called them a "Scatter Gun" regardless of pedigree.

  • Dirk A.

    OK, this is going to be foreign. Open Carry in Germany is prohibited, so Guns are transported to the Range or huntig grounds in locked Cases. One sort of cheapskate Case is obviously a Guitar bag, and when asked what kind of Instrument is inside You can then answer: a "Ballerlaika". (OK: it ain't funny anymore, but I guess I will have to explain. "Ballern" ist the verb describing the action of high volume and generally not overly aimed firing and Balalaika is a russian Folk-Instrument (triangular Guitar))(btw, "a" spoken as "uh")

    Money-to-Noise Converter, linear accelerator and Target-Marker are more or less funny newspeak-Names for guns.

    Lead dispenser, or ~ slinger, Blue-Bean thrower are more poetic and I call my Beretta CX4 "Ray" because of the Use as a Ray-Gun in Battlestar Galactica.

  • Jerry

    I have a CZ 452 I call "Maryanne" because its a pretty gun but not glamorous like a "Ginger".

  • Matt Corona

    I call my Springfield xd subcompact 40 little big pop

  • Schucky

    Well, everytime we go out, my wife asks: do you have your FRIEND? YEP!

    • RAMBO

      My daughter refers to her 5 shot Taurus .357 cal. J-frame as "Mr Taurus".

  • Steven

    MY LADY, is what i call the 357 Lady Smith,SHE's always with me;Thats my LADY!

  • DrEd

    I have a Beretta Model 70 .32 that was issued to me back in the 50s. I referred to it as "Little Guy." It served me well in a few tight situations. My wife always knows I am carrying when I say "Little Guy is going with."

  • Shadow

    A good friend of mine while in the Marines named his M16 Boom-boom Tity F*ck. Always liked that name.

  • Chuckster

    I have a carry permit and carry a baby Glock 27 in 40 caliber. When my wife and I communicate about confirming the presence of said firearm we call it " Kinny G" as in the musician.

    Maybe I missed it earlier but I have heard a handgun referred to as a "rod".

  • Darthsett

    I’m into Sci-Fi, like Star Wars & Star Trek! I often use the term “Disruptor”, a Star Trek weapon, when referring to my pistol, to hide what I’m talking about when around the general public! And it certainly disrupts things when & if I have to use it!

  • Humberto D

    Don´t forget the "Escuadra" for the Colt 1911 and "Cuerno de Chivo" for the AK47 in Mexico.

  • Teryl Detweiler

    I like "broomhandle", but my favorite is "lemon squeezer".

  • 4n6 rule

    I had always liked "room broom" for the Uzi. During the first Gulf War, my M16/M203 was named "Thumper" -not just any Bambi's Bunny.

  • Nick Butters Butorac

    Mr. 40 is what i call my XD 40

  • Tree Dee

    Sorry, although I own them, and admit they have a purpose, "poodle shooter" is still a great one for the
    AR15 / M16

  • Tim E

    How about "Blaster"

  • Ralph Weinstein

    I always loved Steppenwolf, so I say- earschplittenloudenboomer

    • Guest

      Good one there Ralph !!! Having been a long time John Kay and the group fan as well as recognizing the name there, I'll give 'ya "2 trigger fingers up" for the good idea !

  • Snug

    How about a first deer gun,12ga. single shot H&R called "Punkin' Roller" ?

  • joe


  • Gary

    Having heard my friends mangle the pronunciation so badly, I now refer to my Mosin-Nagants as "Mushy-Nuggets".

    • ron mcghee

      must be describing the trigger lol

  • Sbd Rancott

    how about……hateful, or walkin' stick.

  • Sbd Rancott

    hateful is my 357…..walkin stick is my 6" judge.

  • ron mcghee

    i grew up in an urban setting where most poeple call the gun they carry daily "girlfriend" this term was also made famous by rapper 2pac in the song "me and my girlfriend" which became very popular shortly after his death

  • ron mcghee

    also i dont see anyone remembered the most common nick name i know of "heat"

  • geo1

    I remember my uncle saying, (he was a WWII tail gunner and bombardier in the B-17) "And when those Kraut frighters came in on our six…I opened up on those bastards with the double ack acks!!! I guess that he was refering to those bad ass twin 50 cals!

  • KEN

    Pocket Rocket

    • Guest

      Yep, Glock uses that one in one of their advertisements for the Baby Glock G33 .357 Sig, so it already has a following out there……it fits well with the G33.

  • John

    I prefer "Peace-maker" for all my firearms.

  • Mark

    My favorite nickname for a firearm is Buffalo Bill Cody's Trapdoor Springfield in 50/70 he named "Lucrezia Borgia", the infamous daughter of Pope Alexander the VI. It is housed at the firearms museum in Cody , Wyoming.

  • jeff payton

    My Remingionton 742 is Francine, I have a stoeger condor outback which is my home defense gun. It's nickname is stubby.

    • jeff payton

      My Ted Williams Model 200 with triple AAA grade Walnut and a Poly Choke, Sterling silver butt cap wirh and Ebony Ring around it is Teddy Shotgun!!!

  • Rooftop Voter

    I call my Barrett 50 the 'shoulder cannon'.

  • EGS

    one that i read in a Stephen King novel: Death Engine

  • Tommy

    Nobody mentioned Jesse Ventura's minigun from the "Predator" movie. "Old Painless."

  • James

    How about 'assault weapon'. There's a lovely little nickname……sarcasm intended.

    I do love the term 'street howitzer', though.

  • Dale

    Of course there's the "Dirty Harry" for any long barrel .44 magnum. Then there's "Magnum" as in what are you packing, answer would be a "Magnum" which works for any .357, .41, .44, or .500. The old .38 revolver was also known as a "police special". Colt Detective Special, aka "Dick Special". M16 in Vietnam era was the "Matie Matel". Of course the .45 submachine gun was the "Grease Gun". Colt .45 auto was "Old Slab sides". Short barreled 12ga pump is a "Riot Gun". Any handgun small enough to fit in a pocket is a "Pocket Pistol". For deer hunters there's the old 30-30 "Brush Buster".

  • guest

    I haven't seen it mentioned yet. My Colt government is my "Pony". Could refer to any Colt.

  • Mickey

    How about the FN FAL, the "Right Arm of the Free World", or other derivations of the nickname. or "Mousegun" for small, low caliber, but not necessarily cheap or inferior quality handguns.
    And let's not forget "Caps" for cartridges; a term I first heard in the 1936 Robert Johnson song 32-20 Blues, a great "My gun is bigger" song making fun of his girlfriend's all too light .38 special. Gotta buss me some caps y'all.

  • Randall Covington

    Guest: Center fire; El Kaboom Single action revolver; Hog Leg Double barrel shotgun; Twice barrel shoot gun or marriage encourager muzzle loader; Smoke pole

  • Roy P

    I refer to my Taurus 24/7 .45 as "Homeowner's Insurance".

  • Rick l.

    I call my concealed carry gun the "American Express", because I never leave home without it.

  • Steve666

    When I was a young and foolish member of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, and participating in the Southeast Asia Peace Games, we called our M-14's "Thunder Lizards", the M-60 was a "Hog" or a "Pig", and the M-79 was a "Bloop Tube" or "Blooper".

  • Tom C.

    My wife and I go out with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson or John Moses or James Bond.

  • Shredder

    My Kimber 8400 is "Thumper", my AK…"Chopper". lol

  • Josh

    I call all Glocks "action tupperware" for obvious reasons.

  • mike

    My Grandpa called a shotgun loaded with slugs his bear swatter.

  • Poldoc

    I compete with Marv and Millie in Bullseye matches, two Springfield 1911s. Marv has a Marvel 22 conversion mounted, and Millie is the piece that does the grunt work in Centerfire, 45, and Service Pistol, a Mil-Spec of course!

  • Antonio

    I don't have one, but now I'm compelled to think of something for my Ruger GP-100 w 6" barrel. How about "Zorro?" Maybe if it was a K-Bar. "Reach out and touch someone" — too long. "Mighty Mouse" — maybe for my .357 snubbie.

    I'm going to go with "El Kabong" for now.

  • Alan_T

    I call My Taurus . 32 H&R ultra-lite snubby , " Terrible Timmy " and my CZ 452 Lux , " Sweetie Pie "

  • Steve

    How about "Heater" "Duster" "One Step" "DRT" "Street Sweeper" "Lead Launcher" "Krakatoa"
    "Grease Stain Maker" and "Noisy Cricket".

  • David Kermes

    Way back in the 70's before Minnesota changed its education requirements for police officers I went to basic training with a Golden Valley copper whose revolver (Yeah – that long ago) was called "Fred." I guess Minnesota Nice discouraged flashiness, even in nicknames.

  • studentofguns

    I call my carry gun "Nancy"; Nancy Carrygun (Kerrigan), because I think maybe she carries after her skating competitor arranged to have her kneecap reconfigured.

  • the_grey_rider

    I read that AK-47's are referred to as "goat horns" in Mexico

  • Phillip

    My brother calls his 1911 "kindness" because if you be unlucky enough to piss him off he will gladly "kill you with kindness" and I call my keltec "KaTie"

  • Kevin

    When hiking in the mountains, I call my large caliber handgun "Bear Repellant".

  • dingpud

    My Tool.

  • Tom

    I call my Combat Commander 'Body Driller'

  • Steve

    I like to call my Dan Wesson 44 my Howitzer. And my snub nose 38, spade.

  • RIchard

    firearms with massive muzzle breaks i commonly refer as "Howitzers"

  • Anishinabi

    .25's and .32's are often referred to as "pea-shooters." My Taurus that resides on my bed's bookcase headboard is eponymously referred to as Da Judge, and carries two rounds of buckshot and three rounds of JHP.

  • rich

    my colt is "Baby" because she is fun to hold and expensive to entertain.

  • Daniel

    My Sig Pro 2022 .40 cal. is referred to as "the Professional" and my wife packs a Ruger LC9 and being that we own a tavern we refer to it as "last call". maybe a little obvious after explanation but in general conversations people are none the wiser.

  • Henry

    My .357 Mag Taurus is the Pacifier

  • buddy

    meat grinder or my baby 350rem mag mod 600

  • gunner

    I call my Ruger #1 in .416 Rigby Eleanor.

    • garry james

      Absolutely wonderful!!

  • Jeff

    Glock= Tactical tupperware

  • Billy Few

    elsie pea is new but a great name for the lcp. my mini 22 mag is noisy crickett

  • Mike

    XP-100 in 221 Fireball. Just sounds like it's from the future.

  • Wolvie

    The Fecal-ator
    One look and the target $#!t's him or herself.

    Old fashioned wheel gun
    Betcha the kid has an automatic

    Shop smart…shop S-Mart

    Hand Cannon
    Why didn't you tell us there was a guy hiding in the bathroom with a G_d damn hand cannon?!

    Ma Bell
    Reach out and touch someone

    The greatest gun ever made by man

    Beautiful Charlene…your action is all clean

    Smile and wait for the flash

    The BFG
    Hail to the king, baby!

  • jamesin houston

    I call my pistol a .380 Bersa. I have no imagination, never gave a name to my pecker either.

  • RIchard

    i just named my 4.62" ruger 44mag super black hawk thunder lap

  • Kiwi45shooter

    12 gauge, double barreled, duck f**cker!

  • old vet

    I called my M16 Heartless B#### because she always let me down at the worst times no matter how nice I was to her.

  • brian

    black betty

  • Ken Brown

    "MA DUECE"

  • Robert Johnston

    AR-7=Packed-Up Powerhouse.
    Colt 1911A1–big poppa's bad man stoppa
    .38 Super=.45 ACP's Baby Brother, Car-Killer
    Pump Shotgun=The Ultimate Bad-Guy Deterrent
    M16 Family=Personal machine-gun
    AK family=General Mikhail's Revenge
    M1 rifle=reichsarmee's nightmare incarnate
    MP40=burp blaster
    Mosin-Nagant Rifle=Bye bye, Fritzie!
    Glock=Austrian Death Machine
    Korth=Expensive Killer
    Smith & Wesson Model 29=Real-Life "Lawgiver"
    Sten Gun=Brit trash.
    Owens Machine Carbine=Aussie Jap-Killer
    Sig-Sauer Family=swiss-german bad guy blaster

  • strider98

    My dad has 2 K-31 "Schmidt-Rubin" straight pull bolt action rifles that he calls his "K-Swiss" after the shoemaker.
    I always liked hawg-leg and smokewagon for wheel guns

    My Little Pony for my Colt m1903 hammerless

  • Tony


  • David Cassidy

    I like Blunderbuss. Thunderstick, as mentioned is great too.

  • Guest

    In addition to "Tactical Tupperware" for Glock, I've heard the term "Plastic Fantastic" thrown around years ago when the Glock G17 first came out across the pond here.. I think today that "Polymer Peacemaker" would go well with any of the Glock series, as well as the earlier two and "Austrian Persuader". I've often wondered if Gaston Glock knew where his "Little Friend" was going to take the industry, but I'm sure he'd have to be happy with the results……29 models and still adding on !

    • old vet

      Not long ago there were many to condemn the " plastic fantastic pistol". Now everyone makes a Glock clone, go figure.

  • RSL

    her name is Ann because it is slender sexy and anyone that sees her wants to try her out. just like the girlfriend that I named her after.

  • Harding

    My Walther .380 PP is Tatianna (after Tatianna Romanova in From Russia with Love), my GP100 is Big Bill, my Blackhawk in The Hog, my Glock is Fantastic Plastic and my S&W 627 is Percy.

    Depends on the weather, the occasion and the company.

  • A-Ron

    My 18" 12Ga. 3" Magnum Stoeger M2000 with an 8-Round capacity is named "Sir Slugs-A-Lot"! And My Desert Eagle is named Steve…lol… Does anyone have an idea of what to name my Boberg XR9-s 9mm?

    • old vet


  • Fletch

    I have my gun collection broken down to home defense and hunting. My Kimber Custom TLE II 1911, my S&W CS45, S&W 39-2 and my new Stevens model 37 tactical shotgun are called collectively "Pest Control".

  • Big Momma

    My Dad called his 44 Magnum "Wyatt Earp". Was happy to show you Ole Earp for the shock value of it. His 40 S&W Sigma was his "old dog". He would say "my old dog will bite you". He laid dieing in the hospital of a stroke and often talked out of his head but would many times tell me "you take care of my old dog and let him bite somebody if you need to." God rst his soul!!!

  • Max Payne

    "The Baller" for the Desert Eagle!

  • Max

    I like to call my Mossberg 500 "The Problem Solver"!!!!

  • dave

    Dick Cheney, and my other gun "The Decider"

  • Conrad

    I can't believe the article forgot "ole slabsides"

  • julio d garcia

    my glock 21 is big Bertha a legendary gigantic cannon (howitzer) of ww1, my golck 26 (baby glock) is the baby bertha, and my ruger lcp is the button, when we bough it my wife said " is cute as a button" and the name stuck. my 12 gauge is the "the scythe", (the Grimm reaper's tool) and we just got an xd 9 subcompact in bi tone no name yet!

  • spike1point5

    My SIG P210 is "Vasya," the nickname of particularly fine russian sniper during WWII, seeing as my SIG is a beautifully accurate weapon. My Walther PPK – L is "James", for obvious reasons. My Browning is "the bastard."

    I'm somewhat more inventive when naming my knives. Suzi, Vera, Chloe, Laura and Kalina. Knives always get female names

  • Cade

    My Kimber Custom II is called Kimberly

  • Robert Johnston

    AR-7–Pack Blaster
    .38 Super–The .45's Little Brother
    .22 LR–Mafiosi's Magic Wand
    Glock–Fantastic Plastic Blaster
    9mm Makarov–From Russia With Heat
    Mauser 98–German Geneva Convention
    SMLE–Rule 303
    Sten–Cheap And Nasty
    Thompson–Gangster Gutter
    Remington 870–Jack Of All Shooting Trades
    Colt Python–The Best Snake Of All

  • Brokenminded

    Alright this may be silly. I coon hunt religously and I try to come up with catchy names. I've got two pups ones name is Magnum's Pistol Packin' Cole. The Sire's Name is Magnum. I'm looking to call the other one Gauge. I'm coming up empty though. Any Ideas? Oh and my Dad had an H&R 12Ga. Single shot, He called his two legged mule. A Great and fitting name for that gun! After three shots you'd be holding the foregrip seperate from the barrel. Thanks and God Bless!

    • Broken

      Okay think I got it. "Marshes Ridin' Shotgun Gauge"! Be lookin for him at the world hunt ;]

  • noxumbra

    "Lupara" and "Widowmaker" are two that come to mind. "Lupara" being a generic term for a short barreled shotgun and "Widowmaker" being a nickname for the Winchester 1911 shotgun.

  • asapmil

    How about "La Longue Carabine" from Cooper's "The Last of the Mohicans".

  • thebronze

    My favorite nicknames for handguns are: Roscoe, Gat, Heater and Blaster.

  • Ninja master

    My .22 rifle is nicknamed Betty Lou, for no reason.

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