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For the Love of Competition

Take Your Shot: The Most Versatile Pistol on the Market

by Iain Harrison   |  November 1st, 2011 104

Springfield-XDM-5.25In the coming months I’ll be offering my opinions on gear, strategy and gamesmanship in a little game I like to take “Take Your Shot.” I make a statement and you take a shot at disproving my ingenious notion.

First up: What’s the most versatile pistol currently on the market?

I reckon it’s the XDm 5.25 in 9mm. You could say it’s more accurate than the Smith & Wession M&P Pro with a better trigger (that’s a matter of opinion), and it gets you into the game in USPSA Production division – Limited division if you’re OK with shooting minor power factor, IDPA ESP and Bianchi Cup.

Throw on an extended magazine floorplate and you’re all set to go three-gunning.

Although Glock is better served by the aftermarket, Springer Precision makes a good selection of trigger parts, should you want to lighten the XDs further, and BladeTech have a dropped and offset holster that works well for all the gun games above; should you want to change out sights, Dawson Precision has all the fiber optic versions you could ever require.

When I first picked one up, I thought the higher bore axis might be a hindrance to rapid sight recovery, but found that not to be the case – just shows you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

Most likely, I’m not good enough to notice a difference in my splits, but when I shot it side by side with a Glock 34, the Springer turned in identical times on a Bill drill.

Best of all, the thing shoots surprisingly small groups and flatters you into thinking you did it all yourself.

So there you have it ready to go, straight out of the box with a good trigger, great sights – though the front sight could be narrower – comfortable ergos, plenty of capacity, and unlike many stock 1911s, it actually goes bang when you need it to.

I’d say that qualifies as a versatile handgun, no?

  • Dcdadoc

    Ouch, what a dig at "stock 1911s". I have owned a few in varying brands/companies and have yet to have one fail to go "bang" when I pulled the trigger. Then there is the MINOR power factor (so named for a reason). I think making a blanket statement as you did about 1911s is a gross injustice. But then again what do I kno, I haven't won Top Shot, just been shooting for the biggest part of my 53 years and carried weapons in and out of the line of duty.

    • mike

      after 53 years of doing what you did an the best name you can drop is top shot then you do not know crap about guns. fyi its bad when you have 53 years under your belt an 5 year old knows more then you.

  • jjm

    Great package for the price. Perfect for competition.

  • atm

    The new XDms are incredible out of the box. Nothing to add, but agree with everything Iain said.

  • David Earnest

    Opinions are great things. Everyone should have one. IMHO I don't play games with my handguns. They are tools of survival. I depend on mine and they never fail to go bang. I carry 2 Glocks, a 21sf and my trusty 17. The only modifications are for trigger release, tall mag release button and I have an extended slide release. 9mm and .45acp are fine defensive rounds. They will kill just as dead as a rock thrown with accuracy and speed. S&W, Springfield Armory, Kahr and others have been trying to improve on perfection since Glock began making inroads on their collective Market share. They are all ok guns But I prefer to own, carry and trust my life to my Glocks. Since 1985 they haven't let me down.

    • atm

      Be wary of the Glock Gen 4s – they appear to be hit or miss on reliability.

    • Brent

      The revolver crowd had your attitude about the then new semi-autos. The 1911 crowd said the same thing about the Browning 1935…it goes on and on. Yes there is something to be said for first hand experience and sticking with what works but if we all thought that way we would never progress. A Ford Model T might have worked and it's owner might have been happy with it and completely loyal but I bet my one ton diesel pulls stock trailers better. Not everything new is progress but better mouse traps are being built all the time.

      • John Evans

        TY Brent for being more open minded than most. I have my Dad's 1938 Hi Power. Being a more average person with less marksmanlike abilites, I appreciate the many extra rounds a couple "clips" provide. Many good gun guys missunderstand the true definition of "firepower". As the NRA explained years ago, and Websters new dictionary agrees (pg 533) firepower is not the size of the bullet or powder load. Rather it is the number of rounds available without reloading, or "the capacity of a given weapon to deliver fire".

        • mike

          true john but if you find the few people who could not hit the side of a house at point blank rang then how many rounds you have in the mag dose not matter

    • michel8888

      I my 23 years of shooting and owning all types and models of sidearms i can tell you that a Glock 17L is the only semi-auto i have shot that TOTALLY locked up for reasons unknown to this day and had to be brought to my gunsmith (Glock Certified) and finally after tinkering with it it magically unlocked…just my story on all things mechanical…including Glocks.

  • LJK

    Had an XDm. Hated the trigger and didn't care much for what I had to do to fix it. Sold it. Bought a SIG. Happy now.

  • Pochos

    Glocks are the Chevy of the gun world, I like much better BMWs and Audis that is the reason I invest in HK, Sig and Walther…

    • Dustin

      I've always thought of Glock as the Honda Civic of the gun world. Glock owners and Civic owners have the same arguments, reliability and performance with modifications. And every kid that wants to get into guns gets a Glock because its cool and every poly pistol is a Glock to them. Same thing with the Civic, every teenager that thinks they know about cars because of the movies gets a Civic because they were told by TV its the best. And just like the Glock the Civic isnt a bad car but its been ruined by people who watch too much TV or listen to rap music. And honestly the M&P and XD line would be like Chevys and dodges, 1911s would be closer to Corvettes and HKs and FNs would be like BMWs or Audis.
      I'm a car guy/ former custom car mechanic and a gun guy/ former Infantry and thats what I've gathered from being in both worlds.

  • DrEd

    The most versatile handgun in my view is the one that fits comfortably in your hand, is accurate, and operates flawlessly. The issue of Glock vs Springfield vs S&W, and so on is a matter of personal preference. I like my S7W 1911. It operates flawlessly. What more should I ask. I'm not doing competition shooting; I have a gun for self defense. My wife can out-shoot most people at the range where we go with a Walther 9mm. Her pistol were give her more than adequate self-defense if the occasion arises, and she will use it. What more can one ask.

    • Joe

      I know this is a blog, but damn. It's called grammer. It makes you look really stupid if you don't use it, especially if you go by the handle of "Dr". I don't disagree with what you said, just your poor conveyance of it.

      • Karl


      • Haha Joe, fail

        Ironic. Maybe just don't talk next time Joe.

      • PetrG

        It was probably deliberately spelled like that.

        • Joe

          No, it wasn't. I just pounded the pooch on that one. I deserve the knocks. Yep, I'm that guy sailing off on my fail-boat.

  • Mike D.

    I just bought a new Springfield XDM Competition 5.25 in .45 cal, but it hasn't arrived yet, so can't really say how good it is or isn't yet. I did look at the XDM .40 call and played with it and I like the trigger so hopefully the .45 will be about the same or better. I have owned Sigs, colts, Taurus, S&W and my favorite gun right now is a cz 75b. It has the best trigger pull in both double action and single action of any gun I have ever shot. I also have two browning highpowers in 9mm and 40 cal and love them both.

  • Ken Barnes

    How's this a versatile handgun. You're only talking about target shooting. That's pretty limited, not versatile in my opinion. Give me a good .357 revolver any day for versatility. I can shoot targets, carry for protection plink and hunt up to whitetail size game. I can shoot .38 Specials or full magnum loads. Not to mention that the stopping power is much greater that "your" choice. That is a versatile handgun. I love all my guns, but if I could only have one handgun, my pick would be a four or six inch .357 revolver.

    • BBGun

      Yeah, it'll do all of those, if you like carrying around a brick.

  • Croge

    I like it very much and have a standard XDm I'd love to turn into a 5.25 soon… but for the record, My stock XDm has failed to go bang on several occasions, allowing me to relegate it to the safe except for range day duty, additionally the sights are off to the right about 4" at 15 yds and I have yet to find a gunsmith who will attempt to move the ridiculously tight sights, they tell me they have to saw out the old ones and then use another brand sight to get the job done (a great case for adjustable sights). Also note my 1911s (8 in total) all do go bang right out of the box. I am not knocking the XDm but lets be real here it is very far from box stock perfect! Not a big Glock fan either and own a 34 and 31, the XDs in general just feel better and have somewhat better triggers.

  • heartandsole

    I love my( Chevys) Now have 5 – 19,20,22,23,27, can't beat em you can just pay more.

    • mike

      heartandsole to name a few to kick you off your horse a hi power, a sig, a cz 75 are all better guns then a glock. an a cz 75 costs less then a glock, an EVERY glock i have shot has jamed or stove piped at least a totel of one mag every time i have shot them. an they were cleand befor they were shot.

      an for any one who read heartandsoles post buy a cz 75 you wont regret it

      • John

        Mike, I cant stand it anymore.

        It's not "THEN" – It's "THAN".
        More THAN..
        Less THAN…
        Bigger THAN…
        Smaller THAN…
        Better THAN…
        Worse THAN…
        Study this and THEN we will go on to another lesson in GRAMMAR .

      • yeah

        Stove Pipe? =Limp Wrist.

  • ShaneS

    Most versatile pistol? For what? Competition? Home defense? Concealed carry? Hunting? Survival? You have to be more specific about the pistol's use. Seems like you are leaning toward competition but don't specifically say so.

    The XDm 5.25 is probably a great pistol. I've owned an XD before and don't care for them because the internal extractor can be hard to change out and has to be bought from Springfield. Glock parts are easy to change and available nearly everywhere. XD's are not cheap either since they come with a package of accessories. Glock's trigger is better out of the box and lots of 'smiths know how to make them even better.

    • Ben_OBrien

      It's a competition shooting blog, so I would guess competition.

      • ShaneS

        Didn't see the competition shooting blog category at the top until you pointed it out. Doesn't say it anywhere in the title or text of the article or email that I received that linked to the article and debate.

        Competition use would make more sense.

  • voteRight_IL

    I don't own an XD, so I cannot disagree with anything said about the 5.25 XDm, (here's the BUT) but shooting an XD in IDPA ESP puts you at a disadvantage. ESP is full of all steel 9mm 1911s with 2.5 lb triggers. If you go with a G34, you can shoot it in IPDA & USPSA production. IMHO, the G34 is more versatile as a competition gun and I can testify that Glocks run. I shot a G34 in both IDPA and USPSA, but now shoot 1911s. You just cannot beat the 1911 trigger and recoil management. That said, when the zombies attack, I will grab my G34 & a my G26 as a backup. I will also bring along my Kel-Tec SUB-2000 in Glock 9mm. Gee, 3 light weight firearms that use the same ammo & mags. That's versatility!

  • Philip Schmidt

    I was looking for a 9mm and rented this gun at the range. Shot pretty well but didn't feel good in my hand. I have a hard time with feel and texture of the hard plastic grips. Ended up buying a CZ SP-01 Tactical that shoots like a dream! Feels good, and is way more accurate than I am.

    • frank

      so what you recomend for a first time buyer

      • mike

        frank i say cz 75 would be agreat gun for a first time buyer cost less then a glock and is a hundred times more reliable and will out shoot most comp guns.

        • the truth

          lol jeeeez..dont let this guy get you killed..grant it, the new MiM glocks aren't running right, but anything pre MiM will stomp out that half finished CZ trash..glocks are used all around the world for a reason, they're known for their reliability..go back to your armchair mike. what are you, a CZ spokes person?..btw, a glock weighs less, holds more rounds, is DEFINITELY more reliable, just look up some torture tests for glocks, then TRY and find a CZ torture test. has superior, widely available, cheaper magazines which are interchangeable between gun sizes.. i mean..their is literally NOTHING about a CZ that is better than a glock..they're not terrible, but they're not a glock..same with high powers…sigs on the other hand, great guns, but over get just as much gun for 2/3 the price with a glock…find an older 3rd gen and you'll be set.

  • Adam

    Perhaps this needs to be pointed out….this is a competition blog so that is the presupposition to the opinion.

  • atesch

    I have some experience with both the Glock and Springfield XD and XDm. I carry the baby Glock (G26) because it is a couple ounces lighter than the Xdm sub compact but I have always found the XD and Xdm to be more accurate [for me] than the Glocks I have owned. I am looking forward to getting the Xdm 5.25 ASAP. I have no doubt it will be great out of the box.

  • louisianaJoe

    I have 2 Pistols that I like a lot. The HK USP .45ACP and the S&W M&P .45ACP.

    If I had to pick just one handgun (not just pistol), I would have to agree with the .357.

  • Merlin

    Competition is fine……I shoot to survive, and for defense. Flat out, hands down, there IS no better weapon than Glock. Nothing fancy…..DRT at point of aim. I've seen the competition guns. With all the bells and whistles, a one-eyed goat couldn't miss. "An XD is what you show your friends……A Glock, is what you show your enemies".

    • Brent

      Hyperbole does not interest me. A gun is a tool and I hate people who have this crazy brand loyalty. You might stick to your sports team no matter what and say all sorts of reverent things about them but guns are different to me. No doubt, Glock makes good guns. I own and shoot Glocks. I do not see that Glock is better than a lot of other offerings. I remember when Glock showed up at just the right moment in history, when a lot of law enforcement were dropping revolvers, offered attractive packages and got a huge market share. Good for them. I don't take anything away from them. I have seen more than a few Glocks fail but then everything mechanical eventually fails. I'm still getting used to my XDm 5.25 (40 cal) but so far so good. I will keep my Glocks too. Plenty of room at the table, and in my safe, for more.

      • J.S

        Bravo! Well put, excellent points made. I read these things to try to learn, not get into arguments over who can whiz the furthest. As you say, anything mechanical can fail no matter how well made or maintained. Too often the uninformed are swayed with qoutes of the rantings and raving of nonsense (none in this post – present company excluded) in other gun discussions. The more rational and intellegne we appear, the better.

        • mike

          You are at the wrong place to learn about guns all the people on here take about glocks,xd,an m&p hand guns. not saying thats bad but my 5 year old son knows more about guns then most of the people on here.

          i say an get an book called guns&weapons for law enforcement that is were my son lerned some of what he knows.on top of what i showed him.

          • Matt

            LERNED? REALLY MIKE? It may be fine for your son to learn some gun knowledge from you. I just hope he doesn't learn his spelling and grammar from you.

    • Joe

      You "shoot to survive?" Unless you work in camo on the two-way range or at the least have a badge, I doubt seriously you've used a handgun to survive. I have no doubt you carry one, but since this is a blog about competition shooting, your pontifications seem to be a bit misplaced. And as far as bells and wistles on competition guns, if you'd even been in a squad with Terry Burba at an IDPA match, I can assure you he could make all of us look like one eyed goats!

    • MIKE

      merlin you can take your glock an shove it why cz 75 is all i have to say they will out shoot a pice o crap glock an out perform.


  • Sam

    I just swapped out my Glock 17 for an Xdm 3.8 in 9mm. The trigger is way better and the match grade barrel is great. The ergonomics of the Xdm are better than the G3 glocks as well, but about the same as the G4's.Even with the 3.8 inch barrel I shoot more accurately with the Xdm. I also like the short mags for carry and the full size mag/grip for target work. 500+ rounds so far and not one malfunction of any kind. The Glock was 100% reliable of course, I just shoot better with the Xdm.

  • 1911 or nothing

    They stove pipe like a mother f…. ,! But all you glock guys r the same……. See u driving you Kia's. TRYING to tell everyone same as a AUDI….1911 or nothing. But we both now u just can't afford one. So keep believing your BS we all know the truth.

    • David

      Wow. Someone seems to be over compensating.

    • Brent

      Why not 1911 and everything else that that works too? Other pistols besides the great 1911 have excellent track records. Why the extreme attitude?

    • frank

      do you think thats a good piece for a first time buyer the 1911,

      • Austin


  • bgc

    Are you kidding me? Just bells and whistles and plastic on the XDm and now a promotion for free magazines to sell the things. Give me my SigSauer Triple T 1911 in Stainless and Nitride, Rosewood Grips, Match Barrel and Trigger, adjustable target sights and Sig craftsmanship, reliability and some good handloads and I'll smoke your XDm all day long.

    • atm

      I hope you are being sarcastic. You just compared a $2000 gun to a $600 gun.

      • atm

        "SIG craftsmanship" comes with SIG pricetag.

    • Mark

      Yea, and Ferraris are nicer sports cars than Chevys and a yacht is nicer than my old fishing boat…I've caught a lot of fish from that old boat and had a great time on it. The Springfield 5.25 is a god gun and Chevy makes a good car.

    • cody

      dave sevigny will outshoot you with his g34..even with your overpriced makes a good shot, not a gun..douchenozzle.

  • chris

    i had a xdm45. i hated it .it would not hit a bulls butt at 10yds. ill stick with my para, it right on as well as all my other hand guns!!!!

  • 1911dude

    Hickok45 did a great review of this weapon, check it out on Youtube.
    I'm a little disappointed with the stab at 1911's in this article, as well as the dig at M&P's. I own each of the following : Semi-custom 1911, m&p, XDm, Glock. And I would rank them in the same order.

    I don't believe there is such a thing as a most versatile handgun.

    • yeah uhuh

      lol well hickock would rank them backwards..i think i know who i'd take the word of.

  • Joe Cat

    I had the original XD's in 9 & 40 both never failed and loved them. I know have XDm's in 9 & 45 both are very accurate and have never failed to go bang. I love them even more.

  • Gunner

    Love my 1911's but that doesn't mean a Springfield XDm isn't a heck of a pistol. There are a lot of great pistols out there. There really is no need to bash everything but what you carry:-)

    I guess the best way to know how I feel is read the review

  • Blacklab

    I've had a Glock fail and later get recalled. I have a Sig that won't shoot reliably (newer gun not the older West German guns) I had a Para P14 that the factory replaced because after two months they couldn't fix it. I spent almost $1000 on a Colt 1911 and traded it off because it was still finicky. I sold a Les Baer 1911 because I was convinced that it was possessed by demons that only caused it to jam when there was money on the table. Guns fail. All of them. Even revolvers occasionally go down.
    The Springfield XDm line guns are OK in my book…not perfect but at least as good as other guns in their price points. I'm shooting my new 5.25 pretty well and so far I think it will be a keeper. It is not perfect. No gun is and I do mean NO gun. I carry a gun professionally and I am a range master/instructor and I have seen guys blame their guns for poor shooting and I have seen guys make every excuse for their guns dismal performance (reliability) and neither group is right.

  • Al

    I have 4 pistols – all for different purposes and I could never part with any of them. I have to admit that when it's time to go out the door I always end up carrying the Glock 19. My other choices are the M&P .45 – full size in Dark Earth with night sights. That's hard to leave behind but the Glock has a slight advantage in the concealment dept. and that fact usually ends up the deciding factor. I also have a .40 cal. Para H-Cap 1911 that can shoot the nozzle off of a spray can at 25 feet, but again – slightly more difficult to conceal. It's really just for showing off tight groups at the range. The M&P ends up being my 'pillow' gun – and with the trijicon night sights all I need is a silhouette in the dark. Last but not least is the Walther P22 – just for the fun of it!

  • crosswiredmind

    The XDm 5.25 is a tack driver. This is three rounds at 15 yards offhand …

    • Al

      You're link is a no go!!

    • Tattude

      Great shooting!!! I've owned several weapons and the XD series are high quality firearms! I own a couple NICE 1911's, SVI custom, Nighthawk custom, two glocks, SIG, just to name a few and truly love them ALL… It took 20 years to find the guns I currently own and sold and traded many but the point is, no gun is "better" than the other when you talk about guns in the same price point. My 5200.00 dollar SVI better be smoother and more accurate than my 500.00 dollar Glock!

  • bam

    i own a kel-tec p11 the hard triger pull hurts my group.i also have a bersa 380 that i do love,9mm. cost a lot less to i am looking for a good c.carry 9mm.

    • Al

      Get yourself a Glock 19 – 15 rounds of the new 9mm that's available now; like the corbon pow'rball that zings a 100 gr. polymer tipped hollowpoint @ 1350fps. That's what I call a good 9mm carry option!!

  • Fernando Tejero

    Why is the administrator deleting my opinion? it really amazes me!

  • Fernando Tejero

    Again the administrator is deleting my comments; on what grounds! I didn't curse, or say obnoxious things, just my humble opinion about which handgun I consider best for street survival. It´s a sad fact you do this!

  • Greg Arones

    Carry my XD 40 service everyday. Will never carry anything but, forever. It is THE best outta the box and I can drive nails. Same with my wife. All my flocks are traded or sold. Only trust my life n famlies with my XD's. You'll never change my mind. SA forever.

  • Demo

    I'd think the author would prefer a pistol that has interchangeable back straps.

    Especially since one is a Crimson Trace…

    The cheap checkering and brick like grip of the XD don't work for me.

    If there's data from a repeatable test proving the XD is more accurate than the M&P Pro please post it. Otherwise the suggestion that one gun is more accurate than the other is fan boy talk.

  • Daniel Marinelli

    I've gotta put my two cents in here. I have been considering trading in my newly purchased Ruger SR40 for either a Springfield XDM or a M&P, but I have to be honest… Even though it's a relatively new gun, it has been absolutely great in terms of accuracy and reliability. I *gasp* chose it over a Glock, because I like American made products and it was a great fit. It was a gun that performed exceptionally well right out of the box. I like the XD's aesthetics, but ultimately I simply want a gun that's going to do the job it was intended to do, when I need it to.

  • Jim

    Try the FNX 40 3 back straps easy to change . Right and left handed dont matter trigger release,mag release and safety on both sides double or single action . 14+1 Nice gun and love it

  • atm

    Dutch police dropped the Sig 250 due to poor quality. I guess price DOESN'T always determine quality.

  • Matt W.

    P250=Cheap SIG. FAMS ditched them too. Reliable SIG = SIG classic line, P220, P226, P228, p229. A couple trainers I'm familiar with have not been too pleased with XD reliability after sustained round counts. They seem to be okay for your typical IDPA match with it's lower round counts. But you get into a long class 800-1000 rounds + and they start to fall off. Anecdotal, I know but they don't say the same about Glocks or SIGs.

    • mike

      matt i have to say when it comes to glocks you are stupid EVERY glock i have shot have been pices of crap i could not fire a singel mag with failer to feed the round an that was with all of them

  • Carlos

    Well lets see here, i own a S&W M&P9. And for the record, i've shot over 5 brands of ammo thru it and it has never failed to go BANG. As for acuracy it is right on the money with all kinds of ammo( hollow or ball point).Ergonomics,well everyone that's ever held one knows they beat all those other brands mentioned before me on this blog.Oh did i mentioned it carries 17+1.Easily concealed under a plain shirt and its trigger pull is just over 5.5 lbs, not too bad i suppose for a standard handgun.Well folks that's all for now, tune in next time for more on the S&W M&P9. Lol.

  • DrEd

    I just caught up with this blog after being gone for a couple of weeks. My apologies, Joe, for my poor grammar. It reflects one of the consequences of dashing off a note without reading it back. It was poor grammar. And you are correct, this started as a competition blog, but has drifted off into some interesting and worthwhile, in my view, commentary. I do not do competitive shooting. I shoot to build skills for self-defense. Living in Massachusetts, I don't have many opportunities to talk with other gun enthusiasts. Reading these blogs and commenting on a rare occasion serves as conversation for me. It has been an interesting discussion. Is my grammar o.k. this time, Joe.

    • H in Texas

      You need to get out more. I know there's lots of clubs through out MA. I haven't lived in Taxachusetts in a few years, but on the South Shore there are clubs in Weymouth, Situate and Marshfield that are full of gun nuts. More shooting competitions there than here in Texas! The club in Scituate has a legal issue due to an alleged 9mm leaving the range.

  • Spike1point5

    Personally, I like the XD, but I'd say either the Glock 17 or the SIG P226.

  • mike

    I own a XDM 5.25 9mm , and a kimber Aegis 9mm and there is no comparing the triggers.

    like apples to oranges it ain't the same. I carry the kimber for protection and the XDM for spray and pray.

    You just have to keep in mind what you want them for, it's like a Impala & corvette both chevys but both very

    different cars and purposes.

  • James

    I have had my XDM 40 for almost two years and still loving it!!!

  • Dave B.

    I absolutely love all five of my Glock's but have SIG's, a Browning High-Power, Beretta's, three XD's, and 1911's from Kimber, Para USA, and SIG. Unquestionably the most reliable of the group has been my Glock's. I love my SIG's but they will not run reloads or cheaper gun show ammunition very well making them more expensive to shoot. And, you pay a lot of money for a SIG when you consider that you are getting a gun with an aluminum frame, which is much less expensive to manufacture than a steel gun. As for my XD's, they have been my most problematic guns. The striker in my 9mm XD stopped working and has to go back to the factory. I would not buy another. I also have to admit that I do not like the fact that they are produced in a Muslim country. I absolutely love my Kimber's and my SIG 1911, but have had mixed results with my Para 1911's.

    • justaguy

      @Dave B I wonder if there is an issue with your reloads? I've put we'll over a thousand rounds of all kinds of reloads (cast, JHP, ball, etc.) through my P220R Carry and I have yet to get a failure to fire with anything. Actually I have yet to have any malfunction other than a slide not locking back which could easily have been a reduced load for the spring or gripping high enough to dis engage the slide lock.

      @dustin I am prior combat arms also- you being infantry carries no weight on the matter. Limited experience with the M9 does not constitute expertise in any arena.

      For the rest, I have had Glocks and I've sold them all. I just couldn't get over the way they felt. They were as reliable as anything else, but my preference in feel and shootability has been with XDm's/XDs's and Sig's. I carry an XDs that has close to a thousand rounds through it with no failures to fire. When clothing permits, I take the P220 which has proven reliable as well. Personal preference. Maybe I've been lucky- I've heard the "unreliable" stories about the small .45 but its worked for me.

      Everyone has their preference. No ones opinion should determine what anyone else finds preferable. Try it if it fits, and its reliable, no one can argue with that.

      My 5.25 in .40 should be here in a few days and I'm sure it will be a fine pistol to compete with if it shoots as well as the other Springfield handguns I own.

    • DP

      Dave B, Croatia isn’t a Muslim country, it’s nearly 90% Catholic.
      Personally I prefer the XD over the Glocks. BTW Glocks come from Austria which is Croatia’s Northern neighbor.


    While I am a 1911 guy myself i would say if you are looking for the most versatile gun i would look at the Sig P250 it is interchangable between different fames and calibers

  • Buck

    Any guns that are built in Pro- Muslim countries , should not be bought! shame on Springfield Armory for even bringing them into this country! It is a slap in the face to our soldiers, Christianity, and our patriotism. And all of you knuckle heads that keep rambling on about it , That goes for Nazi- infested countries also, you want to prove your loyal American! Buy Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Kahr , Highpoint. Pistols and revolvers are excellent from these companies. I didnt mention Marlin or Remington, because they are now owned by Cerebus corp. which is partially owned by George Soros the Anti-gun nut and communist New World order Pig. Wake -up Dummies!

    • Kal

      Well youre just a big old ball of crazy.

    • Ken

      They are not a radical Muslim country. They are European Decent and were forced to convert(or die) during the Ottoman empire. They are harmless and are kind of like Mormons who drink coffee except they eat pork. Get your facts straight there Slobodan. And one more thing, as a soldier I trained with the Kosovo Security forces… Great bunch of guys.

    • Ryan

      Are you joking or trolling? The country we live in is pro islam. If you look at our current president. Smith and Wesson caved to the dems in the 90s I’ll never buy one. And as far as Hi point youve got to be joking I wouldnt use one as a paperweight. The best factory guns in the world come from overseas. We make Good one but they make great ones. Not to mention the only way Springfield could get the croations to sell them the copyright, was to keep the factory where it was. You sir are a nutjob.

    • Edwin Locktight

      Croatia is a predominantly Catholic country. Only your psychiatrist knows what country your thinking of.

    • JP

      Kill yourself, please.

  • Buck

    You people are just handing over your hard earned money, to the same devils that are planning Americas demise! Get your head out of your Arse! get away from the T.V. And pay attention to what is going on in this country. All your boasting isnt worth a crap, when they come to try and take your guns away just like they did in Europe in the late 80's . They laugh at you because you are helping them by buying their products and paying for your own future destruction. I was former soldier ( Airborne)!

  • Buck

    Guys! just kidding, I own a BMW and a Glock 20sf! Hows that for a patriotic mind screw! Hee Heee but the sad truth is some of it if not all could quite possibly be true. Scary isn't it ? Peace! This is Uncle Buck over and out.

    • justaguy

      How're your knees? :)

      Scouts out~

  • resty ong

    i should be having two of those things man..damn that was magnificent….

  • daman0727

    Seems like there are a lot of different opinions out there just like there are a lot of different guns out there. Best good to me is the one that works best for YOU regardless of the use. Just saying…..

  • Erik Becker

    I just purchased an XD[M] 9mm 5.25 about two months ago. My first handgun. I have put 1800 rounds through it to date. The thing is awesome! I picked up 2 extra mags, to bring me up to a total of 5. That's 95 rounds of joy right there my friends. I will say this, just to squash what people earlier in this blog have been saying, and if it has already been mentioned, I apologize in advance. Springfield Armory never boasted in their marketing of the XD[M] 5.25 line anything about a 'match grade trigger'. They knew many competitive shooters' first thing on the agenda after purchasing any handgun was a trigger job. They put the same trigger as the XD models. I will be getting at trigger job done for my XD[M]. The gun is a blast on the range (pun intended), and the amount of fun you can have is only limited to the amount of money you are willing to spend. I have no regrets about my purchase, and I picked it over the Glock 17L, Glock 19, and BerettaPX4 Storm because it felt the best in my hand. Thank you, that is all.

  • Melly

    Croatia where the XDM is produced is an 88% catholic country.

    • Derek

      Why does this matter?

  • Dale Cauthen

    Mine is a 5.25 in 40 and shoots as well as I can hold it. Right now I’m just getting the Powder River trigger kit in and getting it tuned to shoot as well as a 1911 but without the troublesome single stack magazines to be ready for the new IDPA rules in October so we can convert “glock class” to XDm class !

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