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NRA Show 2012: Introducing the Colt 3-Gun Rifle

by Iain Harrison   |  April 17th, 2012 7

Colt‘s got a brand new AR made specifically for competition shooters, and I was able to get a look at it at the 2012 NRA Show in St. Louis. The Colt 3-Gun Rifle features 28-inch stainless barrel chambered in .223 Wild, capped with a Surefire brake that doubles as a suppressor. One of the coolest features is Colt’s patented adjustable gas system. Rather than worry about whether or not you have an Allen wrench, the system can simply be adjusted by hand, locking at every sixth of a turn and offering 24 positions: open, closed, suppressed and everything in between. The Colt 3-Gun Rifle has an MSRP of $1,999.

  • Kyle Meier

    all these reviews on new guns is great and all but nothing spectacular. A new AR, a new semi auto handgun and a new shotgun. great but im waiting for something truely game changing. I dont know what yet but something that we havent seen before.

  • REM1875

    Like a reasonable priced Colt? :-)

  • Tyler Durden

    Iain, you have several errors in your written article above. AR stands for ARmalite, not assault rifle. So why not just write Colt has a brand new rifle. The barrel is 18 inches long, not 28. The rilfe is chambered in .223 Wylde as well. Why do you mention trying the rifle on a bench when it is intended to be used as a 3-Gun rifle?

    • K. Nice

      He didn't say assault rifle. AR is common slang for an "AR-type rifle". Everyone knew what he was talking about when he said AR, as opposed to a bolt gun or some other configuration. Proofreading is a dead art on the internet so just relax a little will ya.

  • Tyler Durden

    Oh, noticed another error, the muzzle device does not double as a suppressor, it however does have the capability to have a separate suppressor mounted over it. Are you paid or compensated otherwise to write this content? You and the editor need to have a nice long talking to by your bosses.

  • Jonathan

    It's .223 Wylde! (Not "Wild")

  • Bruce

    It would nice to see some updated gun reviews. Some of the reviews are a few years old and don't show updated gun's like say the Beretta Px4 sub that was just updated or the problems with the Sig 238 Safety problems and resolution. What about the new 938 built on the same P238 principle and the saftey on it. The list goes on. Guns and Ammo should be the go to place on guns.

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