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For the Love of Competition How-To

Getting Started in 3-Gun: How to Avoid Disqualification

by Iain Harrison   |  July 26th, 2012 3

The sport of 3-gun shooting is one of the most fun things you can do with your clothes on, so I’m on a mission to share the joy with as many people as possible. Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles to getting involved is the general ignorance of new shooters as to what to expect at a match. So, here’s a quick video explaining how to avoid a couple of the most common pitfalls when you do show up at the range.

So long as you’re safe, you’ll usually find the people involved in the sport to be welcoming and friendly and they’ll go out of their way to explain things to a new shooter, but a little advance knowledge never goes amiss.

Hope to see you at the range.

  • Scott O'Donnell

    Nice run and nice video. Why do you use the Saiga 12? I ask this because I saw a video of you and you were having malfunction after malfunction with and you were pounding on it at one point.

    • Iain

      Scott, I run a Saiga because at the moment, that's pretty much all that's out there if you want a box mag fed design. I'm in the process of transitioning to 1919, but there are still mag issues to be worked out with that one.

  • David

    Outstanding instruction and damn what a run!

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