While at this year’s MGM Ironman 3-Gun Match, I asked a few of the shooters from my squad to give me the rundown on their gear. I was fortunate to be linked up with some great people  from just about every equipment division, so there’s a good cross section of guns represented. Despite the match name, it was good to see more women and juniors attending this year, which is indicative of the overall health of the shooting sports and gun ownership in general. Long may this continue!

If you’re interested in competing at next year’s event, the time to start your research is NOW. Assemble your gear and train at as many smaller, local matches as possible, because simply turning up and expecting to finish, let alone place well is a tall order, equivalent to driving down to the Daytona 500 in the family minivan and expecting to turn in decent lap times. Check out the video from the 2012 MGM Ironman.

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