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For the Love of Competition

Arsenal Firearms Introduces Double Barrel Pistol

by Iain Harrison   |  March 12th, 2012 215

It may come as a surprise to some (and boy, do I feel like a cantankerous old geezer for saying this,) but firearms are a mature technology. We all have to be aware that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should”

Following the invention of the double column magazine by Deudonne Saive, there really haven’t been a whole lot of original ideas coming out of the handgun industry for the last 75 years. Yes, I know, underqualified hacks like me will tell you all about the latest whizbang doodad from SHOT show, but in comparison to say, the medical field, it’s really just the refinement of existing technologies and the application of new materials from other industries, combined in many instances with hyperbolic marketing.

Which brings me to the AF2011-A1 double barrel pistol from Arsenal Firearms. If you listen carefully to the video, you can almost hear the dialog in the meeting that lead to it’s creation. “Hey Franz, we’ve got a couple of spare 1911’s and a MIG welder. Any clue what we can do with them?”  Either that, or they hired a recently-graduated business consultant who mistook the South Park underpants gnomes episode as an instruction manual.

According to Aresenal’s site,  the AF2011-A1 is the “very first industrial double barrel semiautomatic pistol of all times.” But wait there’s more. They’re claiming that they are making this “true industrial market-ready double barrel .45 caliber pistol” to commemorate the Colt 1911-A1 in the Centenary.

It is offered either with two independent triggers and one sear group or with two triggers permanently joined and the choice of one or two sear groups. You can pick up one of these wunderkinds in mirror finish Deep Blue or with a 3400 Vickers surface hardness White Ash Nitrite coating.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a brilliant idea that involves a couple of Glock 17s and a tube of JB Weld…



  • Tom

    That is one ugly gun

    • SammysDad

      Must weigh a ton. Also, you will never find a holster for it if you buy it.

      • Uncle Tom

        If you check their specs, it's about 41/2 Lbs. There are plenty of custom holster mfg's that would be willing to make one to fit. I want to know the price so I can consider it for my birthday. I have more than 6,000 rnd's of .45 acp it would help dispose of to test reliability.

        • MaskedAvenger

          Some guy on this blog stated that it sells for (brace yourself) $26,000.

    • Mel H

      ONLY in the U.S.A.!!!

    • Chilly Moe MaGruder

      I would like to see the round placement on the target

      • J.R. Verdugo

        Yeah, me too!

      • MaskedAvenger

        Hey Chilly, according to the Arsenal Arms specs they say it can put both rounds inside an orange at 15 yards. Is that's accurate, that's not too bad. I wouldn't want one but I'd sure like to shoot one.

  • gladdad

    OK, the obvious question– why?? So what, more ordinance down range. If that's what you want, get an AA12.

    • Kyle Meier

      Agreed if u want more grains downrange in a 1911 get a Guncrafter industries Model 1 (.50 GI) and maybe extended mags.

    • Kevin

      It's spelled ordnance, not ordinance.

      • Steve

        Thankyou. You beat me too it.

      • herman

        no it isn't – check your dictionary

        • Peter

          Ordnance refers weapons, ammunition and/or explosives. Ordinance refers to laws made by the government or local authority. I'm pretty sure we're talking about the first in this situation, in which case "ordinance" is wrong.

        • Dave

          ordnance would be bullets or other payload,ordinance would be a law like a noise ordinance

      • gladdad

        And therein lies the problem with Spell Check. It it's spelled correctly but the incorrect word, you wind up looking like a doofus anyway!!

        My brother pointed out on Facebook that they misspelled Arsenal in the original link: Aresnal Firearms Introduces Double Barrel Pistol – Guns & Ammo . So I don;' feel too bad. They have since corrected it.

    • J.R. Verdugo

      Yeah, you coulda used a shotgun, but it's much smaller!

    • ActualResearch

      "get an AA12"…….wow you sure know your firearms. But too bad your call of duty experience doesn't translate into practical real-life gun advice, as basically NO ONE can get an AA12.
      It's a gamer fantasy weapon that only class 3 dealers can posses for demo use to mil/LE.

  • 2lah


    • Will_Munny

      friggen has too gee's

      • Huh?

        And 2 is spelled two. Just sayin'……….

    • Brandon

      Dude Im not a subscriber but maybe you can post this
      Have you ever seen a hang fire? Thats where a bullet hesitates before it actually fires. This would mean one bullet fires they both get ejected and then the other fires while laying on the ground
      I say unsafe as fk, also it would double the chance for a jam to occur

  • rolandthunder

    Its such a simple idea. You would think that they could have put a little effort into the design. The thing is massively wide. It has got to be hard to control. I challenge them to do an over, under. That would be a pretty cool design.

    • Robert Morgan

      The 1911 itself is such a simple design, which is part of it's persistence. You'd think John Browning could have put a little effort into the design.

      (Now off to flagellate myself for denigrating JMB…)

      • Will_Munny

        I think Im the only one who got your joke. lol

  • Beauzer

    In the Green Hornet movie a couple of years ago,
    the bad guy used what looked like a double Glock,
    except that the grip and trigger were from a single
    gun and the two separate slide / barrelassemblies
    were spaced about an inch apart.

    • Mr. Cartmanez

      Actually, it was a double desert eagle, if you looked closely. When I first saw it, I thought it was a stapler or something.

  • sgt.ret

    Wow, we really have hit the wall when it comes to new designs in firearms…. how much more unpractical can you get!

    • Robert Morgan

      The Russians are already past the wall you speak of with the first all-new pistol action design in decades. It's also from this company, Arsenal, and is making a big splash. A .40 with almost as much recoil as an airsoft…

      Check it out :

    • charles

      yeh but it would be a fun range or melon shooting piece. i love rediclous things. if they are not out in left field with the price i will own one.

  • Matt Draffen

    I agree with the over and under but it's still kinda cool.

  • Thomas Acton

    Novel approach and I approve.
    9mm w/ single trigger might be a better application of the concept though; less width.
    But…..In 22LR, this would be awesome.

    • charles

      i totally agree about 22lr but i am so glad they started with 46acp. just adds so much to the wtf factor

  • Dirty D

    That has got to be the most retarded thing I have ever seen!!!

  • Rick

    Man this thing has got to be wicked to shoot

  • todd chad

    could have done that with some duct tape,how about a doule barreled 12 ga. automatic

    • jm broom

      I tried to get Red Jacket to build me one. But they would not even respond to my e-mail.

      • Robert Morgan

        Might want to wait until they get their FFL back. They 'lost' 5 registered machine guns last year, and the ATF did not approve.

    • K-Mag

      You got the AA12.

    • Your a nigga

      Stupid nigger

  • aUSTIN

    KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Meier

    Seems legit… No not realy, must kick like a siamese mule.

  • D-Man

    This brings me to my next point. Don't smoke Crack! Double Barrel is one thing but molding two together is not only a dumb thing but it's just wrong. In .45ACP, LOL what a load of cr@p! Recoil, Weight, & the "what if" one round fails to fire? If I need that much… ammo/ stopping power down range at one time in a handgun size weapon well theres the Taurus Judge that will shoot the .410 shotshell, or The Desert Eagle in .357mag, .44mag, or in .50AE! Use the Winchester Supreme-elite PDX1 .410ga shells in the Taurus Judge, It holds three small slugs & 12 plated pellets! :)

    • Robert Morgan

      ""what if" one round fails to fire?"

      Nothing, that's what. The slide would travel, eject the faulty round, and load another, which would prevent your untimely demise during a tap/rack required for a conventional firearm. This is the same reason Gatlin designs are unfailingly reliable: one barrel misfires, it just skips it and keeps going, loading a new round on the next pass.

    • joe

      your just on the bandwaggon because until this lame 1911 your taurus judge was the "dried up turd on a bad stretch of road" ugly usless gun of the last 100 years

  • Walter Booker


    • Robert Morgan

      I wouldn't be so sure. I hear one or two people have great success using double-barrel shotguns and double rifles. Go to Sparta for the Trap Grand American, and double-barrels outnumber singles about, oh, 100,000 to 1….I would know, because I'm the one single shooter using a single barrel (but it's an auto:)

      I hate double-barrel shotguns, they're too heavy and they don't 'whip' fast enough for my competition tastes.

  • Flashing Lights

    Admin where are you?

  • Flashing Lights


  • Matt

    Price? I don't see anything on the webpage.

    • SgtPUSMC

      somewhere between ridiculous and astronomical…

  • NKYguy

    Im thinking post sample MG.. lol

    • Papa Fox

      I'm with you the NKY guy. Fires more than one round with one pull of the trigger.

  • nola

    Anyone wanna bet this will be in all the B list action flicks for 2012?

    • Pdog

      Taking bets on who will be the first jackass to dual-wield these in a crappy movie. My money is on Resident Evil 75.

  • Heretic

    I like it. Just like to know more about how it works.

  • Dustin

    Dur de dur youd get the same results dual weilding and more accuracy how about we create a new gun not make amazing clasics look like sh*&

    • Robert Morgan

      Translate to English, por favor?

  • Krinedawg

    I have a feeling this will be next.. .

  • Krinedawg

    Negative my last post, perhaps this work better.. .

  • Krinedawg

    Well I guess Youtube doesn't like me today, do a search on Serious Sam DD. You'll get the point.

    • azredwinger

      You are going to get me fired…LOL!!! Seriaus Sam DD I about fell out of my chair in the office. I do like the double barrel .45 as a collectors item.

  • Mike

    Looks like something Red Jacket would build

    • Heretic

      if they do, you can be sure they'll take the credit for it.

      • Robert Morgan

        This is a well built piece. That alone puts it far above their abilities.

        I mean, come one Red jacket, you 'invented' the Masterkey? Then how did it see use in Vietnam?

  • chris

    the only way to do an over under design is for it to be single shot .or double shot with a break down barrel

    • Jim

      An over-under design could be acomplished by using two top eject Sten recievers. The holster would be a bear; but, the two barrels would have to have opposite rifling to counter the torque effect. The pistol in this article should, also, have opposite rifling (clockwise and counterclockwise twists).
      My question is why not a three gun melt with the center having a smooth bore, top eject to provide for a shot shell round. A grenade launcher could be attached underneath, just for effect.

  • dpclay69

    can't wait for lara croft to be sporting a pair of these!

  • guest

    So…if this thing fires more than one bullet with a single trigger pull does that make it a class III firearm??

    • Uncle Tom

      Very good point. Would it be a machine gun or any other weapon?

    • Mickey

      Yes, absolutely.

    • Jeff Stanley

      Like a double barrels shotgun is a machine gun?

      • Mickey

        A dual trigger double barrel can shoot both barrels at once by pulling two triggers, and that is fine under the National Firearms Act of 1934. If you modify a single trigger double barrel shotgun to fire both barrels at one time with a single trigger pull, then it is now a machine gun under US law. The proposed double trigger version of the pistol would not violate this law, because it requires two trigger pulls to shoot two barrels. The single trigger version. if it fired both barrels with one pull of that trigger, would absolutely be a machine gun.

  • Gungeezer

    Have any of you ever heard of "APRIL FOOLS DAY"?
    Looks like some got taken in with a little PhotoShop

    • Dave86

      Yes, and the photoshop is very well done.

    • Robert Morgan

      Check here:

      They also have a half-sized sub caliber version, and another source claims they're already in talks to provided these to the Military and several city Police depts…..

      If the video is photoshopped, then hollywood should call their designer, because that is the most convincing digital gunshot ever filmed…

  • Gungeezer

    Anyone heard of "APRIL FOOLS DAY"?
    Just brought in a little early. Same thing
    took place several years ago in another mag.,
    and the company actually had some deposits
    sent in. ;)

  • Heretic

    So….is this real or not?

  • Fred

    This comment may give a migraine to those who see guns purely as tools, like screw drivers and wrenches, but I'm going to say it anyway: Some guns are just for fun! Yes! Fun! Why does every gun have to be practical? The Desert Eagle .50 AE is not practical, but what a hoot to shoot! Also, some guns are an exercise in problem solving. Just sit back, enjoy the ride, and take a look at how someone solved the problems of building a double-barrel auto pistol.

  • Matt

    Novelty gun like the Chiappa Rhino.

  • Bill K

    I guess someday it could be on the collector's list. But it is sort of silly, really. Bill K

  • BuffaloBob

    It's cool. Practical? Who cares. They did it because they COULD, and that's reason enough.

  • Unicornfart

    Oh, that is really hilarious. What kind of accent is that anyway? Sounds like a cross between mad German scientist and al queda mastermind. This simply can't be real. If it is, then the entire gun industry has just jumped the shark.

    • Robert Morgan

      Italian, where these guns are manufactured.

      This simply can be real, and is confirmed:

      • old vet

        Just because something is real does not mean it can't also be a joke, look at Obama.

  • Rhcomms12

    Yes, quite the novelty! But just the same, could be a very smooth shooter! One barrel with a RH twist, the second with a LH twist … hybrid guide rods and springs … yep, just could be a hand full of H#LL YES!! But Practical? …sadly, no.

  • 1911fan2012

    I can hear it now: "Puts the double in double-tap" What an ad campaign slogan! Seriously, April Fool.

  • MotoJB

    What a fun toy that would be! Who cares about practicality. I'd buy one in a heartbeat!

  • Geo1

    I have to say…I think I threw up a little bit….and laughed a LOT!

    Kindest Regards…

    In God We Trust…

  • Ken Ostler


    I'm gonna say AF= April Fool's

    • SgtPUSMC

      If only that were true…

      AF = Arsenal Firearms and it isn't April.

      • Dave86

        I must agree with Ken on this one. AF = April Fools.

    • Dave86

      I second that opinion. It has the look of a good joke.

    • Robert Morgan

      Existence confirmed, and our military/police are already expressing interest.

  • JoeHBro

    why not 4 barrels? or 8? or 13.5?

  • Dave Martin

    Wonderfully fantastically insane. I like it..

  • Frank M. Caganich

    Wow, where can I get one, I should of had one of these when I was in the Marine Corp.

  • Richard

    Hey, I have three spare. Hey, I have 5 spare. Then what? … 10? 20? More?
    A better idea is to make sure to master one already and hit the target every time.
    This this is just an oddity.

  • Alan_T

    Assuming that it's not a hoax …… what possible application could it have other than a movie prop ? ? ? It's no good for conceal – carry , in fact you'd have a hard time carrying it period . It CAN'T be accurate and I don't see how it could be very reliable , if one round differs from the other that's being fired the slides aren't going to cycle correctly ! It's just STUPID , why not just carry two separate 1911's or a larger calibre ? ? ?
    OH ! and I forgot to mention ….. clearing malfunctions ….. a stove – pipe or a double feed ( which 1911's are known for ) would be a nightmare to clear and I don't even want to think about a failure to extract and a live round in the other chamber !

  • peteb

    they got anything bigger than a .45? maybe a .500 mag? not too bad though, it might actually fit my hand

  • Nevadashooter

    I agree with the above, just pull the trigger twice, with a double column magazine. Same result, better accuracy. In a tight situation you dont want to hit friendlies. But I do applaud new approaches whether they are good or bad, for them trying something new. We do not want to stifle creativity in the field.

  • Henry Bowman

    It wont get past the ATF; it fires more than one round for a single poull of the trigger.

    • Dave86

      Good point.

    • Gary

      Look again–two rounds—two triggers=one round per trigger pull=====DUH

  • Keith

    Hand held minigun? like a gatling gun? Powered by a 36 volt Dewalt lithium battery? that would be a real hand held power tool.

  • DrMorbius

    I see April Fool's has come a little early this year…

  • Randy Morphis

    Any truth to the rumor that a Gatling 1911 is due out later this year.

  • Gil Star

    Errrr Why?

  • Bruce Fleming

    So is this the April 1 edition?

  • hicusdicus

    I see a gun nuts wet dream and a manufacturer laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Mase Maney

    That gun is gorgeous, has to be one of the best guns ive ever seen!!! It is amazing

  • Lowenski

    The accent is Italian

  • Lowenski

    Does anyone know what a 1911 costs Please advise


    • BobtheEternalFlame

      A STANDARD 1911 handgun runs anywhere from $400 and up. That's SINGLE SHOT in .45ACP.

      THIS lovely little piece of… well, impracticality (for anything other than Zombies), I'd say it probably costs more than $2000. IF it's not just a show piece/April Fool's Joke.

      Either way, it's awesome, and I want one.

      • Donald Conner

        I think you are about $3K short. The Chiappas 10mm double stack is at $4k, about $3K more than it should cost. Look at the double stack Para's and Springfields prices. I don't think you can convince me the Chiappis is worth it. And that monstrous port will throw a dump truck full of crud in your face. Goodbye, eyeballs. I want one too–it's like the old dual-quad Hemi 426 with blowers-power to spare.

  • Jim

    so would one shot er two shots be a double tap and 2 shots or would that be 4 be a double double tap or a quadruple tap, oh my i've gone cross eyed

  • smokey joe

    I think my idea is better. A .17 mach II gatling pistol. Electrically operated with micro switch trigger and powered by an internal dynamo with hand crank (ala survival radio).

  • 1911RU

    Any of you tards realize its mid March? Just another hairbrained attempt to make some money, so why bash them? If they release this they would probably sell at least 1000 maybe more, so once again… why not.

  • Flashing Lights

    The recoil will always going to be unpredictable since there is no way to fire both at the same time. Same goes for just pulling one trigger. There is no way to get the barrels perfectly aligned, meaning no persition.
    This is one sad excuse for a firearm, that I would laugh at anyone dumb enough to buy this junk. Unless your hand is a tumor no way to get a proper grip and less flowup shots.

    • Robert Morgan

      Two triggers, but only ONE hammer. Impossible not to fire at the same time. Argument, collapsed.

      • John

        Then it would be a machine gun.

  • 10mm

    "Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a brilliant idea that involves a couple of Glock 17s and a tube of JB Weld…" Brilliant comment below the video. Nice padded gloves. I think it's fairly original and the sight of brass flying out both sides is awesome.

  • dingus

    The accent is scotts, having an extra chromosome can make it hard to hear.

  • asapmil

    This is the oddest thing I have seen in 3 decades as an Army Ordnance officer. I agree with other posters that it must be hard to clear jams, heavy and clunky. Practical or not, I also agree that it will probably soon be mowing down Zombies in every cheesey movie made in the next couple of years. I would rank it alongside pistol-mounted bayonets and the 1960's "Gyrojet" rocket pistols. For normal use, I think I'll stick with my ParaOrd Big Hawg 1911 with the same round capacity.

  • Dan

    Yawn. Seen this coming. Around the civil war period, there were some double barreled revolvers. Yup, I said revolvers. Side by side, two triggers, two hammers. I forgot what manufacturer but after I read about them in one of Louis L'Amours books, I looked up the model and actually saw a few being sold as antiques…I bet loading those black powder things were a pain, though…

  • asapmil

    Aout 15 or 20 years ago, somebody made an "anti-vampire" pistol set which was an engraved S&W snub revolver in a coffin-shaped case, with real silver bullets, a fancy silver trimmed wooden stake and a bottle of holy water. With this pistol, some distributer could make up a "Zombie" suitcase set with a dozen spare mags, a couple of thermite grenades, and a Viking battle axe. I'm just throwing the idea out there, since we are on the topic of "crazy ideas."

    • Alan_T

      Yeah , I remember seeing that vampire snubby featured in American Handgunner …. well …. at least you could use that without worrying if you're going to blow your hand off ….. like you would if you had the misfortune to have a squib in one of the barrels of this monstrosity HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • AFS23

    I bet Hillsman holsters could make a holster for it….

  • T.Langille

    What kind of insanity is this? What possible use is this firearm suited for? Someone explain please?

    • Robert Morgan

      "What possible use is this firearm suited for?"

      Shooting things, mostly…

  • alpha1six

    While I am an owner of several hand guns and support the right to bear arms this is one weapon that I would approve the govt. banning from entering the US. Who the hell would want /need this rediculous gimmicky freak of a pistol? I mean other than the gang banger or some militia nutcase? I can't imagine any legitimate gun owner even wanting one.

    • T.D. Ball


      You and all the rest with like mindlessness are complete idiots and NOT a supporters of the right to keep and bear arms. It's folks like you that are the cause of continued gun control in this country. What makes you qualified to ask "who would want/need this ridiculous gimmicky freak of a pistol" and decide what the rest of us can or should be able to own? You are the same type that doesn't see the "need" for a black rifle, 50 BMG rifles, or $50,000 double rifles or machineguns, regardless of the fact that they are all legal to own and operate. It does not matter what the firearm is, if it goes bang with a pull of the trigger it should be supported by all whether or not you choose to own one.

      • Alan_T

        I agree with you T.D. , I personally wouldn't want one because ( amoung other things ) I don't think it would be safe . But if anyone else has the money and wants one …. I back them 100 % .

    • John

      Yeah I may not like it but I defend myself to the death for your right to own it.

  • bucky

    How does it feed 2 rounds out of 1 mag at exactly the same time?

  • wtf?

    It's two mags side by side sharing a floorplate

  • Mikey

    A new definition for double tap and recovery of site picture :)

  • Dr. Doug

    Oh for crying out loud! Just because you can…doesn't mean you should. This takes "spray and pray" to a whole new level. I mean, okay, the Taurus Judge and S&W Governer. I can easily see the value in that concept, throw a bunch of lead and point aim, and everything will be ok!. But this idea is just…what's the word….DUMB! What's next? Four barrel, handheld, rpg's? Be sure to add picittany rails to those!

    • Dr. Doug

      Wait, I think I got it, It's for the APRIL 1ST issue? Hello….good joke!!!!

  • Fernando Ruiz

    As things are I can hear the voices of excessive force…
    Nice to have as a novelty but unpractical as hell.
    Interesting gun, not good looking, though.

  • Blut Rot

    Good Gimmick. Some will buy as a novelty. Not good for much else. Great for blowing up Zombies. Still means sales.

  • Leaveil Smooth Binion

    You damn dummies its not a April Fools joke just go to the damn website. Arsenal Firearms! Geesh you would thought someone would have done that before posting it was a joke. Or after reading 10 post prior to your own. smh

    • disqus_mUf4jGYz3p

      This double barrel pistol is awesome! ! !

  • MegaMan


  • Ed Earl Johansen

    Do you have to be sporting a mullet to purchase it?

  • no name

    It's one of the strangest thing yes. But give them credit for the concept of making it work .I wouldn't buy one but sure would like to shoot it once for the fun of it. Buy I will stick with my old 1911 that I have had since 1978.

  • Bryon

    So what do you think, conceal carry or outward lol. (how about an ankle holster)

  • Flashing Lights

    Two barrels mean the bullets will go two different different directions.

  • Pete Scott

    How can this be legal when it fits the definition of an automatic weapon
    Firing more than one shot with a single trigger pull

  • glen

    Its a gimmick – but an investment for the collector. In video you dont see him shoot a target or is he moving when shooting…. also to say its performance to shoot 4000 gr of lead vs 9mm 30 round is horse s**t , target placement is the key. Saying it is performance is like saying my car is faster because its Red.

    • NOMO

      More like saying my car is faster because it has a bigger engine, but no steering wheel….

      • 3 balls

        I am into blackpowder firearms….here’s how you can shoot
        3 balls with one trigger pull safely and it costs about 450 for the gun.
        Buy a Colt Walker replica. Put 30 grains of 2F in the cylinder, then
        load 3 round balls on top of each other one at a time. Grease over
        the last ball. You now have 18 balls per 6 cylinders……I out shot a
        fella with his 44 mag. in Colorado….I let him go first….he hit the
        bull at 20 yds, I destroyed the target with one trigger pull. He looked
        at all the holes and was totally in disbelief. I made a lifelong friend as
        he asks for me at Elk camp every year since. I use it for mountain lions
        and other unfriendlys.

  • Bill M.

    You guys are so stupid. "It's not practical", "How you gonna conceal that?", "Stupidest thing ever". What a bunch of idiots. This is OBVIOUSLY not meant to be in line with some practical use. It's just for fun! Quit being so serious! I think it's a bitchin' looking pistol, and if the price is right, I will own one. It's just for something cool to whip out when my buddies are over so they can go "Whoa! Cool!". Sure to be a collector. I just wish it came in .45 long colt instead of wimpy .45 ACP. I'm sure even with dual long colts, it wouldn't kick as bad (good) as my .460 Magnum.

  • SemperFlyBoy

    If you're going to carry that in a fanny pack, you're need to have a fanny as big as…well, mine. Did someone already say this is a really stupid idea, or was it just the voices in my head?

    • Alan_T

      Say ! ….. I've got an idea ……. we could carry it in a pair of " Thunder Wear " ! ! ! , nobody'd notice THAT ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Paul Z

    Ill take one and make mine a engraved chromed out ghetto version please. Don't forget the gold inlays and Mexican eagle pearl grips. I'm not kidding Id buy this monster

  • John

    I find it pertty F up like burning a US flag, Then has the balls to to say the Gock 17 is next.

  • Dan

    If you hunt with it you probably have to have two hunting permits

    • Alan_T

      Yeah ,,,,, but just think of the fun we'd have hunting and carrying it in a pair of " Thunder Wear " ! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Capt Hal Jordan

    I don't believe this would fall under class III protocols as it fires two rounds simultaneously with a single trigger pull as opposed to consecutive (one after the other) with a single trigger pull.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Red Shoes

    Use that thing for self defense and almost assure you that the judge and jury will find you guilty of murder. You had two guns and you wanted to kill. OVERKILL! End of case, jail time! It's about the most obscene thing I've ever seen

  • fraziersfirearmsammo

    I own a gun shop and for the pure novelty of it I was finally able to contact arsenal firearms only to find out that not nly do you have to have a class 3 stamp($200) the price of the forearm is $26,000.00 US dollars

    • MaskedAvenger


      • old vet

        So much for all the experts who proclaimed this as non class 3!

        • PatHenry

          If you are able to fire 2 bullets at once it makes it a class 3 ?

          • Zaphod Smith

            If it has only one trigger yes..

          • PatHenry

            That’s what I thought as you can not have more than one bullet fire with each pull of the trigger unless it’s classified as a class 3 weapon. Thanks for the answer.

    • jj

      The gun sells for between $4300-$4700 each

  • werbaz neutrol

    Gun is a fraud. If you know how a Model 1911 works, you know that welding two slides togethers, using two triggers and two hammers to ignite two cartridges, side by side, at precisely the same instant it impossible. The first ctg. to ignite would begin to recoil the slide exposing the breech area of the second bbl and when that second ctg. fired, the case would rupture, bullet would jam in the bbl., gas and brass particles would spray out the breech area of the pistol to the discomfort of the shooter and the double slide would not get enough recoil from the first round fired to cycle this double pistol, with its slower bbl. jammed anyway. Won't work guys. Photoshop?

    • Sandspur6

      Notice that at no time does the video show a clear view of the hammer(s). I think that it probably has a one piece hammer that strikes the firing pins simultaneously, thus causing both rounds to fire at the same time.

    • MaskedAvenger

      It seems real. Here's their website:

      I wouldn't want to own one, but I have to admit I'd sure like to shoot one.

  • NOMO

    If it is real, they invented an actual left-handed 1911. Because this is not just two right-handed 1911's welded together. There is a market for that. That should be the patent and product to go for.

    • emann

      Randall made a true left hand 1911. That was the first thing I thought of, a right and left handed Randall glued together.

  • Mike

    Lame. It has a fat ass.

  • Sandspur6

    Notice that at no time does the video show a clear view of the hammer(s). I think that it probably has a one piece hammer that strikes the two firing pins simultaneously, thus causing both rounds to fire at the same time. The triggers are probably similarly connected so as to act as one, regardless of which one you actually pull.

    I agree that there is no logical reason for this gun to be built, other than for the makers to demonstrate their machining capabilities by being able to say "hey, looky here what we can do".

  • werbaz neutrol

    I got my first .45 Model 1911 at age 17 and I am 75 now and have shot one kind or another of this pistol design frequently over all this time. I expect you might get one shot off from this thing, if it really exists. Then the likelihood of jams from one side or another is huge. If one round goes off even a split second before the other round fires, consider the speed at which the slide will begin to recoil from the first shot. That would mean that – at best – the second barrel's action would be compromised as the slide begins to recoil just a tiny bit, the headspace of the second cartridge would be compromised, too much of that cartridge case would be exposed to the open ejection port on that side and the case would rupture and spew gasses and brass bits. I have received some really nasty replies to this comment on other sites, but I expect I am the one laughing after all is said and done. I do love the humor behind this, however. Having one would be like dating a female with two vaginas: two menstral cycles to coordinate, two PMS episodes each 28 days, each just a bit out of phase with the other, oversized, just "too much action" available for "need."

  • kyle

    just my 2 cents, as far as firearms go, they are pretty simple, (explosion makes bullet go), theres not 2 much more you can do with that other then shooting more at a time or shooting them faster.

  • Daniel

    I hear a lot of negative comments about the looks the practicality and everything else under the sun. The fact is that while the idea may seem simple the actual machining and workings of the gun aren't something a weekend warrior would be capable of in his/her garage. And yes history has given us guns for practical purposes but there are plenty of other guns out there that while not practical are still neat to see and even shoot. I have my go to guns for my personal carry and protection, hunting and other purposes, however I also have guns that have no true purpose(i.e. a .50 cal. AE semi auto) other than to throw lead down range and have fun while doing so. I applaud the manufacturer and while this probably won't be a top seller it's still nice to see something of this nature.

  • Brandon

    This gun is complete crap think of how unsafe it is for example, What is a hang fire? Its where the primer is struck by the firing pin and there is a pause before the bullet actually fires. So what will happen when 1 bullet fires then the second has a hang fire? Well looks like you got a bullet on the ground that is fixin to blow the fk up. Also to me it seems you double your chance at your gun jamming.

  • Butch

    How much are they? where can I buy one?

  • old vet

    Someone comes up with an idea once in a while, that seems really keen. But actually won't take off. Anyone remember the Gyrojet? As far as the "Military expressing interest" won't happen, if you notice it takes both hands to shoot this beast. I'm waiting for the actual Guns & Ammo test on this contraption, so we can see real world performance. Will make for a cool collectors piece.

    • Tim

      The wife said we need two.

      • old vet



    This thing is made by Eye Ties,. Have you ever seen anything weird made by Eye Ties that was workable. Oh yes i forgot a FIAT>

    Eye Ties, ITALIANS.

    • rycsailor

      I guess Ferrari and Lamborghini are made in Poland……….or maybe those awful Beretta shotguns…….

  • rick

    Fantastic I want one

  • yotehunter

    Every one is saying how wide it is and not thinking it is holding 2 clips in it & 16 YES 16 bullets, it HAS to be wide think about it.. Well I'll say hate it to, just to fit in with most people here, but I'll take 2 of them lol.. I love it, If it comes out an about REASONABLY PRICED i will own one :p

  • dustin746

    Reminds me of that guy's pistol on the green hornet. Lol

  • Jeff

    THIS IS PURE GUN ART!!! Like a painting, a statue or any other piece of art it matters not whether it is practicle. I feel truly sorry for you guys that judge everything by whether it has a practicle application. Hopefully some day you will buy something because it is gorgeous, innovative and/ or superbly engineered for the sheer joy of looking at it, touching it, etc. (Ferrari, Harly Davidson motorcycle, many women- truly impracticle) How about fun? What a concept. Live a little guys. This gun will be in my "arsenal" if the gun goons (BATF) let it in the country. Sadly, that's doubtful in our current nanny state.

  • Pporter

    Here's the OTHER thing… better buy one, because you can bet some anti-gun politician will see it and somehow try and roll it into the class III category….

  • Corey Shockley

    I think this is a great design even if just as a novelty,it definitely would be odd to carry or even to protect yourself with but i would assume there are quite a few people that would love to have one,even if just to say to sey HEY! i have a double barrel 1911 is pretty bad ass but i can say this,it is one step in either the right or wrong direction i like the design and either im slow or im just not up to date on current firearms because i literally just found out about this crazy thing,but as far as gimmicks they have one hell of a gimmick,most guys with a set of nuts would defnitely say they want one,but i can say this i would shoot it and even buy it if i had the wallet full of cash lol,the 1911 is a design that will never go away people can tweak it,add things,do whatever they please but the 1911 is around to stay,ask anyone who shoots or is an avid collector of firearms and i garuntee they have a 1911 tucked away somewhere and no matter where you go things grow and change either for good or bad so im sure someone with the money and the means will definitly buy one.

  • Jeremy

    Its one of them gun you get just to show off and say i have one and thats.But its cool and i think if some one said you want a free one i would take it.

  • ian sutherland

    its the answer to a question noone asked. if you need two shots you aren't doing it right.

  • Yafeez

    Dear Team,

    Great Job….

    when we import in Pakistan (Through Proper Chanal).


  • Ricardo

    Awesome article! Who would have thought that a gun like this would ever exist. Would love to see these at – It's one of my favourite ranges to practice at when I'm in town.

  • courtney michelle

    i freakin love it im checking on a price in just a min its perfect

  • Big "E"

    I would like to have a AR-15 or a min.-14 Side -by- Side like that two 30 round clips of .223 . Now that would be a kick in the touchhole !

    • Jake

      they dont have clips….that are mAgazines…..not clips magazines….mag…

  • Jim

    We're all thinking it. just let me throw it out there. Rule number two: always double tap!!

  • Eric Peach

    Why are there two triggers? From looking at the pictures the slide is one piece so you can’t shoot the barrels independently! When both barrels are loaded and you fire just the right barrel wouldn’t the live round in the left chamber be extracted with the spent casing of the right side! This is retarded!!! Double barrel shotguns work because each barrel is single shot not auto loading! Waste if ammo in my opinion!!!!!!

    • steve

      It fires both with a pull of either trigger, hence why its difficult for the atf to categorize firing multiple rounds with a single trigger pull.

    • slys9.2

      Better question; what’s a shitgun and where may I purchase one?

      • Guest

        OMG!!! Tat is possibly the funniest thing I’ve read today! I want one too!

      • Joe Barrett

        OMG that is the funniest thing I have read in awhile! But to answer your question, it’s kind of like a potato gun, but with an ignition system that doesn’t require the shooter to open up the chamber to charge it… (EEWWW). And I want one too! LOL!

  • Heavy_Weapons_81mm

    I saw something like this in a late night TV movie. The only question I have is Why? Sort of like having a 95 year old paraplegic (Man, not the venerable 1911) and giving him viagra and amphetamine. Might work, but not a long range plan…

  • TomBerger

    It’s a Beautiful Firearm, but I’ve searched everyplace for price and can’t find anything related to a suggested retail price. Can someone help me?

  • RDC1378

    Just handled one of these today while the salesman was pitching it to the store owner. This is definetly a cow with a saddle on it. You could ride it but why would you want to?

  • ME

    Well not getting into the Legality of these BUT I feel if a company is able to sell these and NOT be taken down by the ATF then I must be able to purchase it , that being said through MY research I have found these for approx. $4600.00 US Dollars. Nuff said , I will not be buying one due to financial means .

  • RWE

    I don’t understand why people are so negative. If it’s not for you fine. There are plenty of firearms on the market, go buy something else. However, I would love to have one just for the novelty. I saw one commenter say the price was 26,000.00. Well, I guess the closest I’m going to get is the you tube video!

    • Jukio

      I dont know where that idiot invented 26.000 $ price tag. Official price in Europe is 3500 euros. SO you are looking at base US price in range of 4500 $.

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