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For the Love of Competition SHOT Show 2012

What was the Best New Handgun at the SHOT Show?

by Iain Harrison   |  January 31st, 2012 111

Caracal Full Size 9mm

Full disclosure; due to work commitments I wasn’t able to visit anywhere near the number of exhibitors I wanted to last week, so there may well have been a hidden gem lurking unseen. That said, 2012 seemed like an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary year in the firearms industry, with no real standout designs from major manufacturers. Most of the innovation seemed to be at the margins, with smaller companies and accessory makers taking point.

An example of this would be the Caracal pistol. This gun has been bobbing around at the periphery for a few years now, but now looks set to make its debut in the U.S. market, with a solid distribution and marketing plan behind it. All this is good news for us shooters as no matter how good the product, if it isn’t supported with spares, consumables and the aftermarket, it will disappear after making a brief splash in the gun rags. I hope this pistol sticks around for a long time, as it’s pretty damned good.

The Caracal is made in the United Arab Emirates and is designed by one of the engineers who brought us the Glock and Steyr handguns. It should come as no surprise then that it’s pretty strongly influenced by both designs, being polymer framed and striker fired with an 18 round capacity in 9mm. The important differences are in its ergonomics and trigger, as the bore axis is the lowest I’ve ever seen on a locked breech pistol and the factory trigger is set at 2.8lbs with a clean break and a short tactile reset. It is, by far the best factory trigger I’ve ever shot in a polymer gun and knocks the reigning champion, the Springfield XDm 5.25, off its pedestal.

I managed to put a half dozen or so mags through the full-size gun at Media Day at SHOT and was impressed by the lack of muzzle flip and natural pointability. If the production examples are the same as the ones provided to the press, then it will deserve your attention.  Caracal have a pretty decent IPSC crew in Europe and are actively courting some very big name shooters in the US at the moment in order to build a USPSA Production division team –  if they sign the guy I hope they will, then expect some fireworks this year.

I’m looking to get a test gun in house to put through the wringer and give a better idea of its capabilities – watch this space.

  • JSpalding

    Trigger is set to 2.8KG from factory. roughly 5 lbs. Thank you for the great article! From the sounds of the article I may have walked through this pistol with you. Thank you for stopping by and I am glad you liked the pistol.

    • Victor Romen

      Any idea when the Caracal will be approved for use in USPSA Production Division?

    • Duker

      Funny, I read the article as saying 2.8 lbs., just saying.

    • turbo771

      Somehow, i don´t know how to post the link here, but just type in youtube search bar: caracal F 1000 rounds torture test.

      I am indeed impressed by what I saw

  • wally

    Oh boy…another plastic pistol…

    • Guest

      Oh boy…another 1911 clone.

  • Hairy

    factory trigger is set at 2.8lbs, not kgs

    • wally

      actually 2.2 kgs…roughly 5 lbs…

      • Argyle Gargoyle

        I am sure it's kgs. 2.2 lbs on a factory gun is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

      • Son

        Is that possible? 2.2kgs factory trigger! that is one very hard trigger…

  • Craig S. Andersen

    Really? There's nothing wrong with the original polymer military pistol, the Glock 17. Often imitated, frequently copied, constantly ripped off but there is only one Glock. When the zombie hordes are breaking down my door, I will know my Glock 21 SF is equal to the job and will never fail me.

    • Johnno

      Browning / Saive double stack magazine, 1907 Roth-Steyr striker and H&K P9S inspired plastic frame. Yeah, all original…

    • Argyle Gargoyle

      Nothing wrong except the horrible ergonomics. As comfortable as a pickhandle.

    • Brandon

      Actually I have just purchased a brand new glock 20 and with out ever shooting it I can tell you its an accident waiting to happen. The guide rod falls out of the gun every time you remove the slide. Im sure this only happens maybe 1 of 1000 but if they wanted perfection maybe they should test their crap more.

    • Open_Class

      Gs are long in the tooth and brands are now innovating on the original design ideas

  • mike

    United Arab Emirates…really!…No thanks.

  • Steve

    American made only, please. United Arab Terrorist Emmer-whatever's can keep their pistol.

    • Guest

      Now, now. Let's be nice. The UAE has always been a moderate government and it's one of the more secular, tolerant, and Westernized societies in the Middle East. The UAE has always cooperated with the US government against terrorism and extremism, long before 9/11, and a lot of bullets, beans, and blankets for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq has gone through ports they control, with admirable security and efficiency. Maybe they only do it because terrorism is bad for business, but at least they don't fund terrorism or let their mullahs declare jihad against the West.

      And yeah, as a rule I prefer to buy American, but these days, if you were starting a business manufacturing firearms, would you open plants in the US? With Obama in charge? I wouldn't.

      • Arne Boberg

        I opened one with Obama in charge, but after 7 years of start-up effort, I wasn't going to let him rain on my parade. If anything, (I hate to say this) Obama has been good for gun sales – so far.

        • George

          The lies told by interested parties concerning the Presidents would be actions against our 'Right to Bare Arms' have been completely false. When Obama was first elected $650 AR15's were selling for $1000 to $1250 plus. Guys were going deep into the plastic and even 401K's. Guess the falsehoods worked.

      • Nomadic1

        Wow, what foolery. Obama hasnt and wont touch your right to bear arms, if other dems in the past havent done it, why would he. Just like 24 years of reagan bush and bush has not out lawed abortion. Keep your bigotry to yourself

        • Frankster

          ""if other dems in the past havent done it.."

          I hope that is sarcasm.

          Otherwise, do you not remember the last Democrat President before Obama, named Bill Clinton? He signed into law the Brady Act and the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, both of which contained significant infringements on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

          And those are just the ones that became law. If not for Republican and NRA efforts, there would have been many more.

    • JCP

      American illuminati/Jewish elite are the Real Terrorist, u sheep.

      • guest

        Yeah some quality spoken english there. Just what every American respects some off the wall rant in broken english! Havent we sponsored some billion dollar effort to teach you english in your city yet?

      • DetroitZillaNoJoke

        @JCP. Your opinion is right. Unlike many lemmings you do not take the party-line as gospel truth.The "Banksters" are the single most threat to our freedom in USA. Who is banking? The"Jews" are banking, Federal Bank,Wall Street and media. America is choking on Zionist propaganda. Patriot Act law stripped many civil liberties away. Think critical or perish. Loss of 2nd ammendment right to bare arms is freedom's final blow. If the international one world order prevails you can reserve a seat on a one way rail-car complemnts of FEMA to what the Cubano's call, "Campo". All competent citizens should bare arms to guarantee freedom.

      • Blue collar JEW

        You are a paranoid shmuck. You PUTZ

  • AthensGuns

    Yippe, another Glock clone.

    • DetroitZillaNoJoke

      @ DetroitZillaNojoke. 1984 has come to pass.Weep. Infringement of my my 1st ammendment right to free speech. What has happened to our republic when you can't make comments on a Gun forum?Not a lemming here. The JEW'S control the media. This was a test and you have proven my point and failed. Criticize the Jew's and you will be silenced

      • DetroitZillaNoJoke

        @DetroitZillaNoJoke. Don't bait me. Lets cut to the chase Guns/Ammo.The Caracal 9MM looks good and I might purchase one and don't care if the Arabs designed and built it for production. Many hard working folks can't afford S&W, Wilson Combat ect.Why did you sensor my 1st post? Was it my criticism of a certain state near the middle-east thats supposedly is an ally of the USA, but always acts in it's own best interets even if in direct opposition to ours (USA) or was it the dig at banking, the "Banksters" ? Maybe my slap at our current administration. E-mail me your editorial justification. Really like to know where I stomped on a nerve.

  • Jim

    Made by an Arab State, NEVER HAPPEN!

    • Guest

      You must walk everywhere since you don't like giving your money to "arab states."

  • !!!!!

    Delivered with a strip of C4 in the grip! Or an aluminum firing pin!

  • Rivrbouy

    hehehehe another new pistol,will the wonders ever cease ??? ohhh well,another plastic pistol that holds many rounds,unless we're going to war,8-10 ought to be plenty … as to trigger,it's not a target gun and at 20-30 ft,what difference will it make ???

  • Alakar

    I never cared for the Glocks. The grip angle just never felt right in my hand and as a result never felt comfortable shooting. This looks like a Glock that was modified for me personally. I will definitely be checking this out.

    • Glocked27

      Wilhelm Bubits, who used to work for Glock was contracted to build a pistol for the UAE government. If you've handled the Caracal pistol it's just fits in your hand nice and shoots great for a polymer.

  • oilman10

    I actually had the opportunity to shoot both the full sized, and compact models at the Elm Fork range in Dallas several months ago. One of the "beta testers" had them at the range. Don't recall his name, but Ed seems to stick in my head. At any rate, I liked both pistols, but was really excited about the compact model. The rear sight was located just in front of the ejection port. I found the sights very easy to acquire, and use. The trigger was very easy to control. Re-acquiring the target after each shot was fast and consistent. Accuracy was excellent as well. I really liked the gun, and would have bought one just on impulse had they been available.

  • Doc

    Could the glowing report of the Caracal be do to the fact that they are a fairly new advertiser with Guns & Ammo? I two have second thoughts about buy a weapon from "enemy" state. Just my feeling.

    • Bryan

      Im with you after seeing where its made i wont buy or look at one

      • robert

        UAE is not an enemy state i worked with several in afghanistan while deployed there and they were very nice. and i hate to say it but American made does not always mean quality made like it use to.

        • old vet

          Yes they are, they just deal with us on an financial basis, we are heading into a Holy war, if not now soon. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

    • Glocked27

      Stop your ignorance with the "enemy state" thing. You've obviously have not dealt with or met anyone personally from the UAE.

  • Dan

    All America needs is another foreign weapon yet alone from the United arab Emirates. I am glad for the write up so there is another handgun I don't have to have a desire to own.

  • EdgeGun

    I would not buy a gun made in the United Arab Emirates. I am an "infidel" according to them and they are certainly not a friend of America. Why support them any more than we "have" to (e.g. oil)?

    • JLG

      Do you even know anything about the UAE? Ive lived in the UAE for 6 years and what you are talking is absolute nonsense. You probably couldnt point to it on a map. Youve surely heard of Dubai? Well thats in the UAE. More modern and morally advanced than anywhere in the world, without question. Viewing the entire Middle East based on the terrorist actions of a few is like labelling the entire USA as murderers simply because we read about murderers in the news. Seriously, open up your perspective and maybe travel a bit.

  • Iain

    Shall we take each of your points in turn?

    Leaving aside your racist slur, if I were choosing a firearm for personal protection I'd want the best available. 'Best' is a subjective term, but I'd be happy to consider any gun that might fit my needs. I notice you have Glocks & SIGs and didn't rule them out due to their origin, or perhaps you forgot about the teensy little spat that happened in Europe last century.

    They didn't pay me a damn thing. I shot the gun & recorded my impressions. Dismissing it, as you put it as a POS without having seen it in person seems a little short-sighted.

    As I'm sure you're already aware, the UAE is one of the very few Gulf states that supported the US in Desert Storm and allowed us to base troops there during the Iraq war. They're also one of the few countries in the region with a constitutional government and a reasonable human rights record. Not perfect by any means, but better than a majority of places we do business with. But hey, they're just filthy Arabs and should get to the back of the bus.

    And in case you were wondering if I was some kind of muslim apologist , I had a little run in with Islamic extremists in '95, so there's no love lost.

    • David Hurdle

      I agree with you, Iain, but the poster you are attempting to argue with has probably never been to UAE, could not find it on a map, and probably assumes because their Nation's name has "Arab" in it that they are our enemy.

      I have been there several times, will be going back again in a month or so, and have no problems with any of the Emirates or Oman.

      Would love to test fire one of the Caracals myself – maybe you can bring one to Marksman's Challenge one day ??

  • Geo

    Come on, Folks! UAE has been an ally for decades. They are a bright spot in an otherwise dark region. I visited four times while in the USN,and it was a welcoming port each time.

  • old vet

    Right on I'm more than just a little P. O.'d that this would be seriously presented to us by G+A.

  • Tracy

    I'm sure it's a great pistol, but I'd sure love some good news on the good ol' wheel gun front. You'd think, with all the new manufacturing tech available, that we'd have seen some more interesting new designs besides just the Chiappa. Or even some new old guns. I'd wet myself if Colt brought back a Python manufactured with EDM tolerances. I recently saw an article on the conversion of a Ruger Bearcat to .327 Federal by gunsmith Alan Harton – talk about the ultimate kit gun!

    Guess what, gun makers? There is a market for guns made of something other than plastic, and even for those that utilize a cylinder rather than a magazine. Not all of us are prepping for the zombie apocalypse. Please don't forget us!

    • Mack Missiletoe

      I have that article. I have been eying the Ruger Bearcat and Single Six. I find the .32 caliber an attractive plinking caliber. A 5 or 6 shot Bearcat in .32 H&R Magnum would be highly desirable in my mind. I think this may have been done–gotta check now!

    • Guest

      What type of PAY-OFF did this guy get for writing this article. Best handgun for 2012…please it's ok but let's get real…. I'm sorry but this article sounds like a payoff.

      • Guest

        I suppose you think the best handgun of 2012 is the ruger sr22….

  • Ben_OBrien


    We appreciate your comment and service to our country and thank you for your participation as always. I'm going to delete it based on the racist slur, though. You're welcome to your opinion whether negative or positive, but there's no need to include such language.


    Ben O'Brien
    Online Managing Editor

    • Pat Dugan

      I have been a loyal Guns and Ammo reader since it started but if is being led by PC people like you and others that think Raghead is a slur then I will have to reconsider. My old presonal friend, Col. Cooper would PUKE reading your comment. I knew him very well and he was never PC.
      Pat Dugan

      • Ben_OBrien

        PC has nothing to do with it. We're here to talk about guns, that's it. Stick to that, and we'll all get along.

        • old vet


  • Logan

    I prefer to buy good ol American when it comes to my firearms. I don't forsee the resale value being very good on anything else after the "new" wears off.

  • chuck1217

    There are so many perfectly good American-made pistols that this is really a simple situation. With obama threatening gun ownership along with his liberal hordes- with unemployment over 9% (I'm talking REAL unemployment rate, not the government version) and America needing every job we can get- never mind that it's an Arab nation, we need to support American manufacturers at every single turn- no matter which country we're talking about. For crying out loud, I wouldn't even buy a Sig- God bless Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and on and on. I guess everyone has heard they're leting about 100,000 troops go- think what THAT will do to the unemployment rate.

    • Tracy

      "I guess everyone has heard they're leting about 100,000 troops go…" Don't you know? That's what we call "Hope in Chains."

    • Guest

      Majority of sigs are made in the US. Same thing with FN and HK.

  • ted

    Centerfire systems have them for sale.

    You boners remember Saeed who owns Accurate Reloading forum is UAE.

  • Twinkie

    It's really sad that the people commenting on this article seem to be bigoted in the worst way. Not just against Muslims, but Arabs, polymer pistols, and the products of other countries. I try and keep things gun-specific and politics-neutral in my conversations with fellow shootists for fear that they might start spewing out some fairly awful things. So far I've not been disappointed except online when the manners come off and people say the most awful things they can about others.

    The Caracal might be a good pistol. The designer was responsible for the Steyr M series pistols and they are very nice indeed. I never got how people can say all polymer pistols are the same. There are certainly more differences between say a Glock, XD, Sig, and a Walther than between almost all 1911 clones. You have hammer and striker-fired. You have different safeties, ergonomics, aesthetics, and more. More importantly, they are the kind of pistols most people can afford. So much of the anti-polymer hate is just elitism by people who can spend $1K+ on a luxury item.

    As for being Muslim or Arab- if you don't understand how closing off your mind to other human beings and painting them with the label of "the enemy" or "the other" is wrong and lacks integrity then no one can explain it to you. You're just a bigot, and I hope we never meet.


    I look forward to some mainstream coverage and more widespread availability of this interesting pistol. Hopefully it will be on store shelves for me to examine closely this year.

    • Guest

      I agree with your comments about Americans being bigots in this article. But when you put a title that says BEST handgun for 2012, be prepared to back it up. There are many excellent handguns for 2012. Nice gun this is, but the BEST?

    • Mike Redmond

      Worked in a gunshop for 18 yrs,been shooting since I was a kid,60 yo now. I hear way too much out of one group bigoted against a product from another country,when our own stuff falls way short of being as great as we wish and we put down others we don't even know anything about except their name. That is bigotry,right,we aint gonna argue about the definition are we? Wake up you could be passing on something better than anything else you been using.

      • Dozer

        Amen Mike! I don't give a rat's arse where it's made as long as it truly is a quality firearm, I'm interested! With Ruger spreading their resourses so thin trying to manufacture virtually every niche of firearm style/type and coming up really short on quality control/quality assurance, having problems with just about every model they manufacture. That is not the Ruger I once knew but rather a greedy company that makes a low quality copy of just about every sucessful non Ruger firearm out there. Sad indeed that folk's will buy them just because they say "Made in the U.S.A." I'm no longer among them.

    • Steve, Blacksburg VA

      For your information – politics is never neutral. You will never find a politician who isn't interested in your wallet whether it be for taxes or his re-election.

  • johnny

    for all the middle east haters out there, these guns aren't being made in the UAE anymore. as of 2011, all production has been moved to suhl, germany.

    sorry to say it, but right now, no american made gun can hold a candle to HK , CZ, or Walther. the quality control of your rugers, your smith & wessons, ect, just isnt up to snuff. why should i waste my money on an M&P thats gonna need an apex trigger to shoot good when i can get a walther PPQ with the best trigger of any polymer gun on the market for LESS than the crap S&W pushes. you want people to buy american, thats fine, but they better get on their game and make better weapons. until then, your better off with a superior quality product made in germany/austria/czech republic or even serbia (zastava)

    • Guest

      Hmmm, ok you have a point. Our SF's use Sig's some use touchy H&K ammo sensitive guns which are nice, But do me a favor, take a look at the value of an old Colt, or Winchester vs the value of some European models and tell me why they have such high value. American guns have won wars on American soil and on foreign soil. Enough said

      • T. Luisi

        Your right, the value of an old Colt or Winchester…the operative word is OLD…..The quality and workmanship for factory made production handguns is woefully lacking compared to the days of "old school" craftsmanship. The European made handguns are still "proof tested. Not in the USA anymore….sad….

      • Guest

        Give me an old Colt or Winchester over a new ruger or s & w anyday

    • Eric

      No doubt about it. I would take a CZ anyday over a Ruger or a M&P.

      As far as the Caracal goes, I just ordered one. I have wanted to like Glocks but can't get over the complete lack of ergonomics. They fit me like a square peg in a round hole. The Caracal has the simplicity of the Glock with the low bore axis and ergonomics of the Styer. It's like they put toghther the pistol I wanted.

      I think Caracal's problem will not be with their pistol, because I think it's great, but getting hard headed people to get over the UAE thing.

    • 1isneverenough

      Try a Kahr! Great quality and made in America! I would take a Kahr pm series pistol over a Walther PPQ any day. And I also believe Kahr has the best (smoothest & most consistent) trigger pull out of any of the polymer pistols I have ever shot (and that is quite a few). Not putting down any of the manufacturers you have mentioned (they are all great), but I do try to support American made product everywhere that I possibly can. I trust my life every day to 3 American made handguns.

  • William Key

    I think i will keep my Glock 23…..It always goes bang when I pull the trigger clean or dirty, cold or hot, oiled or dry. the thing just wont quit.

  • snakewoman

    Hello Iain,
    Thank you for sharing the information regarding this fine looking pistol. Although I must say that I generally try to support American made weapons, there was a point that another reader posted,"they are not always the BEST." …even though us Americans would like to think so.
    As the United Arab Emirates are our ally, and it is manufactured there, I don't have any issues in this regard. I would be willing to test drive this baby, regardless of who makes it, just because you have given it your stamp of approval. M my question to you is this: Can the averaged income person afford this weapon? You don't post a ball park retail value, and I would apprciate it if you can give us an idea of what that MIGHT be, and/or possibly when this will hit the market.
    Thank YOU!

  • James

    That is an ugly gun. I think I will just keep my S&W M&P 9C!

  • Argyle Gargoyle

    Why would I get this when I can get a Smith & Wesson M&P and have better gun that's US made?

    • Rapier975

      Because it is not a better gun.

  • rich

    I will keep my Ruger Revolvers and semi- autos. All made here in AMERICA.

    • Rapier975

      …and not as good as guns made in other countries. It is what it is. I will buy American when the American company offers the better product. Right now, you will only find that with 1911s.

    • Dozer

      And you will keep using their customer service to repair/replace their low quality stamped out sub par weapons! Rugers revolvers are fine wheel guns but their polymer copy's of other successful brands of guns are garbage! Read up on the complaints of the LCP, LC-9, SR-9 & 40 and worse of all their LCR and you'll see that they have no business copying Kel-Tec (LCP) or Glock (SR-9 & 40). They have spread their resources so thin trying to keep up with answering every successful manufacturer's firearms. Their SR-1911 is another prime example of the trash that Ruger has become. They should have just stayed the way they were before they moved to Arizona. I love all my pre 1988 Rugers but their newer stuff is better serving as paper weights than anything else.

  • JRB

    Next time give this guy more time to look around shot show please! This could not have been the most interesting pistol in the whole place. As the article pointed out, it looks like a Glock/Steyr cross. Glocks are great pistols, just ugly as hell. Steyr pistols are not as good, I have heard. And a 9mm? Another plastic 9mm? We need another one of those? Who cares where it comes from. I have owned several Soviet Bloc weapons. We won the cold war as I recall, and they ar just the spoils of war. Like some of these other guys, I will keep what I have though. My Kahr K-40, and S&W 65 beats this gun sight unseen.

    • T. Luisi

      You state Steyr pistols are not as good…hmmm….thats what you heard. Go shoot one and then let me know. I have been a Glock shooter since 1990, and I tested a Steyr M9-A1, current production. I now own 2 of them. In my humble opinion, they are what the Glock was supposed to be. Give it a try you might just like it…

  • Joseph S

    why try making anything new,lets all go back to cap and ball Colt- Walkers. They worked fine who needs gun makers pushing other gun makers R&D,it might make them inprove what we have now. Who the hell wants that?

  • Dave B.

    I was formerly a plastic gun hater until I tried the Glock model 21 and that is all it took. It wasn't long afterward that I pulled it when my wife and I both mistakenly thought that someone had broken in to our house late one night. In the dark of night when I could not see my nose in front of me, knowing that I had a gun in my hands that I did not need to worry about whether or not the safety was on or off, and having the knowledge that if God forbid I would have to pull the trigger in self defense, it would work every time made me a Glock fan for life. They are simply incredible! Call me crazy, but I also have come to like the looks of them as well, especially the 34 and 35. Happy shooting!

  • Gary

    I heard if you buy one of these hand guns you have your choice of receiving either 2 free RPG's or a kit on how to properly build an IED.

    Keep ypur ARAB crap with the Arab's,
    We tried to help them in the Gulf War and they screwed us and now you want to give them another chance.?
    When ya gonna give up on selling products our enemies make?

    • Rapier975

      You do realize the UAE is a different country right? That has been a very supportive, pro American country for decades?

    • Guest

      UAE is actually one of our partners in GWOT. You would be better informed if you read something else other than Klan Weekly.

  • Antonio

    Iain, being that the title of this article is, "What was the Best New Handgun at the SHOT Show?" I thought you and/or your team would give us reviews on a few different guns, then we can talk features and function. I think that would be more informative and fun.

  • Berserker

    Caracal is made now in Germany:
    Caracal GmbH is a subsidiary of the German hunting rifle and shotgun manufacturer Merkel GmbH which was acquired by Caracal International L.L.C. in 2007. Before that it had belonged to Heckler & Koch since 2003.
    Since early 2011 Caracal pistols are made in Germany for the European market.
    So question is now where the guns exported to the USA will be made at. Maybe they even buy a gun-making company and produce them (at least partially) in the US.
    Its to early to shun them, cos they're from the UAE.
    Its designed by a well-know European firearm designer, successfully complied with the NATO D14 standard and is now made in a European country famous for its quality products. What more to want?
    Its just the money behind it that's Arabian.

  • old vet

    At least someone finally came up with something even uglier than my Glock 17.

  • Fireof59

    Ditto what "Berserker said….
    Folks talk abut it being a "Glock knockoff" isn't correct when you look at its development. Wilhelm Bubits designed, in large part, (If not all; Forgive me Mr. Bubits if I got your name or credits not exactly correct) The Glock. We all agree the Glock was a good design, otherwise there wouldn't be a million of them on the street
    Then he came up with what he felt was an improved design and Glock didnt want it so he took it to Steyr-Mannlicher, who started building and selling Steyrs.
    I LOVE my Steyr M40-A1 and smaller S-40 as well as the trapezoidal sights. My wife shoots the M40-A1 and says she feels less kick than most 9mm she has tried at different ranges. (Oh, and she's very good with it)
    Apparently, he has advanced his design once more into the Caracal, which I am really looking fwd to trying as soon as I get a chance.
    I like the idea of it being made in Germany. I give the Saudi's enough $$$ every time I buy gas. (Not that I dont like them) so may buy one if its that much better than my M40.

    • Rapier975

      You actually give most of your money to Canada and Mexico, which is where we get the majority of our imported oil.

  • stan

    Buy this gun is like buying ammo from Main Land China. It could blow up in your face

  • Frank

    "…. right now, no american made gun can hold a candle to HK , CZ, or Walther."

    The local & quite large Sheriff's Dept. including their SWAT personnel, got rid of

    their H&K .40's with LEM triggers for G21SF's, simply because they break & then

    can't get the H&K parts to fix them !

    • nick

      I believe springfield can and I want you to find one pistol not of the us that can beat the preformance record of the colt 1911

      • Rapier975

        Performance record? A lot of guns can do that. Service length? That's a different story.

    • Guest

      Comparing support is not comparing the weapons as the comment stated.

  • Guest

    I'm pretty sure all the foreign made comments stated here were first said in the 80's when the Glock 17 first was imported. Yeah that whole importation of a Austrian-made gun really went down the toilet. Its so hard to find a Glock 17 these days, isn't it?

    • old vet

      NO almost everyone makes their version of it.

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    the grip section is good like the luger type

  • guuuu

    stop complaining there are places dat would love to get there hands on this gun, but like always a bad worker never blames himself he blames the tools…don't worry about the gun its the shooter who controls it……you got to visit one of these third world countries and you will see the outdated firearms use….and it has proven to be very effective with the right shooters………

  • s….

    the compact version is real good it has a high heat tolerance…………….i think its the new evolved glock……
    all guns have there day to be outdated and i think the glocks day is here……

  • R6rider

    Thank u Ben O'Brien for deleting that racist post. Im Indian and have been called that but never to my face. Someone who hates someone for the way they look is very ignorant.

  • Caracal

    I have the full size and compact models of the Caracal. Many rounds through both. Less recoil than my glock, and my PPQ. Easier to get back on target. Designed by Wilhelm Bubits formerly of Glock & Steyr. The Caracal is what the Glock should have been. Mine have been flawless!! About the UAE, well unless you drive an electric car your $$$ are also going to Saudi, the country that 18 of the 9/11 hijackers were from. Any questions???

  • Dirty Devan

    I don't mind this semi gun. Glocks can use with law enforcement organisations. I use this for any protection. If I was in the law enforcement I use Smith & Wesson,Berretta or Glock & Caracal as off duty gun.

  • Guest

    Here is the bottom line. A handgun at that price range is not going to be a game changer. But this design should be commended. Not having one in my hands but looking at this objectively, I call it a breath of fresh air in the world of handguns. But at $450 retail something has to give. Is it accurate? I doubt it shoots like many pricey H&k's or Sig's, or super matched barrels. Is it durable? Maybe in a short-mid term wear. It's economics. If it doesn't cost $1,000+ then it's missing engineering, or quality materials, or tolerances, or quality control. Visit a high end handgun facility. It's pride and passion along with a healthy budget that builds top shelf firearms. That is why German, Belgium, American, Swedish firearms shoot so well. It's all about the chocolate!

  • Guest

    Well it looks like JJ Racaza signed with Caracal for Production. Should be an interesting year.

  • aztechhd

    Great write up! i just got this pistol and took it to the range today.., I think it really does have less felt recoil then any other pistol i have shot because of the grip design. Here is a video of me shooting it if you want to check it out

  • wildcat

    Everything they put out gets called back. Save your money.

  • Alec Moffat

    Great write-up but unfortunately Caracal pistols (all of them) were RECALLED because of a bad safety that can’t be repaired. If I had one I’d file for a “voucher” and apply it toward their 9mm carbine, if it works properly; otherwise a refund. This could be Caracal’s “kiss of death”! Can you say Lorcin?

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