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Wisconsin Marine Stops Assault with Concealed Firearm

by James Tarr   |  March 25th, 2013 28

Guns & Ammo recently posted an article ranking all 50 states—and Washington, D.C.—based on their friendliness to gun owners. Wisconsin ended up higher on that list than they might have in years past, due in large part to Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who recently signed a law allowing concealed carry. Typically, liberals rant about how allowing people to carry guns will turn the streets into the wild west—or at least they used to; in the ‘80s they were screaming that hysterically, and ABC even did a made-for-TV movie dramatizing their unrealistic anti-gun fantasies. The liberals have nearly abandoned that argument, because there are now so many states which allow CCWs—and the violent crime rate has gone down.

Charlie Blackmore was one of those Wisconsin residents who obtained a CCW. A Marine Corps veteran, Blackmore was driving home from work at 4 a.m. recently when he saw a large man kicking something on a sidewalk. As he got closer he realized that the “something” was actually a woman.

Blackmore jumped out of his car and told the man to stop. When the man approached him, Blackmore pulled his handgun and told the man to get down on the ground. He held the man at gunpoint while calling the police. Several times while waiting for the police to arrive, the man made moves as if to come at Blackmore. Blackmore said he told the man, “…if he came at me I was going to have to take him down, and I told him that. I warned him multiple times not to come towards me because he was a big guy and I wasn’t playing around, and he didn’t seem like he was playing around.”

Check out the video from WITI-TV in Milwaukee:

When the police did finally show up they had to force the suspect to the ground. They then asked to see Blackmore’s concealed carry permit.

“I put my hands up turned around and said, ‘You can grab it out of my wallet.’ Checked my permit, gave me my wallet back, and then interviewed me for their paperwork,” Blackmore said.

The attacker apparently was an ex-boyfriend of the victim, who suffered a bad laceration to her face and a possible broken nose. She was apparently attacked on her way to work.

Blackmore said that situations like this are why he supports Wisconsin’s concealed carry law, and the rights of gun owners.

“We do good things. Not all of us are bad or crazy gun nuts,” Blackmore said. “There are good people.”

According to the news story, the West Allis Police chief had some borderline idiotic comments that I wish were the exception, but rather tend to be the rule coming from police chiefs—who are usually anti-gun politicians. He said these types of situations “really are judgment calls for gun owners.” Since when did coming to the aid of a woman being beaten by a large man become a judgment call? Wouldn’t that pretty much be a pass/fail question on the character and morality test? Also, while the police “don’t encourage this behavior,” they “appreciate citizens watching out for each other as long as they do it legally and are willing to accept the consequences.” The police tend to forget that it is the citizens who are and always have been the first line of defense against criminals, the world over. The police only show up when they’re called, usually after everything is over.

  • salamero

    maybe the police think they did a great job saving this woman from her attacker, they want to discourage the rest of us from having guns.

  • salamero

    Charlie Blackmore is a real hero, god bless him for saving that lady’s life

    • Jacob Gonzales

      you spelled God wrong.

      • George Geier

        The You in your sentence should have been capitalized.

    • Joe Simeone

      God if you are a believer is always a capital G. What you say in your post is true, we need more people like Mr. Blackmore.

  • Ben Wong

    remember when in an emergency… the police is minutes away .. seconds count

  • Joe Simeone

    I wonder if the chiefs wife was getting attacked,if he would have the same attitude toward a armed citizen

    • George Geier

      Chief’s should have had an apostrophe before the s to show it was possessive and not plural, Chief’s, Wife, and Citizen should have been capitalized because they are nouns, but you make a good point, and I applaud Mr. Blackmore’s actions.

      • Mactex

        Since when do all nouns get capitalized?

        • George Geier

          I probably should have said Proper Nouns, and I’m a little shaky on whether or not Wife should have been capitalized, I was just jumping into what seemed to the spirit of correcting each others Grammar other than simply accepting the thought that was being communicated. I think that this is the first time I have corrected anyone’s comments, and it was only because they had both felt it necessary to correct someone else’s while making mistakes of their own. Here’s a link that is far more knowledgeably than I am on nouns.

          • Mactex

            As was I – kudos for being a good sport.

          • tiko

            He was not correcting grammar. He was letting a brother know that God should be capitalized for a believer. Roman god, no. Pagan god, no. Perhaps god was the proper spelling as only God knows what is in the hearts of men whether they be in Aurora, Sandy Hook or in Wisconsin. The problem is that we have representatives walking the halls of congress that believe that they are “gods” and “goddesses”. Check out the story of one “goddess” and her stupid comments about gun mags. Diana Degette thinks that once a mag is emptied it is “spent” and unusable. She knows nothing but is still antigun….marching in lockstep with her like minded (brain dead) minions.

          • George Geier

            I suppose I was a bit offended that it seemed necessary for anyone to feel the need to correct him. It might very well have been a typo. My keyboard often fails to capitalize even though I know that I pressed the Shift key. His wish that God bless Mr. Blackmore stood on it’s own, and whether or not he capitalized God was of little consequence, least of all, I would imagine, to God. Whatever his belief in God is, and I saw nothing to indicate it was likely different from any other believer’s views, I didn’t think it warranted anyone else being so offended that it was worth commenting on. As a strong believer of our Bill of Rights, I think everyone in America has the Right to their beliefs, or to the lack of them, without anyone pushing their beliefs, or the lack of them, onto others. We are all aware of the consequences that result from people taking offense to anything but a strict adherence to their own beliefs. I did watch a good portion of that long video, and it is frightening to think that an ill-informed Airhead like that is in a position to decide whether or not my God given, and Constitutional Rights are going to be maintained or taken from me!

          • Joe Simeone

            I suck at spelling and grammar. Sorry I did not want to come off as a grammar snob. I only pointed out the lower case g in God,I am a christian and get tired or non believers using God with a g just to show their disdain towards us. I hope the chief has only 1 wife, I never remember s or ‘s

            Take care and God bless

          • George Geier

            Joe, I guess I just didn’t think it warranted a correction, and perhaps over-reacted myself. God Bless you as well, George

          • George Geier

            PS Joe, I’m constantly making errors and typos myself, and didn’t mean to take away from the subject of the caring and courageous actions of Charlie Blackmore.


    bravo! Mr Blackmore

  • Tracy Thorleifson

    A+ article, Mr. Tarr. Keep ‘em coming. To all you jarheads out there, God bless you. Semper Fi!

  • bob_liberty

    Charlie Blackmore,
    Semper Fi, Marine! I hope everyone thanks you for your service including the woman you saved. I am very proud of you!

  • Kenneth Ellsworth


  • Brett M. Biggerstaff

    People, this story isn’t a grammar test! It’s about a citizen who didn’t stop to think about the consequences of his actions to himself, he realized he was the only one around who could help. Thank you Mr. Blackmore for stepping up. CARRY ON!

    • Mactex

      Or he DID think of the consequences and STILL stepped up. THAT would suit the marines I have known.

      • BillinDetroit

        According to the story he had PLENTY of time to consider the consequences … in particular, every time the BG started to get back up. I might have been tempted to let him stand and take a step or two towards me.

  • tiko

    We are not the elite and therefore we are not entitled to defend ourselves or the lives of others. The elitist police chief would have that Blackmore had simply watched so that the police could draw chalk outlines in the bloodied dirt. Make no mistake in believing that the police believe in our freedom as they would have the woman die to their glee.

    The problem is that we have “representatives” walking the halls of congress that believe that they are “gods” and “goddesses”. Check out the story of one “goddess” and her stupid comments about gun mags. Diana Degette thinks that once a mag is emptied it is “spent” and unusable. She knows nothing but is still antigun….marching in lockstep with her like minded (brain dead) minions. And the sheep barely raise their heads from grazing to say Baaaaaaa.

  • Dale Bailey

    Charlie Blackmore for police chief!

  • Dan Onawing

    Thank You Brother , once a Marine always a Marine. And just think we have a man in the WH that cant even pronounce Marine Corps. Now thats disgusting.

  • Joe Johnson

    Great article James. I think it is important to have the best gun for home defense
    in order to adequately prepare for home intrusions situations. I prefer handguns, but that’s my opinion!

  • BillinDetroit

    Borderline idiotic? I guess that’s a judgment call. Blackmore stopped a potential beating death and the cop has ‘faint praise’. If the Chief wants other citizens to ‘do the right thing’, it is idiotic not to publicly praise Blackmore.

    Blackmore did what the police did not. He stopped this crime mid-stream at considerable risk to himself. The Chief should have been praising him and others like him who step forward and stand up to evil when the cops are nowhere to be found.

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