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Pharmacist Fired for Self-Defense Shooting After Walgreens Robbery

by George Wehby   |  September 22nd, 2011 115

There’s been a recent uproar in the shooting and self-defense communities concerning a story out of Michigan involving a robbery. In late May, two armed men entered a Benton Township Walgreens intending to rob the place and terrorize employees. The two masked individuals burst into the near-deserted store at 4:30 a.m., and took a manager hostage at gunpoint in the front of the store. One of the robbers then stormed the pharmacy counter and attempted to gun down the pharmacist, Jeremy Hoven. The robber’s gun malfunctioned, giving the pharmacist enough time to draw his LEGALLY concealed firearm and engage the man, causing the shooter and his accomplice to flee the store without further incident. The Walgreens robbery seemed to be thwarted.

This is a text book right to self-defense scenario. Watching Hoven fight back gave me goose bumps. That was the right thing to do. There is no question, matter of fact, I find it hard to believe anyone (besides the criminals) could see it any other way. Well apparently, I am wrong.  The District Manager for the area Walgreens fired the pharmacist under the premise of a “no escalation policy” concerning armed robbery.  So basically, the district manager is claiming the pharmacist caused the robber to try and kill him, by defending himself after the robber tried to kill him. Huh? Say that again. Really?

Well, our gun-toting pharmacist is not one to back away from a fight, so he has filed a lawsuit challenging his termination. I for one hope he not only wins, but makes Walgreens change their policy and get rid of their moronic district manager.

These type of actions are slowly turning society into a haven of victimization. The criminals are attacking places were they know there is little chance of armed resistance. They are looking for these urban watering holes, lying in wait, ready to pounce on those inside. It is actions like that of the pharmacist that may give future criminals pause before they decide to act. They might just be met by a competent citizen and a  business end of a gun.

What are your thoughts on this particular incident or the trend toward de-clawing our society?

  • Chuck

    No one has the right to defend themselves when threatened with major bodily harm or death!!!

    Only kidding. Wouldn't that be a criminal's utopia? They would have free rein in any business or even public area. They could weild a knife, gun or a club and have total safety from the now placid public.

    Oh sorry… that was Hitler who took everyone's guns so he and his police force (the SS) could protect them.

    • Matt

      maybe he should have waited to be tied up and executed with his fellow employees in the back room. a scenario that has played out many times. this is ridiculous – he had every right to defend himself. I will be taking my business across the street to cvs.

    • mike

      This is proof the world is flat. The employee should be honered and held as a good example of honest law abiding citizen. This is silly, would it have been better if the robber shot someone ?? Ill remember this and make sure I shop elsewhere, Walgreens leadership is rock bottom at best

    • Dennis

      I too will be taking my business to another drug store. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and I won't carry my money into a store that can't protect me.

    • FrankRPh

      I have been a retail Registered Pharmacist for 45 years , exposed to the most viscous ex cons that have served their time and the most viscious crimals yet to be charged, in a real world setting. I mostly worked in my own stores or for other independent pharmacies where I was allowed to CCW. No chain store that I have ever worked for or heard of would allow any employee to defend themselves from even verbal abuse from a customer let alone protect their life from any attack. It was not the lackey district managers policy . It is corporate's lawyers and COO and CEO policy to protect the corporation from liability. If the employee dies there is no problem for the corp. If the customer(attacker) is injured they will bring suit against the company. The policy is to call the police. Corp would rather let the robbery occur , take the loss and let the police try to protect citizens. That's why the criminals rob chain pharmacies . Robbers know the employee's are trained to cooperate. with the robbers.

  • Bill Kauffman

    It is absolutly assine for Walmart to do this. I guess, if the criminals gun had not mis-fired, they would rather see the pharmicist dead. As for the Government and others wanting a total ban on guns and the loss of the 2nd Ammendment right, are they ready to pay for the loss of life of more people than we have now? They need to get their heads out of their (Blank) I mean sand..

    • Dale Bailey


      It was Walgreen's not Walmart.

  • curtis

    wallgreen's just built a new store in batesville arkansas. after reading this i will never set foot in it or any other wallgreen's store.

    i would encourage other who feel that defending one's self is as correct as breathing, tp boycott wallgreen's and other stores who have the same policy.

    • G.Williams

      I think we should all boycott every wallgreens store nationwide.

    • Greg

      Amen Curtis!!! I live just outside of Batesville and will never step foot in a Walgreens again!!!! I got fired from Wal Mart years ago for defending myself against a shoplifter who had a straight Razor!!! Would I do it again!!! Yes!!! I have my CCW and this time will not fight hand to hand against them!!!!

  • Dar

    After learning about this story, I can say that I've entered a Walgreens for the last time. This action is insane! Sure, I believe that the company has the right to set the rules for employees, but this is simply trying to fit an extreme situation into the mundane normal circumstance. There should have been a logical compromise.

    • Joe

      Ii agree and maybe we should all boycott Walgreens until they change their policy, hire Mr. Hoven back and reward him for being proactive and doing what Americans should do when similarly confronted as in "Lets Roll".

  • Adin

    He did the right thing. However, with that fact he also violated a rule of his employment. He should not have worked for them because of that fact, knowing that if it came down to him or Walgreens rules, he would lose. Until companies acknowledge the rights of employees and customers, over criminals and scum, this will always happen. Support CCW Rights in all places, home and work.

    • Adam

      adin perhaps he should have givin the robbers a couple minutes to get their weapons to work correctly and shoot all the employees. Then you could hear everyone say what a tragedy it was. This kind of thing happens more and more in our Great Country and we could have all the lawmakers saying we need more gun laws.. A Person does the right thing as in this case and loses his job but if someone would have shot Jared Lee Loughner and stopped his rampage before he killed 6 people and shooting Kathy Lee Gifford they would be on every network and deemed a hero. I agree with everyone else I will not go to Walgreens again.

      If you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns

      • Mike

        Not only will the outlaws have the guns.. They will most certainly be aware of the fact that the person (s) and businesses they are about to ROB are all law abbiding citizens, and will give into them due to the fact they have no way to defend themselves.. therefore claiming "Open Season" for armed robberies. We might as well put signs up everywhere stating "We are defenseless, please come in and Rob Us" … Pathetic I say, the government thinks just because they "Ban Guns" society will be a safer place..!! Who put that tart in charge..? Like the CRIMINALS are gonna follow and obey the law..!!! Duh..!!

  • Kevin H.

    Have shopped at Walgreen for the very last time. Everyone needs to ban together and not shop at any company that has a policy that I am the criminal because I qualify and carry.

  • Brad Meyer

    Walgreens can go straight to hell!

  • Quick Draw

    First Starbucks reply to our troops and now Walgreen's messing with someone they should honor! He very well might have saved the managers life and maybe others! What would Walgreen's do if the BAD GUYS had killed a few customers to elevate witnesses? The Worlds going in the wrong direction folks…. when the law abiding citizen is locked inside their home due to fear from the bad guys it will be to late…Think about!

  • JB

    It would be interesting to see just how much Walgreen's donated to who in the last election.

    • Jim

      Good point!

  • Tracy Thorleifson

    Wow. As a CHL holder and an employer, I'm a little conflicted on this. I believe Walgreen's strict adherence to corporate policy in this instance is utterly idiotic, but I understand what's behind it. If a patron were injured or killed as a result of an employee's defensive actions during the course of a robbery, the company could be held liable in court for that employee's actions. That's why you end up with these types of policies; it's a CYA type of thing.

    The new Texas law allowing employees to store weapons in locked vehicles on employer premises contains legal language protecting the employer from anything other than "gross negligence" (a legal term of art that sets a high bar). In general, we need laws that bolster the primacy of any individual's right to self defense under natural law. This is why the NRA ILA and similar organizations need our support.

    • Texas

      The Texas law you refer to did not get passed in 2011. It is once again up for a vote in Austin in 2012.

  • 916er

    Wow that's b s let me just say WOW! The robbers are lucky he didn't shoot them I for one was waiting for the point in the story were the two armed robbers were killed and then wallgreens shaking his hand,giving the poor guy an award or something.Insted they fired him for a job well done WOW……………

  • Joe Six-pack

    The pharmacist will prevail. After he takes Walgreens to the cleaners, he will never have to work again. I, for one, will never set foot in another Walgreens until the company issues an apology and states that they encourage staff to exercise their rights.

  • Martin Cooke

    I personally think this man had a legal right to defend himself. He had a license to Cary his firearm. So under the law this employee has a right to defend himself with full prejudice. Wallgreen is wrong in firing this employee for defending himself.

  • Elliott

    I will buy my lifetime of diabtic medications elsewhere from now on. To hell with Walgreens…

    • Paul

      Me too!

  • FamilyMan

    Time to start a list of establishments that are not CCW friendly. That way people can decide for themselves to shop there or not with the full story of their policies. Does anyone know of such a list?

    • Jim

      Don't know of any list like that but it sounds like a good idea to me.

    • TK

      In Virginia there is a group that has a list on its website. Virginia Citizen's Defense League is the name. I'm not sure on other states, but I know that they post both specific stores as well as companies that are anti firearms.

  • Richard

    Corporate policies (or city or state laws) should never have be allowed to supercede the Constitutional rights of all Americans. "We the People" have tolerated this B.S. from corporate lawyers and the lawyers elected to Congress way too long. Look at how much money the NRA has spent fighting these laws. Lawyers are the only ones benefitting from this system. I hope the pharmacist takes Walgreens to the cleaners. I'll never shop at Walgreens again.

    • Jim

      Such corporate lawyers and the lawyers elected to Congress need to be voted out ASAP.

  • Art Wills

    Vote with your feet and your wallet–NO MORE BUSINESS FOR WALGREEN!

  • ralph

    while I certainly applaud the pharmacists action, the question remains;, does a business have the right to forbid employess from carry guns while working. Yes the store has that right.. I am a NRA life member. If guns are not forbidden at work, a no escallation policy is negated after being shot at.

  • Paul

    Shame on Walgreen's. They should be boycotted and management must be more respectful of their employees safety. They didn't even have a security guard. Shame!

  • R. Colon

    Aside from the gun ban/control lobby, the corporate legal bunch, in their zeal to mitigate liability issues have entrenched the over-riding company policy position: no employee of the company, at any level, is permitted to be in possession of a weapon on company property. Some states have modified this by passing legislation allowing concealed carry permit holders to have a firearm locked in their vehicle while at work (a very enabling means for self-defense), however, as per policy cannot bring it into any company structures/buildings. A concept, to me, that seems to say we will sacrifice however may employees the armed robbers care to dispose of or incapacitate (what the heck, with the workers' compensation laws the way they are the employee is at the mercy of that system), as that will be less damaging than a lawsuit brought by a wounded robber, or the family of one killed, while committing armed robbery. In simpler terms, the legal beagles don't put as high a value on protecting employees, or allowing them to defend themselves as the desire to avoid lawsuits by someone injured while committing a crime.

    This mindset has its origins in case history years ago, when & where police may or may not have apprehended a burglar who was injured (tripped & fell, broke a leg, an arm, or something else) then proceeded to bring suit against the home owner or business, reveled, in some cases, that the injury occurred during the commission of a crime, yet the criminal was awarded, at times, huge monetary settlement by the judicial system!!!

    There have been many documented cases in which employees (legal ccw permit holders) have used their weapons to defend themselves &/or co-workers, only to be "terminated for breach of policy" regardless of the probability of ending up in a body bag had they not used their weapon. The fact is that many more have been fired and these go unpublished; one really can't note that they violated policy on an application & expect to be hired now can they.

    • Bill

      R. It is not really the stores fault.They are made to take this position to protect themselves from the idiotic lawsuits the criminals file and win. The whole guts of the matter lies with

      the stupid legislators who allow judges to give awards and protect criminals instead of citizens. Boycotting Walgrens does nothing.If the citizens of the country started a hummogoues protest by mail, marches, emails, mediaand could force the govt. to put criminals on notice that in 90 days anyone caught commiting a crime with a weapon, would be shot by the Police on the site, or when apprehended would spend a no parole term of 25 years in solitary confinement and have everything they own confiscated and given to the victim and/or his family.Who the Hell does the Justice Dept. work for.?The citizen or the felon..

  • Ralph

    To all who won't shop in unfriendly ccw stores: it is not the customers banned from carrying most times, it is that ugly liability thing relating to a business entity &its employees. As for those places that prohibit, per policy, employees from carrying, good luck finding any place to shop then. It is almost universal corporate & small business policy (talk about back door & under the radar gun control/ban, with some blame to be attributed to the insurance industry: "we cannot insure you if you allow that"). The only place I can think of where this policy doesn't exist is in a privately owned "mom & pop" type gun store (most employees are armed).

  • Dan V.

    I sent off an email to Walgreen's customer service saying my wife and I will never darken their door again.

    Their Pharmacist was facing two guys with guns and he was his last line of defence. Evidently Walgreen's is more concerned with a potential lawsuit filed by gangsters than the life or safety of their employees.

    I'm sure there are plenty of other companies who are just as "Politically Correct" as Walgreen's and their employees mean little to their bottom line.

  • Jim

    Ideally, giving the robber what he wanted would be the best resolution. But clearly, the robber tried to kill the employee! Let's say that the employee gave the robber what he wanted and the guy shot him anyway. Would Walgreen's pay all medical bills for his injurie(s) ? What if the employee was paralyzed for the rest of his life. Would Walgreen's not only pay his medical bills plus provide care for him and wages that he would have earned over an employeable lifetime? I doubt it very seriously. What if the employee had been shot and the robber went on a killing spree and killed whoever was in the store at the time because he was under the influence of something? The employee did the right thing and it's too bad he didn't drop the SOB on the spot! Just sayin'.

    • Robert chl TX

      Once an injured employee, prohibited from defending himself, sues his employeer and wins big time corporate America may see the light. Not before. They inact policies to cya and care not the least about their 'most valued assets'..employees.

  • Tex Robin

    Maybe the District manager needs a good firing. That would be my vote. The man was perfectly in his rights to defend himself and the store.. This incident needs to be descussed more on the national news as well as Michigan's media…This firing of the pharmacist was wrong and unjustified. He is a hero in my view. I will be reviewing my buying anything from Walgreens if that means anything…bootman

  • Steve

    EVERY company that expects its employees to man one or several cash registers as well as having a safe, should encourage, even pay for its employees to have a CCW licence and to train those emplyees to use said weapon. I My wife potentially faces the same scenario every day that the Walgreens employee faced. The company she works for has a poster in the back room stating the companies policy of allowing NO weapons on the premises by its employees. I go to her shop on her closing nights with my sidearm because she is not allowed to carry hers. I will NEVER step foot in a Walgreens again.

    • Jim

      Amen to that brother!!

    • Bill

      How about protestig the stupid laws the govt. foists on the store owners. In Switzerland it is the law every home is armed and the houehold heads must be competint with the use of a firearm. When does the govt. start to legislate laws for the citizen and not the criminal?

  • paul o'brian


  • dave howard

    Is this a walgreens policy or the district managers own policy?

    Until I find out my wife will stay out of walgreens as will as

    all her friends that she has talked to about this.

    And I hope the pharmacist wins this.

  • Robert Gottschalk

    Walgreens was wrong. They should have done nothing but privately thank their employee. No employer wants "quick draw McGraws" on the time card. However, if every employee was armed and trained to bear arms, these bold crooks would just be crooks.

  • Paul F.

    Hmmm are Walgreens top executives that "stupid" to not appreciate and endorse an employee defending self from harm or death!!?? Where are they getting their logic – some lawyer? This defies common logic. Are they afraid the criminals family or estate will sue them?

  • Jeff Olson

    Here is my 2 cents for what it's worth. I can't believe if he fired his gun that he didn't hit any of the criminals? Sounds like he needs to spend some more time at the range instead of just carrying his weapon around on his hip. Before you all jump on me I am an Endowment NRA Lifetime Member, USCCA, VFW, American Legion, DAV and Disabed Veteran. I am a CCW holder who firmly believes if you're going to pack heat you better be prepared. I go to the range a minimum of once a month and fire at least 50 rounds a month through my primary carry weapon. Now putting rounds on target at a stationary piece of paper and a criminal pointing a loaded weapon at you are two entirely different things. If you've never experienced a so called adrenaline dump you won't understand how those cute little groupings on paper suddenly become BIG groupings. Anyways, I digress, my point I was going to make is that if I see a business that posts a NO GUNS ALLOWED OR WE BAN GUNS ON THESE PREMISES SIGN, I kindly tell them that I will no longer be doing business with them and explain my reasons why. I have had numerous businesses take their signs down when explained the facts to them about creating a gun free zone for criminals. The BFA (Buckeye Firearms Association) actually has cards that you can hand out to those kinds of businesses. I hope I managed to get my point across. Armed American Radio is planning a nationwide boycott of Walgreens starting this Sunday on their weekly radio program.

    • Tracy Thorleifson

      Jeff, I agree with your thoughts on preparedness 100%; I try to put about 500 rounds downrange per month. I've only fired in adrenaline dump conditions once, when a large, snared S. Texas boar decided that I was the source of his discomfort. He snapped the wire and charged from about 25 paces out of the bottom of a draw; I hammered him with a round that penetrated just inside of his right eye at 15 paces; he keeled over about five paces short of me. Had I missed, I would not have got off a second round before he was on me. (I was carrying a single action Ruger Vaquero). My reaction was total muscle memory; I fired without consciously thinking about it. Afterwords, my hands were shaking bad enough that I couldn't have hit the broad side of a barn from the inside. I don't like to think about what might have happened had that adrenaline dump started a bit earlier, and my hands were already shaking *before* that boar's charge. I'm not sure how my marksmanship would fare going consciously into a life threatening situation with the adrenaline dump fully in play. I hope I never have to find out.

  • David Hockman

    I don't know law or about corporations but, if this Pharmacist wounded or killed the robbers, they or their dependents would have sued Walgreens. Right or wrong the courts would have allowed the lawsuit to progress and caused expense and negative publicity. To avoid more bad publicity, Walgreens would settle. I don't agree with what Walgreens did to this employee, but this way there is only one lawsuit.

    Damnit people, we've done this to ourselves. Sue everyone for any reason, blame everyone we can and hope for a settlement. What happened to accountability? Our parents generation was the last one before we all lost our minds and decided that we are owed something.

  • Robert

    When I first found out about this I could not believe it . I will never shop at Walgreens again. This is what America has come to , a bunch of sheep to be sheared and butchered . All of New York City is that way .

    If you are being mugged you can do one of two things Run or give up . That is great for the muggers . America is heading for a big problem in 2012 .

    If diaper Head Obama wins he will finish off the America Spirit and there are many Old Farts like me who will go to the wall for America. If he dose not win he will not step down and give up the office . He has his privet Army TSA , ATF , DOJ , black panthers , black muslims , and all the freeloaders sucking up the government gravy. Either way it is going to make history ,the year that America lived or died.

    • Ted E Ballgame

      Aint that the damn truth!

  • david

    I will no longer use walgreens and my family and friends will not until they bring back the very lucky pharmacist and appoliges to him and demote or fire that idiot bigshot. If it was just a robbery he would not have drawn his. and let them leave with the drugs then call 911 and let them take down or out the bad guy's.. the pharmacist saved the other people's lives as well. But management don't realize the lives that could have been lost. awesome job well done

  • Frank

    first of all. it was probably a nationa,, second "no guns" is a "condition of employment" .. third what if the employee would have capped off a few rounds and hit an innocent bystander (friendly fire/collateral damage) AND .. if the word gets around that walgreens employeesare armed .. thebad guys come in shooting and cap everybodyin the house .. and finally .. the cops.. who believe it or not .. usually know what their talking about .. tell you to NEVER resist a hold up .. by the way.. I don't think the pharmicist is telling the whole story .. mainly .. the bad guys didn't harm the first person .. but they tried to kill the pharmicist ?? pharmicist resisted !! that's why they went to kill him … bethcha.. policy by walgreens, so the district manager was only doing his job as orderedt

    • Robert

      They came in and tried to as you say "cap" the Pharmacist as is . The slime balls gun malfunctions .

      Once you have a Carry permit you take responsibility for not only your life but the lives of others . He had a duty to protect himself .

      As to word getting around that the employees are armed or COULD be armed you will have less bad guys coming in in the first place . By it coming out and saying that we will not do anything if you hold us up , amounts to a target on your store , employees , and customers.

      Think about it then comment on what happened . It you still feel that Walgreens is right and people should not fight back you WILL become a Victim and a sheep ready for slaughter,

  • david

    To bad he wasn't a better shot but at least it worked out good. I hope the manager thanked him for saving his life. If they are willing to shoot 1 they would have no problem shooting 2 or 3.

  • Mark Piasecki

    It seems to me that he didn't escalate the situation. Had they just asked for money, and he gave it to them, that would be fine. Since they tried to shoot him, I consider what he did was actually de-escalating the situation. Had they succeeded, he would be dead, and they would be wanted for murder. As it stands now, the situation didnt end nearly as badly. Thus: he de-escalated the situation. My opinion anyway.

    • Riley Townsend

      Right on, and they would have probably killed all the witnesses. He definitely de-escalated the crime from murder to attempted murder. He shouldn't be fired. Does working for a living void you rights ? God bless him.

  • creek247

    If he pointed a gun at me or fired at any peaceful person there would be a 230gr piece of metal in or trough his head

  • eyezz

    It should be Walgreen's basic policy to REQUIRE at least each store manager and perhaps the pharm to take concealed fire arms classes and be armed to handle these kind of situations. If the idiot drug addicts trying to rob the place with deadly force find that kind of legal resistance, perhaps they get straight, yeah right, at least these law abiding employees can properly defend themselves and their fellow employees. I excercise my concealed carry rights, why should they not be allowed? BOYCOTT WALGREENS and all such idiotic establishments!

  • Wolfgang

    Three rounds….Center Mass !

    [ 1 ] Solves the problem ! [ 2 ] Demonstrates EXCELLENT gun control and shooting ability !

  • Wolfgang

    THEN let the lawyers try to claim that the Armed Response was a danger to the store or legal occupants.

  • http://yahoo Randy

    I always liked walgreens until I read this story now I go to Rite aid same stuff no problem this guy is suing to get his job back and it should be with back pay and relocation to another store so the crap bags don't try to take advantage of him at this walgreens. nobody should be fired for self defense. maybe this crap bags were working for walgreens in a insurance scam. think about it you never know what is on peoples minds these days

  • Guy

    Just one more example of management stupidity. Appparently the retail workers, who actually make the money that pays middle & upper management's salaries, are too stupid to be trusted to defend themselves. I too will be taking my business elsewhere.

  • Brian

    I'm on the boycott Walgreens wagon.

  • Charlie

    I have moved all of my business to CVS!
    Walgreens is obviously being run by liberal idiots who would rather see their employees and customers gunned down by the criminal element than to have legally armed citizens protect themselves.
    I will never do business with them again unless they change their ridiculous policies and fire the management fool that terminated the pharmacist..

  • Rick

    Fired for exercising his Constitutional Right??? What has happened to this once Great Country???

    Walgreens would rather protect the Bad Guys than their Employees and Customers… To me that speaks volumes about the Company and its pathetic third world policies… Why would anybody ever set foot through their door again???

  • G Oliver

    SO INSANE FOLKS… "WALGREENS" Never going there! I have a CHL myself & if this is their stance, I don't need to drop a dime on their door step ever! Another one out there is ACADEMY OUTDOOR SPORTS TOO! They can FIRE ANYBODY really without any Real Reason, other than SOMEONE SAID or the DIRECTOR of the Store is a HITLER who just makes his own rules as he sees fit… The Corporation just goes along with the IDIOT & Your Career goes down the drain! See Ya both in HELL one fine day! Not spending any money in either ever. Take Note what these companies do to their employees at will!

  • Ted E Ballgame

    In Texas they would have given this guy a TICKER TAPE PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with this country? Oh ya, Pelosi, tree huggers, liberals and this kook named Obama! There ya go! "HOPE" you got "CHANGE" in your pocket! There ar no more dollars!!!!! HOPE AND CHANGE, what a joke!

  • Ted E Ballgame

    Wallgreens is a joke! They dont even sell beer and the local paper!

  • http://gunsandammo jeff hartless

    in the case of an employee defending ones self it is cheaper for the employer to have a dead employee than a dead/injuried suspect. suspects and (loved ones) sue.

    walgreens just setting up legal defense costs

    dead employee workers comp. pay no fault no real cost to wallgreens 3rd party claim against suspects SURE.

    dead employee only make news for a day dead suspects can cause roits and be very costly. moral play game by rules and lose again


  • Brian koehl

    I've also had it with this type of attitude that if your a law abiding concealed carry you should not be allowed to engage someone trying to kill you!?!? I will never shop at a Walgreen's again!!!!! I promise you that..and I will tell everyone I know who are like minded not to as well! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT WALGREEN'S!!!!!!

  • http://Explorer Marv

    The manager is an IDIOT. They fired the wrong person!!!

  • Mike

    Baically, Walgreens policy is to get shot rather than protect yourself.

    Now I agree, that if they want the money, they can have it! No skin off his back.

    BUT, when the criminal decides to threaten ANYONE, then all bets are off, and that man had every right to protect himself!

    Walgreens just lost a customer! (and alot more after I post this to FB)!

  • shredder

    Can you say "Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuit"????

    Walgreen's is going to take one helluva hit in the pocketbook for this. Last time I looked, a person still has the right to defend themselves from attack.

  • spore

    Funny thing is I got my photos for my concealed carry permit at Walgreens. Wonder if that is against company policy as well.


    How in Hell did Walgreen's hire a General Manager who is an idiot, a moran, and a total imbecile, all in one package? LETS BOYCOTT WALGREEN'S !!!

    • Abnrgr

      Must have been a former congressman.

  • John Sears

    I agree. I used to like Walgreens. Now, I will never shop there again. What idiots!

  • ChaCha Dancer

    If what we see is correct and it certainly seems so with hooded arm robbers entering the store then:

    Ayn Rand wrote concepts against policies like Walgreens in the late 40's and early 50's. A concept: people who take welfare and know they shouldn't are bad people but the people who support such a system are the most evil people on earth. Walgreen knows the armed robbers are wrong and clearly show obvious intent with weapons to kill but are more interested in insurance claims against them than the right to bear arms granted in our 2nd amendment. Walgreens is as cowardly as the most villainous villains in any novel you can read. Shame on you Walgreen's. Hire back your Pharmacist, fire your manger and anyone above him all the way up to the CEO who allowed him to be fired and who supported such a decision. Next place conspicuous ads apologizing for such a policy. Then spend a fair amount of profits fighting the legal industry that has supported such idiotic insurance claims. IE support: you come into my house with a gun I have the right to shoot you anyway I wish. versus you come into my house and I have to ask permission to protect myself and shoot you in the right part of your body and read your Miranda rights and blah blah blah. To the public: take all of your business to other stores because regardless of what the people write today's leaders are not leaders like Teddy Roosevelt but are gutless beings who have given up against appropriateness. Consider the fact today's corporate officers think they are worth multiple thousands of dollars more than their lowest paid employee versus years ago when they received maybe 600 times more. Their lack of moral fortitude is bad but as Ayn Rand wrote we who support such policy are the most evil. Take up figurative arms and show your power by stopping to shop at Walgreens. Since they are only interested in lining their own pockets to such a ridiculous degree they will cave. Remember they are cowards and evil money hungry beings. Own one share of stock and vote down any and all salary's for any officers above percentages of the lowest paid employee. Vote to fire board members who support such ridiculous disparities. Now, don't thinking about it, do it. Like Marty Robbins wrote: "Stop talking the talk and walk the walk"!

    As for myself I will not shop a Walreens unless they are giving something away for free. Why because getting free itmes from them will put them out of business. Use them and boycott them until they change.

    • Bill

      LOOK PEOPLE; Where the HELL is the Govt. and thier stupid no gun rule. If everybody was known to be armed, and we were on a level playing field with the crimial, this sort of nonsense would never happen. The guy on street has no chance if he can't protect himself against his own govt.

  • Curtis

    To bad he missed.


    Honey ,would you run down to wallgreens and pick up some medicine for the baby? She has been coughing a lot since her bedtime about 8:00pm and she doesnt need a cold as she was premature by 2 months and needs to be healthy in her early life.

    Oh darling its 4:40 in the morning and i just got home at 12 midnite

    After a little coaxing she gets to him and he goes down to walgreens(being it the only store within a 20 mile radias) to get the babys medicine.Upon entering into the store he notices two persons in stocking caps with eyeholes in them,and before he figures out that he is in the wrong place, things go south in a bad way.The paper tells it all the next day

    Young father and elderly couple killed at walgreens drugstore this morning, the pharmacist.who was also shot twice might not make it as his wounds are extremely horiffic. the 2 robbers got away with a large amount of drugs and some cash.

    The young man that went for medicine for his daugher .who he had for only 2 days lost her father and the young girl her husband.The elderly persons that lost their lives first were beat and pistolwhipped for their jewlery Their wedding rings that they had given each other 67 years ago ,were taken, ripped off their fingers in a violent manner.they were shopping late because the day crowds pushed them around and were loud and abusive and even though they did not buy a lot because thery were on a small social security allowance just to buy medicine. they would buy his meds on one month and then buy hers the next month. They could not buy both of their meds in the same month, they just didnt have the money

    they were some ones mother and father–mama and pa-pa–brother and sister and aunt and uncle. now these we private citizens going by there simple day ,minding their own business and not bothering anyone died because these robbers wanted to get some drugs that wound give the a high or a low or some that made them go up and down at the same time—– nere the less 3 died almost immediately and one is close to death and if the young pharmacist pulls thru

    The pharmacist ,a good kid put himself through school because his mother could not make enough money washing clothes to provide food and keep a roof over their heads and send him to school. And he excelled in ther school and became a pharamcist at the local wallgreens.he was shot 6 times and they dont give him a fair chance to make it. Now i am a retired police officer of 32 years and i carry my 45 under the law of obligetory and i have a cfl also, wish i could have been there to help him out– the one that wallgreens fired

    there needs to be a nationwide protest to get him back to work and let him carry and back pay and fire that g-dam stupid m-f district manager and if their upper echilon doesnt hire the boy back and get rid of the hi supervisor and change their tune i think there should be a boycott against shopping in wallgreens. I CARRY MY WEAPON EVERY WHERE I GO



  • http://gunsandammo jeff

    i posted a comment on walgreens corp web site they removed it

  • http://gunsandammo jeff

    call walgreens corp office 817-914-2500 i did


    NEVER NEVER EVER…Will I shop at Walgreens again!

  • Bill

    Being mad at Walgrens is a complete waste of time.

    Get mad at the stupid Govt. and their sh1theaded law makers and insist eveyone has a right to protect themselves from the scum of the earth Why will the govt not let you protect yourselves from armed scum?

  • eli

    If this is the low regard for employees that Walgreens has, you have to ask yourself " how would they feel about a customer caught in the middle of this "with employees forced to sit on their hands due to company policy? CVS here we come!

  • E.H.Dixon

    Hawaii is a beautiful state, arguably the most diverse landscape, temperate climate and international population of the 50 states overall; but the political attitude and policies toward gun ownership and transportation/import of anything foreign(including pets!) to these islands has me searching for a less prohibitive, more relaxed legislature elsewhere. Helluva trade off!

  • gary

    the constitution of the united states does not stop at the entrance to walgreens or any other private business. the 2nd amendment is,or should be, in full force and effect there too "the rights of the people shall not be infringed"

  • T.D.

    In Oklahoma and Texas, there have been several robberies in which pharmacists have shot the bad guys. But one such gun-wielding pharmacist was convicted of manslaughter by a jury who watched a videotape of him giving the bad guy a coup de grace shot. Individual-owned pharmacies can set policies that allow the owner or worker to carry a weapon. Chains like Walgreen's take the risk-liability approach. I suspect the pharmacist violated company policy, and knew he was doing it when he carried a weapon into the store. He's has to take responsibility for his actions.

    I understand both sides of this argument, but realistically no one should worry about defending drugs or cash (say, in a bank or convenience store). Personal defense is the law of the land anywhere. I shop in my local Walgreen's and will continue to do so – armed as often as I can. But I'd never try and stop an armed robbery just because some bad guy is getting away with some cash or drugs. Now, if he started to round us all up into a back room….

    • Juan

      And so he did by chance broke store policy by coming to work with his firearm, but he does have a license to carry concealed and is practicing his 2nd amendment rights.

  • Spike

    What else would you expect from a company that is exporting it's HQ jobs to India in droves?

    Boycott WAG if you are a real American!!!!!

  • Ryan

    how is shooting a guy that has already tryed to shoot you escalating. How can you escalate past deadly force , there aint nothin left. Even by the semantics of it , it just dosent make sense.

  • Bluegrass Geek

    While everyone is busy bashing Walgreens, I'd like a minute to play devil's advocate:

    The reason why companies like Walgreens have this policy is the "escalation" the article mentions. While defending himself worked out well for this employee, the thought goes that now criminals will EXPECT the employees at these stores to be armed. And, because of that, they won't bother with mere threats. Future robbers might think it's better to kill the employees outright, rather than be foiled by an employee who has a concealed firearm.

    That's what they mean by "escalation." By drawing his weapon, this employee may have inadvertently made future robberies lethal.

    Now, with devil's advocate mode off, I'm not entirely convinced that's true. More likely, word will get out not to bother robbing that particular store. However, people desperate for money (especially drug money) may be willing to take that chance.

    It's not as simple an issue as it sounds, and there's no way to know for sure which way it will go. I think the employee did the right thing, but the company had a policy in place and he violated it. I'm not convinced the policy is correct though, so it'll be interesting to see how the trial progresses.

    • Juan

      Yeah but they were there with lethal intent already, it was by what it seems premeditated intent to rob and kill.

    • phess

      You are the problem

  • Terence

    I'm not convinced that he broke the escalation policy. It doesn't say he did anything (escalate) until after the gun man tried to kill him. The gunman has taken it to the top of pyramid right there, you can't go no further to remain neutral as the escalation point is at it's peak.

    The employee upheld the rule to it's fullest. Only thing he could have done beyond the point of the initial attempt of being murdered, is to get shot and murdered. Like to see his boss stand there and take a bullet knowing good and well he could've avoided it if he wasn't a coward to do something when his life depended upon it. (I'm not saying his boss is a coward, but that's what they want, employees willing to be executed for the sake of the company or at least that's what they're implying. Kinda sounds familiar.)

    In my opinion he waited to long, as the gunman intended to shot him. That means the manager should have reacted sooner, because the escalation tip had apparently already been reached moments before. Thank God that the robber had a gun malfuntion.

    My brother works at Walgreens as a store manager, I only hope something like this never happens at his store. I hope that former employee gets rewarded rightfully. Who knows how many lives he said at the store.

    Now the cops get to do their job and find the criminal(s). It's not the company's place to protect against random acts of violence, but each person has the right to protect themselves against such violence without the regard of malicious policies.

  • Mike Smith

    Add one more customer to the list of those who will be shopping else where.

  • SJSharky

    Maybe Wallgreens would have promoted him if he had taken the initiative to fix the robbers malfunctioned gun….. Now that's customer service wallgreens can stand behind!

  • jimjohnston

    Walgreens customer no more!

  • Juan

    C'mon I'm pretty sure that Wallgreens was ready to pay the man's family for his death if it so would've occurred while in their employment. If he just would've been a sport and taken a bullet….. His family would've been set, these corporate companies are asses. Do nothing and comply with the robbers demands,"Don't be a hero", they say.

  • Simon Lee Smith

    Simon. London(UK)

    Could not believe what I saw/read about the treatment of this employee by Wallgreen in gun owning US of A !!! We have even stopped prosecuting home owner in the UK who have killed intruders in their own homes now. Looks like the lefty liberals now work at Wallgreen. Just how many of the Wakkgreen management have carry permits??

  • Mad Taxpayer

    No more Walgreens for me. I do not deal with IDIOTS !!!!

  • cbrtxus

    So not allowing yourself to be murdered is a "escalation." Silly me. I would have assumed that defending oneself is a natural right.
    Let me get this straight. the Walgreens management would prefer that the Pharmacist would have been murdered rather than committing the sin of using a handgun to defend himself. If I were a Walgreens employee, I would be looking for another employer if that is their company policy.
    I have been a Walgreen customer for many years even though there is a CVS across the street. I will be a CVS customer until Walgreen makes it clear that they accept as a natural right the right of an employee and my right as a Walgreen customer to defend ourselves.
    There is another issue. Walgreens has announce to the world that they will not tolerate employees defending themselves. That makes it more likely that the bad guys will be doing their business with Walgreens which makes it more dangerous for me as a customer. .

  • Tom

    I have been getting 4 prescriptions at Walgreens and shopping for other items–all that will change now. I will find a SECOND AMENDMENT friendly place to renew those prescriptions.

    Tom inTennessee

  • Tom

    Walgreens is a BIG CORP,, may the OWS gang sit on their ANTIi-SECOND AMENDMENT door step

  • James

    Remind me never to shop at Walgreens again. Ever. That man ought to have got a commendation, a promotion and a raise. Instead he gets fired?! FOR DEFENDING HIMSELF?! FOR SHAME

    • don

      James you are spot on, you left out that they should also give him the key to the city

  • JON

    “Gun control defined: The theory that people who are willing to ignore laws against rape, torture, kidnapping, theft, and murder will obey a law which prohibits them from owning a firearm.”

    Gun rights is just that, the right to choose whether or not owning and possessing a gun is right for you. It is well within your rights to not own a gun if that is the statement you wish to make, but forcing your personal opinion on me is unacceptable.

  • bikernoj

    Following company policy is one thing, and complying with a criminal's demands is what corporations like Walgreens has theft insurance for. But this is no longer about losing a few hundred $$ and a box of Sudafed, it's about the basic right to personal self defense.

    The INSTANT the robbers opened fire on the pharmacist, Walgreens' corporate policy was ineffective at protecting the lives of its employees. He was in immediate, life-threatening danger from the robbers and I feel he was completely justified in returning fire to defend himself. While the odds of actually NEEDING your CCW are low, this is exactly the reason to be armed in the first place.

    How very… Corporate… for Walgreens to be more concerned about their image than the lives of their employees. So go ahead and keep shopping at Walgreens; since they frown on employees' CCWs they apparently need more armed CUSTOMERS to help them out!

  • Pat

    I think the District Manager should be fired. What an A_Hole! This guy did the exact thing anybody who CCW would do. He was in a life or death situation and he stepped up! I think Mr. Hoven would make a great [NEW] District Manager.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Walgreens is in the business of selling drugs to whoever, whenever. There is no concern for the safety of their employees.

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