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Ultimate Tak Ball: An Electrifying New Sport

by Richard Nance   |  February 29th, 2012 26

UTBAre you sick of soccer? Fed up with football? Bored with baseball? If so, the extreme sport of Ultimate Tak Ball might be right up your alley.

According to, Ultimate Tak ball is a full contact, team sport played on a 200-by-85-foot rectangular playing field. The only protective gear worn by participants is goggles and a mouthpiece (and presumably a groin cup). There is a goal at each end of the field and each four man team attempts maneuver the 24-inch ball, reminiscent of a soccer ball on steroids, past their opponent’s defense and into the goal.

Unlike soccer, in which only the goalie can use his hands, Ultimate Tak Ball players carry the over-sized ball en route to the goal. A game consists of three periods, each seven minutes long. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

What differentiates Ultimate Tak Ball from every other sport on the planet is the fact that each player is equipped with a shocking apparatus that can be used on the ball carrier in an eight-foot semicircular “shock zone” around each goal. As you can imagine, this adds an element of excitement to the game, as shocked ball carriers drop to the ground in pain.

According to The Daily Caller, Eric Prum, one of the founders of Ultimate Tak Ball, said, “It’s not technically a police grade Taser. That being said, the first thing the (players) will tell you is that they hate getting tased. Those things really do hurt.” Apparently, players aren’t concerned about the danger associated with being shocked since the Tasers used in Ultimate Tak Ball only produce a 300,000-volt stun, which is significantly less than what would be required to kill. The shocking apparatus used in Ultimate Tak Ball do not fire probes like the Taser models popular with law enforcement and the self-defense community.

If this sounds like your kind of game, keep an eye out for the league to expand from its four initial teams: the L.A. Nightlight, the Philadelphia Killawatts, the San Diego Spartans and the Toronto Terror. Since the sport is illegal in Canada, the Toronto Terror won’t be enjoying a home field advantage any time soon.

Hey, I’m all for extreme sports. If these guys want to shock the heck out of each other for the sake of sport, more power to them.  As for me, I’ll continue to carry my Taser for its intended purpose.

  • elal

    There's a saying if you're going to be dumb, you better be tough.

  • Capt

    You've got to be kidding me!!! Do they get paid to do this???

  • Bill K

    No wonder the anti's are winning. This game will create a movement to stop Taser's, etc. And or all kinds of new laws controling them. Really dumb.

  • Don Kildebeck

    This is just the "next" step toward entertainment of the future: the recreation of death games Roman Gladiator style.

  • MotoJB

    LMAO – how stupid. What will they think of next?

  • joseph

    the real question I guess is how many of us would watch this sport? I think I might give it a look once

  • spike1point5

    I must say, I would try it at least once, mostly because that's just the kind of stuff I do. On the other hand this is NEVER going to help stop the complaints about Tasers and the like. Hmm. A conundrum indeed

  • Cindy Munson

    Where can I sign up my in-laws?

    • Alan_T

      When you find out ….. drop me a note , please ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • EdgeGun

    One step closer to "death as entertainment." Are we so barbaric that we have to keep pushing the envelope to deliberately inflict pain to "win"? This is "only" a 300,000 volt stun, yet how long before someone dies from this kind of foolishness? It is one thing to use Taser stun guns to stop bad guys, it is quite another to misuse a similar instrument for empty-headed competition. This makes American football, hockey and rugby look like a waltz. I'm sure that is what is motivating this in the first place.

    • Aaron

      So you are saying that it is totally acceptable to inflict pain in football, hockey, and rugby, but not this game? Hypocrite much?

    • EdgeGun

      You need to read more carefully. I never said that I find the other 3 sports acceptable regarding inflicting pain. But then again, if you are not aware that "hypocrite" is not a verb, then I suppose you wouldn't notice this anyway. Either way, to me shooting someone with 300,000 volts seems a bit more extreme than the other sports – but maybe you think otherwise.

  • James


  • Christopher Zimmon

    It reminds me of that 1970's movie starring James Caan: "ROLLERBALL"

    • Draeger

      they remade that one a fe years ago with LL Cool Jay

  • Red Jacket Fan

    Where do I sign up!! 300,000 hurts but is not that bad for a few seconds at a time 3+ million hurts really bad 300,000 would make it fun

  • Scott Nelson

    Sounds bizarre, yet interesting. A new "combat" sport? These people have too much free time on their hands. As for me, no thanks. Just wish I could reliably find Australian rules football on TV in the States.

  • Reg

    I think the games of ancient Rome were along these lines. Keep the Plebs occupied while we stuff the world to suit OUR agenda

  • SlyMC182

    This is crazy. I can not understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to something like this. This is not a sport. It looks more like an episode of “Jackass”.

  • Alan_T

    These people are INSANE ! ! ! Loooooks like it's time once again to thin the herd ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


    What a bunch of candy *ss sissy comments. I think it sounds great! you don't want a zap? play really well.
    tough man competition with a spark. Boxing, MMA, Football even Basketball will hurt you worse than this sounds like it might. and if your not into playing such a game, it will be a great spectator sport. UTB fans unite!

  • MMcQuown

    Vivat Spartacus!

  • Draeger

    aren't they trying to eliminate fighting in hockey? somehow, this seems worse

  • Wormer

    How long til someone dies during a game if they haven't already? I can imagine a whole bunch of juiced up dudes with frosted hair and Ed Hardy shirts going crazy for this

  • old vet

    YA momma we're ALL crazy now!

  • mike

    how about head shots with a .308 if they get 5 ft from the goal lmfao

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