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Tactical Scenario — Attacked While Jogging

by George Wehby   |  July 27th, 2011 30

This incident is a little dated, but it can definitely serve as a training point.  Basically, a teenage girl goes for a run in broad daylight.  While jogging along a wooded path she is attacked and the article indicates the suspect was charged with attempted rape.  This paints a very violent and scary situation for a teenage girl just looking to get in some exercise.

People go for runs everyday and even some of our readers may participate in outdoor activities such as running.  What measures do you take to ensure this type of attack is not successful on you or one of your loved ones?  Do you carry a handgun while walking or running or do you have things like pepper spray?  If you have a minor child what advice do you provide them about situations like is described in the article.

Teenager attacked while jogging in woods:

I personally do not like running or outdoor exercise, but when I did back in the day, I always carried a blade.  I found it was easy to hold while jogging and at least gave me a tool if I needed to get out of a sticky situation.  My children on the other hand are taught to never go out alone and to always be on the lookout for the criminal element.  I have fostered a healthy awareness of criminal activity in my children and I pray it is never put to the test.

Here is your scenario,  you are jogging through a wooded area in your neighborhood, when out of no where a man attacks you with a clubbed weapon.  What do you do? Enjoy.

  • Ted

    When I go running, I always carry this. It's lightweight and opens in a flash.

    When I go hiking, I carry the above knife clipped on my backpack's shoulder strap for quick access, plus this fixed blade in my pack for more serious situations.

    • observer

      Get real!

  • Perry

    I carry my sidearm at all times and I would fight like hell with my hands, feet, teeth or anything else to avoid shooting as that would be out of desperation. Shame of it all is criminals have rights and was once in a close call situation and told the person I was armed loudly as was taught and the police said I coul lose my permit for saying that. I explained he threatened my life and was told if there is a means of escape run for help,can't even mention a weapon unless you are cornered. What's the sense in having a permit or gun if that's the case! ( I live in Ct )

    • Juan Carlos

      A number of states still have very restrictive rules for CCW. I live in FL and here we have "stand your ground" rules. I would still try to escape, but rest easy that I don't have to wait to be cornered.

    • Steve Martin

      Pull out your gun. If the attacker still proceeds to harm you, shoot and kill them or it might be you. The police, it seems don't know jack sh** at times, because if you ask a police officer a question you will not get the same answer from another officer. It sems that it's their opinion only and your safety (and life) is of prime importance. What do you have a gun for?

    • Leo Torres

      I don't know what state your are in but, in Tennessee the self-defense law clearly authorizees a private citizen to threaten the use of deadly force; so as to neutralize the danger.

  • tennmike

    Everybody's situation will be different; what works for me won't work for someone else. I don't run or jog because my knees won't take the pounding anymore. I do most of my walking on my farm, have a CCW permit, and it is legal for me to carry openly on the farm, and I do. I also have a 5 ft. hickory walking staff with a coned steel tip for an assist on steep terrain, removing any snake from the trail, and knocking down spider webs across the trail. It is also handy for self defense against any two or four legged critters. I also carry an assisted opening lock blade knife. I've carried a knife since I was 6 y.o. and would feel undressed without some sort of knife on me.

    Regarding your scenario, situational awareness should be the first order of business. If you don't pay attention to your total surroundings, then you will likely be surprised. A can of bear spray, a walking staff of substantial strength, or just running like the devil is on your heels will work if you see the threat soon enough. For me, it would be firearm first, staff second, and knife last if there was no way to avoid the threat.

    If carrying weapons isn't an option we all have feet, hands, and teeth. Feet to kick the tender bits with, teeth to bite, and fingers to gouge out an eye or two. And don't forget those two elbows and knees. Make the risk much higher than the reward by using whatever is at hand.

  • Antonio

    It's hard to carry anything when jogging, especially in the summer — even keys tend to bounce and shift. Unless you're carrying, I say run. After all, if you're a runner, you're probably in better shape and faster than your attacker. If you don't have a weapon, keys-between-the-fingers punch might help, but you'd have to be aggressive because you'd have to get in close. And, if you're good enough to get in close, you probably have some self-defense skills that will help you. Against clubs, sidestep, parry if your reflexes are fast enough, then either strike or run.

    • observer

      I suggest you find some other form of exercice!

  • Ayodele kazeem

    This can never happen to me because am always on guide

    • Marine Brother

      TV guide maybe….don't be ignorant….complacency kills

  • Tory II

    Always carry some pepper spray. In Wisconsin the police have created a law that limits what you can carry so be careful (police are the greater threat to your safety in Wisconsin).

    Police will force politicians to ban or restrict guns – they don’t want anyone interfering with their monopoly on the use of force.

    Pepper spray is lite to carry and concealable too. No, it’s not as good as a gun but is better than nothing.

    Buy a treadmill – very important. Women are no match for deviant men. The pigs have never managed to disarm thiefs, rapists, or murderers.

    • Antonio

      I'm on board with the pepper spray. There's a per/oz limit here in Jersey, but it's light, handy, easy to use, and non-lethal (for those who believe this is a good thing).

    • observer


  • ryan

    Honestly, your best weapon against any attack is your two feet. Any female runner should know to run with a companion or avoid isolated trails when you’re alone. Your best tools are awareness and healthy pair of lungs.

    That said: in a case like this, where a someone is ambushed with intent to do damage, I can’t imagine a better reason to carry a weapon. But I don’t know anyone who would run (not jog, but really run) with a pistol strapped to them.

    • observer

      You are obviously too big to realize that ther are firearms available that can be eaily carried for people that jog.

  • bigjohn

    Ayodele Kazeem, don't be stupid! This could happen to you and anyone else at anytime and in any location. Even while you are walking to your car, walking your pet if you have one, or even in your front or back yard. No one is emune from crime or an attack. I see women foolishly jogging in areas alone that they should not be in, just because they have that attitude that it can't happen to them. Crime has no boundries, no gender choice. Criminals are the worst and most dangerous animals because they prey on the unaware and those that think it can't happen to them therefore unprepared.. The wise thing to do in never run alone, even then tell someone or more than one trusted family member or friend where you will be running and and when you and your partner will return. Carry a small light weight firearm in a secure holster or fanny pack and/or a short fixed blade knife. I also suggest a loud whisle of some type to signal for help if you are just hurt and not killed by the bad guy. If you are attacked try to scratch, bite, kick, eye punch, draw some of the attackers blood for later DNA. Its important to draw blood. NO one likes to see their own blood. Learn some basic self-defense and paractice with a partner. If you can carry your cell phone while jogging you certainly can carry one of thise small light weight handguns with no problem in additon. There is no excuse for not having a cell phone with you at all times and some form of a defensive tool. Always carry a knife on your person it could save your life or allow you to cut yourself free if tied up. Never leave home without a knife. Never every stop to talk to strangers in remote or wooded area or allow them to get close enough to grab you. Remember there may be more than one. Carry a gun. It just that simple. Remember its better to be judged by 12 then carried by six. Remember what we teach our kids, don't talk to strangers or allow them to get close to us. I can never ever stress that I, you and anyone else can become a victim of crime, never doubt that.

    • observer

      Do you think that anyone is going to read your preachings?

    • Romanian Gypsy

      I am surprised that in this day and age anyone would even consider drawing blood on purpose from an unknown attacker…particularly through oral contact such as biting. Biting or being bitten are two extremely easy ways to contract potentially lethal infections. For example, striking an attacker in the mouth can result in teeth cuts on your own hands…which can lead to serious bacterial infection. Biting an attacker exposes you to blood-borne pathogens, including HIV, Hepatitis C, and a wide variety of lesser, though serous, infections. The idea here is to GET AWAY from an attacker, not prove that you can take them in a fist fight. Drawing blood, whether as a disabling tactic or to secure DNA evidence for potential future prosecution is simply not a wise first line of defense.

  • paintballer

    pepper spary is not allways effective. personally i carry a knife wherever i go, i wish i could carry a firearm, but i am not 21 yet.

    • observer

      So you carry a knife. What are you going to do with it if attacked? Carve your initials in a tree? You need training to use a knife or it can be used against you. What if they pull out a knife bigger than yours. What will you do? Realize it —knives are worthless in an attack, especially if the attacker has a knife. Bottom line is—the attacker is about to harm(or kill) you, what do you do…pull out a knife or a gun? I think the answer is elementery.

    • observer

      Learn self defense.

  • Woman Jogger

    Pepper spray is sensible. So is running where there are likely to be people to hear/see you. Carrying a cell phone with a panic button or a personal screech alarm. And I always call friends and tell them where I am going, how long I plan to be there, and when they can expect me to call in. Also? NEVER wearing headphones. I want to hear and see what's going on, and appreciate the sounds and sights of nature. If you're zoning out to loud music, you won't hear the crack of a branch as a doe — or another person — moves towards you.

    • observer

      Don't be fooled having pepper spray, it doesn't always work on attackers. You also need to know how to use it and most people don't, and guess what… just having it on your belt means nothing if you don't how to use it. Pepper spray is only sensible if you have the right kind of spray and know how to use it.

  • Marine Brother

    I was an infantry marine from 2006 – 2010, and deployed twice to Iraq. I always have a weapon of some sort on my person. My two sister are a completely different story though. Yes, a firearm is the best deterrent for an attacker. But if you have never had defensive firearms training (youtube videos DO NOT count) you may as well be handing your attacker your weapon. Pepper spray is a good tool as well, but again, you need to know how to use it PROPERLY (eg, without getting it on yourself). Sense my sisters have had zero training (we're getting them into training classes soon though) they (and i) prefer to carry my MagLite when they go joging. It's the same one the police issue. It is used effectively as a clubbing weapon in a defensive situation and it requires no previous training. As primitive as this is, it is the best one suited to their current level of defensive weapons knowledge.

    • Marine Brother

      PS. Knowledge is the BEST weapon. You can go running with a fully automatic shotgun, but if you don't know how to use it you're SOL. Common sense is included in this as well. Don't go running by yourself in the dark. That's just stupid. God gave us a brain so we could use it, not just to fill the void in our skulls.

    • observer

      If you had defensive training as a Marine and I don't care how many times you went to Iraq, you are giving your sisters a false sense of security. AMagLite offers no security if someone does not know how to use it as a weapon. If you know , then teach them. I have given my daughter, who jogs early in the morning, defensive training using a kuboton devise which contains a pepper spray. Just carrying something without knowing how to use it is just plain nuts, Don't do it. Having had previous training and experience, when I go for a walk(I don;t jog) I carry a gun for protection and pitty the attacker who would offend me.

  • Centennial Firearms

    Carry a firearm in a PistolWear holster specifically designed for athletic activity. I do and it works great to keep the firearm secure.

  • Will

    If you are a CCW permit holder and you practice your EDC (every day carry) like you should then whatever situation you are in you will be prepared as well as armed. As stated before by others, know your surroundings, if confronted then fight, if overpowered then shoot. Cops carry guns to protect themselves not us. Sorry to those who disagree, but my attacker would be laying in front of me breathing through there chest.

  • Melissa Hunter

    Pepper Spray will give a person a very false sense of security!!!
    I carried that for a while and when I needed it, it WOULD NOT SPRAY!.
    I wish people would not recommend it as a security measure.
    Carry a gun. You dont even need a permit–here–unless it is concealed.

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