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Senior Citizen Shoots Armed Robbers at Internet Cafe

by Richard Nance   |  July 18th, 2012 131

On Friday, July 13, 71-year-old Samuel Williams was at the Palms Internet Café in Marion County, Fla., with his wife. Williams, a concealed carry permit holder, was armed with a .380 pistol.

When two 19-year-old masked robbers entered the business brandishing a pistol and a baseball bat, and carrying a large bag, Williams must have known that his decision to draw his pistol and engage the armed robbers would be potentially life-changing.

Video surveillance footage shows one suspect, later identified as Dwayne Henderson, pointing a pistol at customers and directing them. His less-armed partner in crime, Davis Dawkins, could be seen raising his baseball bat and striking downward on what was later determined to be a computer.

Williams displayed patience as he waited for an opportune moment to act. When Henderson turned his back to him, Williams sprang into action. Just as Williams started toward Henderson with the gun trained on him, Henderson wheeled around and saw Williams, who fired at Henderson sprinting for the front door. It appeared that the two armed criminals could not get out of that café fast enough, as they each fell to the floor at one point. It’s not clear from the video footage whether Henderson fired the pistol during the attempted robbery.

Eventually, both would-be robbers made it outside the business and ran away. Williams reportedly locked the door behind them, later telling a reporter that he was afraid his wife or another patron would be shot if he didn’t take action.

Henderson and Hawkins each showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds and were subsequently apprehended by police. They were charged with robbery. No charges are being sought against Williams, who is being hailed as a hero.

Obviously, Williams’ actions are commendable. In true hero form, he risked his own life to protect his wife and others from what was clearly an imminent threat of death or great bodily injury. And his aim with that little .380 was true.

Do you think Williams acted appropriately?  Would you have done anything differently?

  • Dave Hicks

    they truly were and are "the greatest" generation our country has ever known

    • TomG

      What Mr. Williams did took courage and he should be commended for his actions. That said, the "Greatest Generation" refers to the men and women that served in World War II. Mr. Williams would have been about 3 years old when World War II ended.

      • Philip

        That would most likely put him in Korea, or the 'Secret' war in Laos.

    • theJoker

      compare that generation to the one now, who gets their values from snookie and snoop dogg. oh, i forgot the real housewives of wherever.

  • Karl

    I guess that little .380 did its intended job in the hands of a determined person. Biggest observation: He took the fight to them!

    • Harry

      Why did the cops kept his only protection? Maybe they wanted to keep it as a wall collection..Sometime they do as it happen to me,but a filed a complant agains the department..People be careful,sometimes good guns never make it to the furnace!!!!!!

      • Wolvie

        What the Hell are you talking about???

      • Irv

        Harry, Just where did you get that piece of information? Nowhere does the article say that they kept his weapon. Better reread the article.

  • CitizenC

    Did anyone talk the poor youth's parents? I'm sure they were just there to buy a Tea and some Skittles. What was he thinking!? Kidding!

    I love this guy! God bless him! Cops probably took his gun though. The cafe owner should buy him a new one as a reward.

    • Pat

      Take his gun for what reason, So when this happens again he has nothing to pull out and protect himself with.

    • manfromtexas

      NOt amusing in the least.

  • thecrunch

    i'm glad there are people like him around!

  • Phil

    The 71 yr old acted heroically. The gun grabbers will say he over stepped his response when he fired the last shot out the door. Give the guy a medal an dleave him alone. Anyone who bradishes a gun threatening to shoot should get what they get…

  • Johnny

    Good for him – in CA he would have been jailed and lost his right to carry and own moving forward not to mention his life runied..



      • Steve

        Then why do you keep electing her?

        • tom

          They get free stuff from the state!

        • BillC

          Ask the idiots in SF and West LA Steve. Don't bother asking the rest of their voters cause they can't speak English.

          • Philip

            "If you'd like to here this message in ENGLISH, press one." G-damit I HATE that!

          • Philip


      • Alan_T

        Steve , to be fair to the average citizen of Kalifornia , I don't think THEY re elect Commissar Pelosi . She gets bankrolled by the mega – Liberals / millionaires in the entertainment industry ( T . V . , movies , music , etc . ) and the election gets sold to the highest bidder . Sad but true .

    • Bill C

      In CA he would never have gotten a permit unless he was an x cop. And if an x cop, as stated would have his life invaided by idiots and finacially ruined with law suits. Boxer and Finstein would have also claimed the robbers looked like their sons.

  • Doc

    He needed a bigger gun. Unfortunately, the bad guys survived and will probably sue him for his use of force, forcing him into poverty with attorney expenses.
    I applaud him and wish I were there to help.

    • Liam McCumber

      One wonderful thing about Florida's Castle Doctrine is that the bad guy or the bad guy's estate does not get to sue the law-abiding citizen for Standing Their Ground. He will not be sued, and if the bad guy did file suit, the state would intercede on the citizen's behalf. It's only in Nanny States that the bad guy has more rights than does a citizen.

    • Tim

      I have a .380 Ruger here and after watching, at first I thought I need something stronger. But he was able to force 2 armed men to retreat using it, so maybe its good enough. It also doesn't mention if he used hollow points or whatever. Maybr it was just hardball? Although, the guy di everything else correctly, why carry hardball?

      • Alan_T

        Tim , the primary reasons for carrying hardball in a . 380 is usually one or two things A ) it's used to feed reliably , or B ) there has been a shortage in . 380 the past few years and it's all you can find .

      • theJoker

        If those 2 had been real hardened 6'3" thugs I dare say the 380 would have only pissed them off.

        • Alan_T

          Maybe ……but it only takes one pill to cure the ill . A . 22 Short can punch your ticket for you just as sure as a . 45 ACP , if it hits the right spot .

        • curtis

          Shot placement. News reports say one suspect was hit in the arm and the other in the butt and thy. They still ran away. I would say the 380 did its job more than the 45 he probably has in a safe at home.

          • Alan_T

            Amen curtis !

        • Philip

          And they know it's a 380 and not a 9, how? What went through their little brains was "Sh/it…someones got a gun and is trying to kill me. WHERE"S THE DOOR!

          • Alan_T

            Amen Philip !

      • Philip


  • Liam McCumber

    According to police, Davis Dawkins, the robber with the bat, was a former employee, and neither he nor Dwayne Henderson, the robber with the pistol, had any criminal record before this robbery attempt. I'm wondering, and I'm sure the courts will attempt to find out, is how did these two men, who apparently managed to make it to 19 without criminal records, decide to start a life of crime now? Most hood-rat punks have criminal backgrounds going back to middle school or before. Maybe it's that Internet Cafe's are mostly cash operations and, being Florida, are filled with old people, they must have thought it would be a pushover. I've got news for punks, hooligans, and other criminals, we didn't get to be old by being stupid, many of us are former GI's, and I'm getting too slow to run and too weak to fight, if they threaten me or my loved ones or my belongings, they will be bringing out the Samuel Williams in me and my peers.

    • Fitch

      Right on Liam. I'm 70 and carry every day every place it's legal. I have permits good for 37 states. .380 in summer, 9mm or .45 in winter.

      I was impressed by Williams performance. He waited for an opening, moved forward and dropped into a straight ahead stance that lowered him into a smaller target when he fired the first shots, kept moving which made him a harder target for return fire, maintained excellent muzzle control pointing the gun up when it might have pointed at someone other than the robbers, got his finger off the trigger as soon as the fight was over and checked his weapon to make sure the slide wasn't locked back (pistol empty). He's no stranger to moving and shooting.

      Took on two armed robbers in a crowded cafe and didn't hit any innocent people.

      Well done.

      There is a lot to learn from that video including what the other folks in such a situation might do from wandering around eyes closed with hands over ears, to the guy racing along side Williams. The guy along side turned and went someplace else when Williams looked in his direction. I think he finally figured out he had no business where he was.

  • bob

    Well done buddy!! Those scummers will think twice about it when they get released which probably won't be too long. In the UK, they would have got paid, and then again! There would be people queuing to defend them, glad I don't live there anymore.


  • james

    Glad the two are in custody and are going to be on trial soon.

    Give the speed of the bad guys running away, I wonder if the
    pistol they had was a replica or a BB or pellet gun.

    Only thing that I feel he should not have done was firing at them after they
    exited the store, very easy for a bullet to ricochet and possible cause injury
    to another person.

    Glad nobody in the store was hurt.

  • clearcut1

    I salute him for his bravery and advise him to spend more time at the shooting range. Neither one of those verminous pieces of filth should've gotten away without at least one round in their vitals. The .380auto might not be the most impressive fight-stopper in the world, but properly placed shots would've either dropped the vermin on the spot or put them in the hospital.

    • clearcut1

      Mis-type on my part: replace "hospital" with "morgue". Oops.

    • james

      hi, the media reported both were arrested at local hospital seeking medical attention for the gunshot wounds.

    • AirandSpace

      More time at the range? Shooting at stationary targets? He put rounds into a couple of fast moving targets, which is commendable. Easy to think you can do better from an armchair.

  • D'Wayne Bishop

    This guy an amazing job. He has excellent form and poise for a man of his age. Did a great job of engaging then breaking contact when the ROE called for it. This is how I would like all of my CCW students to act if ever caught in a horrible situation like this. I will use this video in upcoming classes.
    Bless you old timer!

  • Howard

    Mr. Williams acted honorably and correctly ! Showed steady judgement in how he weaved, around other patrons who where about to put themselves in the line of fire.Following them out the door, some think not the wisest move,but kept these guys on the run !

  • Guest

    I live here in Florida and have a little more info to add to the story. The perps were BOTH shot, 1 guy twice, the other guy 1 time. They drove to an out of town hospital and tried to claim they were the victims of a "drive-by" shooting, but were subsequently arrested. YEAH In typical Liberal fashion, one of the cafes customers said that the old man didn't need to shoot them. BOO I guess he would rather that they put themselves at the criminals mercy. WHAT A MORON…
    If you noticed they were wearing hoodies, which if you recall is standard dress for "innocent CHILDREN" in Florida in the summer time and not what hoodlums wear to help hide their identities…

    • Bill C

      Right on Guest. Thanks for the local info. And where/how could anyone in the place ever make such a moronic statement. Guess the innocent hooded kids needed to shoot someone to show their true intentions.

    • The black guy

      Wow you sound like you were raised by Hitler, what's up with all the ignorance and disrespectful treyvon references? Do most white ppl not wear a hoodie wh en they jog or wake up and go to the gym? Or just in general. But of course typical garbage coming from some out of touch loser who's been hynotized by the fear monger machine fox news who's been famously known to smear blacks and propagate lies to their constitutes. How do you know what race the purps were and what does that matter? Hmmm your very quiet when it comes to that white boy in the movie theater in Colorado who mass murdered innocent civilians. But real quick to spew your prejidece stereotype on a blog.. Sir You're a coward, and I bet you wouldn't say these things to most black ppl faces, because you're the typical jack ass who hides behind his computer, induced with hate and a false sense of fear, paranoid for nothing. Bottom line is regardless of race everybody commits crimes and breaks the law period… We're all sinners in gods eyes, like jesus said, not one man is good.. None! Those who judge will be judged by the father and will be in danger of the fire… Act like a Christian conservatives like you claim so much and knock off the hate.. Very ungodly and contradicts everything you stand and fight for… Love thy neighbor and thy enemies.

      • Irv

        "And Balaam's ass spoke." Nobody mentioned Treyvon Martin, but now that you mention it…………..

  • gary

    This impressive gentleman is just awesome. I would like to see many more 'young' folks stand up and be counted like he did, very well, as has been noted in several comments above. I applaude his action and resolve. Great example of the second admendment and CCW and the positive results realized. It is a shame that these 2 will live to attempt this type action again, possibly with sad results for the victiums of the crime. God Bless him!!!

    • Concerned shooter

      Why do we, as a community, so greatly desire the perps to die? If we keep saying, "Shoot to kill" and not "Shoot to survive," the bad guys will cease to provide the option. They'll start shooting first and robbing the corpse. This "one less criminal to repeat offend" mentality is nothing greater than thoughts of fairweather murder.

      • Alan_T

        Concerned Shooter …… I could go off on a rant here , but I won't .
        That is a crock that has been sold to the public in the same vein as " the gun just went off ! " or , " it went off while I was cleaning my gun ! " , it's bogus .
        ANY shot fired has the potential to kill , PERIOD !
        The people who say foolish things like " shoot them in the arm or leg " no nothing about human anatomy . The use of deadly force is either justified or it isn't , NO MIDDLE GROUND ! PERIOD ! ! !

        • Alan_T

          There know ……. isn't everyone glad that I didn't go off on a rant ?

          • Wolvie

            So glad you controlled yourself…

            And on a related note:

            Dumping the first magazine could absolutely be considered a warning shot and a sucking chest wound is just nature's way of saying, "Slow down".

          • Alan_T

            Yeah Wolvie …….. death is natures way of saying STOP IT !

          • Alan_T

            …… and yes Irv , before you and the other grammar police arrive to point it out , I am aware that I used " no " instead of " KNOW " and I shall now commit ritual sepuku to atone for my grievous error .

          • Irv

            Alan_T> you are forgiven……his time. But otherwise very well said.

          • Irv

            Ooops! his should be this. Mea Culpa.

        • Walt

          Sorry, but legally what you're supposed to do is "shoot to stop." Saying ahead of time that you would shoot to kill would turn a case of justi-fiable self defense into premeditated murder.

          • Alan_T

            Walt ….. I don't want to be rude to you , but , the politest way I can say this is , you obviously have no experience and you don't know what you're talking about .

            I will state it again for you so perhaps you will understand it better :

            The term " shoot to stop " DOES NOT EXIST , either PRACTICALLY or LEGALLY . Any shot fired at a human , practically and by law is considered DEADLY FORCE .

            Person's are allowed by law to use deadly force when they REASONABLY BELIEVE that their life or the life of someone else is at risk of loss OR great bodily harm . THAT IS THE LAW IN ALL STATES .

          • Irv

            Alan, I'm sorry, Buddy, but here I must respectfully disagree. As a retired army vet, true we were trained to shoot to kill, but as a retired corrections supervisor at Louisiana State Penitentiary as a captain, legally if an inmate was shot while attempting to escape or in a hostage situation, for example, when the court case came up, which it will, if we stated, "we shot to kill" we were in a world of trouble. The correct and legal answer is, in fact "shoot to stop." then we were covered. That is the only legal response to using lethal force.

          • Alan_T

            No no offense taken Irv and no offense meant by me , but you are talking about apples and oranges . When you are talking about a prisoner escaping from a penitentiary you are talking about an entirely different subject and a whole different set of legal rules .

            Again …. the law in ALL states is , you can ONLY use deadly force in cases where you are at risk of loss of life or great bodily harm ( or someone else's [ states differ on what constitutes great bodily harm ] ) . If you are not justified in killing , then you are not justified in using deadly force . That's all there is to it .

            There is no such thing as a shot fired that isn't considered deadly force and if you go into court trying to saying that you DIDN'T INTEND to use deadly force after you've shot someone ….. well …. you just bought yourself a one – way ticket . I'll guarantee it .

          • Irv

            No offense taken, Alan. What I'm trying to make you understand is if you ever get in a situation where your life or your loved one's life is in jeopardy, it doesn't matter where it happens and you do have use lethal force, it will go to a court of law. you ca depend on that. when it does, it doesn't matter if you shot the perp once or emptied the clip on him, you had better say, "I shot to stop." Not "I shot to kill."Ask any good criminal lawyer. No offense, Buddy.

          • Alan_T

            Irv , if you want to use the euphemism " shot to stop " for lethal / deadly force , by all means do so .

            But , I can tell you , if you are giving testimony and you give the slightest inkling that you have any doubt that you were justified in using deadly force …… you are finished and it won't even take a good lawyer ( prosecuting or defense ) to dismantle your story .

            A poor lawyer will paint you as using reckless disregard for human life , and a GOOD lawyer will have the court believing that YOU are homicidal maniac and a threat to society .

            I've work with all kinds of lawyers and judges over the years , trust me …….. or not ( it doesn't really much matter )

            Personally , since I am not working any more , I hope never to shoot or be shot at again , but if I have that misfortune ……. I will stick with the truth and say that I used deadly force because I had no other choice and I did what I had to do to preserve my life .

          • Poor Jack

            you should listen to alan. you might learn something

      • Philip

        Concerned, you have a crystal ball? If they didn't kill anyone then… it would just broaden their balls until they continued up the ladder.
        If they use a gun.. then I expect that they are going to use it. And, o yea…. you're an idiot!

  • Big D

    I as well carry concealed and would have done the same,but in some states the robbers can sue you for shooting them . What a shame. Thank you Mr Williams for saving who knows how many lifes .My ladyfriend carries to and is a great shoot,some times i leave my gun at home if shes with me. lol

  • Karl

    As far as following them out the door goes, they were a threat as long as thy were inside. By DRIVING them out the door and securing it, he was ensuing the safety of everyone inside until authorities arrived. He needs life time free internet in that place. :-)

  • Joe F.

    Like a BOSS. And look at that, even had his finger off the trigger at the end. Well done.

  • Bill G.

    My compliments to you Sir. We aging Americans won't put up with young punks pulling stunts like this any more. We're tired of it. I carry a .380 concealed, I'm in a wheelchair and feel like it will do the job if called upon. It sure beats being unarmed.

    • james

      Yes, the .380 ammo today is not our daddy's .380.
      It works real good.

      • Alan_T

        You're right James .

  • walker

    some people who know i carry concealed have asked what i am afraid of and i reply that i am afraid some one who cares not one whit for these people will one day instill in them with extreme prejudice the reason i do carry and i can only hope that someone will be there to protect them from what will be the worst day or possibly last day of their unprotected life

  • steve

    Too bad he didn't carry a 45

  • Steve

    Absolutely did the right thing! One gun in the hands of a good-guy and one gun in the hands of a bad-guy and the good-guy wins. That's the way it should be. Bet the bad-guy didn't get his gun legally<????>

  • Jeepers Creepers

    In the video it looked like he was having fun. He really did not want to hurt any one. Just to chase them out the door. If you really want to hurt some one. Always go for the brain stem, jugaler vein, or brain. You never know if some one is wearing a vest. He is a hero in my book. For the 45 ACP people. Any thing bigger than a 9MM is really hard to CCW.
    A 45 ACP is only 40% concealable the other 60% is showing (maybe in your mind it is CCW). If I'm going to show the world that I'm carrying. I will do it with a 44 MAGNUM.

    • Wolvie

      Dear Mental Patient,

      Is it even possible for you to open your mouth and not sound like an ignorant troll?

      How exactly did that man look like he was having fun? The rest of us without mental deficiencies saw a man under extreme stress performing like a professional.

      Your superhero-like reflexes might make you believe that you could hit the brain stem on a moving target while under stress…but the rest of us who live in reality know you shoot for center mass. Oh, and the brain stem is about the size of your thumb…though I suspect yours is even smaller. The jugular vein is smaller than a pencil in width and only on one side of the neck. You probably couldn't hit something that small if it was taped to the front of your muzzle, Moron.

      Where, in your current and chronic state of dementia, did you even come up with 40% concealable?? No, don't bother…we know from what orifice you pulled those numbers. Just so you know (since you never had and never legally will hold one), a 1911 commander around the same size a the "compact" Glock 19 and much thinner. An XDS is the size of most 380's and even a full-size Government model is still one of the thinnest guns available. The only 60% that's showing is 60% of your ignorance…which is more than enough for most here to judge you without having to subject themselves to the other 40%.

      But by all means…keep posting and proving what a delusional, useless, malcontent you are.

      • james

        I wonder if he served in the military,
        or was retired LEO?

      • Jeepers Creepers

        I still think you love me !!! It shows.

      • Jeepers Creepers

        Wolvie please read my comment.

      • Alan_T

        So , Jon ……ops I mean Creepy , did your momma have any children that lived ? ? ?
        A . 44 Magnum ? Really ? HAHAHAHAHAHA
        I wish I knew if you even marginally believe the ANY of the SH**T you constantly post !
        A .40 S&W / .357 Sig are THAT SAME SIZE as a 9 MM and Wolvie is absolutely right about 1911's .
        " A 45 ACP is only 40% concealable " ? ? ? Government Models are one of the very easiest pistols to conceal especially in the 4 to 4 .25 " commander size !
        Creepy , your brain ( if you actually have one ) is 100 % concealed !

      • MMcQuown

        Cole Officers' MOdel is about the same size as a lot of .380s. It's one of my instructor's carry guns.

        • MMcQuown

          That's Colt, not Cole!

      • Bigbore

        Wolvie – The merit of any of your opinions is often lost in your obviously overwhelming need to belittle people. You seem to be intelligent and reasonalby well versed in firearms knowledge, why must you insist on using insults and derogatory remarks in most of your comments? Have you never heard the pharse 'Verbal insults are tools of the ignorant?"
        "They call him MISTER mental paitent!"

        • Wolvie


          Let's go under the assumption that you aren't just a sock-puppet account for our resident mental deficient here…

          "The merit of any of your opinions is often lost in your obviously overwhelming need to belittle people."

          Well sir, that is YOUR opinion and might I add that the merit of your opinion is totally lost in your obviously overwhelming need to engage in hyperbole. Not only don't I have a need to belittle people…I actually only focus my attacks on one, quite deserving, individual. I'm actually quite nice to everyone EXCEPT our resident malcontent. I give back to him the very same negativity, insults and venom that he constantly and consistently posts here and expose him for the sick, twisted, lying, useless, ignorant fraud that he is. The only thing I don't give back to him is the lies he tells. I don't need to do that .

          …oh, and I don't give him mercy, either.

          The only other time you will see attacks/insults/etc. from me is when I focus on obvious trolls and anti-gun plants. We get a lot of those, too. However, like the cowards they are, their agenda doesn't cover them actually sticking around and making or discussing a point.

          So, if you are concerned that I am using "derogatory remarks in most of (my) comments", understand that the reality is, I'm only using said derogatory comments towards ONE piece of filth and not in a general way towards the rest of the posters/readers/visitors here.

          Now that I've (hopefully) cleared that up…one more thing…

          I firmly believe that the guy who came up with the line, "Verbal insults are the tools of the ignorant" is probably the very same guy that came up with, "Size doesn't matter", "More than a handful is too much", "Violence never solved anything", and of course, "It's not the size that matters…It's how you use it". Which is to say…it is an obvious tactic employed by those that are lacking something…so they try to lessen the value of it in an effort to appear relevant and competitive.

          Verbal insults, when done skillfully, correctly and remaining relevant, are an art in themselves and can be an effective verbal weapon in keeping the target off-balance while revealing their shortcomings or destroying their argument. Saying something lame like, "your Momma!" or the like is the tool of the ignorant. But that's not what I do.

          In closing, I' not sure the purpose or the intent of your last line. Is that a joke? Is that meant to lighten the mood? Is that a clue as to your other identities here on the board? I honestly don't know…so I will refrain on commenting further on it.

          Hopefully that clears things up. The only specific person here that will never be free from my venom has already been identified and (those that have been there know) is totally deserving of it.

          • Bigbore

            Wolfie – Now THAT was a well structured response – thank you! No, I am not the hand puppet of anyone, though I can see where you could suspect that. My intent was to simply put forth the idea that opinions carry more weight when written in a manner more well received by the general public rather that catering to the more base among us.I have read a number of your comments and some, not all, seemed to revert to this form of attack. I must admit that it never occurred to me that this was some type of ongoing feud between you and another individual. If you are sincere in your contempt for your nemisis, do you not think you would be better served by ignoring him rather than rise to his baiting?In fact, would not the fourm as a whole be better off without these personal attacks? It has been my experience that most trolls, baiters, bully's will soon move on if ignored, but that is entirely your choice because (once again a quote) "Although I may not agree with what you say I will defend to the death your right to say it.".

          • bigBore

            We, as gun's rights supporters, are in an intense and ongoing battle with those who would restrict or remove our right to own firearms, and should keep this in mind whenever writing items meant for public consumption so that they not be turned and used against us. Hyperboyle is defined as "Exaggerated claims or statements not meant to be taken literally" so I really do not feel that any of the things stated in my previous post would fall into that definition.
            Perhaps verbose was the description you were looking for. Just as you see the use of personal attacks as an art, I see the careful construction of statements in a manner that increases comprehension as well as understanding to be an art and an endeavor worth pursuing. As our ability to comunicate in general increases everyday through the creation of yet more tech devices, our ability to communicate between individuals seems to diminish. With that in mind I strive to state my thoughts in the best manner possible. In closing, yes, the 'mister' comment was intended to introduce levity to the conversation lest we take ourselves too seriously.

          • Wolvie


            Your points, though probably valid in most situations, fall a bit short in this specific circumstance (in my own, not so humble, opinion of course…)

            Most trolls, malcontents and general scum will, in fact, just go away. That's what I thought in the case of our resident mental patient.

            However, if you have been reading the comments over the last several months…2 very obvious things were happening:

            1) Said Mental Defective was stepping up his attacks on everyone. He was literally on a one-moron-crusade to refute everything that everyone said, use every opportunity to puff out and thump his chest and sneer, insult and offend everyone in his path.

            Still, given that…I just ignored him.

            No, it was after months of ignoring him that the proverbial straw broke the proverbial camel's back when he started going on a rant about wishing death and injury on police officers.

            That's when I decided to go from ignoring to taking action. By coming at him head on, refuting and proving all his wild accusations false, exposing him for the fraud that he is and showing everyone that he's nothing more than a cyber bully and a coward…we have arrived at Point #2:

            2) He still shows up now and again…but he has been rendered effectively neutered. His attacks now are nothing more than feeble attempts at establishing the dominance he once had in the comments section…and everyone sees it. Instead of driving others away as he had in the past, we now see more and more people returning to comment.

            So, again, your points are valid in most circumstances…but just not this one. For the most part, I do just ignore him…but understand that sometimes I see something he writes and the answer just immediately clicks in my head. What I am doing to him isn't at all work…no, it actually has me laughing the whole time I'm writing.

            So, again, my efforts are not to create a hostile environment towards others here. Rather, I'm the incarnation of the little devil sitting on your shoulder saying the things you wanted to say. Now, when the miscreant tries to attack or drive away someone here, people can just grin an wait for the reality tsunami to wash in an flush that turd back where he belongs.

            Or, you can be like Alan…and 1-up me by beating me to the punch…(which he does too easily and too often with no regards to my reputation or my ego…)

      • Alan_T

        Oh look Wolvie , it looks like your bestest buddy Creepy Jon D . has yet another new name to hide behind and he wants you to call him " MISTER mental patient !

      • Gil

        Thank you for saying what the rest of us are thinking! People like him have brain numbing stupidity!

        • Wolvie

          You're welcome, Gil.

          Aside from exposing him for what he is, being verbal, harsh and (dare I say it) violently aggressive towards pukes like him on forums like these serves another important point…

          The anti-gunners just love to point out the comments posted in places like this an use them in their propaganda to the masses to further their agenda. By being vocal (and even downright hostile) to low-lifes like this is a clear message to all that he doesn't speak for me, I don't agree with him, he doesn't belong here and he isn't welcome.

          • Alan_T

            I back you all the way Wolvie . I used to leave Bigbutt / Jeepers / Jon D . Weatherspoon alone because I thought he was mentally retarded and couln't help it , but , I was wrong .
            He is worse than stupid and deserves no mercy !

  • HeavyD

    Oh no he was in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will be prosecuted for sure.

  • David Baiely

    Definitely my new hero. I only hope that if the same happens around me, I'd do as well. Kudos to you, Sir.

  • Walther SureShot

    Does anyone know the Make & Model of the .380? Was it a Walther PPKS??
    Also- Does anyone know what Mr. Williams did BEFORE he retired, and spent his time at the Internet Café??

  • ron

    I carry a 10MM everywhere I go,if I have to use it I want the fight to end with i shot.To bad these punks are'nt in the morgue,where they belong.You go Mr.Williams,god speed!!!

    • Irv.

      Ron, I think you got it a little twisted on the second part of your quote. The saying is "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

  • Alan_T

    While the . 380 ACP might not be the best choice for everyone ( what handgun round is ? ) , sometimes " it's not the size of the dog in the fight , but the fight in the size of the dog " .
    Samuel Williams has my respect !

    • Irv

      Sorry, Ron. That quote was meant for Alan_T

      • Alan_T

        Irv , you are undeniably correct !

        An error that I shall in the future , endeavor to avoid .

        I whole heartedly apologize and humbly beg you and everyone else's forgiveness .

        OH …..and by the way Irv , YOU got a little twisted on replying to Ron instead of me .

        • Irv

          Guilty as charged.

  • Mike

    As an instructor for CHL I tell my students to carry the most powerful round that they can shot well and will carry.
    For most of them it end up being a .380. For myself I carry the Colt 1911 .45acp. I am a gun person shooting is my hobe. Williams decided to join the fight and did not stop till the job was done.
    Carry alway and shot when you can.

  • nahunjin

    I can not believe that i am the only one who seems to think that this man needs to share a jail cell with the attempted robbers…. What kind of person just starts shooting in that crowded of an area? I know what you all are going to say, "he didn't hit anyone but the robbers". But he also shot a round out the door that did not hit one of the robbers. What if that had hit a baby? Criminal neglagence at least. Attempted manslaghter as well. Don't get me wrong, i think the robbers should be restrained while sharing the cell with the man, and he not be allowed to catch a case for whatever he choses to do to them, but he should still go to jail in my opinion. Firing a gun randomly at the "bad guys" does NOT make anybody a hero.

    • Alan_T

      What I can't believe is that anyone in their right mind would say what you are saying , nahunjin .

      Didn't look like " random firing " to me , I didn't see Mr . Williams pointing his pistol at anyone but his intended targets . In fact , it looked to me like he knew just exactly what he was doing .

      You THINK " the robbers should be restrained " , my , my , isn't that terribly progressive of you ?

      Well ….. let's hope you are the next person confronted by armed felons , then you can say something like , " let us be reasonable guys and sit down and share a beer with my hero , Barry in the White House ! " right before they shoot you and / or club your head in with a ball bat .

      I put it to you nahunjin that Mr . Williams IS a hero , that YOU are a coward willing to submit to evil rather than fight back and that you are one reason we have brazen criminals .

      • Alan_T

        I just noticed it's friday , that means the Liberal Trolls are out . A coincidence nahunjin ?
        Hmmmmmmmmm ….. I kind of doubt it .

        • Wolvie

          Yeah Alan.

          If Friday means the Liberal Trolls are out in force, it's only because the Keyboard Kommandos that came out on Wednesday just left.

          We go from "Hey, good job, sir!" to "Oh, I am so great I would have done better", to "He's not carrying a 1,000 ACP so he's a noob" to finally, "Oh those poor kids were shot by that irresponsible man!"

          It must be a cycle…

          • Alan_T

            I know it's enough to make the angels weep .

    • Gil


      Did this total lack of common sense come naturally or did you have to study hard to get this way? People like you scare the hell out of me – you vote!

    • disabled and jewish

      "randomly"? your a fool

    • Chris

      You don't know how you would react unless you were in the same room when it happened. If you 'fear for your life", or the lives of others, you react differently. The shot fired out the door, I'll give you. At that time, the criminals were retreating. Learn how to spell.

    • Clay

      Kill yourself you worthless, liberal PoS

    • nahunjin

      This is my last post, since everybody on here is right apparently. This post is the first time i have ever been called a liberal. And i think that it is funny.

      Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis) is a broad political ideology or worldview founded on the ideas of liberty and equality

      Go to hell you nazi scum. I am 100% for equality over the entire planet. If that makes me a "Liberal" then yeah i guess i am.

      • VSP97

        Don't forget, your also a D-Bag.

    • old vet

      The real shame here is I can only give you one minus.

  • Scott

    I would have done exactly the same thing. Wouldn't have done anything different.

    Those kids are lucky to be alive, though I disagree that its unfortunate that they survived. People make mistakes, ya know? If it gets you killed, so be it. If not, I think people deserve a second chance. I mean, if they make the mistake of putting my life or the lives of my loved ones or even just random innocent strangers, they would be DAMN lucky to survive my judgement. I don't miss, and I have a personal code. If my weapon comes out in anger, it doesn't go back in its holster until its drawn blood. This isn't because I'm blood thirsty, its because I take it very serious. Its not a gun, its not a firearm, its a weapon, designed for the soul purpose of taking another human being's life. That's it. Once you let the gravity of that sink in, you realize that carrying a concealed weapon is a huge responsibility. So, I say again, I probably would have killed those kids, and THAT would have been unfortunate. They're just kids, who made the wrong choice to threaten me and the people around me. They may not have had any intention to kill or harm, just to scare, but since I don't read minds, BAM BAM!! Solid group, center mass. .45 hollow points are unforgiving. But if they survived, I would even offer to help out with counseling. I know a lot of very good Marines who were "scummers" and "punks" before they earned the title. The judge gave them a choice and they chose the Corps. They're better men for it. I believe in second chances.

  • nahunjin

    Wow, it is interesting how one comment will start a bunch of babies talking trash. I personally think that every person who breaks the law should be bludgeoned to death in public. That would completely wipeout the "need" for gun toting elderly folks to be shooting in public places to become this nations sad representation of a "hero".
    Do away with the criminals, and the need for guns disappears. Yes that takes away the "freedoms" this country was built upon, but it would also be a step in a non dooming direction for this country. The united states needs to pull out a paddle and start beating the filth off of itself before the rest of the world comes in and cleans it up for us.

    • Wolvie

      So you now make it obvious what you are…OK, your first comment made it obvious…but now you solidified it.

      So, you think people legally carrying firearms is a bad idea, yet public executions at the hands of the government is a good idea? Well, history shows that when the guns are removed from the law abiding public, that second part will, without a doubt, happen. Over 100 Million people in the 20th Century alone have proved that point.

      I'm also sorry that you see our elderly as such a burden. If you get your way, perhaps you can come up with a final solution to solve that problem as well.

      Finally, please state, in detail and with references, how exactly you are going to do away with criminals. Really. I'm sure we are all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for your answer.

      Why exactly are you here? You are against guns, you are for public government executions, you are against freedom and you are for foreign invaders taking control of our country.

    • Alan_T

      No , it's not interesting , nahunjin . Since your main purpose is to come here to insult and try to stir up trouble , you troll .

  • theJoker

    And of course Mayor Bloomberg, a true moron, immediately calls for tighter gun control. The anti gun lobby has a problem with logical thinking. There is something called cause, and something called effect.

  • Chuck Taylor

    nahunjin, you're an idiot of the highest magnitude. I'm glad I didn't have to serve in the military with you. There's not a doubt in my mind that you would rather give up than stand for what's right.

    There's also no doubt that you are a flamming LIBERAL. Please leave my country before you just hand it over just like your king OBAMA wants to do. You people make me sick.

    • Irv

      Who said this idiot ever served in the military?

    • blah

      Lmfao! Nazi. My king obama??? flamming liberal?? look up the definition before you start talking trash. "your country" was founded on liberalism and equality. Maybe you should take your asses to germany and start a new neo nazi movement. Anyone who talks trash against people who want everyone to be equal, need to be beaten to death with razor wire.

  • JMB

    The old man acted reasonably. I'm glad he wasn't thinking about Zimmerman and didn't respond.
    Base Person

  • Jim Parrie

    The man put his life on the line, advancing on an armed asailant without benefit of cover. Everyone in that establishment should be glad he was there.

  • Ken del Valle

    No reasonable person looking at the video would argue with the necessity of having to take action against the two armed thugs. Not exacly a caliber I would carry but apparently sufficient for the job.

    For those wishing to take a self defense lesson from this, note that most times the group of thugs is four. And, so… a 9mm Glogk 19 would be a wiser choise for the average person. However, any time you raise the stakes on a thug with whatever firearm is at hand you will have raised your chances of seeing tomorrow!

    Mr. Williams should be congratulated. He helped himself and others with fortitude and grace. Mr. Williams acquited himself well.

    • Alan_T

      Ken I absolutely agree with everything you say !

      The only thing I would point out though is , that where Mr . Williams is , it's July in Florida and it's difficult to conceal anything much larger than a . 380 ACP in this type of hot , humid climate . A black Glock , inside / under white shorts and polo shirt ( with the addition of some perspiration ) isn't going to conceal , it's going to print like crazy .

      Otherwise , I agree whole – heartedly with you Ken .

  • Poor Jack

    your right alan

  • Colonel Klink

    That's the problem when you are confronted by such idiots. Do you just give in or try to defend. It's a tough decision, but I can add this though; a gentleman I hired to do my landscaping years ago experienced his wife getting killed, when the robbers forced all employees into a room of a fast food restaurant and killed them all. No witnesses.

  • daniel

    Thank God for our right to carrys firearms if that man didnt have a gun they would have been dead.

    • stevetheweaponsguy

      that’s the truth

  • old vet

    What this was, is exactly what conc. carry is about, those who because of age or size need not become victims of the likes of these two turds. Mr. Williams took care to focus on the two perps. and acted until he felt the threat was over. Who knows how this would have ended if everyone had been left to the mercies of these two.

  • Joe Reason

    Six stray shots (well at least some hit the would-be robbers) in a public place could have been a massacre as the video suggests he prevented, though it looks like they were robbers not active shooters. Daniel, they wouldn’t be dead…they would be robbed…big difference!!!

  • Daniel Worthington

    Thank God for this man having the courage to stand up for his freedom. I personally would not think twice about blowing away any dirtbag who tried to rob me or hold a gun at me. As for those of you who are liberal and don’t approve then that is fine…. Just hope your morals don’t show your children that justice is a joke and they decide to try something like this, they might run into the wrong guy!

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