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Self-Defense Instructor Tim Larkin too Deadly for the UK?

by Richard Nance   |  May 17th, 2012 84

According to the BBC and his own website, popular American self-defense instructor, Tim Larkin has been banned from entering the UK.  Larkin was preparing to board a UK bound plane from Vegas on Tuesday, when he was given a letter from a UK Border Agency.  The letter indicated “his presence here was no conducive to the public good.”

Larkin is the subject of an exclusion order issued by the Home Office.  According to a spokesman, “The home secretary will seek to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence is not conducive to the public good.”

Larkin, who was scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at the Martial Arts Show in Birmingham and host a seminar in Tottenham, told BBC that banning him from entering the UK was a “gross over-reaction”.  Larkin told BBC Radio 4 that he believed he was being excluded based on his criticism of Britian’s self-defense laws.

Although previously affiliated with Jerry Pedersen’s Scientific Combat Reactionary System (S.C.A.R.S.), Larkin now teaches his own system dubbed, “Target Focus Training”.  He is a well-known, albeit somewhat controversial figure in the self-defense community.  A peruse through some of the popular self-defense related forums reveals that much of the controversy stems from Larkin’s background as a Navy SEAL and the claim that S.C.A.R.S. was the official hand-to-hand combat system of the SEALs.

So what’s so different from what Larkin teaches and what other self-defense instructors teach? Larkin claims there was “nothing outrageous” about his views on self-defense.

Larkin said, “This is not being a vigilante.  You are sitting in your house and you’re being attacked, or you’re attacked out in the street…There’s an awful lot of martial arts and self defense being taught there right now that gives no instruction on [how to hurt] the human body.  There are those rare, rare black swan occasions – like the riots – where law-abiding citizens are put in situations where they are facing grievous bodily harm and they hesitate because they are afraid of being prosecuted.  That is a very real thing.”

I agree with Larkin’s contention that people should be taught to inflict severe injury using their body’s natural weapons, hands, feet, knees, elbows, head, etc.  What else would you do if faced with a deadly threat while unarmed?  If to prevent the imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to yourself or another person, you would be justified in shooting an assailant, why would you not be justified in breaking his neck or gouging out his eye?  Deadly force is deadly force whether it’s shooting an attacker, thrusting a pen into his throat, or running him over with a vehicle.

The obvious caveat is that in addition to teaching someone how to use deadly force, you must teach them under what circumstances the use of such force would be justified.  Without a clear understanding of the laws governing the use of deadly force, you may defeat your attacker only to spend the rest of your life behind bars.

I don’t believe that the mere fact that an instructor teaches empty handed deadly force techniques should preclude them from entering a particular country.  What are your thoughts?

  • George

    Thank G-d we broke away from Great Britain, that's my thought.

    • Mark Lear

      You got that right brother. Long ago the British citizens surrendered their rights and will to the government. It must be a psychological predisposition due to the centuries of subservient existence under the monarchy. Who knows…

      • gvs

        Mark have you even been to the UK? I doubt it because your ill informed comment is pure nonsense and twaddle! The reason why the UK became disarmed is multifold, initially because people felt they didn't need to be armed and the market shrank to a very small number of shooters, second two incidents where multiple UK citizens were killed by unfortunate gun nuts at the fringe of shooting society led to the ownership of firearms being restricted to shotguns and 22's all larger calibre pistols and all semi auto rifles being banned. The arguments were made but the population was too small to influence the outcome. You can still shoot shotguns and hunt in the UK and small bore pistol and rifle clubs still exist, long range single shot rifle competitions are still held but we have a much smaller shooting population and generally no one feels the need to carry a gun. Now if you wanted to talk about how the laws on self defence are slanted in the favor of the criminal we could agree on that however please try and be informed before talking offensive nonsense to your countries greatest ally!

        • writerlywitterer

          All correct – except there are no small bore pistol clubs. Even .22 pistols and pistol shooting were banned by Tony Blair in the late 1990s.

        • cbadillo1

          What you fail to see is that your government is banning an individual from entering your country based on misinformation. Sounds like freedom to me. And nuts with guns is a reason to arm yourself not disarm yourself. unless of course you are to afraid to shoot back in which case you would only arm the bad guy with your gun and probably get killed in the process…..

    • Tel Mack

      What a stupid reply. How can independence 230 odd years ago relate to this story. Do you really the majority of Brits agree with our 'one sided' self defence laws. And the decision to ban this man is , I agree ludicrous because other equally vicious and effective martial arts systems ARE being taught in the UK by the likes of Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine, Lee Morrison and Kev O'Hagan. What the hell has a political split nearly two and a half centuries ago got anything to do with this. Believe me sonny, you lot are WAY from perfect as you would have the world believe. And I live in the US as an ex-pat and am a gun owner.

  • John Caile

    Anyone stupid enough to think that such thinking is not prevalent in America need only look at Obama and the leadership of the Democratic party, If they ever get their way, we will be EXACTLY like the UK. The tsunami of gun buying includes many first time gun owners, and they're from across the political spectrum – because even Democrats don't trust Democrats when it comes to guns.

    The 2012 election is almost upon us – we had better choose wisely…

    • Tel Mack

      What do you mean exactly like the UK? You mean no mass murders every week like the US? Able to walk down our streets without fearing everybody who walks past or a 'government that is coming to get us' or the 'Commies in the closet'. We are by no means perfect but we still have a much less paranoid and gung ho nation than you. The UK self defence laws ARE changing but because a lunatic rampaged through a school in Scotland (WITH ASSAULT WEAPONS) all legal gun owners were penalized. It has perhaps been shown to be the right decision. No mass murders for over 16 years. In a year in Britain, 58 reported gun murders. 900 IN ONE MONTH in Michigan alone. We do not have the same problems as you because there aren't the weapons around that seem to abound in the US. You hear about the massive knife crime in the UK because that is what the papers want you to see. As if you don't have knife crime here in the States as well! Compared to the US, we still live in a green and pleasant land where we aren't fearful of everyone who walks past or asks the time. Bottom line is: the main snag lies with the mentality of the people who own guns. Look at Canada, just as many guns as the US but a tiny fraction of the gun problem, then look at the Americans. Enough said.

  • Don

    Navy SEAL candidate? He either is, was, or isn't, so please remove the reference of candidate. You either pass BUD/S or you don't.

    • BJC

      I'm confused my article say's his background as a Navy SEAL, I didn't see candidate anywhere.

    • LT Drogo

      As I understand it, Larkin was a SEAL candidate (or whatever is the correct term for one undergoing training) until he suffered an disqualifying injury. His performance to that point was such that he was retained and took a position on the training cadre. He was in no sense a failure or wash-out.

  • David

    Apparently the Home Secretary is so afraid that someone might disagree with their victim state laws that a person who disagrees is considered a threat to the peace of the UK.

  • jomama661

    f the uk

    • gvs

      so Jomama661 whats your beef with the UK , nice picture!

    • Tel Mack

      Ahh…a man who has the wit and repartee to engage other kindred souls in meaningful and respectful dialogue, considering one another's points of view, arguments and observations on a equal level and putting forward his own well balanced ideas and summaries…oh hang on, looking at your post and picture….scratch all that..seems like you're another moronic Yank. Oh well, hopefully one day you'll be an adult and see things differently. Then again you are American and sadly…one day you'll be able to vote. God help us.

  • Kyle Meier

    If this story ticks you off read this. A man found a Loaded snubbie on his job site and got fired.

  • Reverand HUMAN-BEING

    wow. unfriggin beleivable. the people of the UK need to take civil rights seriously for once in their lives. this kind of commi crap devours societies whole. next thing you know they will have "safety" forks and knives and spoons. and steel toe boots will be outlawed because they can be used to inflict damage?????

    as a man of much respect for god given human rights. i beg the people of the UK to rise up and abolish these highly corrupt politicians they have. either be a "follower":( or stand up for your self and provide your fellow community members with examples of being a "LEADER" in your own lives:)

    fyi: followers are not to be pitied. they are to be ignored.

    • Tel Mack

      Bless..never lose that childlike innocence. I can see you now. standing in your basement dressed in camouflage, foaming at the mouth clutching the AK that your President needs to take off you because of your erm..medications regime. Never mind, put the gun down, put on your 'tactical' shorts, go for a 'tactical' jog, then watch some 'tactical' TV and have a 'combat pizza' before the nurses come and put you to bed for the night. Calm down dear, you'll have a 'combat coronary'.

  • Reverand HUMAN-BEING

    the UK treats it's citizens like PRISONERS!!

    • John O'Connell

      They are not citizens,they are subjects.

    • gmfurface

      The UK doesn't have citizens; they have SUBJECTS.

      • Tel Mack

        And to be the 'subjects' of a Head of State, the Queen, who hasn't put a single foot wrong in representing our nation in 60 years reign isn't so bad matey. Can anyone say that of ANY of their politicians, past and present? 60 years of unblemished national service. No, so don't lecture us. If our government were to fall, we would at least have the Monarchy and a Head of State to look to for leadership until a new government was formed. Would you? No. And what of your 'citizenry' What is so fantastic in the so called Land of the Free where everybody is so bloody paranoid of the government , their neighbours, the Commies and even aliens. Where a nation thinks everybody needs to be armed to enjoy a peaceful life…what a set of paranoid halfwits. Where the national disgrace of spitting on your returning heroes from Vietnam has manifested itself into today's cheesy, over the top patriotism every time a 'warrior' comes back home or visits a mall. Oops, your guilt is showing America. Still, you can always run off and buy another gun to make yourselves feel better. I suggest you visit the UK, you might feel a little bit different, a bit humbled and insanely jealous.

    • gvs

      Duuh guys do any of you read, Citizenship is not limited to the USA, and for that matter apart from self defence (see Ca and Il and NYC) laws you are far freer in the UK than in the US. No one restricts when or where you can buy beer or whether you can go about your business without being hassled by Police in speed traps for revenue. Your driving licence lasts until you are 70 and you don't have to tell anybody where you live. Taxed we may be, prisoners we are not and I guess none of you have ever been there!

      • Tel Mack

        Nice post mate. Said it like it is.

    • Tel Mack

      So you've never been there I take it? The UK is a great place to live trust me. You have been fed (and digested) crap from all the UK and US newspapers and you've swallowed it hook line and sinker. What a load of bollocks you lot talk when the majority of you have never been outside of your home states! You really need to get out more.

  • Paul jones

    Who cares

  • Navy

    He was not a SEAL – washed out in training by his own admission.

  • Dondo

    This action by the British Home Office is a good example of why we won our independence from Britain depite being outnumbered and outgunned. It also reflects why we had to bail out thoses weenies in WW I & WW II

    • writerlywitterer

      Not quite. The war of independence was won because the Brits hired a group of German mercenaries who weren't that keen on fighting to protect the empire – and liked the idea of staying in the US.
      As for bailing out the Brits – the British fought long and hard for many years in WWI and WWII before America finally decided to stop taking British treasure under lend-lease and join in – because Japan took the decision away.
      However, the Home Office is a deeply unsavoury mob who prefer to ensure that no one has the right to self-defence (apart from the police) and who have actively promoted crime. They will actively remove any civil right if the civil servants see a possible means of controlling the people.

      • Alan_T

        Actually , I think we would probably still be a member of the Commonwealth if King George hadn't listened to Lord North . I don't think anyone familiar history could doubt the courage and tenacity of the British people during WWII . Unfortunately , we in the States get exasperated at always having the Liberals in our country holding up the U . K. 's disarmament policies as something admirable and to be emulated when logic tells us it's the exact opposite ( sort of like having an older sibling that's always being held up as a example of perfection , it sours things pretty quickly into animosity ) . Nice to hear from you and the best of luck to you writerlywitterer .

        • writerlywitterer

          The UK disarmament policy was and is moronic. It has not reduced crime for the simple reason that legal shooters were never the problem. Hamilton at Dunblane was an illegal shooter without a legitimate license, as Lord Cullen discovered. Tony Blair, however, saw an easy goal, and went for it. No one would support shooters at that time.
          The UK has a very low murder rate (about the lowest in the world, except in Scotland where it's a great deal higher) which is a little lower than Switzerland's, where military grade assault rifles are given to every boy on leaving school. Gun ownership has nothing to do with crimes – I'm a crime writer, and it's a statement of the bleeding obvious to say that if you take away a single means of murder, but there is still a motive and opportunity, the murder will happen. It'll just involve a different weapon. In the UK, the year of Dunblane was the first in which the number of murders committed with handguns equalled the number committed with another, nasty weapon – the motor car.

      • Embarrassed for NRA

        Good response – you're one of the few contributors to this forum that sounds like you've been more than 50 miles from home in your life and finished middle school.

        • writerlywitterer

          Thanks – er – guilty as charged, I guess. I've even travelled to the US, and love most of it.

    • gvs

      Dondo you really should read a book about a subject before you comment, your views are as limited as they are offensive and the next time you wade through one of your deepest thoughts, and only get your ankles wet, pause on your history. Great Britain was engaged in a continental war with France and Spain and never fully engaged in the minor Police action that took place over here in 1776; moreover you were never outnumbered nor outgunned, although it has to be said that more Americans fought with the British army than against it and it was the loss of Corwallis's army in Yorktown that led to the withdrawal and peace settlement. The attack on Cormwallis was a last ditch attempt by the French, who agreed to blockade the town to prevent his return to New York, to influence Washington to concentrate on logistics and removing a third of the British army from the fight. Washington was forced to accept the French plan or face a major withdrawal of French support in his war effort, he was intent on taking New York , after 4 or 5 failures already and had he done so he would have lost the war. Remember that only a few years earlier the British had beaten the French at a huge cost of manpower and treasure to protect the colonies, resulting in the Treaty of Paris and then ask yourself why in Boston the 'tea party' were dressed as native Americans, the answer can be found in the Treaty of Paris itself and the real reason for the revolutionary war! Oh and I think you mean weiners not weenies, German I think something that the USA nearly adopted as an official language or is that just rumor!

      • writerlywitterer

        I believe that German was very nearly adopted as the US national language – reason being that the English army which tried to maintain the peace in '76 was actually mostly an army of Hessian mercenaries. Britain had a little local trouble at the time in Ireland, and consequently had no forces to send to support the royalist settlers. We hired Germans instead – and most of them rather liked America and decided to stay rather than come back and claim their pay from the Prince Frederick II of Hesse.

  • spike1point5

    The decision to exclude him was wrong, certainly. I think however some of the facts may have got twisted slightly. In the UK, it's not a movement against self-defence, it's a movement against excessive violence in self-defence. Killing in self-defence is frowned upon, and it;s possibly due to the particular emphasis placed by Mr; Larkin's system on the dealing of damage to another, not the avoidance of damage to oneself. This is possibly not a system the UK government wishes to be seen advocating when NOT in the hands of the military/police.

    One other thing: Would the assorted posters please stop equating the decisions and actions of the British government with the abilities, views and standpoints of an entire nation? Just saying, from my perspective as a dual-citizenship Scot/American who served for 23 years in the Royal Marines, now a gun owner/keen hunter etc…yer all being just a little insulting towards me and others like me. Remember, if we thought all of you were as stupid as your politicians, you'd all be adulterous, borderline dyslexics whose go-to reaction is shout and rant at anything not emblazoned with a Stars and Stripes. The sad thing is, looking at some of the comments here, you don't do a lot to discourage that view. Think about how you look from the outside before posting "f- the uk," it will save you looking far stupider than you probably are.

    • writerlywitterer

      Thanks, Spike – you're right. I'm a Brit who is also a keen shooter (used to be Glock 21, Colt series 80, ParaOrdnance and others) and I'm a very enthusiastic supporter of America, but like you I don't believe all Americans are like Mr Bush or Mr Obama. Dislike individuals by all means, but don't tar a population with the same brush.

      • Alan_T

        Thank you writerlywitterer , It's nice not to be referred to as knuckle dragging , violence mongering , sociopathic , Neanderthals occasionally . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • writerlywitterer

          Yeah, well I took that all for granted, mate!

    • percynjpn

      Your complaint is noted; however, perusing almost any UK website, whether mainstream newspaper, car enthusiast site, etc (as I often do), the number and frequency of insulting, foaming-at-the-mouth, hate-filled comments (and so often made with complete ignorance and 0% experience in the actual country) from your countrymen is FAR, FAR greater than most sites or publications you'll find in the U.S.

      Therefore, kindly offer the same complaints to your fellow Brits, since that kind of malice is so much more common and therefore easy to respond to due to its sheer overwhelming volume. Fair is fair, don't you think?


    • gvs

      Spike as another dual, well said Royal and keep up the information route about the the UK for our otherwise ill informed but still warmly thought of new countrymen and cousins.

  • ukdenial

    No wonder so many brits come to the U.S. They know they have a horrible country, even if they won't admit it.

  • Alan_T

    Big Brother is alive and well in the : Animal Farm known as the U . K . " Four legs good , TWO LEGS BETTER ! " .Welcome to 1984 , Orwell must be spinning in his grave .

    • writerlywitterer

      Like a top, sadly.


    It's about control, the same as our gun control politicians. The UK has an excellent gun history that was destroyed over time by policitians who want control and citizens who were willing to give it to them a bit at a time before realizing they had opened Pandora's Box. Now you can't even defend yourself without becoming guilty.

    We need to work harder now more than ever to ensure that the 2nd Amendment remains strong. Work in your state to send Obama to the lecture circuit, especially if you live in OH, PA or FL. It's going to be a close election and every vote is meaningful.

    • ramasart

      The worst part about your example (which is spot on target), is that gun violence INCREASED after the Brits passed their stupid laws on gun control. It's absolutely pathetic, but they were the same way before WWII–we were encouraging Americans to send guns to the Brits to protect themselves from Germany, long before we entered the war. Sad.

  • Bruce

    Good Lord, now I suppose if you teach the Brits how to defend themselves when they are being abused you secure an abusive enviornment. So Typical, or better yet the Bobbies might need to be trained to defend themselves too instead of looking sorta pretty

    • writerlywitterer

      British bobbies are the kind of chaps who grab an innocent Brazilian, hold him by both arms and empty eleven rounds into his head from point blank range. I used to shoot competitively against them – did it twice. Their range safety and accuracy was so bad, I refused after that. But there is a belief that teaching people how to kill may just increase our murder rate.
      Don't forget, the British murder rate is 1.1 per 100,000 of population. The American rate is more like 30 per 100,000. So in Britain folk have got nicely convinced that not letting anyone have a gun, knife, mace or pepper spray is a good way to stop killings. Except if my daughter was raped, I'd like to know she had pepper, taser or snubby in her bag, or at least training from someone like Mr Larkin.

      • Igor Retired US Cop

        Ah UK Crime Stats! Having worked with UK cops, I happen to know that London has much more violent crime per capita than either NYC or DC. The British police have misreported crime since the end of WWII to placate a beat up populace and restore their faith in the government's ability to protect them. A crime was only report-able if a suspect was known. Sir Ronnie Flanagan was pushing for a more honest system of reporting crimes last I heard. There has been a push to report crime correctly (honestly) since 2007. But not yet!
        Crime stats in the UK are highly suspect. They don't report as correctly as the U.S. does with the DOJ UCR. I don't buy your quoted stats if they came out of the UK home office. Parliament hasn't demanded reform soooooo……
        Remember the old woman carrying knitting needles in the UK because she had been physically robbed and was subsequently arrested for possessing offensive weapons to keep from being physically assaulted and robbed again? What a country!

        • writerlywitterer

          London has more violent crime per capita that NYC or DC?
          I'm sorry, mate, you're thinking of a different country!
          The murder rates in US cities are between 30-40 times those of the UK – the only city to compare with murder rates in major US cities (DC, NYC, Miami and LA) is Glasgow. The Scottish murder rate is much higher than that of London. The total homicide rate in London doesn't compare.
          No, not from UK stats alone – check any of the data.
          I'd be fascinated to learn how you reckon our government would be capable of concealing several murders every week from the public, when the media are constantly trying to find any examples of gang culture, kids carrying knives or guns, beatings or other violent crimes. Do you really think hospital staff, pathologists and members of families would be silenced when we have things like facebook and twitter?
          Your contention that a crime is reportable only if a suspect is known is demonstrably wrong. If that were the case only solved crimes would be reported. In fact the stats going back decades include all those crimes in which no suspect was found.
          I could of course respond that since I don't trust any US cop since seeing the Rodney King episode, since obviously police in America are untrustworthy – but that would be as daft as saying UK statistics are unreliable for whatever reason. There are bent US cops, just as there are bent UK police. However, government statistics in a Western democracy are generally fairly trustworthy.
          However, where there is a problem is in the management of police. The Association of Chief Police Officers is a cosy club. None of the members is elected, there is no public oversight of their meetings, and yet once a year, they invite the Home Secretary into a meeting and present their desires for new laws. They usually get passed by compliant, moronic politicians.

          • percynjpn

            "The murder rates in US cities are between 30-40 times those of the UK"

            The US murder rate is higher, however 30-40 times higher is absolute nonsense! Perhaps you mistakenly used figures from current Mexican domestic police records?
            Please state your sources for those figures and pove me wrong.


          • gvs

            try the FBI website the figures are all there I think 30 may be a little high but it is far far higher than in the UK per head of pop. Of course most of the US gun crime would appear to be gang and so most Americans really don't suffer from it . In the UK violent crime effects every walk of life

          • writerlywitterer

            The UK murder rate (excluding Scotland) is 1.1 per 100,000 of population. As I understand the current figures, Washington DC for example is in the region of 30-40 per 100,000 of population. Which is the same as Glasgow.
            I met a Chicagoan many years ago during the height of the Irish troubles and asked him why the hell he had moved to live in Belfast. His answer? The murder rate was far, far lower in Belfast than in Chicago.

      • gvs

        Dear WW up until this point you had my vote but your comments on UK Police gun safety and the death of the poor unfortunate Brazilian have me ready to respond. I cannot fathom who you were shooting against or when because Police competitive shooting teams disappeared a long time ago along with other 'Force sports' I was never a member of my forces firearms squad but as my father was a sniper, shotgunner and Pistol marksman I often shot with him. I also went with him to Bisley on many occasions and cannot emphasize how range safety and accuracy were always of the utmost importance and requirement. As a qualified Police pistol shooter (100 % score) as late as 2005 I cannot disagree with you more.
        I do still agree with you on our self defence laws and the right to defend yourself and family.

        • writerlywitterer

          I was shooting against groups of SO19, back in the early 1990s when they were still allowed to shoot competitively. Happy days – when you could drive to Shield in Dorset and shoot competitively with steel falling plates and skittles. I used to be a member of Phoenix, Secretary of two clubs, and had shot competitively all my life until the last few years. But I stopped shooting against SO19 because their gun safety really was appalling. When you've had a Glock or S&W M29 waved, loaded, at your belly a few times, you lose the desire to continue shooting with those guys.
          HOWEVER – my comments are for a few of the dafter breed. It doesn't mean I'm trying to tar all Police shooters with the same brush. I was and am a friend of several ex-Surrey marksmen who were police.
          The problem is the rogue element who went into it just because they like violence – there was a book called THE GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK by ex-SO19 Sergeant Steve Collins who describes his own career path, from joining the Met because he saw two SPG officers severely beating a protester, holding his limbs and ramming his head against a van. Later he goes into his approach to joining the firearms unit – the language means it's not for this blog, but suffice it to say, he wouldn't have been let into any gun club down in the South.
          There are many good police officers, and the few rogues let down the rest – but in terms of gun handling, I am pretty certain that of all the police injuries in my adult life, the vast majority have been blue-on-blue because of mostly negligent discharges!

  • Shawn O'Loughlin

    Screw all of the U.K. They've allowed themselves to be kept slaves for so long they don't deserve freedom or safety.

    • gvs

      another nicely balanced comment from somebody obviously in the know – not!

  • MMcQuown

    The extremes to which the UK Government have gone are truly appalling. There has been a strong ban on all sorts of knives, let alone guns, and I even heard, although have not verified, that there was a consideration to register large cooking knives, and that here is another initiative to ban cheaply made non-antique swords, the 'Saturday Knight Special,' if you will. Now you know why I call it 'once-Great Britain.' World War Two was their finest hour perhaps excepting Princes Gate and it has been downhill since then.

    • MacTex

      Saturday Knight Special – Excellent turn of phrase, old boy!
      Must remember that one. Thanks for sharing!

  • Leadfoot

    I haven't had the time or money to attend one of TFT's weekend seminars, but I do own – and have watched more than once – a complete set of their DVDs, and I always appreciated the no-holds-barred approach of Tim and his two primary instructors when it came to the mind-set you better have if you or your family's attacked. Marquis of Queensbury rules or rules of any kind? I don't think so!

    Too dangerous to be allowed into not-so-Great Britain? I think that just might be a badge of honor.

  • Ed Carol

    We will soon be in the same social problems as Great Britain is. Resistance to attacks is denied to ordinary citizens. The police will be responsible for defense of all citizens in all circumstances. Taking that responsibility from the police will be a violation of the law. You see, citizens exist at the pleasure of the State not the other way around. Welcome to the new world that we voted for.

    • Alan_T

      Don't include me in that , I didn't vote for it ….. but your point is well taken Ed .

  • raazorblade4

    I read a while back that the Brits now register and license large attack dogs such as German Shephard, Pit Bull, Doberman, Rotewieller, etc. because they are the now the weapon of choice for the local thugs to threaten and intimidate their victims….

    • gvs

      are you sure you can read because the comic book you got that from would hardly count as research- FYI pit bull type dogs and the Dogo Argentino, Filo Brazilia and the Japanese fighting dogs TOZO I think- or all 'fighting' dogs have to be neutered and registered and you wont find a single person who disagrees with that as it is common sense Dobies, rotties and German shepherds or any other dog is free to be owned without any issues.

    • writerlywitterer

      Sorry, that is garbage. Pit Bulls are banned, as are some other fighting dogs, but generally all Rottweillers, Dobermans, and German Shepherds are as common as ever. No registration, no licence, nowt.
      Yes, some thugs are alleged to have used vicious dogs to intimidate. And kitchen knives, and sticks and even broken bottles. Not a lot has changed, really.

  • Will

    How about adding a bit to the text comparing him to the political commentator and radio-show host Michael Savage, who has been speaking about the way *he* has been banned from entering the U.K. for some years now? This exclusion process seems to be fairly common and applied in many inappropriate ways, all for the sake of political correctness.

  • jim

    As a Brit im shocked at the comments above, as British Cop I'm not pretty and end up fighting hand to hand far too frequently, yes i would like a taser but no i don't need a gun, jaw jaw is still better than war war, meaning you can usually talk people into custody, Im a gun enthusiast but am glad our laws are as strict as they are, the anti UK sentiment from "FRIENDS and ALLIES" which we have been for nearly 100 years is depressing, violent crime to us is mostly assault (usually a drunken punch up) it rarely gets beyond that, some inner cities have a gun/drug problem but its not in the US league, knives get used far more than guns i would say, and they are infrequently used, I've been to less than 10 stabbings in 5 years and less than 10 firearms incidents in the same time, i do work a city but a pretty chilled out Welsh one….i expect to be flamed but there you go

    • percynjpn

      Oh, boo-hoo!! Allow me to repeat myself:

      Your complaint is noted; however, perusing almost any UK website, whether mainstream newspaper, car enthusiast site, etc (as I often do), the number and frequency of insulting, foaming-at-the-mouth, hate-filled comments (and so often made with complete ignorance and 0% experience in the actual country) from your countrymen is FAR, FAR greater than most sites or publications you'll find in the U.S.

      Therefore, kindly offer the same complaints to your fellow Brits, since that kind of malice is so much more common and therefore easy to respond to due to its sheer overwhelming volume. Fair is fair, don't you think?


      • gvs

        Todd can you rephrase your point so I can understand it?

    • gvs

      well said Jim why the anti Brit sentiments on here I really don't get it?

  • Gunny

    Well America,don't look now but the Obama folks are trying to take your guns away with a UN sponsored Small Arms Treaty. Hillary's all for it and ,if approved by the Senate ,will have the weight of a constitutional amendment. The Supreme Court can't even reverse it and it won't go away unless the majority of UN members vote for it to go away. That's not likely to happen. It's very sneaky and underhanded and our left-leaning media aren't reporting it so it could come to pass unless we wake up and scream at our elected officials to vote this crap down. If not, we'll be like the UK, disarmed and helpless in the face or thugs and psychotics.

    • Machete Eddie

      OOUUURRRAAAHHH Guns, Semper Fi
      Machete Eddie Capt. Of "03" U.S. Marines RET fmr., GYSgt.
      Owner Shoot…Don't Shoot LLC, Las Vegas, NV.
      To: Spike Semper Fi Old Warrior Mate I'm a Life Member of the Royal Marines Association.
      To Writer when you Bash the Bobbies you are damning all Bobbies like you say Americans are doing to All Brits.
      I'm Scotch / Irish, Northern Ireland. I personally think it is about control. In the absence of Firearms, the people need some way to defend themselves. Too much Political Correctness BS! Enough Lads I'm off to bed.
      Gunny if you are ever in L.V. look me up. It will be up to all of us to save the FREE world as we know it, and we MUSTY help each other's country. Those who aren't willing to fight for it don't deserve to be FREE!

  • airsporter

    The UK Border Agency is a totally failing in its remit in regard to extremists entering the country and even monitoring those already here but shouldent be.
    Mr Larkin unfortunately is an easy target for a Govt minister to censure in order to 'appear' to be doing something in the name of National protection when in fact the reverse is true.

    He has been denied the 'Right Of Free Speech' and I would like to apologise to him on behalf of true Englishmen.


    ……..if you want to survive take tim larkens class…if you want to dance or be reasonable with a unreasonable killer then take a dance class or court order program of destruction…

  • Barry

    Much of this commentary has its validity regarding attitudes within the UK. I, for one, would agree that the British political classes have suffered from a decline in their collective ability to evaluate how the law should be set to balance all interests. This led to a distorted set of rules that clearly favoured the thug and riff raff elements, conditions that unfortunately continue despite public disquiet, although the case of a Norfolk farmer who gunned down a bothersome burglar shed some light on this topsy turvey situation. Anyway this national stupidity has been redressed just a little in recent times, one can now actually defend oneself and ones property and get away with it as long as certain fundamental rules are followed.Nonetheless the British judiciary continue to treat criminality with kid gloves, doubtless with will continue until the ruling elites become the targets.

  • Chuck

    WE thank God we got away from England, but right here in our own yard, we have the same fear of retribution. If we are attacked and use the wrong bullet, if we shoot the bad guy too many times, if we hit him with a brick to stop the attack, have we ANY ASSURANCE some liberal prosecutor/judge won't come after us? Between the judges and our president, we do not have the rights afforded us when we broke away from England. They have total disdain for the Constitution, simply because it keeps them from being more powerful- and if we don;t keep a close eye, they will CONTINUE to violate our rights until one day- we are England. Stand up now- or bend over later.

  • kenifff

    I am from the UK this is what it is like here . human rights for the guilty,the rest of us defensless.

    • justiceblueberet1310

      Too right, we should have guns to be able to defend ourselves but us sheep can’t unless you’re either a member of the royal family, a police officer, a soldier (as I was a corporal in the TA K.O.Y.L.I 8th Battalion when I was younger) or a Blair Government Minister or M.P. That bastard took our rights away from us along with that other prick Jack Straw who was the Home Secretary at the time when the gun laws were tightened making the ordinary British citizen virtually defenceless and at the mercy of the criminal. We might as well leave our doors unlocked and let them do what they want with us, because if we attack them we would get put in jail just for defending ourselves. Three years ago, one of my friends and I were attacked by three scumbags for no reason at all and left with serious injuries which we were kept in hospital for a couple of days and two of them got cushy jail sentences, and the third scrote fled back to Poland. You are more likely to get mugged in London than New York Thanks to Blair and his Government. If I had my choice of guns, I would choose either an M16 or SA80 All purpose Assault Rifle with Telescopic Sights, Laser sight and Red Dot sights, a Beretta 9mm automatic sidearm or a Dirty Harry Magnum37 handgun and Dragunov Sniper Rifle. They would have been shot through the head and slung in to the gutter. That’s what I call justice.

  • Bemer1

    I can't figure out how to put in a caption in the caption contest for a man and his two loves. I have tried every thing I can and this is the only place that will let me post anything. I wanted to post……Go ahead punk, chose the one ya think ya can get by, cause if that one don't get ya, you'll be wanting the other to put ya out of your misery.

  • paul t

    he was refused entry because his self defense is designed to do serious harm to someone else. im from the uk and we have the right to use resonable force, not go over the top

    • LT Drogo

      Larkin's TFT is not that hard to understand. It is not intended to teach self-defense against ordinary social encounters with drunks, belligerent fools, and the like. TFT teaches how to survive asocial violence, of the sort posing a threat of imminent death or great bodily harm at the hands of criminals with no regard for their victims' lives or well-being. In such an encounter, there is no "unreasonable" or "over the top". Either one inflicts injury or one is killed or injured. To paraphrase, "Violence is seldom the answer, but when it is it's the only answer".

    • Stan Robertson

      Stay in the UK!. I have the right to meet “force with force”. This means deadly force, in a situation, where I feel in fear of my life.

  • JMB

    Recent cruise out of England I was in the company of Britts during dinner. One gentleman asked if I have guns. Never really been asked that. I suppose being from Texas and an American identifies me as an enthusiast. Cold dead finger.

    On another note I was in Norway and a man had a shoot me first vest on, photographers vest.This was the same week Norweigen neo-nazi was sentenced to 21 years,at the max, for shooting and blowing up , killing 91 people. Go figure.

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