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Read & React: Woman Uses Nunchucks to Fend Off Ex-Boyfriend

by Richard Nance   |  October 16th, 2012 23

A Maine woman used a pair of decorative nunchucks to fend off her ex-boyfriend, 33-year-old Christopher Rolling Fox, pictured above.

According to The Huffington Post, an unidentified Maine woman recently defended herself from her ex-boyfriend, 33-year-old Christopher Rolling Fox, using nunchucks.

At approximately 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, Fox allegedly forcibly entered his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, apparently angry because he believed his ex-girlfriend was seeing another man.

When the woman answered the door to her apartment, she could tell Fox had been drinking and asked him to leave. This prompted Fox to push her backward, causing her to collide with the kitchen table. A physical confrontation ensued, during which Fox allegedly punched and kicked the woman several times, according to New York Daily News reports.

“The fight was so violent that the stove and refrigerator had been knocked out of place”, Winslow (Maine) Police Lt. Josh Veilleux told the Portland (Maine) Press Herald.

In response to the woman dialing 911, Fox allegedly took the phone from her and struck her with a pull-up bar that he pulled off the wall. The woman grabbed a set of nunchucks which hung on the wall as a decoration and was able to hit Fox several times with them, allowing her to break free and again call 911.

Fox armed himself with a knife and threatened to kill himself, and tried to lock the woman in the apartment, but she managed to escape. Fox initially chased the woman, but he ran away when he realized she was again on the phone with 911 dispatchers.

Fox was located and taken into custody after providing a false name to authorities. He faces charges of aggravated criminal trespassing, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence assault, criminal mischief, obstructing the report of a crime, marijuana possession, and failure to provide a correct name, address and date of birth.

The woman was treated at the hospital for injuries.

As a huge Bruce Lee fan, I can attest to the fact that deftly wielding nunchucks is easier said than done. In my youth, I would often make a pair of nunchucks only to accidentally whack an elbow–or worse yet, my head–while attempting to emulate Lee. After a while, I smartened up and purchased a set of foam nunchucks. Though I never approached Bruce Lee status, in time I became fairly skilled with nunchucks.

It has always cracked me up that in the state of California, possession of nunchucks is a felony unless they’re being used in conjunction with a martial arts training session or competition. The fact is that most people who pick up a pair of nunchucks are more likely to hurt themselves than their opponent. Fortunately, Fox’s ex-girlfriend had not only the presence of mind, but the skill to employ a pair of decorative nunchucks to diminish Fox’s ability to injure her and to facilitate her escape.

What are your thoughts on the use of nunchucks and similar traditional martial arts weapons in personal defense?

  • Mack Missiletoe

    See! Marijuana IS bad!

    And you thought you had me fooled…

  • jeff

    Any weapon you van use to defend yourself, or someone else is the right weapon for the job!

  • Starky

    Damn lucky for him she didn't have samurai sword as a decoration. Or maybe it's to bad she didn't.

  • Gloves

    That dirtbag is lucky he didn't get it worse. Good for her and her mad skils! Sounded like some serious Kill Bill went down. Martial arts weapons take LOTS of practice, unless you study martial arts, might be better off with Tazer/Pepper Spray/Kitchen Knife/Baseball Bat/Firearm.

    "It has always cracked me up that in the state of California, possession of nunchucks is a felony unless they’re being used in conjunction with a martial arts training session or competition." Too True. =(

    • wayne

      A piece of 3/4 " poly works great ( about 28 or 30 inches ) , so as to keep the perp at some distance while you whack them lol. Very light ,, and very nasty marks it leaves too. :)
      They usually do not forget that :) .

      • Lynne

        A wheelchair-bound woman wants to know if the 3/4" poly being referred to is metal, rope or plastic tubing? Ty…

  • americium

    I was taking a karate class her in the People's Republic of California when the ban on nunchucks was inacted. Like our firearms laws the laws regarding the use and posession of nunchucks was so ambiguous that my dojo just stopped offering nunchuck instruction. It's too bad too because watching someone who is proficient with nunchucks is quite entertaining.

  • Ross Walters

    All women should be taught basic self-defense techniques in gym class at high school.

    Since they are not I have no problem with a lady walking around the house carrying a Smith in a shoulder-holster while she dusts and vacuums and fixes me dinner…and preferably wears little else.

    • wayne

      Works for me bud lol.

      • Terry

        I read a story about an Alaskan woman that was attacked by a bear. Now she mows her lawn with a 44 Mag on her hip. Doesn't worry so much anymore.

  • Breeze

    Good for her! I'm sitting here in Cali. with a set of 'chucks within reach. Years ago I worked Hotel security in Denver, Co. and carried them. The police knew I did and said nothing. Outside of a gun, I am comfortable using 'chucks.

  • Dave

    Wouldn't use nunchuks myself; don't know how. I did a pretty good job with the handle from a broken rake once, though. Bottom line is: you use whatever is (a) available and (b) effective. From the look of the mutt, it was plenty effective.

  • Thana Sathirachinda

    I am glad that the lady got mad skill with a Chuck and got her out of harm way from her Ex . I learned how to use one right after watching Brue Lee 's return of the Dragon . It was such a shame that it was banned in California and Germany (of all places ) because it was really fun matial art weapon to practice and learn.

  • MMcQuown

    Nunchaku in the hand beats two guns in a safe. The ability to user whatever is at hand is a good one. Like wrapping a heavy glass ashtray in a cloth napkin (TS if you're in a fast food joint) As one instructor said, "Think weapon."

  • MrClean

    Nunchucks, as the writer said, DO take some practice to effectively master, but having done so they are a very capable weapon.

    In fact, the impact forces of the chuck impacting on, for instance an arm, are sufficient to break a bone. A strike to the head, as you can imagine, can result in serious trauma or even death.

    Again, like any other weapon, mastering chucks requires a great deal of practice. They are not for the amateur, as you can easily hurt yourself as bad as your opponent if you're not competent, as the writer testified. I'm a firm believer in the foam variety for practice until competency is reached.

    Not to brag, but I can deftly wield a pair in both hands at the same time. Again, it didn't happen overnight. It took a lot of practice.

    I'm just glad this little lady was able to extricate herself from what could have been a much more serious situation. Hopefully, this dirt bag will not be around to cause problems for anyone for quite a long time. In this regard, he can thank his lucky stars he didn't try this on my sister. She wouldn't have used chucks. She would have calmly perforated his torso a couple of times with a .357 and called it done. No ambulance would have been needed.


      I was going to do a little practicing with my Nunchakus one day and I mistakingly picked up a 14 inch set instead of the normal 12 inch set. I gave myself a healthy tap on the back of my head because of that extra 4 inches. Almost passed out.

  • Alan Zen

    Nunchaku (proper spelling) are a farm implement, used to thresh rice, that were adapted as an expediant weapon when Okinawans were banned from possesing proper weapons (swords, spears, etc.) by Samurai. Yes, in skilled hands they can be very effective. So can a 9-iron. In unskilled hands against a drunk they can be effective; so can a 9-iron. Otherwise, they are a very impractical choice for self defense. What you see Bruce Lee doing with them is nothing but Hollywood flash; yes, entertaining, but again, impractical. Still, good girl!

  • Denny

    Anything should be used in self defense. I asked my wife to take a class in Philipino Stick fighting before she gets a CCW as I think every that has a CCW should also take Martial Arts Instruction. I highly recommend a Martial Arts Cane. Check out a big plus is you can carry it with you on a plane. Most people don't recognize it for the lethal weapon that it is plus you get at least a second before your attacker realizes that you are not defenseless. Also time to draw your gun.

  • armystrong

    a big,strong and determined man will run right through those nunchucks and stick them up your a**. those so- called weapons are good only for moviemakers and have nothing to do with the real world. "there aint nothing you can't fix with a hundred dollar bill and a 30-06." if you really want to be proficient at self defense, get a good modern weapon and practice until you become proficient with it. antique weapons only serve to give a false sense of security and little else.

    • Northern_Son

      Chucks are hard to use, you need room to swing and they are way down on the list of practical self-defense weapons, but let's be honest. If a big strong man takes a full power chuck strike to the knee, wrist, elbow, temple etc. he will not run right through them. They took the fight out of this guy.

    • candytripn

      In the hands of a novice, yes, chucks are worthless and more likely to get the wielder hurt. In the hands of someone trained, well.. I’d take my collapsible steel chucks over anything short of a gun. you cant carry a gun in Chicago, but chucks are fine.(odd because where I just moved in california, you can carry a gun, but nunchaku are a felony). I actually had to pull mine out twice in chicago, once being against 2 guys armed with knives on a subway train. You don’t need a lot of room, just a lot of practice.

    • ronno

      how can you say they wouldn’t work in the real world….the article is about them working in the real world. I practice Nunchaku and believe me even big men will go down with a cracked skull and any defence they try to employ be it arms or legs will get broken in the process.

  • guest

    she probably just hit him with them like a baton’

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