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Read & React: Vancouver Stabbing Rampage Spurs Gun Debate

by James Tarr   |  February 5th, 2013 35

Photo from CTV

On Thursday, Jan. 31, in Vancouver, British Columbia, a “seemingly deranged” man ran through the hallways of an apartment building slicing and stabbing people.

The 33-year-old suspect stabbed a total of seven residents before being apprehended by Vancouver police. He’s not a resident of the apartment complex, and the victims had no connection to one another other than being residents of the complex, so it appears the attack was a completely random event.

While homicidal maniacs, to use the comic-book-sounding term, tend to use guns in America, around the world they quite often use knives. Crazy is as crazy does, and only the methods differ. A man in China, within a day of the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Conn., went on a rampage with a knife and stabbed 22 children. I’ve seen video of one such attack from the Philippines, where the perpetrator used a machete, and it was ugly; most people couldn’t do that much damage with a gun.

Why was a knife used in this attack? There’s no way to say for sure. There is more gun control in Canada than in the U.S., but Canadian subjects are allowed to own handguns and semi-auto centerfire rifles such as ARs—they are restricted to 10-round magazines. There is no concealed carry in Canada, however, and all guns must be stored unloaded and separate from ammunition, so armed response to a home invader or attacker will take minutes rather than seconds.

The most interesting this about this event to me was the immediate response across Twitter and the internet. A lot of people sarcastically called for “knife control,” a national knife registry, etc., but the scariest (and saddest) thing to me was the deluded fools who concluded that, because nobody died, gun control worked. As the kids like to say, OMG. There are so many things wrong with that conclusion, my head threatens to explode from the trauma to the logic center of my brain.

I’m not in favor of any sort of weapons regulation, or any kind of increased government regulation. But if I was, I would immediately require public school students to take a stringent battery of logic classes, because apparently the critical thinking skills of so many people are near non-existent.

What are your thoughts?

  • Chris

    So if he'd used a gun……

    • Chris

      I think the intention and direction of the article was that if someone had owned a firearm he might not have injured anyone. As firearms exist in Canada, it was just as likely that a 'homicidal maniac' could have used a firearm, and then the outcome could have been much worse. But given the strict control of firearms, neither scenario would result in the good guys putting this idiot down on the ground with two or three well placed shots to the trunk.

    • chuck

      How about fertilizer or the automobile or making any body of water inaccessible because people drown in them,are drowned in them?

      McVeigh killed hundreds with a "fertilizer" bomb,thousand die in arson events every year!

      This isn't about lunatics or why they are lunatics,this is about tyranny and a Government that would disarm the people so they are defenseless-Period!

      • skp_fstr

        H.R.5736 Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 is already brainwashing the US citizenship. Think they might've gotten better at that propaganda stuff since WW2? That bill was meant for Cuba , and amended in 2012 to use on us.

      • opar5

        The historic badge of a free man has been his right to bear arms for his own purposes. The same government that courts have concluded has neither the ability nor affirmative obligation to protect anyone, yet denyiny its citizenry the tools to defend themselves surely qualifies for the term "tyranical" and the people virtual slaves.
        If government could protect anyone, our prisons would be safe refuges. Are they?

  • Clickaholic

    The problem is the perpetrator, not the instrument. I'd like to be armed against such perpetrators as it is my right as a human being to be able to defend myself against them. I am always armed and ready. To be at the ready is my right and obligation to my family.

  • jiminga

    "because nobody died, gun control worked". So the measure of potential fatal violence is "nobody died"….nothing to see here, move along. What if the victims had been children? I'll bet the reaction would have been much stronger. Moral relativism is alive and well in both Canada and the US.

  • Andy

    I don't think AR's are legal in Canada. I believe they are on the ban list, last time I checked. Handguns are extremely rare as well. I may be wrong, but I just looked at their list a month ago in comparison with Fuhrer Feinstein's list.

    • Dave

      Andy, AR's are alive and well in Canada, just on the restricted list like hand guns are. Lots of hand guns too, just under 4.25" barrel is probited now.

    • Tyler

      your actually wrong im am a canadian resident and ARs are legal with the right registration I.E an ar is a restricted firearm requiring you to own a restricted firearms liscense you can walk into any canadian gun shop and they will have semi auto AR and lots and lots of different handgun models for sale

      • Steve

        WHat's the point if they have to remain at home with no ammo?

      • shootbrownelk

        Tyler, you guys & gals in Canada must be pretty nimble to jump through all those hoops, Ammo & guns stored seperately? There's nothing more useless than an unloaded gun. Are you folks in Canada allowed to throw the gun at an invader?
        Or do you need a seperate permit?

    • DoubleSpeakis Alive

      Technically, law-abiding residents in San Diego County, Kalifornistan, USA can get a CCW – try and get one if you arn't a crony of the country sheriff. He even denies retired sheriff's deputies. Just another elistist fascist imposing his own agenda in direct and purposeful violation of the US constitution.

    • C7AR15

      AR s are a Restricted firearm – you can buy them with your PAL but you can only shoot them at the gun club.

      Handguns – approx 1 million in Canada. ( also a restricted weapon)

      From Johnny Canuck


    <<I’m not in favor of any sort of weapons regulation, or any kind of increased government regulation. But if I was, I would immediately require public school students to take a stringent battery of logic classes, because apparently the critical thinking skills of so many people are near non-existent.>>

    Exactly. Explains a whole lot about why we are where we are as a country. I had a (elective) critical thinking course in high school and took others in college. I don't think they're even offered anymore.

  • Tavi

    Interesting article great timing. I just got off the phone with the RCMP Firearms Technical Division in Ottawa. I am in the process of registering three AR-15's in Canada which are now in the United States. Canadian regulations restrict magazines of an AR-15 to four rounds. At the discretion of the RCMP this can sometimes be upped to five rounds. The ten round count given in this article is for pistols, which I am also registering with the RCMP. The vast majority of handguns manufactured are classed as "Prohibited" in Canada and are not allowed to be imported. This rule comes into play due to barrel length. Canada prohibits any gun with a barrel of less than 105 mm (4.14 inches).

  • deerslayer239

    To say "because nobody died, gun control worked" is absurd who knows how serious the injury's are…Violent crime is violent people!!!

  • rycsailor

    This simply illustrates the obvious, until a process that can predict a wacko is devised humankind will be saddled with these people. The instrument causing harm is identical to the automobile causing harm or the hammer, whatever the weapon of choice is it still requires a human in control. Controlling the device is the demand of mental midgets who prefer simplicity of knee-jerk responses to functional and often complex solutions.

  • Patriot-Research

    The people that left these types of messages like "see gun control works" are either people that have never been assulted or just more of the liberal/communist making more un-informed (stupid) statements. In American they want to disarm "We the People" so they can make their move on us! And we all know what that move will be…!!!

  • Baggy270

    Semiauto rifles are limited to 5 rounds (not 4) and handguns to 10 in Canada. The exception are .22's which can use a 100 round magazine if you have one. I have numerous handguns, rifles and shotguns. You can also own prohibited guns but have to be grandfathered before 1996 and that is a whole other complicated matter. Your guns have to be stored securely separate from the ammo but the ammo does not have to be locked up. So you could have a handgun in a safe with a mag nearby but if you use it up here you'll need a good lawyer and lots of money.

    • Baggy270

      In Canada you have to have a Possession Aquisition License (PAL) to buy or possess guns. This has to be renewed every 5 years. I disagree with Mr. Tarr as far as any regulation being needed in the U.S. If you are a law abiding citizen then there is no reason that a similar system where you have to have a PAL to buy and possess guns would not work. There would be a criminal record check done every 5 years instead of every time you buy a gun as is the case in a lot of States. Makes sense to me and might keep guns out of the hands of a nut bar…if it saves one life, it is worth it and would not penalise or infringe on the sane people's rights as in your second ammendment.

      I am a 33 year law enforcement veteran in Canada fyi…..and yes it would be nice if we could concealed carry and have used a gun to end that knife situation but it is what it is….I also belong to your NRA and our National Firearms Association.

    • James Tarr

      Semi-auto rifles are limited to 5 rounds….however, Canada recently legalized AR-15 pistols, which can use 10-round magazines, so…..

  • Just observing

    A good size baseball bat can be a mighty defensive weapon!

  • Barry Friedman

    Crazy glue Elmers glue wood glue. They all fix things. Too bad you can't have STUPID GLUE. It's what needed. I wonder , if somebody stopped this nut with a gun, what would the media say?

  • dogone

    A lot of comments by stunned americans who know nothing (or very little) about Canadian gun laws. Not only are you wrong about ARs and pistols but you also have some stupid laws. In Canada we can order a pistol or other firearm by phone,mail whatever from ANYPLACE in Canada and have it mailed directly to your house. We can also have 12 in barrells on shotguns with no problem.
    Yes some of your laws are less restrictive but but we have some liberal ones also. As regards the knifing there has been no mention here of it having anything to do with gun laws.

    • shootbrownelk

      Please stay in Canada.

    • Baggy270

      There really is no call for for name calling and I'm sure there are just as many "stunned Canadians"….I'd rather have the U.S. our friend rather than the majority of other countries in the world!

    • David Prowse

      I’m also from Canada and Dogone is obviously and idiot. There is no mail order direct to homes. To own a handgun you first have to belong to a gun club, have a permit specific to the gun from the police department to pick it up. Barrel length for long arms is minimum 16 inches.

  • Eric F

    I live in Canada, and I wish we had laws similar to the United States. Why can't you have a weapon ready in the event that your house is broken into? I would love to have a concealed carry permit. Not for power, but for protection. There are lots of whack-o's out there as this news sadly indicated. What if these people were armed? 1 casualty vs. 7 critically injured/dead? Our government needs to hear the voices of the people that stand for justice, not the left-wing liberals that think the government will protect them! Great artictle… sad circumstance :-(

  • @PaladinFirearms

    To say that gun control works because no one was killed during this attack is akin to saying the laws governing ozone depleting chemicals worked because no one was killed.

  • DUCE

    There is no logic here.
    We pass frivolus laws which are suppose to protect the law abiding citizen and we don't enforce them.
    Every time there is an "EVENT" the politicians jump on the "here's my chance to gather some support for my upcoming election" bandwagon by supporting another gun law.
    Will we ever learn that all the laws will notnstop the criminal element because they don't abide by any laws. Thats why their CRIMINALS.

  • Tree Dee

    Hey Canada, until you can change your government and make them mind thier own business (GOOD LUCK-IT'S REAL HARD), remember: only an idiot would bring a knife to a baseball bat fight.

  • Canadian suporter

    This is why I own a Henry Mare's leg. I live in Canada and up here they are not restricted and considered a short barrelled rifle. My ammo is in a quick release lock box. Takes me about 10 seconds to load the first round through the side. I would rather be able to just grab my 1911 and go, but that's what to many gun laws gets you. I would carry every day if I was allowed to do so. I hope you Americans keep up the fight you are in now to keep your gun rights. Trust me, its worth it.

  • ATF = After the fact

    When it comes down to someone breaking into my home here in Canada, ill use my 1911 and then unlock my ammo container and lock box after I defend my family and home and tell the cops I had time to get them out. No one will be able to prove otherwise. Problem solved.

  • Jimbo

    When Samuel Colt created "The great equalizer", it was a wonderful thing. He, and a great many other people recognized that people are not all created the same size, and equally capable of defending themselves. His multiple shot revolver, made it possible for almost any human being to defend himself. Anyone who says people can't defend themselves with guns and wants to depend on police, can go ahead. The rest of us will defend ourselves.

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