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Read & React: Texas Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor

by James Tarr   |  May 1st, 2013 19

The shotgun has long been considered king when it comes to effectiveness in home defense. In fact, even Vice President Joe Biden has been promoting their use, and now we have a recent story out of Midland, Texas, which seems to indicate that he was at least partly right—maybe not regarding his advice to shoot your shotgun into the air to scare people away, or shooting through doors at people or whatever, but hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Two Midland residents, 32-year-old Samuel Pompa and 19-year-old Jonathan McDaniel, had friends over for parties. At one point, both groups of people ended up outside, and apparently an argument ensued. When the argument turned physical, McDaniel’s group retreated inside his house, hoping to avoid an escalation of the altercation.

Pompa, however, arrived at McDaniel’s home a short time later with a baseball bat and kicked the door in. McDaniel, in fear for his life and trying to protect the other people inside his house, fired one shot from a shotgun. Is there an old saying about bringing a bat to a gun fight?

Midland Police responded to a shooting call around midnight and found Pompa with a shotgun would to the chest. Pompa was transported to Midland Memorial Hospital, where he died from his wound shortly thereafter.

Check out the video from KWES-TV in Midland:

KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |

While there are many weapon systems that are lighter, easier to use or have more range than a shotgun, when it comes to close range, the shotgun rules. One shot and the fight was over.

Neighbors said they were surprised, as both men involved seemed to be nice people. Police have made no arrests in this case, and no charges are expected to be filed against McDaniel. However after an autopsy is conducted, the case will be sent to the district attorney’s office.

What do you think? Was McDaniel justified in using a shotgun against Pompa?

  • Wayne Aregood

    Self defense, easy although a shame it had to come to that.

  • Bruce A. Frank

    Certainly he was justified, whether the intruder was armed with a bat, a knife, a hammer. . .OR HIS BARE FISTS. Would you think yourself safe when an intruder just kicked in your door? He kicked in your door to invite you to tea or to give you a hug?


    Would I wait to see his intentions after he KICKED IN MY DOOR? Should I retreat to my bed room and hope the intruder won’t kick in that door? This wasn’t a “knock, knock(?)”; “Who’s there(?)” situation. It was a KICK, KICK with the accompanying sound of splintering wood as the lock and hinges ripped from the door frame. The proper response was NOT, “Welcome neighbor!” It was (clack-clack) “BAM!”

  • Sarah Weaver

    Story is missing the important section between “door kicked in” and “one shot to the chest”. Without that information, I really can’t give an opinion.

    • Bruce A. Frank

      What novel do you think would be written between the door succumbing to the collapsing kick and the scared spit-less home owner pulling the trigger?

    • Tony Richmond II

      If there WAS any time between, it certainly didn’t involve the guy with the bat turning around and running…he was shot in the chest.

  • Justin Scott Allen

    Someone trying to kick in my door will be shot if I’m home. Never mind if they actually succeed in their breaching effort. There’s really no excuse to break into someone else’s home, barring them authorizing you to do so in some fashion, (viz. a locksmith if you lock yourself out).

  • BJC

    He kicked in the door armed with a baseball bat, I don’t think his intention was to invite they to a game of baseball. Justified!!!! Kick my door in and I don’t care if you have a tulip in your hand expect to be shot.

  • C Ken Davis Sr

    He kicked the door in, came in with a baseball bat…simple logic…shoot him.

  • needful

    well one thing for sure,he won’t be kicking in anyone else’s door!!

  • lgebest

    He was justified in shooting him, however looks like he only needed to disable the dude, not kill him, especially since he knew him. But hey, I wasn’t there, therefore I cannot judge.

    • Thomas Haugh

      If he was in fear for his life or the lives of his guests he was justified in shooting and killing the intruder. If he shot to “disable” then he was not in fear for his life and a jury will convict him of murder. Never shoot to disable. Shoot to stop the threat.

      • Lisa Easley

        Excellent point Mr. Haugh. I guess its just hard to watch our society be in such a state. Very sad, but as you pointed out the right thing is what he did. Fear of life over rules whether they know them or not.

    • Margaret Bowen

      in my opinion, a baseball bat is a DEADLY weapon…thus the use of DEADLY force….HE KICKED THE DOOR IN!

    • T

      It is impossible to shoot with the expressed intent to disable and illegal to shoot with the expressed intent to kill. You discharge a weapon to end a threat. One shot or 100, whatever it takes.

  • M. Spenser

    JUSTIFIED , For a change we are not reading about a home invasion victim who would most like be a vegitable with brain damage and a continuing drain on our Health services for the rest of his life to say nothing of the collateral damage to family and friends.
    The perp got what he deserved and will now no longer be a threat to anyone. Old west rules,the right of appeal was the end of a long rope. The Police never shoot to just disable !!

  • HankBiner

    In Canada, he would have had to let the guy hit him at least 10 times with the bat first – and even then he’d probably be charged with manslaughter. No exaggeration.

  • Schcotty

    If this went down as reported, simple… justified! It’s just sad that the bat wielding Mr. Pompa didn’t seem to think about the consequences of his actions.

  • Brian Harden

    Clear case of suicide by proxy.

  • jr2

    justified shoot. victim retreated and barrier(door ) was between him and agressor. agressor was armed and breached barrier. victim shot to stop threat of imminent serious bodily injury or death . case closed

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