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Police Chief Ken James: Guns Are Not Defensive Weapons

by James Tarr   |  April 17th, 2013 118

A link to a YouTube video was recently forwarded to me, the content of which was so unbelievable that if I had read a transcript, I would have assumed it was a satire or spoof. Unfortunately, it is clear that it is not the case.

The video shows a Feb. 7 press conference presided over by Emeryville (Calif.) Police Chief Ken James, who refers to current proposed anti-gun laws.

During the press conference, James makes several statements that are completely irrational in regards to “reasonable gun laws helping our officers on the street.”

But the most over the top statement is, “One issue that always boggles my mind is the idea that guns are a defensive weapon. That is a myth. A gun is not a defensive weapon. A gun is an offensive weapon, used to intimidate, and used to show power. Police officers do not carry a gun as a defensive weapon to defend themselves or their other officers, they carry a gun to be able to do their job in a safe and effective manner and face any opposition that we may come upon. If it was a defensive measure, why did we lose 55 officers last year to gun violence?”

The above comment is so nonsensical and divorced from reality, it would be comical if it weren’t so terrifying. Based on the content of James’ statement, it is clear that either he is remarkably stupid, or thinks the public is. I would hope that someone as “Darwin Award” stupid as he comes across couldn’t get elected to high office, but you never know—especially since we’re talking about California.

Most police chiefs are elected to office, which makes them politicians. Many politicians like having control over the people they purportedly “serve,” which is why so many police chiefs are very anti-gun when the majority of street cops are not. Does James actually believe the inanities that are coming out of his mouth?

Of course, James isn’t the only public official spewing nonsense through a public forum. In March, our esteemed vice president, Joe Biden, took to YouTube with this brilliant home defense advice: If you think there are troublemakers near your home, just walk outside with a double-barreled shotgun and fire two blasts in the air.

As if that statement wasn’t ignorant enough in regards to gun safety, Biden went even further with Field & Stream, saying if you want to keep bad guys away from your house, “Just fire the shotgun through the door.”

Earlier this month, Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette also made a fool of herself during a public forum hosted by the Denver Post. While discussing high-capacity magazines, DeGette said, “I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

Great, except that’s not true at all. Anyone with half a brain will tell you magazines can be reloaded with ammo, a fact apparently lost on DeGette.

When the public and media called DeGette out on her error, her office doubled down on stupid: “The Congresswoman has been working on a high-capacity assault magazine ban for years, and has been deeply involved in the issue; she simply misspoke in referring to ‘magazines’ when she should have referred to ‘clips,’ which cannot be reused because they don’t have a feeding mechanism.”

Also wrong.

Such statements would be comical if they weren’t so terrifying; after all, these are the people charged with not only defending our rights, but in James’ case, our lives.

  • Daniel Dravot Esq


  • Rob Jones

    So if James logic is correct, he equips officers with guns “intimidate, and… to show power”? What a dork. I particularly love the currently circulating argument that we don’t need guns because police have them. Does that mean we don’t need fire extinguishers because the fire dept has ‘em?

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Another idiot who somehow managed to get himself in a position of power. Apparently in California you don’t need to be very smart to rise to the rank of Police Chief.

    • Shawn O’Loughlin

      Nope. In Kalifornia. to get promoted you have to either be a liberal douche or a suck up willing to tow the leftist line parroting whatever the hippie in charge says.

  • Don

    The real question – you poor imbecile, If guns were not defensive weapons – why did you only have 55 dead officers.

  • Gareth Barry

    Hey all, like to ask a question, presumably most of you are Gun enthusiasts and what not, but (relative to America) why is it you think that American’s in general are so vocal about their right to own a firearm? (This is just a question from someone who’s only experience with a Gun is at a Clay Pigeon Shooting Arena) — Do you not think that the more Guns that are out there (irrespective of ownership) the higher chance there is of an accident or crime occurring?

    It’s just something that has always kinda caught my attention when watching American news or seeing your media in action. The ‘Gun Culture’ you have, for lack of a better term.

    • GP

      Because in the hands of Patriots with guns this country was born. And as it is written, from time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots, who can only do such if so equally armed as the oppressors. Hitler was a big fan of gun control, as were many other dictators who oppress their people. Americans don’t take any shit off anyone

      • Gareth Barry

        Fair enough.

  • Tom Casarez

    I really do like the job your offensive methods with your guns on your hips on deterring crimes. They really get the job done…to be scared in your job as a police officers is one thing but to use it as an excuse to keep legal guns out of people hands because you said you are in fear of your life is another. Maybe you need to change jobs and work in a nursing home, oh I forgot you might be afraid there too; because the bed pan wheeling grannies can hurt you too…

    • Rightway1208

      This guy is a Pus _ Y. I know of retired female LEO’s with bigger balls than this guy has.

      Y’all are right, he has NO business being a Police Chief. He’s kissing someone’s ass to keep that job. I think I’ll call him up and yell “BOO” into the phone just to listen to him piss his pants.

    • Rightway1208

      This is EXACTLY why Police Officers are 11 times more likely to negligently shoot an innocent person than law abiding gun owners are.

  • dougjmrock

    Wow, so just like the other brilliant statement made by one of the leaders of our country, Biden who said to use a shotgun and just shoot an intruder as they are coming through the door. This idiot now says a gun is an offensive weapon? So I now can just shoot anyone that shows up at my door whether they are breaking in or not? My defense will be, How did I know? I was just trying to be pro-active, just in case!! Every educated, law abiding citizen knows that you will only shoot someone to defend yourself or protect your home and family. I’m sure as hell not worried about intimidating someone that is breaking in and if I was to shoot someone for that reason, I’d be sentenced to life in prison. What’s sad about all of this is, the people that are easily led, like sheep, instead of thinking for themselves, listen to idiots like this and believe them. Why is it that gun owners are the ones that can see right through all this rhetoric? Maybe that’s the reason we smart people own and respect guns in the first place, it’s because we can easily make quick, clear, concise decisions and don’t need to be told how to live our lives, or what we can and cannot do. I for one, respect our constitution and the rights we have as a free people, whether I agree with all of them or not, they are put there in writing for a reason. Not to allow Gov’t or any other person in this country tell you and I what WE can and cannot do. If we allow them to change just one of these freedoms on us, how far behind really are the others in being changed to suit them as well??!!

  • Marcus DeBoard

    One small correction. Sheriffs are elected. Police Chiefs are at will political appointees who serve at the whims of their masters.

    • Riggs2500

      That is very dangerous. A chief that only cares about and reports to an elected official who appoints him to a position of power. He therefore is no longer a public servant but a politicians mob lackey. That explains why all liberal controlled cities are cespools of crime, corruption and decay.

      • Brian Hart

        Bravo! No police chief supports the public! No police chief anywhere! Their job is to keep the tax coffers full for their mayor masters. They do this by issuing tickets, selling drugs, and running prostitutes. You can tell your enemy by the color of those around him. Traitor mayors appoint traitor cops. Just line them up and shoot them all.

        • H Stan Boring

          That’s exactly why they spout such nonsense! If you see a group of street cops behind BHO, they were ordered there by nitwits like this idiot. Maybe those 55 dead officers he mentioned should have been better trained to DEFEND themselves with their handguns.

  • Jerry Davidson

    Why does his officers all pack guns?? Is it just to make them look bad assed so they’ll have an easier time ordering folks around? What about the cops that put over 24 rounds through a car with two women in it?? Just out delivering papers and it was their bad luck to have a car that looked like the perp they were hunting. The rouge cop killer. Why weren’t you anti gun nuts screaming for cops to turn in their guns?? Guess that was some of his” Offensive” gun play on their part. The guy is a moron and he probably knows it! But he gets to carry a gun to “defend” his ass! Maybe Obama will put him in charge of the “Offense” department! LOL

  • GP

    So, cops carry stun guns as what? My concealed handgun that no one knows I’m carrying is going to somehow show my superiority over anyone around me? And the fact that I would only draw it in DEFENSE of my life or that of another somehow is overlooked? Are all people in CA this dumb?

    • disqus_Ls5WhGgxkf

      its not just ca. its all over capitol hill too.

    • Justin Williamson

      No not all in CA are this dumb. Unfortunately our most populous areas kinda define the state to many on the outside. I live in central California, Kern County. There is a large section of the state that goes unrepresented in State wide and National elections because there are enough people in the Los Angeles and Bay Area to override the other voters. If you look at it county by county there is a swath of red through the state but, in the end it doesn’t matter because those elections are decided by half a dozen of the 58 counties in California. The difference in those few counties that are roughly 70+ percent blue account for the difference in the votes. It drives many a Californian crazy that the democratic nominee is basically spotted at 55 electoral vote head start due to those places where everyone is constantly indoctrinated with Liberal ideas. Throw in NY and they are 1/3 of the way there every election before it even starts. Before they even know the nominee, it doesn’t matter. Anyhow, no not all are that dumb, check out the map of counties for the election results on the government website. It’s pretty incredible and unfortunate.

      • Tim S.

        We have the same problem in Illinois.

  • asd12333


    • wink1026

      Then we stop being law abiding,. it’s coming. We got to get them out and send them back across the water. I didn’t think genes stayed that long in a person.

  • Riley Bowman

    Like Marcus below said, police chiefs are typically appointed positions, whereas Sheriffs are elected by the people they serve. Why do you think most police chiefs are for gun control, yet most Sheriffs are against it? The Sheriffs are actually respecting the will of the people, and they understand us. Otherwise, I completely agree with the article.

    • Ceapea

      I hear the “appointed vs elected” talk all of the time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the appointed Chiefs put into position by our elected Mayors?
      If so, we still need to look at who we’re electing to be Mayor.

  • Charles Cressman

    I thought that I was taught, while going through the academy that sidearms were defensive; that’s why cops carry them!

  • Charles Cressman

    I spoke too quickly, below, before watching the video clip. Now that I’ve heard what this moron had to say, I see that what we’re dealing with is an ass-kissing, lefty idiot with no more actual street knowledge than a two month rookie still in the academy. He obviously got his job by sureically attaching his lips to the mayors ass.

  • RMW556

    An Idiot – about on the par of the San Diego Sheriff

  • Randy Cote

    you sir must be on Diane Feinstein’s Christmas card list. the guns you deal with are from gang bangers or have there guns gotten from drug cartels in southern California. I can be killing my self by saying that but I will use my gun as a defensive purpose to defend my family and friends and anyone that wants my help. you sir can give yours to the robber that enters your house. thank you for everything I thought about California


    Just look what state he’s from, says it all. Moron moron moron. I like the one from the black female Sen. Don’t blame the gangbangers it’s the guns. Her last name was Jackson does that say anything?

    • Riggs2500

      Why do we not have a testing process for all public servants?

      • wink1026

        OK bullet dodge make it, and your in. But only for the questionable ones. The second timers that are rip-offs get the intense curse….Hollow points only no smaller then… By the way guys the pix with the wink1026, is of someone’s wife who did not know how to use a It’s called oh no honey…

    • John Tremblay

      California is bad, no doubt, but it wasn’t bad until the 1960’s. Before WWII, California was mostly agricultural, with a growing industrial base and was very conservative. California was very prosperous and that’s what wrecked the state. There was a huge influx of deadbeats and dirt bags in the 1960’s along with massive illegal immigration The political landscape changed. The cities, with their massive populations, elected the state representatives, senators and governors. No longer were the rural farmers and ranchers represented in the state government. Instead, you had former hippies making policy.

      As you bash California, remember that Ronald Regan was a California governor. Today, in that state, he couldn’t be elected dog catcher.

      I have lived all over the US and the pattern is the same. Chicago has destroyed freedom and opportunity in Illinois. New York City steers the relatively conservative rural New Yorker into abject communism, with total abandon. Kansas City and the outlying suburbs like Olathe and Lawrence have a growing influence in Kansas politics (Thankfully, not enough to push their agenda, yet). Missouri is a mess. OKC, Norman, Moore, and Tulsa will one day ruin Oklahoma. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin will swing the vote in Texas and it won’t be in favor of conservative policies. You know who Shelia Jackson Lee is?

      How about Colorado, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada? Even Montana could become questionable in ten years as more and more land is bought up by yuppie liberals and the urban sprawl grows. As the economy in California continues to falter, liberal Californians will escape to neighboring states. They will bring their politics with them.

      The point is that it’s easy to laugh at Californians and say they get what they deserve. But, what happened to California is happening (or has happened) across the US.


        You my friend are 100% right. We ether gather together and fight, all the people pushing the no gun restrictions,and asking for money to stay afloat must come together as one. Hell I don’t know who to give to, don’t want to wast my money. I would think all of the people that want Obee and his mess out should as one confront the Sen. Congressmen and women, all elected in office with petitions. Impeach his a#$. How to start? Call me I will help…

        • Rightway1208

          I will give to select candidates, but will never, ever again give to the Republican National Party, or the Republican Senate PAC, or Conservative PAC’s. Screw that. I can only take about three of the US Senators. Cruz, Cornyn and Paul. And of those three, I only trust one, Cruz.

          • wink1026

            Hell bro its all od them, u missed a party Dcrat’s if you don’t see this, then I don’t know what to tell you.

      • tballard56

        …and that is my fear for this nation. I live in the People’s Socialist Republic of Kalifornia (PSRK) and am looking to escape while I still can. Some people say we need to stay and fight, but I have come to the conclusion that the PSRK is beyond hope of being salvaged. What you say is true though. Just look at what has happened to Colorado.

        • wink1026

          I’m sorry for the trouble. But don’t stay where the enemy lives. Go to a place that will fight. Don’t think you will have many is Kal

      • wink1026

        John it is happening all across the Nation we must get it together, vote vote and kick as$

  • davidkachel

    How on EARTH does someone this STUPID get to be a chief of police???

  • Byrd

    Idiocy incarnate.

  • notfishing

    Old video from an Elite Podunk Police Department here in California next to Oakland.

    The only thing Emeryville is famous for is it’s water tower and IKEA store.

    Even Politicians in Uniform can be Idiots who have found a village to hire them.

  • Leatherstocking

    I lived in California for 15 years. Many of the chiefs are politicians who rise to the rank by being politically correct and connected. They are not loved by most of the rank and file.
    I remember when San Jose’s “star” chief limited them to single-stack mags.
    Given the average California voter, this is what they want and deserve.

  • Larry Gapuz

    What a totally idiot! They lost 55 LEO’s because the criminals had a gun and unfortunately the LEO’s were not able to stop the threat while defending themselves from the criminal initiated gun fight. I’m the LEO’s didn’t just open fire to intimidate and show they have power!

  • Herrick Andrews

    Come on, whether you are in favor of gun control or against it, stay objective!! I listened carefully to Chief James speech and I think he makes really good points. But it seems that the listeners are more intent on tearing it apart based on his words, rather than hearing the main message he’s trying to communicate. Whether a gun is a defensive or offensive weapon is a matter of semantics. Based on my interpretation, the word “defensive” means something was designed to be defensive. If something was designed as an “offensive” weapon, as guns were originally created, the fact that they can be used for defense, doesn’t make them a “defensive” weapon. Guns were designed to Kill, whether for food or war ( Also, all the comments that appear on this video commenting on what Chief James says, seem more directed at the gun control issues rather than Chief James; but, yet, the article seems to be a personal attack on Chief James himself. Pay attention to his message and not the specific words. Implying that Chief James meant that guns can’t be used to defend yourself is an insult to Chief James. He’s smarter than that and he’s given us listeners credit for also being smart enough to know that. So, why waste a whole news article to criticize someone who had something to say? Energy is better spent taking what he said and putting it to use; whether you agree with what he said or not. Personally, I find it embarrassing that James Tarr would take advantage of an opportunity like this to use a person’s credibility to promote his own agenda; especially since I don’t see any value in what James Tarr said unless it was to exploit a personal vendetta he may have against the Chief. The Chief is treating us like intelligent adults, let’s do the same for him. His interest is our safety and I applaud him for his concern. Thank you Chief James!!

    • SFS444

      You are an idiot and no…you are not intelligent, that is why you’re a liberal.

      • Herrick Andrews

        Well said

    • Mark S McKinney

      I carry everyday for defensive purposes. I have no intent to use my weapon as an offensive tool. If I’m provoked by a tyrannical government, my rifles/pistols will be used as a “defensive” weapon to protect my RIGHTS, my families rights and my fellow countrymen’s rights. No semantics there. The enemy will be using them for an offensive purpose and they will lose!!!! The Police chief is still a certified registered idiot for the statement and made no sense at all!

      • Herrick Andrews

        Well, I think the simple fact that we are both in total agreement about your right to use the gun to defend yourself makes it clearly nothing but a semantic issue. Until the second you fire your gun, it’s a defensive action; but when you actually pull the trigger, it’s offensive. So, that’s the only thing we disagree on. And since that’s only a question of what the word “offensive” means, all it is, is a semantic issue. Now, if he said something like “you can’t use a gun to defend yourself,” then I would disagree with him; but all he said was that a gun isn’t a defensive weapon; and I agree with him. It’s an offensive weapon. Where did he imply that you can’t use a gun to defend yourself?

        • H Stan Boring

          Did you actually read your nonsensical statement before you posted it?

          • Herrick Andrews

            Stan, I wasn’t sure who your comment was addressed to, but I’m pretty sure it was me. I just wanted to confirm before I reply.

        • John Tremblay

          The role that a weapon serves doesn’t change when the trigger is pulled.

          Offense and defense are not defined by who’s shooting. It is defined by the ROLE that you play. The aggressor is in the offense, while the defender is in the defense. Again, words mean things. The police officer’s role, along with the armed citizen is usually as the defender. In some cases, the beat cop armed with a handgun must be the aggressor, but he is not well armed for that role, because he is armed with what is considered a defensive weapon. Up against someone with a rifle, he is at a massive disadvantage.

          Someone earlier stated that guns are neither offensive nor defensive. Specifically, that is correct, doctrinally this is wrong. The gun itself is a device, but how it’s commonly used referred to as it’s doctrinal employment.

          A handgun, in it’s correct doctrinal employment, is a defensive weapon. Police and military personnel that routinely conduct offensive operations, carry long guns. Beat cops carry pistols because they are easily transportable, convenient, always accessible and tend not to frighten the sheep. However, there is usually a shotgun or increasingly a carbine, somewhere in the patrol car.

          Carrying a pistol into a gunfight when a long gun is readily available is doctrinally wrong, patently stupid and has the potential to get you killed with a quickness. A handguns limitations make it DOCTRINALLY a defensive weapon.

        • Mark S McKinney

          All can be true but the way in which the use of the word semantic, which as you know is used as a liars paradox that can lead to deception. he was leading on to what weapons were designed for. Which leads to a contradiction. Offensive, defensive. By what was stated, he lead on to “all” weapons as being Offensive, used to intimidate. The impression he left was totally irrational thinking. (maybe more to deceive) I think I’ll just “stick by my guns” on my statement. For defensive purposes that is. :)

      • wink1026

        With you all the way

    • Brian Hart

      Guns are neither offensive nor defensive. They are inanimate objects just like hammers, nails, boards, Obama’s brain, a pan, a dish, a knife, etc. The use of the inanimate object determines whether it is defensive or offensive. Only in the hands of a patriotic citizen is a gun ever defensive. Cops shoot first, kill first, then ask questions. Evidence is all the innocent bystanders murdered, shot, threatened, beaten, attacked, by these “professionals”. Don’t get me wrong, not all cops are shit bags. The are many good men and women in uniform. They understand that any object can be an offensive/defensive weapon. They also “think” before they take action. Sadly, these good folks are run out because they won’t protect the dope dealers, thieves, and the like. Las Cruces has elected demoshits for over 40 years. It is a dead town with many drug dealers on it’s force.

    • H Stan Boring

      By definition, a pistol is a last ditch DEFENSIVE weapon. Whatever else he says, this police chief shows his ignorance on a subject he should be trained in explaining. Stop defending such drivel. If he can’t communicte what you think he meant, he should keep his mouth shut. And if he believes it, he should disarm his officers, as they are not in an offensive job; they are to be protectors and defenders.

    • John Tremblay

      Words mean things.

      Semantics? Really?

      Did you read what he wrote?

      First, what we consider to be ‘handguns’ are defensive weapons in general, not offensive weapons. You lump “guns” and handguns together and label them as offensive weapons. This is wrong and doctrinally incorrect. That’s why there are so many responses that address that issue. Handguns, except in very specialized circumstances are not used to hunt or used in combat as an offensive weapon. Their role, doctrinally, is to serve as close range weapons for personal defense. That’s why traditionally, beat cops carry handguns (for personal defense) while tactical teams (SWAT types) that carry out offensive operations use shotguns and carbines. On a tactical team or in a military setting, the handgun more often than not, is viewed as being either a backup weapon or as a ‘last ditch’ when the rifle/carbine/shotgun becomes inoperable.

      I suggest reading anything relating to the role of the handgun in either a military or law enforcement role, since this a well known and established concept. Try anything by Chuck Taylor, Jeff Cooper, Clint Smith or Masood Ayab.

      If handguns ARE DEFENSIVE, then what the Chief is saying in the article is either ill-informed, illogical, or a lie. We would assume that a chief of police would understand what the doctrinal role of a handgun is, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Perhaps he looked it up on Wikipedia, too?

      The point that the chief is making is not just a question of “semantics”. His point, as I have determined from the article, is that handguns ARE NOT DEFENSIVE TOOLS. Let me make the logical conclusion for you… If handguns are not defensive tools, then they are OFFENSIVE weapons. This isn’t a game of simple semantics, it’s a critical distinction!
      Assault rifles, as defined by the media and the left are NOT assault rifles. They are semi-automatics. Semantics? Damn right, because words mean things. The left uses disinformation to push their agenda.
      The left believes that the citizen has no need for handguns. Define handguns as offensive weaponry and the context of the debate changes. The “need” is harder to argue. This is the same tactic used in the “assault rifle” debate. That “we” have no “need” for such dangerous weaponry.
      Ignorance and deceit are at work here.

    • wink1026

      Who the fuck are you the Chiefs brother

    • Tim S.

      “Pay attention to his message and not the specific words.” Hmm, how can we decipher the message, if not for the words? I didn’t see him gesturing, using sign language or semaphore. Unfortunately, this is also how the left interprets the Constitution-they think it means whatever they want it to mean.

  • Sparten1

    I just love it. You can look stupid, but all you have to do is open your mouth and remove all doubt. :-)

  • SFS444

    This guy is just moving with the politicians of Cali like leaves move with the wind. This big mustached clown represents exactly what’s wrong with California. Hope the gangs take over this state one day, we’ll see how they protect themselves then.

  • Bill Kauffman

    Our law enforcement officers, some of them anyway, are sure not like the one’s when I walked and rode the streets in a patrol car and on foot. If they are not defensive weapons, then the chief should remove them from his person and also all his officers. It would sound like he should practice what he preaches and not bother with firearms in his department.

    • Brian Hart

      They are offensive weapons in city cop hands. Remember its not about protecting the citizen, its about protecting the drug runners, pimps, ho’s, mobs, and gangs who control the money flow to demoshit coffers.

  • Dave

    Probably pushed by Dianne Feinstein to say those things.

  • Logan Govier

    It’s unfortunate to see that the number of stupid people in this country obviously out number the intelligent ones. How else could we possibly have elected so many idiots.

  • MIke

    This guy should be fired for his being such an idiot. The armed forces use gun to DEFEND our rights, freedoms, and this country. Police use weapons to DEFEND themselves if confronted. If they use them as strictly offensive tools, that means if they pull the trigger, and that person happens to die in the commission of the Police officer shooting the weapon, would that now be premeditated murder. They were already using it offensively.

  • Bruce Hillman

    Population 10,214. Seems if the city is that small (1.9 sq. mile), you should only get 1 star.

    • Greg Metty

      Every time I have ever been anywhere the police brass wear stars like this, the dept is completely jacked. I do not like the militarization of police departments in the first place, and anytime I see someone like this tinpot little weasel, I depart as soon as possible. I’ll be the rank and file LOVE him!


    What a ignorant Moron this guy is.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    This would seem to be a rather odd statement since Law-abiding people in this country use guns to defend themselves approximately two and a half million times each year.

  • gr8wytshark

    An obvious case of the Peter Principle at work here. This COP wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I’d hate to be an officer working in his department. The only logical explanation is that he’s been inhaling too much of smoke blowing his way from Berkeley.

  • 762x51n8o

    Why is there such a discrepancy between police chiefs and Sheriffs? It seems like police chiefs are whiney little bitches that contradict themselves whenever they spew their anti-gun rhetoric (i.e. this dip shit, and Ed Flynn from Milwaukee). Sheriffs stand up for the second amendment (Sheriff Clarke, and countless others who have spoken up on guns).

  • Ron Stewart

    your toupe and vodka are affecting your reasoning idiot

  • billycooley

    Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. What a nightmare it is that these people are in charge of anything.

  • Deputy068

    Appointed ‘Police Chief’ says it all – bet his only ‘street time’ is spent walking from his city supplied car to his desk. I would assume his Mayor is standing somewhere near him and, by God, I didn’t even see his lips move! Another hand puppet administrator…..

  • Alan Gray

    Of course he is an idiot, beyond that fact you add that he is from Politics in Kalifornia. Three strikes on broomstick mustache boy (idiot, politician and from Kalifornia), your a disgrace to all upstanding Police Chiefs with a brain. You been smoking in Mendecino valley too long, not everyone buys into your liberal ass kissing?

  • Alakar

    Wow! I’m speechless!

  • fishbed

    He’s in the Bay Area. What else would you expect him to say? He’s trying to keep his job.

  • Dilt

    This idiot has no business heading a police department!

  • Mark S McKinney

    I want to know who the idiot is who put him in office? Sheriff’s are elected, but Police Chief’s are appointed. He probably believe he should offensively shoot his double barrel shootin iron into the air to offensively scare the perp away and if that don’t work, he can offensively shoot that double barrel through the door to scare the perp and hope he don’t shoot the brown shirts who are coming to take his double barrel offensive shootin iron away frum him. :) hee hee, what an idiot!!!!

  • disqus_Ls5WhGgxkf

    So if they are not for defense then why the police carry them to look cool….

  • Ted Sherman

    Another genious!!

  • Rick Fornalski

    As a UK resident still suffering from the Pedophile cover-up that was Dunblane and the associated handgun ban (which INCREASED gun crime in the UK), I am staggered at these comments.

    If I am a big muscular chap who can do push ups on my nipples…. Does that make ME intimidating or a guy who might save YOUR ass in a crisis?.
    Shall we ban muscles next because someone might feel intimidated?

    It’s not the gun, the muscles or the base ball bat that is the intimidating or defensive element, it’s the person. Lets face it, Some guys are just NOT suitable candidates for gun ownership, muscles OR politics.

    I feel a LOT better in any situation knowing that someone can defend us (even if it’s me). Politicians and religeon. Holding mankind back for 2,000 years.

  • Recon Man

    What would expect to hear from a political appointment from the San Francisco Bay Area? This is not news. Next time you hear a Chief of Police from anywhere just try to keep in mind for what city he works and what political party he owes his job to.

  • goodtoberight

    This confirms the stunning STUPIDITY and BLINDNESS of a hateful, leftist policeman.

    We should all beware of this class of indoctrinated progressive left, zombie police.


    No wonder this country is going down the tubes. Looks like we have a bunch of morons in high places.

  • Barry Penders

    They work for the government. What do you expect?

  • Average Joe

    Intent determines the purpose of the tool. Criminal w/tool = offensive weapon. Home Owner w/tool = Defensive weapon (or tool), Law Officer w/tool ± Situation drives purpose. Personally, my firearms are “tools for a task”, typically used for neither defense, nor offense. When I hunt, they are Offensive tools, when I target shoot, they are strictly a Tool, neither D or O. At home, they are only part of a “D”defense, and are a tool, not a guarantee of superiority, but can offer (me) a balance against a criminal. Yes, firearms can offer an advantage of intimidation and control, but that is a byproduct, not a primary intent of the design and function.

    Does our military carry firearms for defensive purpose? Not primarily, the vest is a defensive tool, the firearm is first O, secondly D.

    I split hairs by saying, “If you use a firearm as a defensive weapon against a criminal, you are a step behind and are potentially screwed. You need to use your firearm offensively to defend, not just to defend.”

    I don’t believe the bulk of the restrictions being proposed will help law enforcement, but they will impact the bulk of honest, legal firearm owner/enthusiasts, and make everything more expensive for the “good guy”. Criminals look for any advantage, and will use it. They won’t play fair if it doesn’t offer an advantage. They won’t follow any new laws or restrictions.

    Overall a lame, and poorly presented speech.

  • Guest

    We need to get the word out on what the real cops on the street actually think about this issue:

  • Sergeant Raven

    Sir, (no, no “all due respect” baloney for you). Are you nuts or completely sold out to you deranged Commiefornia politicians?
    No wonder your State is so screwed (I lived there for way too long, I know).
    That’s some tight rope your puppeteers are keeping you on.
    Next stop- DC, besides of our confiscation-dreaming President and “Shotgun Joe” VP.
    Invest your 30 silver ones wisely.

  • Al

    What A hole!! Guess that’s the way they think Granola Land

  • Schcotty

    This absolute lack of logic and intelligence makes my head hurt.

  • darrell_b8

    Moron!! He admited it; the police (aka po-po) are the aggressors. Think Emeryville knows where and whom it’s “idiot” is.

  • Brian Hart

    Ken James thinks he can protect people from violence. What an asshole. How many people have been murdered under his watch? Not just from guns either? Why didn’t he prevent those murders? A firearm in the hands of a real American is a weapon that stops killers, thief’s, rapists, pedophiles, liberals, democrats, traitors, spies, and terrorists. Ken James is so stupid he can’t seem to figure just how many crimes are thwarted by knowledge or trained, responsible patriots who own guns. My county sheriff announced he and his men will line up with the people when the “gubment cheese men” try to take our firearms. My sheriff is a real man and patriot. Ken James is another liberal pussy.

  • Patrick

    This irrational police chief is a Consitution trashing freedom hater. He would feel right at home in places like North Korea. I didn’t give up a chunk of my life and use of some body parts for anti-American pukes like Emeryville Police Chieflike Ken James!

  • I work for my money

    Must be an indication of the plan. Law enforcement on the offensive.

  • allen235_597

    Speaking of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill… Someone should take his away!

  • Dean

    yet another person who is dead wrong, if he wants to think like that he will find out .


    Ken…’re a dumb-ass! Again, you put your mouth in gear before engaging your brain! I’m sure, by now, you’ve had time to review your statement….perhaps your should try to get another interview and explain yourself more fully…..unless you still agree with what you said…..then, like I started with….you’re a dumb-ass!!!

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Ross Levatter: “Can we all agree that, though noble in its intent, the experiment of giving Americans of subnormal intelligence a president and Congress they can relate to has failed?”
    Apparently such stupidity is not limited to federal offices.
    BTW: It’s Sheriffs that are elected; police chiefs are normally the creatures of the mayor and city or town council, publicly supporting their lunacy to retain his/her job.

  • Dean

    Funny thing is the police chiefs of America Don’t see anything wrong with the us citizen owning a gun, And they also said they have never had to arrest any one who belongs to the NRA NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION Imagine that!!

  • Barkatyou

    “A gun is not a defensive weapon. A gun is an offensive weapon, used to intimidate, and used to show power. ” So Chief, by your definition, your own officers are just nazi-like thugs? Why would any officer want to work for this guy, who appears to be their own worst enemy?

  • micko77

    I’m in the crowd that understands most police chiefs, especially the anti-gun Chiefs of Police national organization, are appointed; as such, they follow the mindset of the mayor (usually) who cherry-picks his butt-kissers. Same holds true re: many prison wardens. They do NOT represent the day-to-day beat cop, detectives, SWAT officers,etc. who get their orders from said Chiefs. Sadly, their voices are those that are heard, not the actual working cops.

  • Mtee Zee

    How can someone like this profess to be a “law enforcement official”? Of course we all know that the first to jump on any gun ban bandwagon will be LEOs, and they will be crying the mantra, “we just were following orders” . Where have we heard that before?

  • WinstonGalt

    Wow. They issued a “position paper”. Now that truly was “bold”.

    Someone should explain to the chief that it’s not our duty to give up our rights so that his policemen will be less scared.

  • C Breeze

    As a cop with well over 20 years experience I can tell you that a cop’s gun is in fact a “defensive” weapon, the purpose of which is to protect the cop from death or serious physical injury. He, of course, will try to protect your life as well…IF he can get there in time… (The bottom line is: Keep your OWN gun cleaned and well oiled). What’s Chief James prior experience?…Mall Security? (I do admire the Western mustache and center-parted hairdo though, as well as his public speaking acumen…..Bet he wears a cowboy hat off-duty).

  • Cat Scanjim

    It’s called as*-licking 101

  • C Breeze

    The “bobblehead” behind the Chief also has 4 stars (They must give ‘em away there for perfect attendence; The black guy only has two stars…The Mayor must be “racist”)

  • Dan Onawing

    He burnt out his brain years ago with all his drugs … If guns are not defensive weapons then he shouldnt be allowed to carry one. Its obvious he is insane.


    This guy must be out of his mind!!!! Not for Defense???
    He must think all the Lisenced Consealed Carry Holders are out looking to engague any trouble they can find with a gun??? I mean he must think handguns are only offensive weapons and not for defence right? I avoid trouble and thought I carried to stop an unavoidable and imanant leathal threat perpatrated against me or someone else who is unable to defend themselves.
    I would consider this the defensive use of a handgun determaned to survive the threat and stop it!

  • Mark S McKinney

    We can all face the facts, these statements will come rom the liberal element, just stop and think about what Joe Biden said about going out on a balcony with a double barrel shotgun and shooting off two rounds to scare a perp. Or shooting through the door. Now do you think that if the “Vice” Pres. can make statements like this, that a lower office holder would make similar statements???? Give the poor guy a break… he’s an educated idiot that follows the path of his leaders. :)

  • w8d4it

    According to the US Supreme Court decision in Warren v. District of Columbia in 1981, the police do not have the duty to provide protection and services to individuals except under specific assignments.

    the guy is an idiot

  • Phil Bessant

    if guns are not defensive weapons – then why do the police have pistols, rifles and shotgun?

  • mzzond mzzond

    Let’s all be honest, and not get politically correct anymore
    California has and is being run by gang’s drug dealers and the Cartel from
    Mexico. Every year California gets further and further away from being a part
    of America and then you have this guy speaking about something he definitely is
    out of touch with. The only people that believe what he is talking about are
    the drug dealers and the cartel thanking him for disarming the people so they
    can’t defend themselves anymore. Then the gangs, drug dealers and cartel could just keep
    moving right across California. The remaining people of California need to
    speak up and take their state back before there is nothing to take back.

  • 1LTLos

    YOu are full of shit!

  • bee


  • HopingForSanity

    I agree with this brilliant and highly trained LE official. Since the reason we provide Police officers with guns is so they can defend themselves, this is clearly a mis-directed effort. We should immediately collect handguns from all Police officers and any security officers assigned to out elected officials and Billionaires.

  • John W.H.

    You can always tell when a hoplophobic is talking about guns, his pants are wet, and if he is from California, you better listen to him or he might hit you with his purse. what a moron, we need to put a fence around California, to keep people like him from moving to a free state, and taking his stupid ideals with him!

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