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Physical Fitness: A Key Component of Personal Defense

by George Wehby   |  June 7th, 2011 8

It is no secret that being in good physical shape is going to aid you rather than hamper you in protecting yourself and your loved ones.  The television, magazines, newspapers and internet are overloaded with information supporting the benefits of physical fitness, we are not going to rehash that.  What we are going to discuss is a person who is poor phsyical shape’s inability to handle the stress associated with having to defend themself or someone else.

During a critical incident like a physical attack, you experience a severe adrenaline dump which basically sends your body through a crazy amount of stress and shock.  If someone is in poor physical shape, they will probably not be able to handle this.  The other issue is that they may be able to survive the crime or event initially, but then lose the battle to a heart attack or stroke due to the stresses associated with the event.  Now being in shape is no guarantee of survival, but you are definitely set up for success not failure. Take the time to get yourself in decent physical shape, not only will you look and feel better, but you will be that much more prepared if things break bad.  Stay Safe!

  • Bigslug

    Greeaaaat. Now the gun mags are preaching at us to work out too,

    Maybe you've got some kind of motivation to exercise – hiking out of the mountains with a dead deer on your back, scoring dates, chopping firewood so you don't freeze. If you already have something like that to drive you to the gym, great. If not, the odds of you lifting weights or spinning a treadmill for the sole purpose of being able to deal with something that will probably never happen is pretty slim. Sam Colt is still the creator of equal men.

    • xpo172

      Enjoy your heart attack!

    • gwehby

      My Motivation is to uphold nature's standard of a Warrior. Natural Selection. If it is not a shoot situation and you can't walk up a flight of stairs without being short of breath, you are a victim.

  • wolf049

    After retiring from the Army 2+ yrs ago, I let my physical conditioning go to the way side and gained 65 lbs. Bending over to tie my shoes was a work out in it's self and going for a walk with my wife I was out of breath with in 3 blocks! 3 1/2 weeks ago I said that was enough and have been on the tread mill, oscilating machine, bycicle, and started to eat right. In those 3 1/2 weeks I went from 265 to 250 and feel better, both pysically and mentally!! My goal is to lose another 40lbs and recover/rebuild some of the muscle/strengh that I have lost.

  • George Wehby


    Most confrontation do not involve gunplay. What would Sam Colt do then? Especially if he couldn't handle himself with out a weapon and couldn't walk up two flights of stairs without going into cardiac arrest? be a Victim? Sounds like it. Being prepared to defend yourself involves much more than trigger pull.

  • walter leon

    The University Of Texas Southwestern Medical School states that a man 55 years of age who can run one mile in 8 minutes has less than a ten percent chance of a stroke or heart attack.

  • whatever

    Sam Colt did not create equal men, that is so stupid and the motto of those who don't want to work at anything. In some ways he actually amplified the divide and that is becoming more apparent than ever.

    Why do so many fat donut eating slobs think that 1911 or snubby crammed into the back of their pants is going to save them? Last I checked most bad guys move hard and fast with much violence and don't stand there like square range paper targets do. Cops can't just shoot someone whenever there is a confrontation and neither can Joe Public. There are lots of dash cam videos showing physically demanding confrontations. This is the most useful self defense item G&A has dared to publish in a long time. But it is true odds are slim for most non-LE people it will ever matter in life or death self defense so pass the pizza Bigslug, if there's any left.

  • Tom Wittlief

    Always liked the exercises Dr Leonard Schwartz came up with in the 70’s, Heavy Hands. Done correctly, it does to the arms and shoulders, (& heart) what jogging does for the legs, (& heart). You won’t end up with a bodybuilder physique, but things like swinging a shovel or throwing punches for hours at a time won’t even have you breathing hard.

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