It is no secret that being in good physical shape is going to aid you rather than hamper you in protecting yourself and your loved ones.  The television, magazines, newspapers and internet are overloaded with information supporting the benefits of physical fitness, we are not going to rehash that.  What we are going to discuss is a person who is poor phsyical shape’s inability to handle the stress associated with having to defend themself or someone else.

During a critical incident like a physical attack, you experience a severe adrenaline dump which basically sends your body through a crazy amount of stress and shock.  If someone is in poor physical shape, they will probably not be able to handle this.  The other issue is that they may be able to survive the crime or event initially, but then lose the battle to a heart attack or stroke due to the stresses associated with the event.  Now being in shape is no guarantee of survival, but you are definitely set up for success not failure. Take the time to get yourself in decent physical shape, not only will you look and feel better, but you will be that much more prepared if things break bad.  Stay Safe!

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