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New Arizona Gun Law Signed, Nobody Notices

by James Tarr   |  May 2nd, 2013 15
Gun buyback

Tucson Police officers work a gun buyback outside a police station in Tucson, Ariz., in January. (Photo by Brian Skoloff/The Associated Press)

Whenever a city has a gun buyback program, the media likes to praise their efforts at “reducing crime.” Gun buybacks have never been shown to reduce crime, and why would they? Let’s look at this logically—who is going to turn in their guns, and which guns are they going to turn in? Criminals intent on using their guns at some future date sure aren’t going to turn them in.

Most of the guns turned in—usually for a small cash incentive or gift card—aren’t even functional. Some of the guns turned in belonged to deceased family members, and are turned in because the survivors just don’t want guns in the house. Does it sound like that would reduce violent crime in any way?

A few months ago, some gun collectors made the news when they showed up at a gun buyback offering to pay more for good finds than what the city was offering. This did not sit well with the media or the authorities, even though the guns would be going to law-abiding citizens. Why didn’t they like this? Because honestly, they are against anyone owning guns.

In this national media and left-driven hysteria pushing for new gun laws, you would think that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signing a new gun law last Monday would have made national news. In fact, almost nobody heard about it. I’m not sure why, but my guess is because this law makes sense. What is it?

In 2010, Arizona passed a law dictating that police are required to sell seized weapons to federally licensed dealers. Many cities, including Tucson, were ignoring this law when conducting their gun buybacks because they stated the weapons weren’t “seized.” Instead, they were destroying the weapons they seized. Well, the new law has addressed this perceived loophole.

Brewer is a strong Second Amendment supporter and has signed many other pro-gun bills. Proponents of this bill argue that destroying valuable property turned over to the government instead of selling it is a waste of taxpayer resources. Democrats who argued against the bill said it usurps local control and goes against the wishes of people who turn over their unwanted weapons to keep them out of the hands of children or thieves.

The “usurps local control” argument is valid, although one we never hear from big government types unless it suits them. The “keeping the weapons out of the hands of children or thieves” argument is completely irrelevant, in my opinion, as the guns will be sold to federally licensed firearm dealers.

The governor’s office said it received nearly 2,000 letters, emails or phone calls about the bill, with only 25 opposed. The NRA sent a letter in support of the bill on April 22, which argued that selling seized or forfeited guns “would maintain their value, and their sale to the public would help recover public funds.” The NRA letter said the bill doesn’t prevent a private group from holding an event and destroying the weapons, so watch the gun-grabbers try using that tactic in Arizona.

“However, this measure would ensure that taxpayer resources are not utilized to pursue a political agenda of destroying firearms,” the NRA said.

Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox—a Democrat who champions the buyback events and survived being shot in the buttocks at the end of a 1997 Board of Supervisors meeting—sent a letter to Brewer urging a veto. The bill “would force the resale of guns that would otherwise never have been used for violence,” she wrote. “How many lives would be lost through the use of weapons our citizens hoped to be removed from the hands of criminals?”

Her statement shows a bit of a disconnect from reality—the guns didn’t come from the hands of criminals, and they’re not going to the hands of criminals. It also is a perfect example of many liberals’ point of view; in their minds, guns are evil, and are never used for good. Ever. Period.

  • William

    This is a great move by governor Brewer Thanks Governor You will have my vote, Next we need to get rid of the Immigration Bill i congress. Enforce the laws on the books. Deport and sucure the boarders. Put our returning troops on the boarders instead of unemployment.

    • john4637

      Can’t give her a vote for governor, but if she throws her hat in for POTUS I be there for her!

  • bob probert

    Here’s an idea for the liberals who want these guns to be destroyed. Use your own personal anti gun funds and outbid the buyback programs. You’ve got Mr and Mrs Giffords up there with their ‘Americans for Responsible Solutions’ pac, let them fund their own private destruction of these firearms at their own (higher) cost.

  • Ty_Wilson



      Palin President

      Brewer Vice President

      2016 ‘Year of the Conservative Woman’

      GOP “men” has failed.

  • Mark Seery

    I’ve seen guns turned into police departments by scared, little old ladies that were potentially worth thousands of dollars. Their husbands owned these valuable old guns and these “ladies” turned them in because they were scared of a unloaded gun sitting in a closet for decades. Than I sadly watched as these guns were destroyed by armors who actually cried while cutting up the guns. For example, a WWI artillery Luger with all the accessories and a custom made double barrel hunting rifle from English gunmaker Howe & Howe. I had to leave the room, I couldn’t watch it.

  • richard

    You know I’v been telling my wife, WHY do they say (police cheif stockton ca) Oh look at all the guns we have taken off the streets! When they hav’ent taken anything off the streets,the fricken gangbangers still have their guns, I watched on tv one night at some of the guns people turned in I went out of my fricken mind. the should pass a bill letting dealers buy back the prices will be jacked up but some of the priceless firearms will be saved,besides Idont doubt that the police dont melt all the firearms and end up some where elsa.

  • Dan Harris

    They should also require the private buy backs to advertise so that legit FFL holds can come and offer more money

  • JRJ21

    tHE TERM “Buy Back” is a gross lie,the Police never owned them and so could never “buy back” what they never owned.It’s used to place the thought in Americans minds that all guns really belong to the Govt.We should have a true ‘buy back” and return all the hoarded ammo to it’s rightful owners the American citizens,who have more rights to guns and ammo than any police or Govt.We have our own amendment.

  • Peter Tripoli

    A friend at work used the last buyback to dump a couple of crap pistols, an old Jennings .22 and a beat up Colt. Both were worth less than 50-60 dollars and he got a 100 dollar food voucher for each.
    He did show them to a outside buyer an was offered less than 100 for the pair.

  • john4637

    Mary Rose Wilcox now needs a foot deep in her buttocks if she actually believes criminals would turn in a gun that they had to commit a crime for or paid an enormous amount of money for, much more than any buy back would net them. How is this gun control nonsense getting as much traction as it is?? The people pushing for it are all morons or walk-aways from mental institutions!!!

  • Volatile

    Thank god for sane states like Arizona, is all I can say. California is a commie waste land and a lot of my law abiding friends are about to become criminals because of senate bills the bubble dwellers came up with, that the people have no power to vote on. Its really become insane. I’d like to see these twit bubble dwellers go into deep Los Angeles and try to control the guns actually on the street. They would be dead in under 2 hours in several massive shoot outs, so they pick on the law abiding citizen to try to trick the people into thinking they did something, to get voted in for another term. Its disgusting.

  • Alec

    Ahhhh Yes, and that is just one of the reasons that I love about living here! AZ is “hands down”, the most ‘common sense’ state when it comes to Firearm laws. If you are 21 or older and NOT a PROHIBITED POSSESSOR, you may, if you wish, carry a concealed handgun. You don’t need anyone’s permission!!!

  • snowman

    this country is criminal look at how obama isn’t impeached everyone as violent as it is should b allowed a weapon. infact the making guns then limiting ammo and creating fraud laws as to “who” can have one.I live in wicked,grossly unfair,scandalous Illinois.98%of my friends were murdered before being 20 many ,all ironic if they were packing would be smiling today.the us aint shit patriotic,dream act?? dnt make me throw up.!!cops dnt serve and protect,they shoot and kill while “-staged collusive “-cops have naive bums shoot up parks so the gun cry is pushed and more unconstitutional law “ordinances are drafted. oh well I wont even go into that “fairhousing”-supposed act crap,cauz its just a act!!ive been threatened ,retaliated,lied to every s I.ce I had a voucher,ive got my landlord on tape (he didn’t know(-being in my apt illegally.u wanna know wat the dept of human fucku over rights “-did for me?absolutely zero.p.s. chicago people aint bad !were under attack! dnt ever mooove here.peace.

  • ArmedPatriot

    What the hell is the point of these ‘buybacks’ to begin with?
    Criminals wont turn in the guns they USE but they might turn in a gun they killed someone with to be destroyed.

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