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Howard Morgan Case Sparks Community Outrage, Compared to Trayvon Martin (UPDATED)

by G&A Online Editors   |  April 4th, 2012 73

Howard MorganUPDATE (4/5/12): Howard Morgan was sentenced to 40 years in prison Thursday by a Chicago judge.

Former BNSF Railway officer Howard Morgan was shot 28 times by police after being pulled over the evening of Feb. 21, 2005, for driving the wrong way down a one-way street with his headlights off.

Police say Morgan drew his sidearm and fired at police, causing them to return fire, hitting Morgan 28 times, but Morgan’s family and protesters aren’t buying the official story.

“Four white officers and one black Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad police man with his weapon on him — around the corner from our home — and he just decided to go crazy? No. That’s ludicrous,” Morgan’s wife, Rosalind Morgan, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital say that Morgan was shot 21 times in the back and seven times in the chest and legs. He underwent multiple surgeries, miraculously survived, and was handcuffed to a hospital bed for two months before being transferred to a local prison.

Morgan was acquitted of aggravated battery and discharging a weapon at a police officer in 2007, but the jury was deadlocked on attempted murder charges.

But the second time around, he was retried, and found guilty, even though there was no evidence of gun residue on Morgan, nor were the original Kevlar vests worn by the officers shown. The second jury was also not allowed to hear that Morgan had already been cleared of two charges, and only three bullets of the 28 removed from Morgan’s body were admitted as evidence.

Morgan will be sentenced Thursday, facing 80 years behind bars, and the judgment won’t come down without uproar. His family is fighting for his freedom using church and advocacy groups to get the word out.

Of course, there are plenty of folks eager to play the race card — Morgan, who is black, was shot by white officers — and for all we know, race may or may not have played a role in the shooting. The Trayvon Martin shooting — an unarmed Martin, a 17-year-old African American, was shot and killed by a 28-year-old man in Florida earlier this year — has heightened awareness of cases like this, and the 24-hour news cycle is flooded with coverage. Not to mention, the NAACP is at the forefront of both fights.

What’s also troubling is the lack of physical evidence from that night, something we take for granted in cases such as this. Obviously, someone’s hiding something. Maybe the police were telling the truth. Maybe they’re lying. It’s sad that we cannot know for sure what happened that night, and sadder that a former cop’s fate depends on whether his peers can’t be certain of the whole story.

With the Trayvon Martin shooting dominating the headlines lately, how do you think cases like this impact our rights as gun owners?

  • Thomas Acton

    17 is correct.
    14 is a boy.
    17 is a young man,

    so, morgan fired first and 5 cops returned fire? this is serious, hard to think all 5 would lie.
    no headlights, driving the wrong way on a one way street …in his own neighborhood?
    clearly he was not making sound decisions.

    • spike1point5

      I've managed to do sometihng similar (driving down the street that is) just by not thinking, orr being distracted. That's a far cry from drawing down on officers. My only issue with this is the bahaviour of the Police at the trial. If they're not admitting a lot of evidence, it seems logical to conclude that they are trying to hide something. Maybe not the case, but they should put all of it in, it would definitely put them in a better light.

      • Ken Kjer

        Police officers don't admit evidence, judges do. In this case it was Morgans defense attorney trying to get evidence admitted, which a judge denied.

      • Myles Klein

        I'm never going to renew a Guns & Ammo subscription with such one sided views. You failed to mention that 3 out of 4 not 5 police officers on the scene were shot by the offender. The offender had grabbed & fired an unregistered 17 shot glock at them. I live in Chicago & slanted reporting sure seems to be having a negative impact on the high amount of shootings in the city. You all keep it up & no one will be able to leave their homes or even sit by the windows with all the drive byes.

        • Rebecca

          Hello. I am trying to find an unbiased account of what happened, but I can't seem to find one. Where would you suggest I go and read about this case?

        • Bob in Nevada

          How can this be??? I don't understand how Chicago can have all this gun related violence and drive by shootings when they have some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. I thought that Chicago was pretty much a "gun free zone". I guess gun control works.

          • observing

            I have done my research on guns control and what it can do. To entertain this idea of gun control I wanted to see if gun control in America would actually help out our crime situation; therefore I searched on Google for gun control in other countries. I found an interesting article about gun control in other countries compared to the US. The article from November 2003 called THE FAILED EXPERIMENT, by Gary A. Mauser, gives statistics on the rates of crime after gun control came into effect. The article shows a climb in crime. Mauser stated that in Britain homicide was elevated to fifty percent. In comparing the United States to Australia, Mauser shows how after gun control had been implemented in Australia that “Armed robbery has increased 166%” while in America crime was on a steady decline (2003). Every time gun have been banned murder rates have risen. Whether one looks at America, England, or Jamaica the experience has been the same. Murder rates rose instead of falling like so many thought they would. The group that argues that guns should be unlawful are clueless to the fact that criminals don’t care about the law. When a criminal commits a crime using a gun, they, at that moment become a gun control advocate.

    • shooter348

      Hard to believe all five would lie? Not at all hard for me.

      • David

        True! Me either being that they have a brotherhood they protect! They stand together, which is not at all a bad thing because they all watch each others back…..until it starts to become a cover-up
        or murder!!!! Their has to be a line drawn in the sand

        • plepgeat

          After all, none of those nice police officers in New Orleans lied about Danzinger Bridge.

  • Mark

    Seems like all and any story that can dug up right now can case a problem like this to get more out of hand and as far as the race card all I can say is if your going to dig out shootings lets dig them all out not just displaying only certain race thats not fair or just and not the Martin shooting in NO WAY should touch our gun laws because if for any reason murder charges are brought they should only effect the per to make the public and feeding to the public that a kid looking 12 has been shot but to find out that ges 5 years older and way over 6 foot with weight to match THE SIZE OF A FULL GROWN MAN son not the law.If everyone is paying attention to just how this and other shooting are being portrayed in the media this is just where anti gun groups want to happen.Feed the public a bunch of lies and sit back and hope they pay off, you know like showing a 5 years picture of someone

    • Dwight Hill

      Since when does at the age of 17 years old , at 6 ft 3 inches , equals to a full grown man ? And his weight was only 156 pounds . Where-as , Zimmerman weight was well over 200 pounds , and some pictures show that it was over 300 . Yeah , it's the media to told Zimmerman to shoot a kid , they do that every time . I have a question for you , Mark , when did Florida outlaw walking in the rain , when visiting your father , and wearing a hoodie ? When did they passed hat laws ?

  • Larry Williams

    He was an officer in my department. No one bothered to mention Chicago PD got a call on him because he had gone nuts and was shooting up the neighborhood. How did that get forgotten? Chicago PD did not just show up by magic. They got called to the incident and responded as police officers do, they run to the sound of the guns. This guy has had mental problems for years and now they are trying to get him off by playing the old, tired but tried and true race card. If you do something wrong and get in trouble, cry race. With our current day news medias, it usually works, no matter what laws you have violated.

    • Myopinions

      Perhaps you could clear things up for me because the way the stories are written it leaves questions opened that causes skepticism for me and others? 1. were there ballistics done on his gun or on him? 2. if so, why do you think the 1st jury dismissed those charges. 3. I read that police photos show the lights were on in van while the police said they were not. 4. I also read that one office (Walker – I think) said he suddenly remembered (after 7 years) that he, in fact, turned the lights on after the shooting. Last – was this "gone nuts and shooting up the neighborhood" the same night? I'm on a "free Howard Morgan" kick right now. Give me a reason to reconsider. From where I sit, a lot is going around and it smells quite fishy.

    • David

      Very often that's the play..leave out crucial evidence and then make things cloudy for a jury! Put doubt in minds!

    • BJC

      The media are proven lyre's, they edit and manipulate the facts to promote their anti gun agenda. They were called on it and have apologized for their manipulation of the facts in the Travon Martin case. They intentionally leave out all the pertinent information and con screw the facts to support the anti gun factions in this country. What makes you think there going to tell the truth now. The weather man on the news is just usually wrong the rest are just lyres.

      • Dwight Hill

        BJC , what is a " lyre " ? I looked up in my DICTIONARY , and it says that it's a musical instrument . Are you saying that the media is playing music ? Or , are you trying to tell us that the media are LIARS ?

        The media doesn't leave out " pertinent " information . Cops though , are always doing that . The media only have so much space to tell a story . IF your looking for the truth , then never ask a cop . But , you will never hear the truth , if the courts doesn't allow to tell the truth . As this court did . Did they test Morgan's gun ? Did they allow it in the court case ? It's not the media who left it out Mark , maybe if you read the article you would have known that .

        • Dwight Hill

          My mistake , I called you Mark , when your name is BJC .

  • JiminGA

    Seems to me an appeal would get to the truth if the original jury didn't. This report also seems biased, and since the basis is the Chicago Sun Times it's not surprising.

  • Kyle Meier

    The race card is getting a little old… this isnt the 1960's anymore.

  • John

    No comment, based on the risk of looking like a fool the next day.

    • David

      That's fair enough since so many opinions are formed with very little evidence!! Sometimes silence can be golden!

  • Jim Raymond

    Suince when has a firearms magazine gotten into reporting on a race related shooting. I think we have all heard quite enough on this subject from the news media without hearing about another one from least of all a gun magazine.

  • Richard

    Hey lets not forget…………………the media and newspapers have to sell their newspapers and stories. It would be boring if they told the whole story, and not to mention the truth.

  • RoyJaruk

    This was the case of an ex-railroad cop who was shot after opening up on a bunch of Chicago cops. The only thing I fund surprising is that after being hit 28 times he lived to stand trial.

    If, as another poster alleges, he had a history of mental problems and the police had been called on him before, and he did in fact shoot up the neighborhood, I do have to question what he was doing with a gun at all. Chicago is as oppressive of citizens' gun rights as is New York City. We are definitely not getting the whole story here.

    And personally, I am sick and tired of the race card being played every time a black citizen is shot by a white citizen, be said white citizen a private individual or a police officer. "Whitey be o-pressing us!" was old by the 1970s. That 'defense' deserves to be put out to pasture.

    Martin Luther King wanted people to be judged by character, not skin color. Most people I know try really hard to do that. It's the black community standing in the way of King's ideal, not the white community. You want to be judged on character, black community? Stop playing the race card when things don't go your way. Not winning every time is the nature of life. DEAL WITH IT.

  • deleted7130971

    I have no feelings at all towards either case. BUT:

    Race has no place in this. ANYONE playing the race card is an idiot
    In the Trayvor Martin case, I'm surprised that , as has been pointed out, a large teenager, attacked someone without giving them so much as superficial injuries? Just surprising

    • tom

      The race card always works so why not use it every time a white person is part of the equation ? Tell me I'm wrong.

      • spike1point5

        You're wrong. There we go :D But in more depth, there is no reason to "play the race card." If race was a motive or a significant part of the assault, then it can form part of the court case. But in this case it would not be accepted into part of the case, as it would be entirely speculatory. Anything that could not be given as evidence or as testimony should be ignored.

      • Hazel Atkinson

        It is obvious that you have never been asked what you are doing in any place that you happen to be and no one has ever questioned your actions without you knowing exactly what you have done wrong example: speeding, parking in the wrong place. I would also have to ask if anyone walks in the opposite direction when you walk into a room.

        • Dwight Hill

          Hazel , when I came back in '91 , and walking to the local bowling center to taste some of the pops , I was inquired by the local sheriff's dept. , as where I was going , why , and if I WAS IN AN ACCIDENT . I asked the sheriff if , since he came the same way I came from , if he saw any cars in the ditch , and he said no , then I told him if maybe if you laid of the the Meth , you won't be asking as dumb questions . He asked to show him some I.D. , and I came him my M.P. I.D. . At which , if I gave him that the first case , he won't have asked me the questions , at that point , I told him that YOU ONLY ASKED ME BECAUSE I'M NOT WHITE . At that , he only looked at me like didn't know to fart of what . And I Native American . It's not only a part of America that people who aren't white , get hassled , but all America .

    • Rick

      George Zimmerman had a bleeding gash on the back of his head. It was the result of Martin bashing his skull into the pavement repeatedly as he sat astride Zimmerman. It's in the police report.

      • spike1point5

        Security footage from just after the alleged attack shows no damage to Mr. Zimmerman at all

        • Gunpowder&Lead

          You're watching the wrong news channels. Unedited video played back shows the gash on the back of his head and the officers looking at it.

          I wish the liberal media would start reporting and quit pandering. We do not know ALL the facts of this case because it's not all being released yet and the MSM keeps putting out little of all the info they have available.

          • Dwight Hill

            Watching the WRONG CHANNELS ? What's up with that ? Okay then , let's review the tapes , shall me ? I viewed ever channel that showed when the police took him in , and the only one that cleaned up the tapes was Fox News . All if the channels , ABC , CBS , Fox , but NBC which didn't hear the whole tape if the phone with Zimmerman and the Dispatch . All had their own trauma doctors to view the tapes , and , they all said the same thing , no wounds , from the back of the head or the nose , which Zimmerman said that Martin broke . The only one that said the wounds were there was CNBC . But , if there were wounds , he didn't act like there were any , even if he didn't have any bandages , which by the way , the E.M.T.'s would have put on them , and put him in the hospital . he walked fine , from the getting out of the squad car to walking into the building .
            I didn't see any wounds , I only seen where his head when he talks or movement of his head with the creases . Again , no gaping wound . As getting bashed your head off the pavement would do . Remember , he said that Martin bashed him head at least three times . I don't care who you are , but if you get your head bashed off the pavement , it will open up your head . And you will not get ready to fight as Zimmerman said he was . I don't see it . Whatever reason , Zimmerman is not telling the truth .

        • liedaboutcop

          Strange that after the film was cleaned up, the original was so fuzzy that you could barely see Zimmerman's head, there was in fact a gash on his head. Does the fact that NBC gave a left handed excuse for doctoring the 911 tapes and not checking the video say anything about the mind set of the anti gun, race baiting news media. The main stream media is no longer any part of a news organization, they are ion the business of creating problems and doctoring incidents to match their agendas. If this is your idea of unbiased reporting please cancel my on line subsciption.

      • Hazel Atkinson

        I have to ask you how Zimmerman was able to stand over Martin's body if Martin had repeatedly bashed Zimmerman's head onto the pavement? If his world had been rocked that hard, Zimmerman would not be able to maintain his balance and would have been admitted for observation due to the risk of a concussion and the added risk of falling into a coma.

        Where are the pictures of the blood on sidewalk where Zimmerman's head made repeated contact? Where is the picture of the chalk outline of the victum's body?

        I do not see any evidence that Zimmerman's life was put in danger; I see a scared white/hispanic man who had something to prove and tried to be more gansta than the supposed gansta.

        • Thomaso

          You are making much too many assumptions. I will save my opinions when all the facts become clear, if ever. I believe this case is a tragedy that should have never happened but to make as many assumptions as you are without being an actual eye witness to the crime or at least presented with enough clear evidence to make such assumptions is just plain ignorant!!

      • jay

        White crackers must die

      • Joseph Woosley

        It's a moot point since Zimmerman was told NOT to follow him and so was not following police instructions as related to him by the police operator. At that point his actions are defined by his willful dismissal of those orders. It betrays intent to see whatever brand of justice he had in mind to dispense. Why would a child, and I won't get into the symantecs of the kid's age, listen to someone carrying a gun, but clearly not police at night? I would say Zimmerman tried to unlawfully detain the kid and that's when a struggle began and Zimmerman may have gotten hurt, panicked and shot the kid. The 2nd degree charge, may or may not stick, but Zimmerman was clearly the at fault party.

      • 1989FXSTC

        If you stalk me for any reason I, unlike Travon, am always legally armed and would have done whatever was necessary to get that nut case out of way. I don 't care what ethnic background you come from… Stalk and threaten me and you will have a fight on your hands. The kid did't deserve to die because Zimmerman did't follow the dispatchers orders. For whatever reason the kid did not deserve to die and would not be dead if Zimmerman didn't have some kind of dominance or power issues.

        This is not a race issue… it's Zimmerman stalking an innocent kid who, if he did bash his head on the ground, just wasn't strong enough to subdue the nut before he was killed.

      • Dwight Hill

        If , and those are real big IF'S , WAS BLEEDING from his nose and his back of the head , why wasn't any blood on his shirt or coat ? Why didn't his eyes get blacken ? Why didn't he have any badages on his wounds ? Rick , why ?


      You must not keep up with the news very well unless you are hearing only what you want to hear. Zimmerman clearly shows lacerations on the back of his head in the police video, and there are reports from both the police and ambulance members of injuries to both his nose and back of his head, along with an eye witness of Martin on top of Zimmerman slamming his head into the ground while Zimmerman was yelling for help. You should watch someone other than ABC or NBC if you want the true facts

  • Mike

    And OJ is still looking for that killer, and he might just find him in his own prison cell.

    • gold1

      Latest revelations from the book "O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It", written by private investigator William C. Dear makes the case that O.J.'s son Jason did the killings. Jason had mental problems, had uncontrollable rage and threatened to kill his employer with a knife and was on probation at the time. O.J. went through trial trying to deflect the attention from Jason. Jason was never interviewed by the police. Interesting twist. Sounds like the whole family needs to be locked up.

      • Vinn

        His name is Justin and he was only 8 at the time dumb a$$. This is the problem, people running their mouth without any info online, and people take it as the truth

        • Duggy

          No, his name is Jason, Vinn and he is currently 41 years old and the son of OJ and his first wife. This is the problem we have when friggin retarded morons, like you Vinn, start talking crap without even doing a simple Google search. You going to apologize to gold1 now or will you just continue to wallow in your stupidity and arrogance?

  • Jeff

    I don't see a problem with hearing this from a gun magazine… If you see a topic that you don't approve of, then don't click on it and read it. I, for one, learned about this from Guns and Ammo (Yes apparently I live under a rock) and I thank Gun and Ammo for bringing this to my attention.

    I just want to mention that mental illness is a very serious and very real problem that needs to be treated the right way – not by sentencing the actions of an incoherent and illogical man, and claiming those actions to be his norm. There should be proper psychiatric assessments performed – perhaps he's bipolar? Suffering from a latent streak of paranoid schizophrenia? Maybe it was just a one time thing – I don't think they mentioned anything about this being a repeat offense. Yes, I'm speaking from a point of view that is severely lacking information on this topic, but I don't feel that a police officer on the force for X number of years would, under normal circumstances, decide to drive down the wrong way of the road with his headlights off. Clearly there is a rapid onset of behavioral changes, and that needs to be further assessed!

    That's my opinion though. Not sure how everybody else here looks at mental illness, but as a soon-to-be registered nurse with a focus in psychiatry and mental health, I'm a strong advocate for this population, and hope that Mr. Howard Morgan receives a fair trial that incorporates the possibility of a mental illness.

  • Tracy

    Who's to say what happened? Let the court do its job; none of us has any business re-litigating here.

    In any event, this story is an object reminder for those of us with CHLs to be extremely mindful of our conduct during any traffic stop. After all, nobody wants to contract an accidental case of lead poisoning. Here's some *excellent* advice on the subject posted by a Texas LEO:

  • Pete

    If this guy was so crazy as to shoot a several cops and if he was mentally disturbed then was this shooting justified?

    Was there any other way to put him down other than with 28 rounds?

    This thing is representative of America today. I am sure most of you have heard that the Obama "justice Dept" has authorized "strip searches" for anyone,guilty or not before he/she is judged.

    The Constitution has been shredded by the ideologues as we devolve into tyranny. This Government is close to what many millions came here to escape. The political system,the Judicial System,The Legislative Branch are supposed to use the "checks and balances" they are there for but,they ll have failed.

    When a President breaks the law all the time as in the War Powers act he/she is a criminal. Obama sent force into Libya without Congressional consent. An impeachable offense for sure. The response-0. So one man in a supposed democracy can defile the law and get away with it. Holder and the Mexican Gun circus and a society where the guilty have rights but the citizen,the victim has none.

    America is armed!! More guns have been bought since Obama then ever before. The people feel scared and want to protect themselves from a country gone mad.

    One can easily understand how an oppressive Government,a people who lose their freedoms,their Constitutional rights and a failed economy can initiate violence.

    When you depend on others for everything from resources to debt service you are NOT free. People who have jobs,have food,are safe,have a future for themselves and their kids the violence goes away.

    There is no justice or opportunity in America now.Our leaders are corrupt. People will dissent when they have nothing.This administration openly promotes class warfare and,no big surprise. When the Speaker OF the House(Pelosi) says"we will pass ObamaCare without a vote if necessary" we are no longer a Democracy.

    We are what we came here to escape. The end game is clear!!

    • Hazel Atkinson

      Obama will never be impeached because Congress cannot agree on anything.

    • jimb1972

      If they take you to jail you are going to be strip searched. It is vital to the safety and security of the facility to insure no one has a weapon or drugs. It is not like they are going to strip search you on the street.

  • porkchop6209

    You got that right Pete.

  • Heretic

    Nowhere left to run. Even a possum will fight when it's cornered.

  • Stuart

    shot 28 times? andlived? whoee-that says something about the efficacy of (1) the 9 mm and (2) the shooters-someone (several ) needs more ranget ime.

    • J.YarbroughInGA

      In deed, Stuart. This shows that clearly,l the ammunition being used in their dept. is not sufficient enough if it take 28 shots. They should re-evaluate their choice of ammo if they are to continue to protect not only the citizens they serve but each other as well. My thoughts and prayers are with these LEO's.

  • Dave Martin


    • airborne


  • curious shooter


    It is the U. S. Supreme Court 5 to 4 majority, not the Obama Justice Department, that has affirmed strip searches for those entering detention facilities.

    "The Court holds that jail administrators may require all arrestees who are committed to the general population of a jail to undergo visual strip searches not involving physical contact by corrections officers."

    Please review the following primary source data (especially the dissenting opinion):

    No. 10–945.Argued October 12, 2011—Decided April 2, 2012


    If Zimmerman would've followed the instructions of the 911 operator, he would have had NO injuries whatsoever, & T.Martin would still be alive today. Seems that someone's inability to follow basic directives & use GOOD common sense was the culprit in all of this.

  • Harding

    The Howard Martin case? It's CHICAGO! The cops can do anything they want, especially since they have all the guns! That's why Obama wants to take away all of ours – so his thugs can move in, like in the Cabinet.

    T. Martin? First, it isn't a case that's relevant to "Stand your ground" since it in NO WAY qualifies under that statute. And I personally want to hear ALL the testimony and facts before I condemn anyone. The pictures we see of Martin aren't those of today but from many years ago. Plus, I remember the Tawana Brawley case and how the cops were 'convicted' until all the facts came out. Now whenever I hear Sharpton or Rangel start to make demands, I automatically question the whole scene.

  • Alan_T

    Oddly , I think this is the first I've heard of this case and I'm not going to rush to judgment either way . That being said though , there is hardly a week that goes by where the Chicago P. D . isn't in the news over torture , corruption , falsification of evidence , " contract " murders or some other malfeasance . And before anybody jumps on me for bias , this isn't just my opinion , it's a fact that can be easily checked . Just some food for thought .

  • Horseman

    It hasn't been " trial by jury" for a long time now, rather, it is "trial BEFORE jury", by the sensation hungry media, along with their minority rights activist group "friends"!
    Keep playing the race card; it very well could lead to more than a "card"!, for one, am sick and tired of Al S******* and J J******! Have you all forgotten what happened over in Bosnia years ago?!
    Think it couldn't happen elsewhere?! There just may be a camel out there loaded up. and…., well, yoh know how it goes! Keep pushin', but don't be surprised when the shovin' starts!!

  • Ron L

    well said, Harding, you are the only other person who brought up the fact that the pic of Trayvon are years old and airbrushed. They lightened him and made him younger. They show the before and after pics side by side. Why would his family try to make him appear innocent by faking the pics and make him look younger and whiter. Just google Trayvon Martin and read all the lies that are being told. None of these facts prove he is innocent or guilty, just that we are being lied to so the race card can be used, AGAIN.

  • Dan McCoy

    What a terribly biased account of this event. Shame on you, Guns & Ammo. After receiving your magazine for over 15 years, I finally let my subscription lapse because your magazine simply isn't very good anymore (not to mention that your writers are in the pockets of the gun manufacturers). After reading this article, I see things have only gotten worse over at G&A. Very sad.

  • KhoiSan X

    Why – was it 'politically incorrect'?

  • KhoiSan X

    Yadda, yadda, yadda!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy

    The Prez commented that Trayvon looked like his son if he had one??? But could'nt be bothered to respond to 3 Letters from these white kids parents directed to him. The old (racist) double standard I fears…

  • Larry

    What difference does it make if Trevon Martin kicked the crap out of Zimmerman? What would it matter if he were 30 years old? What would you do if a guy pulls a gun on you in a dark place? At that point it doesn't matter how Trevon reacts. I sure would have fought like hell. Zimmerman is in the wrong.

  • WaltherPPS

    Forget race… If I'm walking in my neighborhood and somebody approaches me demanding "whatever" and is acting like some kind of self proclaimed law of the land. Well, I'm not required to answer the police for any reason if I choose not to, because my constitutional rights as an American citizen give me that right. So, I sure don't have to answer anyone else. We know that Zimmerman was told to stand down. He didn't and a kid was killed.

    I am legally armed always and, I'm also a stone cold gun rights advocate, not because of the likes of Trevon Martin, but because of people like Mr. Zimmerman. Not answering or kowtowing to someone is not, and should not be, a capital crime for God's sake.

  • Danimal

    Why is it that every time a black man gets killed while committing a crime it's someone else's fault? Because in the era of "political correctness run amok", the black community can get indignant about just about anything and get away with it. And Morgans wife's comments and accusations against the police officers are blatantly racist. Where is the outrage over that?

  • Tim McGuire

    This case sounds like its ripe for police coverup. If they hit him 28 times I wonder how many shots missed. This is just one of a number of reasons I will not visit Chicago and I really hate to visit Illinois even though I was born there and have relatives there too.

  • Pete

    Everything about this is shady, though. Why are they not appealing his case?

  • Ted Nugent

    This reporting is shady, one sided. I’m not pro cops, nor pro victim, but can we please get objective journalism? Everyone reading this, please know that this might be true, but if someone does not report both sides, then they have an agenda. DO NO BE DECIEVED.

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