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Hero NYPD Cop Shot in Head Makes Miraculous Recovery

by Richard Nance   |  February 14th, 2012 23

Kevin BrennanOn January 31, 2012, NYPD Officer Kevin Brennan, 29, who was working in a plain clothes unit, responded to a report of shots fired at 140 Moore Street in Brushwick. When he arrived, he observed three suspects fleeing the scene on foot and gave chase. Moments later, one of the suspects, 21 year-old Luis “Baby” Ortiz shot Officer Brennan in the head at point-blank range with a .38 caliber bullet, which lodged in the base of his skull.

Ortiz, who was wanted for questioning in a New Year’s Day homicide, was arrested without incident at his uncle’s apartment at 390 Bushwick Avenue. Ortiz has been charged with attempted murder in what prosecutors called an “assassination attempt” on Officer Brennan. If convicted, Ortiz could face up to 25 years to life in prison.  He pleaded not guilty and remains in custody at Riker’s Island.

Since the shooting, Officer Brennan’s recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Just days after the incident, Officer Brennan was home with his wife, Janet, and 7-week-old daughter, Maeve. Deputy Inspector Michael Kemper declared in a public meeting, “He’s up and he’s walking. It’s a miracle.”

NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Officer Brennan’s progress has boosted morale in the entire department. He added, “This young man gave his all. We see in the film (surveillance footage) where he tackles this individual (who) has a gun in his hand. He knew. He saw the gun. And yet he went right at him and grabbed him, and he was shot at point blank range.  It truly is a miracle that he survived.”

Although Officer Brennan has returned home to his family he will require outpatient treatment. Commissioner Kelly summed the incident by stating, “He is one lucky young man.” For emphasis, Commissioner Kelly held up a jar containing the bullet removed from Officer Brennan’s skull.

Preparedness, physical fitness, and perhaps most importantly, the “will to win” despite the odds are critical elements in the outcome of a life-and-death encounter. Yet each year far too many well-trained, fit, and dedicated officers are killed by “lucky” shots fired by bad guys with far less training and skill with a firearm.

Of course the bad guy’s “luck” could be attributed to several factors. Bad guys are usually the ones dictating the action and the officer often is relegated, at least initially, to a reactionary role. Bad guys have no regard for their backdrop, collateral damage, administrative discipline, or how the incident might look when a selected portion is shown on the news.

While luck might have been a factor in this incident (if the bullet had impacted in a slightly different area, Officer Brennan could have been killed instantly) it would be naïve to assume Officer Brennan is alive merely because he’s lucky.

What are your thoughts?

  • Brad Meyer

    Divine Intervention!!!!!

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    point blank range .38 yet living gods devine intefearance

  • NYRider

    "Tackled" the bad guy? If he saw the gun, he should not have to make a choice between using his weapon or public opinion. How many more good guys and their families need to be affected by the liberal media handcuffing law enforcement officers.

    • tdtaylor

      I agree with faced with the possibility of a gun battle leading to civil suits, possible arrest, and/or charges being leveled at the officer how the hell are they supposed to serve and protect when their hands are being ties tighter everyday.

  • paul

    The Lord Jesus is mighty to save!

  • B. DeSantis

    25 to life. Give a me a break. Should be life an no parole. Calif an New York think they can be rehabilitated. BS.

    • wnettles

      Dr. Guillotine had a prescription for what ails this sort of bad guy. Never had a repeat offender. No need for expensive rehabilitation that won't work anyway. Just good, old, environmentally-friendly gravity. Even the Green Party folks gotta like this conservation of energy. Couple that with justice and you got a win-win situation on your hands.

  • MotoJB

    Wow…very lucky. Glad to hear this one had a happy ending. It would be happier knowing the perp is in prision for the rest of his life, being raped by El Duce.

  • Joe

    Lucky indeed. It evidently wasn't his time to go. Glad that the officer is doing so well in his recovery.
    I thought things like this weren't supposed to happen in NYC with the extremely tough/strict gun laws… Mayor?

    • DkNaBx

      Joe, you are right. This goes hand in hand with the recent homepage article about the Marine getting in trouble with the firearm after surrenduring it at a security checkpoint.

  • Marques

    This guy intended to kill the officer Brennan. Please explain to me why we should put him in prison and feed him for the rest of his life. The Chinese have the right solution, a bullet in the brain and charge the cost of the bullet to his family.

  • Dan

    They should toast that scum bag that shot the officer in an electric chair while his mom and dad watch!

  • William Bradford

    Very happy for the family

  • igor

    Glad to hear he is recovering. I agree with the Marques.

  • Abnrgr

    God bless officer Brennan and his family, and all of law enforcement who put their lives on the line for others.

  • mark

    Anyone think that they should bring back capital punishment in some cases? It sure would make criminals think twice. Hell I say shoot the perp in the head just like he did that man just doing his job.

  • J. R. Verdugo

    Yeah, maybe the max of 25 is ok (if he gets that). I believe that if the cop died, the "death penalty" would be the proper penalty. Pretty stupid of the perp to shoot a cop. It doesn't even look like the cop had his gun out. Looks like attempted murder in order to evade capture. Stupid!

  • Snug

    The shooter needs an eternal attitude adjustment only available from God.He should be sent to His judgement .Thank God for saving Kevin Brennan, Saint Michael keep watch over him.

  • Mark E. Johnson

    Attempted murder while evading arrest. Death penalty should be instituted against this slime. His lack of regard for community shows terrible choices made and the likelihood of "rehabilitation" is not at all likely.

  • terz81

    Give are Media Bolesheviks time they will turn Ortiz in to a cult hero.

  • jake

    to bad most hero cops are the one that bash an innocent persons head open for watching them patrol on the street

  • acewarlock

    Jake: I hope you never need a Cop to save you. and if you ever do, make sure you tell him you think he is a head basher.

    Jake: Your a Jerk

  • LIRight

    Maybe Barry will name a ship after Officer Brennan.

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