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Follow Biden’s Shotgun Advice, Go Directly to Jail

by James Tarr   |  March 11th, 2013 27

In an ongoing effort to make it appear that the administration isn’t interested in banning all guns, but rather only the evil-looking ones, Vice President Joe Biden has been handing out helpful advice to women wanting a gun and gun owners in general.

“Tactical Joe” Biden has made headlines talking about how a shotgun is much better for home defense than an AR-15, and has stated that a double-barreled shotgun is easier to use and fire than an AR. Anybody who knows anything about guns knows this isn’t true—especially if you’re smaller framed.

For those of you who don’t get it, I’ll explain why Mr. Biden is saying these things. The administration knows they can’t come out publicly in favor of a ban on all guns—which most high-ranking members of the administration from the president on down are on record, at one time or another, of supporting. By saying they think shotguns are much better than ARs for personal defense, they are trying to persuade the ignorant and just plain dumb among us that they are only against those “ugly black guns” that aren’t good for anything but shooting up schools.

In a recent interview, Biden said that he tells his wife that if she ever feels threatened by a home intruder, she should just “walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barreled shotgun, and fire two blasts outside the house.”

Apparently Mr. Biden has been living such an isolated life in Washington, D.C., that he doesn’t realize that firing your weapon randomly into the air is against the law—everywhere. But that didn’t stop him from giving out more advice.

For a recent interview with Field & Stream, Biden recommended that if you wanted to keep someone away from your house, “Just fire the shotgun through the door.”

I wonder if Oscar Pistorius was following Joe Biden’s advice when he said he fired his gun through his bathroom door at who he believed was an intruder, killing his girlfriend. The South African police have charged Pistorius with murder, and even if the incident occurred exactly as he stated, firing blindly at a mystery noise on the other side of a door is one of the stupidest things you can do with a gun—even though the second-highest-ranking government official in the United States is saying otherwise.

The same day Joe Biden advised people to trade in their ARs for shotguns and start shooting through doors to scare people away, a man in Virginia Beach, Va., did just that. Trevor Snowden was at his apartment when two masked men leaned in his bedroom window. They pointed guns at him and told him to shut his bedroom door.

Snowden moved into the hallway, retrieved his shotgun, fired through his bedroom door, then opened the door and fired several more rounds through the window.

In a review of the lean facts around this incident, it seems a little uncertain to me if Snowden acted inappropriately—you fire in the direction of two armed men are who you believe are trying to rob you—yet the police still charged him with reckless handling of a firearm.

Hmm. Maybe he can get Joe Biden to testify on his behalf as an expert witness at the trial.

  • disqus_l9vWNYlAgq

    Biden is a moron always has been

    • Bob Szwed

      Biden and Obama the new Laurel and Hardy

  • rycsailor

    Biden is just a heartbeat away from becoming our “leader”, so be kind to him he’s doing the best he can.

    • 3strokes

      He’s a heartbeat away from the “football” and the codes to launch Armaggedon. Do you want him to shoot a few nukes at N.Korea through the “door” because they make noise?

      • David M Foss

        Their you go! That should take care of things!! We don’t need to go from a Muslim President that is looking to “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” to a comedian like Biden!!!!

      • Joe Simeone

        That may not be a bad idea, North Korea is rattling their sabers pretty loud.

    • chad

      Your a moron just like bide rycsailor

    • David M Foss

      rycsailor….people like you are part of the problem!

      • John Smith

        chad/foss – have either of you geniuses ever heard of sarcasm? Don’t be so ready with the hate – if we are going to keep our rights we have to stand together! Even if rycsailor did mean it, do you really think that you are going to help our cause by chastising him for exercising his 1st Amendment right to free speech?

      • rycsailor

        Stupidity is part of the problem and those who can’t understand sarcasm shouldn’t be commenting. He was picked for the VP job because he makes Obama look good……is that better?

      • rycsailor

        I’m used to dealing with people having reasonable IQs, not with politically oriented morons who get elected to office because no one having more intelligence will run……similar to dumbing down of our educational systems, we tolerate the same in the highest offices in the land. These guys volunteered for these offices, they weren’t drafted so excuses don’t are unacceptable.

  • Jerome Bigge

    Biden is an idiot.

  • chad
  • BJC

    Biden and Obama are idiots who want to disarm Americans so they can have absolute control of the US.

    • David M Foss

      Yeah…Obama or should I say Barry is no idiot…he just thinks we infidels are idiots!!!


    Biden’s a drunk and an Idiot what he’s not saying is that secret service agents are guarding him and is home 24/7 all with access to automatic weapons. Go back to your bar biden where you can feed that crapp to the other drunks they’ll believe you.

    • Joe Simeone

      He’s gonna give drunks a bad name

  • Scott D

    If this guy is nto the DUMBEST person EVER ELECTED then I would like to know who is. How in the world did American vote these idiots back into office is a crime in itself.

  • Kyllein MacKellerann

    Before you laugh at Jerkwater Joe, think a moment. If you do as he says, guess what will happen… Yeah, the cops will come and take you and ALL your guns away and you will not get them back.
    Jerkwater Joe ain’t so stupid after all. Doing like he says will accomplish what he wants.

  • Larry Clark

    You would be charged with discharging a gun. She might be shot by his security detail..

    And , not many live in a protected compound, wooded area.
    So, those who live in the city you are out of luck..

  • Joe Simeone

    Remember Biden and Obama think a like, birds of a feather flock together. Do Dodo birds stay in flocks, well you get the idea

  • dick

    typical clueless liberal


    Somebody has got to make public service announcements pairing these crackpot statements of Biden’s with the reports of what has happened to people who reacted as he recommended. He’s giving ammunition to us, why don’t we use it?

  • greg60

    This isn’t anything new.Ole Joe is really sad,but,comical at times.

  • salamero

    lol, discharge your shotgun from your porch, how can you take him seriously, and his wife has the secret service mercenaries, she does not need a shotgun.

  • Carter Selfridge

    Dumb ass

  • Harry Manning

    in hunters safety I was taught to be shure of my target and what is beyond before ever raising my firearm .

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