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Always Have a Family Self Defense Plan

by George Wehby   |  September 1st, 2011 22

My family goes out in our area a couple times a month. We could go anywhere from a family restaurant to a movie. It is during these little outings that I take the time to formulate our family self defense plan if things should go bad.

In order to not appear paranoid or freak my kids out, I try to make a game of it.I will pose a question to the group such as, “where would be the best place to go if there were a fire?”

“How about if someone came in and wanted to hurt people?”

We entertain and analyze each plan to see which is best. This game provides some fun mental training for the kids. They eventually start to beat me to the game, which is confirmation they are starting to think tactically, even if they do not realize. It is my short term goal to provide options should we need them and the long term tactical development of my family. The chances of them ever needing a true emergency game plan are probably small, but the training has them thinking outside the box, which translates to much more.

Game on!


  • Bill

    This was pretty lame, I expected something in depth.

    • George Wehby

      Sorry you felt it was lame. The blogs are intended to be short thought provoking posts. We will definitely go into more detail in further entries. The overriding theme of the blogs is to create a complete package. How does one eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time. Thanks for the response.

      • Thom

        Elephant meat, not being like gelatin, is probably more conveniently enjoyed w/ a fork & knife :o)

  • Graywolf

    I agree. There could have been several pages of REAL information.

  • BigfootHunter

    Seriously, you guys just posted the intro to the article. Where's the rest?

  • Randy Bynum

    I see the linked video from this article is the same one you used before and it shows the ladies finger on the trigger, even as she is handing the gun to the guy next to her. Let's change to promoting no finger on the trigger until the brain says shoot! I say pull the video NOW!

  • HOUSheepdog

    I ensure my Bug-Out-Bags are fully equipped and up-to-date, my Go-To-'Heck' boxes are equipped with everything from sleeping bags to dog/cat food, etc. And my list of things I need to grab and/or do is up-to-date in my Iphone in case of a hurricane or other critical incident should happen (ie. board windows, grab GTH boxes, grab cash, AR's, ammo, etc.).

    We have code words and a plan in place in case things "go bad" when we're out and we always discuss "what if" scenarios in case we're in a store or other place when things go bad and we're in different locations of the store or even the city.

    You cannot plan enough for things like this. In Houston there have been numerous bank robberies INSIDE of Randalls and Krogers stores. You must be prepared always. That's NOT paranoia, that's just smart in today's world.

    My .02


  • FK

    This is from someone who lives in Pakistan (Karachi – the biggest city of Pakistan) yes from where OSAMA was caught! Such occurances (unfortunately) are an everyday life and one incident that is the most common of them all is being held at gun point when you stop at the traffic light and the intruder then makes you open the door so that he gets inside your vehicle and takes you to the nearest ATM machine to give him all the cash that you can etc. etc.

    Luckly this has not happend to me as yet (but i think its a matter of when and not if) i often wonder what should i do, do i just give in as most people do or do i stand up and fight and say "enough is enough". I have a licensed hand gun & am a hunter so know my way around firearms, but not sure if i have it in me to shoot at another human being!

  • RealityBob

    Whether in Pakistan or anywhere else, would you shoot a wild animal that was attacking you? Of course you would. Well, these criminals are simply wild animals. Shoot them. In Pakistan, you might need to leave the scene right away, or you could end up like the American who was falsely charged in the shooting of Pakistani sleazeballs, who were attempting to rob him while he was driving.

    The philosophy I have is this: if someone cares so little about his own life that he puts himself in harm's way to attack you, why would you care more then he does about his life and not defend yourself?

    Fire away, my friend.

    • John

      Now that's the best way I have heard it put!

  • Lance

    For me nothing in depth was necessary in this blog post. He got the idea out there and now I'm thinking about how I can apply it to my own family. It's as simple as when we go somewhere knowing where the best exit is and how we would react to different situations. I like it.

  • Hal

    Gotta agree with the majority – we should have a plan. I knew that a long time ago. No offense George, but where's the plan? How about a follow up with what others are doing?

  • Basti

    You are paranoid

    • George Wehby

      I prefer to look at it as being prepared.

  • Jim

    I'll have to agree with Bill on this blog post! If you're going to post on a blog about a family defense plan, one would expect to read exactly what it was other than a guessing game.

  • TheOldOne

    I agree with most here. Your magazine and website is to be a "service", so the service here would have been indept planning, perhaps as a seriesm, for the inexperienced. Many who have never before thought of the need for personal defense, or planning or anything else related, have no clue where to start.

    So, how about it? Can we get the rest and complete the service?

  • George Wehby

    Wow. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will get to work on giving some examples of action plans. Stay tuned an stay safe.

  • Nick

    George, your game is a great approach for teaching your family to look for ways to stay safe in a bad situation. I appreciate your idea for its practical simplicity. Not every family is going to learn to be mixed martial artists, but everyone can benefit from asking the right questions and coming up with some viable answers.

  • Scott E. Mayer

    I like how George set this up but, unfortunately, not many readers took the hint to start a dialogue on a family plan. We all have ideas and things that work and sharing them as a discussion in the comments is probably what George was going for.

    Part of my family's plan is a "danger" word. It's nothing crazy or scary, just a normal word like "marshmallow" that is easy to understand but is not normally used in conversation.

    My kids know that no matter where we are or what we're doing, when I say our danger word they are to stop everything they're doing, come straight to my side, and shut up and do everything exactly as I say. They know that it's because I percieve a danger and I'm trying to keep them safe. We've been drilling it since they were born and now it comes naturally. Since our word is something as normal as "marshmallow," we can drill it in public and no one else even realizes what's going on.

  • John

    Sounds to me like everybody wants to be told what to do? Are you really going to do the exact same thing as the next guy?

    George is just laying out a basic plan, I think we all will come up with our own defense plan.

  • William

    On 4/26/08, my 2 children an I were in our yard, a man carring a .ss revolver ran into our yard, fleeing the police after robbing a store at gun point. The assailaint rased his weapon and I put myself in between him and my children. I took a bullet to the groin and it hit my femeral artery. My 8 year old daughter took her little brother into the house locked the doors and went and layed down in the bath tub. All I said after I was shoot was go get safe in the house. My daughter new what to do and new the safest place was the tub. A little bit of forethought WILL mean the differance between life and death. This happened in Harrah WA.

  • James Moffitt

    I linked to this post in an article that I am going to post to our domain at I also want to write a blog series on what a personal and family defense plan is and how to formulate one. I will post the introductory post in a few moments. I am also wanting to create a Google Plus circle that I can add folks to so that we can discuss the issues and help to educate others. My focus on this blog series is not to come off as an expert. My goal is to get normal people who are clueless about self defense to start thinking about it. I also want them to stop being afraid of the unknown. The only way we can get people comfortable enough to consider a self defense plan for themselves and their families is by educating them and letting them know it is OK to protect yourself. You can find me on Google Plus as James Moffitt as well as on Facebook. You can follow me on twitter @propellerhead1

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