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Eldery Las Vegas Homeowner Fires Shots; Thwarts Daytime Robbery

by James Tarr   |  March 4th, 2013 3

Recently, a 72-year-old homeowner was alerted early one morning when he heard someone trying to break into his Las Vegas residence. He went back to his bedroom and retrieved a handgun. He was confronted in his bedroom by three intruders, at least one of whom was armed, and he fired at least one shot.

Check out the video from KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.

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When the police arrived on the scene, they found one of the intruders trying to take off in a car. He rammed his car into a patrol car and was taken into custody. Another suspect was seen running off into the neighborhood. A third suspect was found dead in the homeowner’s back yard, along with a handgun.

Las Vegas Metro Police said the homeowner—who had been burglarized before—will not face charges.

Fact is, Hollywood does not do a good job reflecting reality.

That might not be news to a lot of you, but let me explain my comment. Movies and TV shows can hardly show a burglary without it involving an occupied home at night, and the criminals are usually armed.

But most burglaries happen during the day, because that is when people are at work, so homes and apartments are empty. Most burglars work alone, target unoccupied houses—no one to call the police or shoot them—and few carry guns; if they get caught, that firearm means extra time in jail. Also, they’re there to rob the place, not shoot anyone.

This story should illustrate my point exactly.

  • BJC

    These reports need to be featured on national news stations, and sent to all anti gun politicians to prove their agenda’s are bad for the safety and security of law abiding Americans.

  • disqus_Ls5WhGgxkf

    it good to know the gentleman was not hurt and for once they caught the bad guys and yes this needs to go on the national news but it won,t because it would make the president look bad(worse)..

  • Jerry Poparad

    The rabidly Stalinist news media never ever reports any pro-gun news about law-abiding citizens stopping crime in its tracks with legally owned guns and carry permits.

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