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Arizona Man Shoots Penis; Proves We Should All Use Holsters

by George Wehby   |  August 22nd, 2011 53

Use a Holster!There’s a story that has been circulating around the Web for weeks now with a rather gruesome headline: Arizona Man Shoots Himself in Penis. It’s the last thing any firearm owner wants to read about.

Joshua Seto, 27, tried securing his fiance’s pink handgun in the front waistband of his pants while exiting a local convenience store and the gun fired, striking Seto’s penis and continuing through his left thigh. It’s not a pretty picture.

I know it goes without saying that this readership uses holsters. I would hate to think someone out there gets their tactics from Hollywood or a music video, but I have seen this situation in the article above and keep hearing about this happening. When I was a Police officer in Prince Georges County, Md., I received a call for a gunshot victim that just checked into the local hospital. Upon my arrival, I learned the alleged victim was a guy that actually shot himself while putting a Glock 19 in his waistband.

Even with a holster, if you choose to carry a firearm in what is known as the appendix position, the risk of creating this injury is still present—especially if you have to draw or holster while sitting. There are instructors and firearms enthusiasts out there that swear by this position, due to its level of concealment and speed of draw. I can respect that, but I do not advocate the position. In most personal defense situations, we have to give up something in order to get something. I do not like the safety trade off for speed and concealment. I may just have mental baggage based on my experiences with these type of injuries, but I feel that under extreme stress we run too high a risk of bobbling something.

After it is all said and done, it comes down to personal choice and how you train. I have no doubt the carry position is great with training, but most just do not train enough. I, for one, don’t want to see anyone shoot themselves in the groin or femoral artery. Stay Safe!

  • DoctorWho

    I agree with using a holster, and the very best one can afford.

    The first time I was sworn in, the first thing I did was have a holster made, no " off the shelf" holsters were available in that Country at the time.

  • Brian

    As funny as articles like this are, they should serve as a reminder that accidental discharges do occur.

    Why is "keep your finger off the trigger" such a complicated instruction? Second, if you're going to carry that way maybe a firearm with an actual safety should be considered. And third, avoid many complications and accidental discharge by doing just one thing, GET A HOLSTER.

    • ET

      There are no "Accidental"….but there are "Negligent" Discharges.

      • Brian

        That can be said about any accident. But, good point.

      • Dale Bailey

        If he did the job right he deserves honorable mention in the "Darwin Awards"for never again procreating and thus

        maintaining the gene pool at it's current depth.

    • Judith

      Good point! If you can afford a gun then we know you can afford the holster also! Just good firearm sense.

  • Trail Camera Reviews

    at least he is not like Plaxico Burress, shots himself in the leg and then gets 2 years in prison :)

  • Alex

    Previous proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

    Repetition and training is key to clarity.

  • kevin hopkins

    The article states he was securing his girlfriends pink gun as he was exiting a conveinence store. Why would this be? Was he robbing the place and thrust his gun inhis waist band for a quick conceal as he made his way out?

    • Rob McMahon

      No,Kevin Hopkins: Maybe he was trying to cover/take care of a stupid girl-friend who had no CCW permit which he had!.

      • Greg Wedlake

        Rob — In Arizona U.S. citizens 21 and older can carry a concealed firearm without a permit. I personally chose to retain and renew my CCW.

  • Holmes

    It could be bad to loose a little, or it could be good to rebuild bigger and better, It’s just best to put it in a holster and be safe from premature discharge!!

  • Luis

    your security is in your finger if you put your finger in the triguer when you are puling out your gun of your holster that is the consecuences

  • CAB

    A few years ago a fellow Deputy was transporting a prison to the pen and this ex marine, long time officer, who knew better, carried his Condition 1 1911 in his waistband at the small of his back. He felt it shift and when he adjusted it, BANG. He now has two cracks.

    • Ryan

      So this officer on his way to the "pen" went to adjust his pistol and he 1. knocked off the safety 2. held in the grip safety 3. pulled the trigger? Sounds like good ol urban legend to me.

  • Moishe JPFO

    His FIANCE'S PINK handgun.Very chivalrous, but, oy vey.

  • Dennis

    I agree with ET. If the 4 rules of gun safety were followed, such acts of stupidity and negligence as noted in the article would never occur. But I know I'm preaching to the choir.

  • Gary Edwards

    Very effective Darwin event.

  • Gene

    I have a S&W Bodyguard .38 fitted with plastic grips that form a lip that is used to hold onto my belt.

    The revolver is then tucked inside of trousers with just a small amount of the grips showing above the belt. Any thoughts on this method of cc?

    • Ryan

      It's great for concealment and a quick draw, the downside is you have no trigger cover which is really why you wear a holster in the first place. Clothing could get caught inside your trigger guard and depress the trigger if you're not careful. However, Clip Draw is not bad if you're completely aware of its limitations.

    • Wheelgunner

      A friend of mine did almost the same thing with a P3AT with a clip instead of a holster. He was pulling his pants up and realized one of his fingers was inside the trigger guard – through the pants of course. If he had tugged up any harder, he could have been singing the high notes.

  • DRZ

    I recommend that any gun carried behind in the wasteband be carried behind the hip. Always keep the finger off the trigger until ready to fire. I know several people who carry a S&W J-frame with a grip of this type and have heard of know problems. Of course, they are people of both experience and intelligence. If either one of these is missing you could have problems and if they are both missing you have a street thug who will sooner or later shoot himself or one of his homies "accidently".

  • Richard Reed

    I just finnished reading the storyof the sorry guy that shot himself in AZ. Also, I noticed that the author of this story said, he is retired from Prince Georges county MD. as a Police Officer. By coincidence would you have known Lynn Reed. He retired in the early 80s. He is my nephew. I.m also a retiree from Ontario.CA. P.D. Out after 18 1/2 Yrs. with Heart attach. Also 10 1/2 Yrs. Adrian, MI. before CA. Just curious. Thanks and waiting for my new Susbcription to arrive.

    • George Wehby

      No I am not a Retired Prince Georges County Police Officer, just Former. As far as your nephew, I do not have the pleasure to know him. Stay Safe!

  • Gordon G. Hamilton

    That's why we call it the Soprano carry!

    I have taught concealed carry for years and a holster, safe gun handling, (ie. don't point the thing at anything you don't want to destroy); and forming safe habits with your carry piece are all very good ideas. I will include this story in my next class.

  • Gunnar

    I use appendix carry and after tens and thousands of draws have had no issues. I use a high quality holster with supported lips and a firearm with no external toggle safety.

    Outside of training, how often would a person reholster the firearm after self defense situation occurs? I would think only once. Is that worth risking the speed and concealment? If that was the case shouldn't one recommend carrying military style (chamber empty)? It is safer.

    How about a gun lock while carrying? How about keeping it unloaded altogether? Load it as you need it at the last minute.

    I believe that not even Jesus himself is above safety, but I think it is reckless to say speed and concealment should come in after safety of not carrying in certain positions with a use of quality holsters and firearms. A well trained individual with the right mentality will cope with high stress situation and be able to exercise control over their trigger when the situation requires it. If you cannot control your trigger……you probably shouldn't carry.

    • George Wehby

      Even though your response seems to be grossly exaggerated and seems to border on trolling, I feel that other positions offer concealabilty and speed of draw without having the muzzle point at my crotch. Thanks for the input.

  • Tex Robin

    I believe that these kinds of ignorant accidents should be reported more thoroughly..Guns don't accidently shoot people. These people that do these things shouldn't even be within a hundred miles of a gun. If they knew just the fundamentals of gun handling these accidents wouldn't happen. Guns don't shoot unless you pull the triggers…And that's all I have to say….bootman

  • Jimmy

    This is merely Darwinism at work, and probably shouldn't be interfered with.

  • GunFix Customs

    On the Lighter side, Lorena Bobbitt now has a new boyfriend!

    What an idiot. How in the world is he allowed to carry or his GF?

  • Wayne R.

    Luckily it was only a "lil pink gun"

    • http://I.E. Chuck regnier

      A LADY SMITH W/ a .38 spl. HP +p round.

  • HOUSheepdog

    I am recently a believer in appendix carry and use one of Dale Fricke's Zach holsters or Archangels'. I carried on the hip, strong-side for YEARS and argued it was the best and brightest method, however, a recent shoulder injury made it almost impossible for me to access from that position. There is an argument for 'most' methods of carrying, appendix, pocket, strong-side, etc. However, one must use caution in ANY method. I do notice that I ensure I reholster with even more caution BECAUSE it's pointed "there"!

  • Walter

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • bailman

    it twas a pink gatz whatz youz expec beii

  • Steve666

    The good news is that he won't be breeding any more idiots!!!

    • Spk

      Now that's the best part of this story!

  • Tom Oh'Ealaight

    Too much Hollywood ! Not enough old school common sence! I carried a .380 for my girl friend once improperly. No holster . I pulled the clip, cleared the chamber, set the safety, then slip it into my pants pocket. we had been shooting, when the wind kicked up too much, and her holster fell into a small mud puddle under the bench. she didnt want to put her new gun into such a dirty holster. ps never touched the trigger, into or out of my pocket. wow !

    • Tommy

      Putting it in your pants AFTER shooting makes me think of only one thing. That baby's HOT… Just another reason to put it in a proper holster.

  • yp

    It is hard to judge this guy without knowing the whole story. If I would carry I would prefer a semi with a double/single action and a button safety. Since I have not carried for the majority of my life I don't see how I will be any worse off if. In the event that I had to draw the gun, which I hope I never do to defend myself, then I'm no worse off than if I would be disarmed. Maybe in the event of a robbery it is better to throw some money at the robber in one direction and run in the other. Then if he chase you would at least in theory have time to pull the gun out and flip off the safety. All this theoritcal because don't know how would act given the fear, stress and adrenalin of such a situation. My point is, that when we had no gun we were in far more of a dangerous position than with one. So we don't have to be the fastest draw in the west to save ourselves. I say run first if you can especially if it's about money and then figure out what to do next once you've put some distance between yourself and the robber. Of course if you have family members, I hope we would not run away and leave them there with the robber.

  • http://yahoo Chuck

    I'm no expert, but in my experiences with firearms, they just don't go off unless the trigger is depressed. Hmmmmm

  • Bob

    I'm retired from Detroit P.D. and have carried numerous makes and models, with and without safties and with and with out a holster. 38 years of carrying without a mishap. The key is keep your finger off the xxxxx trigger.

    I guess the girlfriend has two snubnoses now.

    • Ryan

      Yea, but only one that still fires. HA

  • Ian

    I've had my CCW for about 5 years now and carry when I'm able to. We have the freedom to purchase handguns (amoung other types) and exercise our 2nd Ammendment Rights as long as were not a criminal. However, it is up to "us" to get and receive proper training. Too many of us are too proud & arrogant to do this. Of course, the last thing any of us want is the States or Government demanding this training. Unfortunately, a good portion of the training out there is received from watching movies & TV. Do yourself a favor and get some real training. Lastly, I agree with Bob, keep your finger off the trigger until your willing to destroy what it's pointing at!

  • Terry

    Pretty simple, keep your finger out of the trigger guard.

  • gadfly147

    As an owner with more than 10 handguns, When in public, I always:

    – use a holster

    – do not chamber a round (for pistols)

    – do not put my finger on the trigger when handling (only when pointing to shoot).

    • HOUSheepdog

      gadfly, do you train for the single-handed draw/chamber procedure? This is a pretty advanced technique. Even the Israeli Mossad, who carry without a round in the chamber, use a two-handed technique to chamber the first round. I guess I would be worried that the bad guy wouldn't necessarily give me the opportunity to chamber a round and/or use two hands. I know that often in a "dynamic situation" it's fairly common to throw up an arm to defend onesself. If this occurs, and that arm is injured, have you mastered the technique of chambering a round with your belt, shoe, etc?

  • FLhorseman

    I, like gadfly prefer to carry my .380 ACP without a round chambered. I would estimate that for most of us, 99.999% of the time our firearms are carried in a concealed configuration it is not in an environment that necessitates the need for quick draw. I depend on my God given common sense and keene observation of my surroundings to occasionally chamber a round and position my firearm for quick access. Let's exercise common sense, proper training techniques, and responsibility to be effective with our concealed weapons.

  • MotoJB

    What about a j-frame revolver with a desantis grip clip (no holster)? I would imagine that it would be pretty darn difficult to have that go off in ones pants. I hope so! ;)

  • guest

    Hello, everyone. I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about this issue. I've served two tours in Vietnam with the Marine Corps and retired as a federal agent after thirty years. I've carried concealed most of my professional career and still do, everyday. I don't tell you this to impress anyone, just to add some crdibility to what I have to say.

    Unless one is involved in high risk professional activity, there is no reason to carry a semi-automatic with a round chambered. If required, a weapon can be drawn and a round chambered in a nano second, with proper training and practice. With any type of appendix carry, the risk is simply too great for an accident to occur, regardless of safeties. In addition, I personally would not carry any revolver in an appendix carry (hammer on empty chamber, or not). I hope this helps others make an informed decision. Thanks!

  • kevin

    I carry a Glock in a holster(a rd in the chamber), spare mags, a large folding knife, police grade pepper spray and a tazer.
    What am I afraid of????ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

  • Judy

    Seems like everyone has an opinion. I'm still training but would like a holster for my Ruger SR9, once I feel prepared to carry. What do y'all recommend? I'm doing my research but so many of you have had decades of experiance. I'd appreciate the input.

  • tanstaafl2

    In technical terms, this is what we refer to as an “Ouchy”

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