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87-Year-Old Shoots Man Attacking Pregnant Woman

by James Tarr   |  February 25th, 2013 19

One of the old liberal snide comments about male gun owners is, “They must be compensating for something.” The best response I’ve seen for that is the women’s T-shirt in favor of owning assault rifles, because, “I’m compensating for being smaller and weaker than most male attackers.”

Recently in Roswell, N.M., a 24-year-old pregnant female resident of an apartment building was doing laundry with her 3-year-old daughter when a male neighbor, 49-year-old Larrell Stell, started talking to her and took off her shirt, according to KRQE. He then made sexual advances toward her; when she rebuffed him, he got upset and pushed her down. She then grabbed her child and ran to her landlord’s house next door.

Stell attacked her at her landlord’s house, pushed her down and punched her face repeatedly. The landlord tried to break up the assault, but was not able to—perhaps because he is 87 years old. So the landlord went and got his handgun, and when Stell continued to assault the woman, the landlord shot him in the torso. Stell then tried to attack the landlord, so he shot him again.

Check out the video from

For some reason it appears that the police weren’t called to the scene, as Stell continued to pace around the property for an hour, even after being shot twice. If the cops didn’t come on their own after reports of gun shots and shouting, it sounds like this is a neighborhood where you need a gun to protect yourself.

Stell then turned off the woman’s electricity—which is admittedly weird—and then drove himself to the hospital. It appears the police were called to the hospital by the medical staff, and then investigated the incident. Stell, if you can believe it, was uncooperative.

“From the information that we’ve been given, we think it sounds fortunate that the landlord was armed in this case,” said Lt. Britt Snyder of the Chaves County (N.M.) Sheriff’s Department. “He certainly would have been no match for a man that’s 40 years younger than him.”

Gee, ya think? The guy was shot twice and still walked around for an hour before driving himself to the hospital. Beating up a pregnant woman and senior citizen is a lot easier when one of them doesn’t have a gun, apparently.

“Having taken action with a handgun may have prevented a possible murder, maybe the murder of both of them,” Snyder said. “We don’t know.” At this point, Snyder said, it appears the landlord will not be facing charges.

  • Six

    Great job by the lanlord. You cant rely on the police to do everything and save the day. You have to do your part. Hihh five to the landlord for being a good person helping. Next tine buy some good home defense rounds and shoot him in the head zombie style. Without a gun that lady and her baby would be dead along with the landlord.

  • Melanie Bühne

    Und in Deutschland diskutieren wir ob ein 87-jähriger nicht besser seinen Führerschein abgeben sollte……..ich kriege das große Brechen, wenn wir jetzt auch noch darüber nachdenken müssten ob unsere Rentner eventuell auch noch den Schrank voller Waffen hat und er seinen Waffenschein besser abgeben sollte. Wozu braucht man in einer zivilisierten Gesellschaft überhaupt Waffen im Privatbesitz? Ja, ja, jetzt kommt dann wieder die Geschichte mit der Selbstverteidigung………an der generellen Gewalt krankt unsere Gesellschaft…..Da hilft es auch nicht etwas schön zu reden oder gar jemanden dafür als Held zu feiern, dass er mit Waffengewalt einen anderen Menschen "geholfen" hat.

  • Mark Rusk

    Does Biden suggest an 87 year old should wave around a double barrel?

    • Rick

      And Salazar thinks that if the woman had just peed her pants ,, The rapist would have left her alone ,,,

    • Tim Foutz

      No but the guy would not be walking around after 2 round of buck shot. That’s 18 9mm to the chest so uh death. I prefer 4 buckshot myself so that is 42 .24 caliber hits in two shots. I keep my 12 gauge double barrel loaded at all times with number 4 buck and a Springfield XD .357 SIG at had as well. But I will take a double barrel to a fight any time over a hand gun even a .45 or .357 SIG.

      • Yosemite Sam

        Tim, if he shot the guy with a shotgun; he would have killed the woman, her unborn baby and possible the other child. Clearly a shotgun is a useless weapon when there is any innocent person anywhere in your cone of death.

      • Kurt S.

        A double barrel where you only get two shots? Bad choice.

    • Darrell B

      Probably not!! somma that shot might have ‘rubbed off’ on the victum.

  • NicePiece

    How ‘fortunate’ this incident happened in the US and not the UK otherwise the landlord would be behind bars quicker than the time it took him to pull the trigger to save his life and that of another. Actually, due to the UK governments ban on most guns and a regime against use of effective self defence, along with a law favouring the criminal, British subjects are easy targets, A caution to all good Americans…no matter what augments are put forward to introduce stricter gun controls, however valid they may at first appear, never give up your right to unreservedly keep and bare arms or to defend yourselves and others from an unprovoked attack, with lethal force if necessary. Its as simple as that. The police may be proficient in bringing a perpetrator to justice but only after the damage has been done. That’s small comfort for the victim and loved ones left behind. Until utopia arrives, guns continue to offer peaceable citizens reassurance along with lawful and safe enjoyment of hunting, sporting and other fun activities with them.

    • gtmerkley

      Thank you for your post. We can guess what it would be like if disarmed ,
      but if we could see it through the eyes of others like you who have seen it for
      real, all would do everything to stop it not just a few.

  • Mitchel Lang

    Two shots and the low life is still walking around, disconnecting electricity, and driving himself to the hospital. Hey Andy Cuomo, how many rounds in a magazine is enough?

  • Jose Cunha

    …good job by the old man, but next time shoot him in the cranium. Guaranteed he won’t be walking around after that. Doesn’t sound like an individual who will be missed.

  • Richard Sanchez

    The only mistake the 87 year old man made, was that he only shot the POS, twice. God bless the good neighbor that he is…

    • Baco Dionisio

      If god did exists, could had prevented this man was high in drugs. Fairly tales are just that!!!

  • mxprivateer

    Two things came to mind when I was reading this. One, it sounds like the attacker was high on something (Bath salts? Meth?), and Two, the landlord needs to get himself a bigger gun. I’m glad the landlord had the courage to defend himself and the victim in this incident. It’s too bad that POS lived, though. If he winds up in jail, the taxpayers will end up supporting him, and if he ends up back on the streets, it will only be a matter of time before he does something like this again.

    • Graywolf12

      The sad part of you comment is “If he winds up in jail”. I am sorry that it is too true. The legal system stinks due to many years of voters, voting party, not policy. Shoot till the gun goes CLICK,CLICK,CLICK. Job done.

  • Darrell B

    Good post NicePiece; The UK has the highest vioilent crime rate of any contry in the EU.
    Join the NRA and the other pro-Second Amendment groups. Get in the fight!! Get ALL IN!!!

  • Alan Butterworth

    I’m thankful that the Landlord acted and hurt this Guy but We need to learn how to get better results from Our actions and train with Our Weapons so We can hit vital areas and assure that these Low Life Scum NEVER get another chance to Act on their impulses and hurt someone else. This will accomplish 2 very important outcomes, #1 Keep them from using the Legal System to their advantage while showing the World that Gun Control should only mean hitting what You aim at. #2 Eventually, if We kill enough of them, the Gene Pool will be cleansed of their defective Genes and We will have rid Our Country of this Type of Animal and will have prepared Ourselves to protect Each Other more effectively against the Defective People that other Countries, with Gun Control, have created. America has led the way in so many aspects of Life and Technology, again and again We have showed the entire World the Right Way to Go. This may be the most Important Lesson We will ever Teach because Our Future depends on it, Our Childrens Lives Depend on it. Let’s STOP the “Bad” Guys Permanently! I’m SICK of giving them Rights and 3 hots and a cot, spending 40 to 50 thousand dollars a year to keep their WORTHLESS Hides alive, insuring that their Genes survive and multiply. What a HUGE mistake We have made in showing Mercy to the Dammed. It Has to STOP!

  • Zach

    …and now the attacker is free and on the run

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