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14-Year-Old Boy Shoots Armed Intruder in Home

by Richard Nance   |  July 2nd, 2012 119

Phoenix homeAccording to The Associated Press, a 14-year-old Phoenix boy shot an armed intruder who broke into his home at approximately 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 23. At that time, the boy was babysitting his younger siblings, ages eight, 12 and 12.

The incident started with a woman ringing the doorbell to the residence. Since the boy didn’t recognize the woman, he refused to open the door.

A short time later, the boy heard a loud bang, which he correctly assumed was someone attempting to force entry through the door. The boy gathered his siblings and hurried them upstairs as he armed himself with a handgun from his parent’s bedroom.

From the top of the stairs, the boy saw a man break open the front door. When the man pointed a gun at the boy, the boy shot the man. The man did not fire his weapon.

The man was subsequently transported to a local hospital in extremely critical condition. Since the shooting, the man’s status has been upgraded to critical and he is expected to survive. The man, whose identity has been withheld, can look forward to being booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault and burglary. The woman who rang the doorbell remains at large.

FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV

Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes praised the boy’s actions and his parents for teaching the boy not to open the door to a stranger.

“The police and indeed our community does not ever want to see a situation where a teenager of that age has to take a weapon to protect his family … but this young man did exactly what he should have done,” Holmes said. “I’m not sure he gave full thought about what he had to do.  He just acted.”

Holmes summed up the incident by saying, “As ugly as this is, and as much as this family is going through, we don’t have injured children on our hands.”

Obviously, this investigation is ongoing.

“This was mid-block in a neighborhood, at 4:30 in the afternoon and children are there. They took a heck of a gamble for this particular house, and we’ve got to try to figure out why,” said Holmes.

Without question, the 14-year-old boy in this story acted not only appropriately. but heroically. I’m not sure how many trained adults would have responded as well to this terrifying ordeal.

The boy was smart to not open the door when the woman rang the doorbell, but that was a decision made under a relatively low degree of stress. Most parents would expect their 14-year-old child to make that decision.

Where this kid’s grace under pressure took center stage is when he realized someone was trying to break through the front door. The boy first thought of protecting his younger siblings and did so by moving them upstairs, away from the threat. Next, the boy retrieved a handgun from his parent’s room, and when faced with a deadly threat, used the handgun appropriately to stop that threat. It’s not clear whether this very brave 14-year-old was relying purely in instinct or if he had received training. Either way, his actions saved the day.

How would your loved ones respond to the same scenario?

  • patrick

    Next time double tap it kid and save the tax payers some cash

    • armydoc37


      • Jimmi7979

        Soooo true Patrick! But forget about double….. triple or quadruple it! Hahaha!



  • SamF1911

    Well done young man!

  • Eric Yoder

    He definitely did the right thing. My hat is off to the young man. Good thing this didn't happen in California or a few other states though. Why you ask? Because the parents would likely be charged for leaving an unsecured gun and ammo where a child could access it.

    • Alan_T

      Sad but true Eric !

      • klby

        911 after vocaliziing that "Iam armed and will shoot you !" would of course be a better first response but who knows if time would have allowed it ????????

        I hope the boy has no ill effects of having fired on someone–maybe he can sue the intruder for psychological damages ???

        • prosniper 308

          Think about it the cops still wouldn't have had enough time to get there to save them the man may have killed them all.

        • Tony

          The hell with the niceties, the intruder didn't anounce he was an armed intruder about to come in and kill so why does the victim have to announce I have a gun and I will shoot? If the intruder minds taking the chance on coming in unwelcomed then thats his problem, no need to be nice to him or even give him a chance. Just shoot once he steps over the line.

          • Alan_T

            I'm not saying that I disagree with you but … There is a theory in law called the REASONABLE MAN RULE that states that IF the occupant ( person who has a legal right to be there ) announces to the person breaking and entering that he is A ) armed , B ) he will shoot and C ) for that person to leave , AND intruder chooses to continue the assault , than a " REASONABLE MAN " ( person ) may assume that the attacker is intent on committing great bodily harm ( or worse ) and the " reasonable man " may use deadly force in defense .
            SO ……. announcing that you are armed and what your intentions are , protects the DEFENDER . Believe me …. if it SHOULD ever get to court ….. it makes a huge legal difference .

          • Billy

            really????? you announce and see where that would get you….. and besides if the guy lives is he gonna say " yes he did announce he would shoot me" no he is gonna try and save his ass …… after all he is a criminal.. so save it ….

          • Alan_T

            Yes ……. really .
            IF you're lucky , the intruder goes away , if they don't , then the shooter has the " Reasonable Man " defense ( good in EVERY jurisdiction in the U . S . ) on their side when the authorities arrive .

            My hope in sharing this information is that it saves some good people from getting persecuted for a righteous shooting by an unscrupulous or over – zealous prosecuting attorney ……. or a scumbag lawyer for the intruder in a civil suit .

            But hey , Billy ….. If YOU are ever mis fortunate enough to find YOURSELF in this situation , YOU do what you want .

          • Jeff

            make sure the only story that gets told is yours.

    • Larry Cunningham

      Id rather face charges than face 3 funerals….. ANY DAY!

      • Rickf178

        I would rather go to their funeral handcuffed than them come to my funeral handcuffed and that is a quote from my friend Eddie Dew, Ret NCHP..

    • John

      Mr. Yoder,

      I'm no lawyer, but the way I understand the California law in question, it requires only a *loaded* gun to be inaccessible to a minor unless in a secure locked container. An unloaded gun and ammo may be accessible or a loaded gun must be stored in a secure locked container to which the minor may have a key or combination. I see no requirement that the minor be prevented from having access to a key or combination to said "secure locked container". Would you agree?

    • Lee

      Sad but true Eric
      .I praise this young man for his actions.You have the basic right to defend yours and your families lifes.

      • Rickf178

        If you feel your life or the saftey of others is a risk take nessarey actions to protect you and yours.

    • BRC

      Good thought Eric. They would also have been charged with child abuse for leaving the kids home alone. They would now be in jail, the boy would be in juvinele hall, while they are trying to decide to try him as an adult, The other kids would be in child protective custody. The gun would be confiscated, and hopefully it was registered, and it couldnt hold more than 10 rounds. California is out of control. I "used to live there" but I don't know hope it happened. I guess nobody was looking..

      • Gipper Fan


        Don't forget that while all that is going on, the criminal (or as the liberals would call him "Victim") is getting state of the art medical care to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars a day only to either add insult to injury and end up living on the taxpayers dime for the next couple of decades or even worse he finds some sleazeball lawyer who finds some obscure loophole that lets his client go free who then turns around and sues the kid for his pain and suffering and somehow probably wins….. unfortunately its not fiction – our entire society is so screwed up….

        • rickf178

          Couldn't have said it better and don't get me started on those meat wagon chasing so called good for nothing lawyers

  • ArmedInfidel

    Good shooting buddy! Hope the perp croaks.

    • MrFreedom_1st

      No let him suffer and then give him 4 life sentences, 1 for each child. I don't know if they utilize the death penalty in Arizona or not, but if so it would stink to save his life from the gunshot wound just to put him on death row.

      • Tony

        Aren't you all going off the deep end? Death penalty for breaking and entering? He got his just reward, he got shot. Now if he had gotten to the kids and hurt them then I would agree with the Death penalty.

        • Lisa

          You know what Tony, it should absolutely be the death penalty for breaking and entering! First of all, we don't know this intruders intentions but what gives him the right to break into someone elses home. This obviously isn't his first time doing his. Send the woman to the door first because a person is more likely to open up for a woman. The problem with this country is that breaking law is too easy of an option because you receive small sentences for "petty crimes" and once you do your time you can come out and do it all over again. If you know you might be paying with your life for the crime, I'm pretty sure you would think twice. Thank God for this young man's strength and judgement and that the only person that got hurt was the intruder!

        • Phoenix

          He "broke in the door" to this home, nitwit! The intruder was ARMED and pointed the weapon at the young man! I knew 'trained' braggarts who $#%& their pant when shot at, and even when the enemy pointed their guns at them.
          He controlled his fear and made the shot! Very impressive, and although taking a human life is, or should be distressing…his councelling should all be positive, because it was the only call!
          Great job young man!

        • Bryan

          Tony this guy had a gun,knew people where in the house and still attempted to rob them+pointed the gun at the kid. We don't need people like that in this world and i don't want to have to pay for them to be in jail.

        • MrFreedom_1st

          His Just Reward!!! What happens if this guy goes right back to robbing houses again but this time it's a family that doesn't have the means to protect themselves and he kills them all.

        • MrFreedom_1st

          His Just Reward; what happens if this clown goes right back to robbing houses but this time the family doesn't have the means to protect themselves and he kills the whole family or maybe families.

      • Alan_T

        Tony , The intruder knew that the house was occupied ….. he wasn't there to invite everyone to a chuch sing – a – long .
        Home invaders don't break in for robbery , they do it for other reasons !
        Those kids are going to be traumatised the rest of thie lives
        So , no …. I don't think Mr . Freedom_1st is going off the " deep end " .

        • Alan_T

          MrFreedom_1st , I came to respond to your

          " Thanx for having my back Alan_T, it's greatly appreciated. "

          post , but this Blog is acting screwy and I can't find it .
          Anyway no thanks neccesary , but you're welcome .

      • rickf178

        "Death Row" most of the perps are closer to dying of old age than anything these.

        • MrFreedom_1st

          I'm not sure where you're from rickf178 but the criminals in my area are pretty much from the age of 14 or so to somewhere in there 30's maybe 40's. It would be great if all we had to worry about was old people on Social Security like where you live I wouldn't need any guns, I'd just kick they're walker out from under them.

        • MrFreedom_1st

          Hey rickf178 I don't know where you're from but where I live the criminals on an average are anywhere from 14 to 30 maybe 40 years old and most of them are Heroin addicts and will kill anyone who gets in there way. I wish it was like where you live and the intruders are old and on Social Security. I wouldn't need my guns for protection, I could just sneak up on them and kick their walkers out from under them.

  • Wolvie

    I remember seeing this story about a week ago and it was the subject of a conversation I was just having at a BBQ over the weekend.

    I'm absolutely stunned at how this young man handled himself. I mean, he reacted better than most adults would. Look at what he did…

    1) Refused to open the door for a stranger…even though you know the perps used a woman to appear less threatening.

    2) Immediately upon hearing the noise, he protected his siblings and moved them to a safe & defensible place.

    3) He retrieved a handgun and contrary to what the liberals will tell you, he didn't shoot himself, his siblings, 6 random neighbors or any orphans. He also didn't immediately burst into flames either…

    4) He then took a defensible position at the top of the stairs and still held his fire until the threat was visible.

    5) Finally, he dispatched a threat that just smashed his way into the boy's home, was armed and pointed the gun at the boy.

    Honestly, I can't figure out how this young man did absolutely everything right, at his age and under such stress. If this young man lived close to me, I'd offer him free training and use of any of my guns for life.

    • james

      I am not in his state but he is also welcome to
      visit the range with my daughters, 14 and 17.

      no doubt his parents gave him the proper training and
      approved access to the firearm that was stored properly.

    • jeepers creepers

      Wolvie this 14 year old could teach you something about firearms. I think his training is aready good.

      • Wolvie

        Funny…any 14 year old could teach you something about social interactions, the ability to talk without lying and the difference between right and wrong.

        Now crawl back under your rock. The sun is coming out.

        • Jeepers Creepers

          Wolvie… I think you "love" me. Thank You.

          • Sally G

            @Jeepers Creepers i fhink your an idiot and you sound like your homosexual

          • Alan_T

            Yeah ……. Jeepers makes my skin crawl Sally , and the way he acts around Wolvie …. you might just be right . Jeepers puts the " ICK " into ….. well …. into everything !

          • Phoenix

            I thought I detected a 'lisp' in his typing! lol

          • Alan_T

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Phoenix !

        • Alan_T

          Wolvie ….. don't tell Creepy to crawl back under his rock , the sun is coming out .

          If he stays out , maybe the sun will fry him like a movie vampire or one of those tree – slugs he resembles ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          • Wolvie

            True Alan. That's probably what would happen.

            Then we would all have one less lying, bloated, valor-stealing, government supported, sociopathic, felon. Oh, what would we do without his lies, make-believe exploits and delusions of grandeur?

    • Jon D Weatherspoon

      And yes…I agree, it seems somewhat difficult in today’s world to grasp the fact that a “kid” would be able to keep his cool under such circumstances. What a WOW factor, huh! KUDOs to his folks for their concern in educating their children. Thank them too for owning a weapon and entrusting it to their offspring in an accessible location. This 14yr old young man’s story is but one of several where being prepared, aware and properly trained/instructed has prevented lose of property and life by other kids…even much younger.

    • Alan_T

      Creepy Peepers saying that " Wolvie… I think you "love" me. Thank You. " just about made me barf up that oatmeal I ate for breakfast ! ! !
      GAWD ! …… Now I have to add THAT to the list of subject of my nightmares !

      • Alan_T

        Actually Wolvie …… now that I've had time to reflect and was that upchucked oatmeat out of my mouth ……. I think Creepy has a crush ON YOU ! ! !
        Either way though ….. it still gives me nightmares ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Sally G


    • Tony

      There's lots of young people who respond well under stress,
      Many or most of the crimes prevented by firearms possession never get reported because nothing happens except that the perpetrator finds something else to do, and the "Good Guy" puts his/her unfired weapon away.
      We just hear about the incidents that involve shooting because they "sell more news print"

      • LC Pearse

        Remember the G&A´s Armed Response column of the ´90s, also the Personal Security, I read a couple of them some time ago, they showed how many crimes are stopped without a single shot. By the way great job kid, I had my sights on a would-be intruder at that same age, in my case they left without any shots fired

  • Alan_T

    I'm sorry for the fourteen year old kid , that's a hell of an experience for him to have to live through . That being said , the young man is a hero and he gives me hope for the generation coming up .
    I think he is a fine example for ALL citizens to emulate and without question he did the right thing and he deserves praise .
    ( I just hate to think about what some slime – ball like Bill Mahr is going to be saying about him , though ! )
    Well done young man …… God bless you , I'll keep a good thought for you .

    • Riley223

      We would all be a lot more sorry to hear of those children being killed to cover up a home invasion. Way to go young man and way to go to his Dad for teaching him how to use life saving equipment.

      • Alan_T

        Agreed , I'm not sure what your comment has to do with mine …. but ok

        • Riley223

          I agree with your comments, I was adding my thoughts on being sorry for the young man having to do a grown-up thing at his age. The young man did his part to save his family on one level and did society a favor with his handling of the crime . If everyone followed his lead there would be less crime.

          • Alan_T

            I couldn't agree with you more Riley , have a happy and safe 4th of July !

    • Jon D Weatherspoon

      Alan, I don't think we should hang the HERO moniker on him. That's more spotlight than he needs right now. Let his siblings and parents do the praising. I'm sure he's still in the PTS period and more attention by the media or Bill Mahr as you mentioned will do more harm than good. He just did what he had to do. May he overcome any anguishes and move on.

      • Alan_T

        Jon ….. I am well aware of the trauma this HEROIC , young man is probably experiencing in his life right now , WHICH IS WHY I , MENTIONED IT !

        Jon , do you really suppose that he or his family are reading THIS BLOG ? Really ? ? ?

        Do YOU seriously think that by me PRAISING him here that , that is somehow going to be detrimental to either him or his family ?

        SERIOUSLY ? ? ?

        As I have stated in other blogs , I think the term hero is way over used in today's society HOWEVER …… this young man placed himself in harm's way to protect the lives of others at the possible risk of his OWN .

        That is the very definition of HERO and he IS PRAISE WORTHY .

        And Jon ……. if you don't like me honoring him ….. well …. that's just too damn bad !

        • Guest

          Tell that rat faced idiot, Allan

      • Dale

        Weatherspoon you sound like that idiot jeepers creepers and your both morons.

        • Alan_T

          Yeah , I notice that now too Dale . Thanks for pointing that out .

    • BRC

      Defeat Obama, or the guns and self protection are going away.

    • Phoenix

      Yes…what he did was "textbook" correct…[except the fathers 'not' purchasing hollow points for H I.]
      As I mentioned earlier, I hope his counseling is all positive.

  • Ben Raines

    This fourteen year old boy is an inspiration to everyone. He did the right thing(s) in perfect order and protected the innocent. I'll bet his baby sitting career takes off like a rocket. How many baby sitters do you know that would and could and DID go that extra mile and save innocent children? Me? Just this one! Good job son!

  • 3006al

    Indeed this 14 y.o. did the right thing. His father taught him well! If there had been no firearm in the home ( like anti-gunners desire) the three kid could be dead now. I wonder what gun owners arch-enemy in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, would say about this since he's a 100% anti-gunner? If this happened to him ( in his house) I wonder if he would have the nerve to use his handgun, which, by the way HE has a permit to carry? What a hypocrite!

    • Alan_T

      I'm with you 100 % 3006al . Too bad it couldn't have been Schumer or that sleazy Rosie O' Donnel ! The elitist left always want everyone disarmed …… but themselves !

      • Phoenix

        Now, if we could only get Rosie to break into Schumers place!

        • Alan_T

          Ooooooooooooooooh THAT's A HAPPY THOUGHT !

  • Mack Missiletoe

    A true American, happy 4th! I doubt the gun was easily accessible to the other kids and that they were allowed to even go near the room. Say, how do you know it was not not locked away?

    It seems the boy was trained to use the weapon unlike a vocal majority of 'Modern Pansy America' who are so against guns because they do not want to learn how to use them. They are scared.

    How about instead of wasting your breath you learn how to use guns? Your views will change once you are no longer afraid. If we instead used swords you would be too afraid of swords and would try to ban them. Learn how they work and stop living in fear. We use(d) these tools to survive as a United Nation. We are not foolish enough to drop our weapons so we may be invaded or attacked from within. The only reason it may be hard to believe such an invasion is because you were not in Poland in the 1940's when Hitler's army murdered every civilian. It can happen again–that was less than 100 years ago! We won't allow it… it is horrific.

    • BRC

      The true enemies of guns, are rust and politicians.

    • Bert

      Agreed butif someone broke in my house with a gun id put 6 rounds of .44 into their chest because they aint leaving unless their in a body bag

  • wayne

    I hope this kid gets a citizen of the year award from Arpio himself lol. Well done young man :). It is amazing to me that in today's liberal world – these – parents still ,,, raised their children right.

    Myself , 1 of 6 kids all learned to shoot starting at age 8 . And that is 3 sisters as well. I am from Arizona as well. Must be something in the water lol. :)

    • Alan_T

      I'll second that Wayne .

    • Jon D Weatherspoon

      Musta been well water…or did you have a cistern? My hats off to all the concerned and involved citizens from the State of AZ that are doing their utmost to overcome and resolve the mulittudes of increased criminal acivities. I'm originally from NM and I openly wore a .357 Colt Python at age 14, Everyone had some form of firearm at home and in their vehicle. We had very little crime, The wetbacks (illegals) were earnest, hard-working men that weren't here for a handout. Just a job to earn money to tend to their family.
      May God comfort this young man.

  • Larry

    Good job mom and dad for teaching a 14 year old how to defend himself and siblings from such a dirt bag it's bad that he is still living but maybe next time he won't be so lucky. Good job young manLarry

  • Ralph

    Great job. A true american. His parents also deserve praise for giving their son great values

  • Bob G

    If he had been in NY, he and his parents would have been in jail.
    Sad, but true.

    • Sally G

      right Bob

    • Kristian Alekov

      But this could never happen in NY, their strict gun laws make it so safe there… ;)

  • armydoc37

    good to hear, i would like to know if it was a illegal immigrant,,no wait there is no more of them since the anmesty bill. yes great job, to bad you didnt take him out, could the family be sued by the guy breaking in, you never know with this stupid goverment we have now.

  • Johnny

    Right on Kidd-o ! and they do a two day pistol for anyone who can handle the gun they brung. I even had a 82 year old lady who did fantactic… eveyone who owns should go.

  • Mike

    This boys actions have reaffirmed my commitment to gun training and safety for my wife and son. Thank you young man !

  • David Bailey

    This boy is my new hero. I have a 14 year old nephew and I dare say the results would have been very different, had he been there. I'm not even sure the results would have turned out as good if I'd been there, and had training as a police officer many years ago. Well done, and don't you second guess what you did. You did it all right!!!!!

  • chris L

    It is a lot easier to be judged by twelve rather than carried by six. You are young gentlemen and scholar.

  • Paul

    What a brave young man!

  • Justin

    Send the boy for more training…..Better shot placement would have saved the state a vast amount of money and an additional place in jail. Now all the WORKING peoples tax money will have to support this bum for years.

    • Kristian Alekov

      I agree with what you are saying, however, under stress with a gun pointed at him, from a distance (2nd floor staircase) looking down on someone (think about the target looking from an angle from above, much less area to hit) critically wounding him with one shot and refraining from pumping the whole magazine into him is actually pretty damn good! Not sure I could do better and I'm pretty well trained… ;)

  • Jeepers Creepers

    The question was: "would one of your younger family members be ready to do the samething". Yes! Living in one of the four corner states everybody that is a gun person is taught at a by the age of 8 how to handle a firearm. In the past the starting age for big game hunting was 12 years old. Now it is 14 in my state. So firearm training and use is not just for adults. I think if your not trained by the age of 12 on the proper use of a firearm, it is to late. Just my thinking and the thinking of alot of other parents within the four corner states. But he sould have let a couple more rounds go.

    • Alan_T

      No ……. the REAL question is : What carnival side – show did you escape from and when are they coming to take you back ?

      • Wolvie

        He didn't escape…they kicked him out.

        A side-show can only make money if the workers are entertaining.

        No one would actually pay money to see him or hear him talk. So like any trash and filth, they just discarded him.

        • Alan_T

          Oh ………………… Uh , well ……
          I guess I stand corrected .

  • Dan

    Good parents make good kids and the reverse is generally true. Way to go mom, dad, and young man!

  • Roy

    Congrats to the 14 year old. Great to have responsible trained teens able to protect themselves in an emergency.

  • Dr. Jon Vernon, PhD

    Good job. I was faced with a similar situation when I was a kid too. I am glad that some.parents are still training their kids to survive. Has there been any comments from the.parents? I would be interested in hearing what they have to say about their brave young man. Good job son. Great job Mom and Dad…

  • John

    Well, looks like every thing to comment about this article has been said.

  • The Shredder

    His parents can be filled with pride!

  • Starky

    As a law Enforcement Officer with 23 years in the kid did fantastic. Wouldn't it be nice to know the history of the dirt bag who broke into the home. Would be willing to bet this was not his first go around.

  • Anishinabi

    All my kids are grown adults. My two sons would have double tapped him accurately and put a shot in his brain stem. My two daughters would have gone center of mass and probably hit him enough to put him down. 3 of the 4 of them have CCW permits, and carry either a .40 SIG or .45 auto. My two step kids: I am not sure. I think they would either be out of reach of a weapon or hesitate to use it. They like to shoot but were not born watching me clean my Colt, or their favorite uncle pop his .44 mag. And they don't own a weapon. Spinster step daughter shares my second home townhouse and knows where my .40 is. I have drilled her on what to do, but she is soft.

    • Wolvie


      The article is about how this young man performed so well in such a dire circumstance and your answer to this is to brag about how well your kids would have done in the situation?

      Wow…just wow.

      In one post you succeeded in:

      1) Bragging how your sons could do it better.

      2) Bragged about the type of firearms they carry.

      3) Bragged how your daughters would have performed (but of course, not as good as your sons).

      4) Insulted your step-daughter, called her a spinster and soft.

      Dude, your bluster and your sexism is big enough for 3 people.

      • Anishinabi

        You remain an ass.

        • Anishinabi

          The question was how would your loved ones respond, you dickhead.

          • Wolvie

            Aw, did you come up with that one all by yourself, or did you ask your Rambo-esque sons or your disappointing spinster daughter for help?

            How sad that they are saddled with such a judgmental lowlife like you.

            Judging by your original post making wild predictions…would you care to now begin the, "my daddy is stronger than your daddy" part of the argument?

          • Alan_T

            Wolvie …. Anishinabi must be kin of Creepy Jeepers .

    • Alan_T

      Well ……. you're just legend in your own mind ain'tcha Anishinabi !
      It must be wonderful having all those mutant super – powers !
      Any of those so – called super hero kids of yours have flippers instead arms or legs ?
      I bet it must be really confusing at your family reunions , nobody know what to call everyone else there . So do your boys call you " Uncle Daddy " or " Cousin Daddy " and " Auntie Mom " or is it " Sister Mommy " ? ? ? " Gramdpa Pa " ?

      • Glenn Eric Johnson

        wow, you’re a dick

    • Kristian Alekov

      lol funny. I'm trying to picture this, it's a lot of information. Is the uncle Clint Eastwood by any chance?

  • Nathan

    Awesome! Way to protect your family. I've been teaching my son that since day 1.

  • Burnell

    The results in this incident are "best case scenario". Without this young man's prudent actions, other possible scenarios are too terrible for a family to imagine. Thank God for the young man's cool under pressure. He is a hero.

  • pfettig77

    I wonder if his training was in the from video games. Hasn't that been the case in the past?

  • Makes You Wonder

    Of course, there will probably be some 'lean and hungry' lawyer who will jump to defend (???) the perp and the poor kid might end up being prosecuted. Weird, huh?

    • Glenn Eric Johnson

      not in arizona

  • Clearcutter

    I wonder how many anti-firearm, willing subjects of the Nannystate were horrified that the 14 year-old had access to a firearm? *tips hat to kid*

  • Adolf Hitler

    nice going

    • Alan Zed

      you are sick

  • Chouck

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke), and this particular young man did something. That's all I have to say about that…

  • Pat Cavanaugh

    Good Training -By the time my son was 14 yrs he could handle a 45 semi auto very well along with a 357 Magnum. Both loaded fire arms were reachable to him in my home. He now 40 and a veteran.

  • Kristian Alekov

    Great job! I applaud this kid and his parents. My son just turned 8 and I'm already thinking when is the appropriate time to start training him in the basics…

    • Ken Eberle

      no age is too young for proper firearms education…….my 3 1/2 year old daughter already is aware that firearms are dangerous and i would rather her learn at a young age that firearms are not toys to be played with and if used improperly they could possibly harm/kill herself or others :)

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