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Thompson Submachine Gun – ‘Gun Stories’

by G&A Staff 0

“Gun Stories” host Joe Mantegna talks about the origins and history of the Thompson submachine gun, also know as the Tommy Gun.


Spotting Scope Roundup: Testing and Rating $40K worth of glass

by G&A Staff 0

A comprehensive roundup that’s never been attempted by another hunting or shooting publication.


AR-10 Rifle – ‘Gun Stories’

by G&A Staff 0

“Gun Stories” host Joe Mantegna talks about the origins and history of the AR-10 7.62mm NATO rifle.


The Duel of Hamilton & Burr

by G&A Staff 0

The Wogdon dueling pistols were instrumental in the duel between Federalist Alexander Hamilton and Jeffersonian Republican Aaron Burr.

From top: Watson’s Weapons’ The Boss, Safety Harbor SHF/R50 and the Ligamec Ultralite 50 are all economical .50-caliber rifles that make some use of readily available AR-15 parts.

Budget Battle: Shooting .50-caliber Rifle Alternatives

by G&A Staff 0

If you’ve always thought bigbore shooting was just too expensive, consider these .50-caliber rifle alternatives that make owning one easier on the wallet.


Anti-Cant: Level the Rifle

by G&A Staff 0

Need help leveling your rifle? Todd Hodnett examines a few anti-cant devices that will help level the rifle.


Review: Barrett Sovereign Rutherford

by G&A Staff 0

This new Italian over-­under, the Barrett Sovereign Rutherford, comes from the battlefield archetype of long-range rifles.


‘Guns & Ammo’ Magazine: Free December Issue Preview

by G&A Staff 0

Guns & Ammo is offering its December issue free of charge online at from December 12 through January 9, 2018.


Modern Reticles

by G&A Staff 0

Todd Hodnett takes a look at five of today’s most popular modern reticles.


Unusual Shooting Positions

by G&A Staff 0

Unusual Shooting Positions

The cartridge on the left shows clear indications of insufficient firing-pin indent. The right primer has been properly struck.

The Truth About Primer Misfires

by G&A Staff 0

Jeff Hoffman, president and co-owner of Black Hills Ammunition Inc., tells the truth about primer misfires.


CRIME LAB: Myths & Misconceptions

by G&A Staff 0

Projectile size is a second-order issue in lethality, subordinate to what organs were hit and how quickly medical treatment is started.


Low-Light Shooting Tactics and Self-Defense

by G&A Staff 0

The confusion between self-defense and duty-oriented methods exists in many areas of firearms training, especially in the area of low-light tactics.

The Croatian VHS bullpup comes in two flavors: the full-length VHS-D or the carbine-length VHS-K.

VHS: Croatia’s Unique Bullpup Carbine

by G&A Staff 0

The development of the VHS started in 2005, and an early prototype surfaced in 2006.

The QBZ95 is surprisingly light and balanced for a bullpup, thanks to its unique barrel-centric internal design. It was also specifically designed to be capable of one-hand firing on or off the shoulder with some accuracy, which could be useful in CQB situations.

China’s Assault Rifle: QBZ95

by G&A Staff 0

The QBZ95 is surprisingly light and balanced for a bullpup, thanks to its unique barrel-centric internal design.


Khaybar: Iran’s 5.56mm Assault Rifle

by G&A Staff 0

In 2003, the Iranian Defense Industries Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran introduced a modern-looking bullpup. It was heralded as a major achievement of the Iranian defense industry.


2017 Holiday Gift Guide

by G&A Staff 0

Here are some great gear for the favorite shooter on your shopping list. Looking for the perfect holiday gift for… more »


A New Class Of Ammunition: NovX 9mm ARX Engagement

by G&A Staff 0

Editor Eric Poole introduces you to a new 9mm cartridge from NovX combining a stainless steel case and a polycarbonate/copper ARX bullet.


Review: Benelli Ethos 28 Gauge

by G&A Staff 0

Sometimes even something small can use a little bit more. That’s the idea behind this new 3-inch 28-gauge autoloader.


Ruger LCP II – Modern & Modest

by G&A Staff 0

The Ruger LCP II features a short and crisp trigger that’s expected to please the owners of striker-fired, polymer-framed pistols.

A twist of the power ring cranks the scope up from zero magnification to 4 power for targets at 100 yards and beyond. For most competitions, that’s plenty.

Nikon’s New Black Force 1000 1-4X IL

by G&A Staff 0

Nikon’s Black Force 1000 1-4X IL scope allows shooters to engage targets at close range then quickly transition to other… more »


SIG Sauer P320 Public Service Announcement

by G&A Staff 0

A G&A report and details about the P320® Voluntary Upgrade Program.


Virginia Military Institute’s Cadet Rifles

by G&A Staff 0

This institution obtained rifles that were reduced scale and shortened for virtue of a student’s young age.


The Odd Couple: Kalashnikov And Stoner

by G&A Staff 0

Like-­minded in their education, the two men were opposites.


Brothers In Arms: John M. And Matt S. Browning

by G&A Staff 0

The brothers learned the gun trade together and hunted all their lives.


Real World Training: School Mayhem

by G&A Staff 0

Patrick Sweeney is in the simulator with a police officer in a school shooting scenario.


Suppressors 101: Inland MFG. dB Suppressor Foam

by G&A Staff 0

Tom Beckstrand meets up with Ron Norton of Inland Manufacturing to discuss their new foam product for use with suppressors.


Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield .45 ACP

by G&A Staff 0

A Shield with more powweeerrrr!


Del-Ton Echo 316M Review

by G&A Staff 0

Based off its performance and features offered for the money, Del-Ton, a North Carolina-based company, makes AR-pattern rifles very efficiently.


5 Reasons This New Thermal-Imaging Scope Owns The Night

by G&A Staff 0

New thermal-imaging devices, like Pulsar’s Trail XP50, are a boon to predator hunters who do their hunting at night and… more »

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