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G&A 2014 Suppressor of the Year: SureFire Ryder 22-A

by G&A Staff 1

Suppressor use is quickly gaining wider acceptance for its inherent safety benefits and the joy it brings to people who… more »


G&A 2014 Optic of the Year: Leupold Mark 6 3-18×44 TMR

by G&A Staff 3

This was Guns & Ammo’s “do everything” scope in 2014. Ranging in price between $2,750 for one with a MIL… more »


Best States for Concealed Carry 2014

by G&A Staff 111

It has been nearly 30 years since Florida started the CCW ball rolling across the nation and the modern concealed… more »


G&A Retrospective: Honoring Legendary Gunwriter Bob Milek

by G&A Staff 5

Many of today’s shooting enthusiasts aren’t familiar with one of the greatest gunwriters of all time, Bob Milek. During the ’60s, ’70s… more »


8 Great 9mm Pocket Pistols for Personal Defense

by G&A Staff 107

I’ve never liked the term “pocket pistol.” Yes, I often carry a pistol in my jacket pocket, but to call… more »

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Guns for Family Home Defense

by G&A Staff 31

In this segment of Personal Defense TV, Technical Editor Dick Metcalf and police sergeant Duane Long explain that when family… more »

Walther PPQ

Walther PPQ

by G&A Staff 12

Walther’s new PPQ semi-auto pistol is available in either 9mm or .40 S&W. Key features include fully ambidextrous controls, interchangeable… more »

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