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Ammo SHOT Show 2012

Introducing CCI Quiet-22 LR

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 18th, 2012 20

Tim Brandt of CCI Ammunition talks about the brand new CCI Quiet-22 LR ammo. At 710 feet per second, this bolt-action ammo is accurate out to 50 yards and great for varmint hunting. Check out this exclusive video from SHOT Show 2012!

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  • Vietnamvet2

    CCI also has the CB round that I found helpful in containing the squirrel population in my neighborhood when I lived in the city. I could shoot in my back yard and you could not hear it in the front. It also has a Muzzle velocity of 700+ FPS.

  • One man army

    Will it work in a semi-auto?

    • Antonio

      According to the CCI website, "Ideal for bolt-action and single shot .22 LR rifles (and perfectly safe in semi-automatics)…"

    • Jonathan

      It will not cycle on its own in a semi-auto.

  • Jay

    I've used similar subsonic ammo in autoloaders and the only caveat is that you need to cycle the bolt yourself manually after each shot. Worked great, though.

  • Draeger

    whats wrong with using a .22 short?

    • Alex

      They create problems when many are fired out of a .22LR rifle and then the shooter reverts back to .22LR ammo.

  • Ray

    Interesting. Wonder how this will compare to Aguila Super Colibri.

  • David

    Colibri and Super Colibri have no gunpowder at all, just a hot primer only, so subsonic 22 ammo is a lot more powerful than the Colibris. Don't try to even shoot a rat with a Colibri, it will only be an angry rat.

    • Tyler

      I dunno, I've shot super colibri through a box of newspaper and then it went through a half inch piece of plywood as well.

    • Dennis Terry


  • Spencer

    Colibri and Super Colibri aren't very accurate out of any of my rifles. Like 6" groups at 20yds. lol This should be a lot better.

    • Dennis Terry

      you need some training or a new rifle

  • sean

    got some yesterday, nice thing is they feed in my clip feed bolt action and the CBs dont. just as quiet as the CBs but 40 grain instead of the 29 grain. they seem to be more acurate

  • MickeyRat

    This looks like CCI CB Caps loaded in a 22 LR case. They won't cycle a semi-auto rifle, and probably not cycle a semi-auto pistol. The CCI CB Caps WILL CYCLE most Remington 550 series semi auto! My brother, son & I all have them and use them squirrel hunting. Good luck on th 50 yard shots, drop is about 6 inches. Absolutely great out to 35-40 yards.

  • Bruce Burkhalter

    They won't cycle my Ruger Mark 2 pistol. Still fairly noisey too.

    • Mickey Rat

      No ammunition is quiet in a pistol or revolver. Even Aguila Colibri (250-300 fps) or Super Colibri (500 fpsj) are loud and aren't suitable or humane for small game.

  • Trailblazer

    Just heard about the new CCI Quiet, can't wait to try it. I've been using Super Colibri, CCI CB Shorts, and CCI CB Longs. They are all quite accurate (the CCI's are more accurate) in my Microgrove Marlins. The Suoer Colibri and the CB Shorts jam every time when manually cycled in my tube fed auto. The CB Longs jam about 10% of the time. I'm hoping These new LR length Quiets will manual cycle reliably.

  • rcr

    This was not a very informative video because for some reason they used a steel target which gave off a pinging sound of its own.

    Why not a paper target so that we could truly compare the sound of the round being fired?

  • Bigby25

    I’ve killed many raccoons in my backyard in the big city with these. Just as loud as a pellet gun, but deadlier.

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