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First Look: SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

by G&A Staff   |  May 2nd, 2014 9

Ammo choices just got wider with SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition. Yes, you read that right; SIG Sauer is now making ammunition.

Initial offerings will include the following five pistol calibers loaded with the respective weights for each: 90-grain .380 ACP, 124-grain 9mm, 125-grain .357 SIG, 165-grain .40 S&W and 200-grain .45 ACP.

Each round is loaded with SIG V-Crown jacketed hollow-point bullets seated in nickel-plated cases that include a proprietary coating to reduce friction, resist corrosion and improve reliable feeding and extraction. The SIG V-Crown hollow point bullets include a smaller hollow-point cavity behind the main cavity to improve controlled, uniform expansion.

During initial testing, G&A Handgun Editor Patrick Sweeney notes that the 124-grain 9mm load “exhibited full expansion and penetration to make the FBI — and the rest of us — happy.”

SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition is available now and prices vary based on caliber.

  • Sick & Tired

    That’s great, be even happier when these ammunition manufactures provide some inventory to the public. Even better share the gun powder cache with everyday shooters to use for reloading. Really tired of all the excuses why they can’t or won’t.

    • doodo40

      Well if you where a ammo company would you not look for an excuse to drive the prices up? The will milk it and get the prices as high as they can.


        No. Ammo co. aren’t driving prices up, demand is. Ammo co. would rather sell high volume at low prices than low volume at high prices; higher profits that way. Basic economics.

  • commonwealth109

    I think ammo companies really like the current economic environment – high prices & high demand. It wasn’t long ago cheap 9mm was $9 per 50. Now it’s $16, and you have to take whatever brand happens to be in that day. Labor & materials haven’t gone up 90%, and they are pumping it out at those prices in 2 shifts per day instead of 1 shift.

  • rt11002003

    Basic economics says suppliers should produce until marginal revenue equals marginal costs to maximize profit. However, few suppliers operate on economic principles. They tend to sell as much as they can, for as high a price as they can, whenever they can. If their product is something one can do without, the smart thing would be to avoid them. However, all the ammo makers are doing the same thing. We’re stuck, or we can quit shooting.

  • TR

    Can I use .380 in a 9mm?

    • Slagger

      Technically, yes, but you will experience more failure to feed and failure to extract, and have to go with a lighter spring.

  • Alex

    Shootingthebull410 tested this ammo in both .380 and 9mm and found that it is total crap. It fails to expand most of the time and completely over-penetrates. I guess this goes to show that gun companies should make guns and ammo companies should make ammo.

  • Bama_gunman

    I purchased a box of this ammo in 40 cal along with a p2022. Haven’t shot any of the sig ammo yet but 3 of the rounds are defective in that the bullet is seated almost completely in the case where only 1/8″ or less of bullet is visible above the shell casing. From now own I will open any box I buy to check for this,

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