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First Look: SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

by G&A Staff   |  May 2nd, 2014 9

Ammo choices just got wider with SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition. Yes, you read that right; SIG Sauer is now making ammunition.

Initial offerings will include the following five pistol calibers loaded with the respective weights for each: 90-grain .380 ACP, 124-grain 9mm, 125-grain .357 SIG, 165-grain .40 S&W and 200-grain .45 ACP.

Each round is loaded with SIG V-Crown jacketed hollow-point bullets seated in nickel-plated cases that include a proprietary coating to reduce friction, resist corrosion and improve reliable feeding and extraction. The SIG V-Crown hollow point bullets include a smaller hollow-point cavity behind the main cavity to improve controlled, uniform expansion.

During initial testing, G&A Handgun Editor Patrick Sweeney notes that the 124-grain 9mm load “exhibited full expansion and penetration to make the FBI — and the rest of us — happy.”

SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition is available now and prices vary based on caliber.


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