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Handgunning: .38 Super Remains

by Patrick Sweeney 0

The .38 Super pre-dates the 9mm Parabellum. Well, the parent case, anyway. When John M. Browning developed his Model 1900… more »


A History of the 10mm Auto

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Most of our readers know that Colonel Jeff Cooper loved the 1911 and thought that it was and is the… more »


First Look: Winchester USA Forged 9mm

by G&A Online Editors 0

In a nod to recreational and competitive pistol shooters, Winchester introduced the USA Forged steel case 9mm round, which are… more »


Federal Premium Adds .380 Auto to Personal Defense HST Collection

by G&A Online Editors 0

Think you can’t find something good to feed that .380 micro pistol of yours? Think again. Federal Premium Ammunition just… more »

SIG FMJ Ammunition

First Look: SIG Sauer FMJ Centerfire Pistol Cartridges

by G&A Online Editors 4

SIG Sauer continues to expand its line of Elite Performance Ammunition to include full metal jacket (FMJ) centerfire pistol cartridges. The new FMJ… more »


At the Range: Rock Island .22 TCM Pistol & Armscor .22 TCM Ammo

by Guns & Ammo TV 3

Armscor/Rock Island Armory has been making waves in the shooting industry with the development of its new cartridge, the .22 TCM… more »

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Hecho en México: Visita a la Fábrica de Aguila Municiones

by Alfredo Rico 12

Editor’s Note: ¿Habla Español? G&A’s Patrick Sweeney and Alfredo Rico traveled to Mexico and toured the Aguila Ammo factory. To… more »


G&A 2014 Ammo of the Year: Winchester Train & Defend

by G&A Staff 0

You should train like you fight. The reality is that most people do not. Many who carry a handgun for… more »


First Look: HPR Black Ops Ammo

by G&A Online Editors 8

HPR Ammunition has introduced a new line of defensive ammunition called Black Ops. Black Ops ammo features Open-Tipped Frangible (OTF)… more »


Man on the Street: .22 Long Rifle Ammo Availability

by G&A Online Editors 208

Empty shelves of ammo have plagued every gun shop and big box retailer in the country for well over a… more »


First Look: SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition

by G&A Staff 9

Ammo choices just got wider with SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition. Yes, you read that right; SIG Sauer is now… more »


How to Properly Store Ammo

by Kyle Wintersteen 26

Before every waterfowl season—which I anticipate like a kid on Christmas—I like to ceremoniously inventory my ammunition supply. Do I… more »


First Look: New Remington Guns & Ammunition for 2014

by G&A Staff 17

It appears 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for several Remington product lines. Their new offerings include… more »

Hornady Critical Duty 45

Introducing the Hornady Critical Duty .45 Auto +P

by G&A Online Editors 0

Hornady introduced a brand new handgun load, the Hornady Critical Duty .45 Auto +P, at the 2013 SHOT Show in… more »

Federal HST

Introducing Federal Ammunition Personal Defense HST

by G&A Online Editors 0

Federal Premium Ammunition introduced a brand new load, Federal Ammunition Personal Defense HST, at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las… more »

Hornady Critical Defense 44 Special

Critical Defense .45 Colt and .44 Special

by Scott E. Mayer 12

Out of short-barrel, concealed carry-type revolvers, the .45 Colt and .44 Special can have anemic performance–until now. Hornady has updated… more »

Ruger LCP

Power of the .380

by Richard Nance 33

A little .380 pistol such as Ruger’s LCP is a potent tool for self defense if circumstances dictate you wear… more »

#2-S&W 500s

Where Do You Draw the Line on Handgun Recoil?

by Dan Johnson 212

I was about 19 when I bought my first .44 Magnum, a second-hand Ruger Super Blackhawk. It was the first… more »

Ruger LC9

Ruger’s Little LC9

by Brock Norman 16

Guns & Ammo Technical Editor Dick Metcalf takes you through the details and performances of Ruger’s smallest 9mm semi-auto.

Kahr P380 full length right

Meet the Mini-Kahr

by Patrick Sweeney 3

9mm Kurz, 9mm Corto? In any language, little guns are big all over, and the new Kahr P380 appears to… more »

Left isde view of Walther PPS 9mm

Thin Is In – The Walther PPS

by Patrick Sweeney 12

Walther, in concert with S&W, has produced a sleek, slick and stylish 9mm that may redefine the way we think… more »

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