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Gear of PDTV: Hornady Steel Match

by Scott E. Mayer   |  June 24th, 2011 7

Using Hornady Steel Match ammo for personal defense?  Well, not exactly. As George says at the close of every show, “remember to train hard, train smart and train safe.” All that training requires a lot of ammunition, and at PDTV we recognize ammo isn’t cheap.

This season of PDTV a good deal of George’s range work was with Hornady Steel Match ammo.

That’s one reason we’re glad to see Hornady come out with its new line of Steel Match handgun and rifle ammunition. We’ll still choose a premium load like Hornady’s Critical Defense to protect ourselves, but this season a good deal of George’s range work was with Steel Match ammo. It just made sense, and didn’t disappoint.

Steel Match loads approximate the bullet weight and velocity of Hornady’s XTP and Critical Defense lines, but run about half the price.

Steel Match loads approximate the bullet weight and velocity of Hornady’s XTP and Critical Defense lines, but run about half the price. Because Steel Match so closely approximates Hornady’s dedicated defensive loads, you can expect shot placement and gun function to be similar.

Hornady Action Pistol HAP bullet cutaway

Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) bullet.

Loads feature Hornady Action Pistol or Match rifle bullets for uncompromised accuracy, and meet “power factor” criteria if you shoot in action pistol sports.

Throughout the entire season, Steel Match never gave us a single malfunction regardless of what gun George was using, or how many rounds were fired between cleaning. There’s a super slick coating on the steel cases and Hornady loads Steel Match at their factory with a propellant optimized for each load. Headshot target using Hornady HAP pistol ammunition







That optimization minimizes fouling, and maximizes reliability and accuracy to a level that made even precise head shots possible.

Practicing is perhaps the most important tool in preparing for personal defense. Loads such as Hornady’s Steel Match offer non-handloaders an excellent factory alternative that lets you shoot twice as much for the same price as premium ammo.

George Wehby of PDTV shooting a Taurus Slim

  • NN

    If the HAP rnd is as good as in the article; I bet, it is just as good as their SD ammo for SD since bullet placement is what it is all about.

    I looked it up on ammo selling sites and it is fairly expensive considering it's competition.

  • Dave

    What happened to Personal Defense TV??

    • Scott E. Mayer

      Dave, we take a break in the third quarter of the year. New shows begin airing on Sportsman Channel in fourth quarter on Monday 8:30 pm, Friday 5:00 pm and Sunday 1:30 am.

      • Chuck

        If anybody from Sportsman Channel or G&A is watching/reading these posts, pay attention– I'm sure most Lock&Load fans would rather watch replays of PD Tv than have hunting shows inserted into the lineup.

  • Montana Gold

    Hornady needs to stop praising trophy hunters. I convinced everyone at my gun club to stop using the brand and help other small companies. Their "pro trophy hunter" image is not riding good with us avid range shooters. I'm looking into Winchester and Federal.

    • Chuck

      Hornady is good dependable Ammo. Federal is very good as well but more expensive in general,Winchester works so any of the three are just fine.

      I am about small companies too if they make the same quality which is questionable at best.

      The availability of Ammo is the most important thing as many have/are finding out. I want ammo that I know is easy to get. I own 3 Glocks be4cause I know that anything I need is out there and easy to find.

      I suggest you pay more attention to finding the best rounds for your purpose and forget about the "spin"

      Many of the best shooters I know use Hornady and don't kill anything for fun!!

  • Jimbo Sensibal

    I love the idea of the Steel Match rounds for cost effectiveness. That said, several of the indoor ranges I use here in Palm Beach County Florida don't. Won't allow them. Why? Can't collect and re-sell for reloads, that's why. Damn shame. If I can't use them for practice, how can I buy them? Hornady may have to get involved in this – unless ranges allow the Steel Match rounds, Hornady won't sell anything at all to them. Not sure that's feisable for Hornady to do, but hey, what can shooters do?

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