Rifles chambered for .300 cartridges are emerging from several major manufacturers in the firearms industry, and that’s no coincidence.

Originally developed and marketed by J.D. Jones, one of the main attractions offered from the .300 Whisper cartridge is the ability to choose between subsonic and supersonic loads for the use of suppressors. The .300 Whisper is also adaptable with standard AR-15 parts and magazines, less a larger diameter barrel and muzzle device.

But we’ve also become accustomed to the .300 Blackout cartridge from Advanced Armament Corp., which appears so similar to the .300 Whisper that it has many people wondering: What’s the difference between the .300 Whisper and .300 Blackout?

On this segment of Guns & Ammo TV on The Sportsman Channel, Sgm. Kyle Lamb (Ret.) and Craig Boddington discuss the similarities and differences of the .300 Blackout vs. .300 Whisper cartridges.

For more on the Blackout and Whisper, check out the May 2014 issue of G&A, where Sgm. Lamb (Ret.) goes deer hunting with a 110-grain supersonic load.


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