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Brownells Now Offers Ammo and Ammo Advisor Tool

by Scott E. Mayer   |  June 22nd, 2011 5

Brownells announced today that its three main online stores are carrying full lines of top quality ammunition complete with an Ammo Advisor tool that takes the guesswork out of choosing just the right load for whatever a shooter is doing. According to company spokesman Larry Weeks, “We’ve made the prices market-competitive and our 100% unconditional guarantee still applies.”

For decades, Brownells has been the gunsmithing industry’s main source for tools and parts. More recently, Brownells expanded into precision reloading products through the acquisition of Sinclair International, and into police duty products through

Brownells offers ammo.“For years, customers have told us, ‘I sure wish you had ammo,’ well, we listened. We are offering the highest quality product at competitive prices, all backed by the high level of service Brownells customers have come to expect,” said company President Pete Brownell.

Policestore carries calibers departments and agencies use most often in guns ranging from backup pistols to designated marksmen’s rifles and even 12-gauge  duty guns.

Ammo selection at Brownells includes rifle, handgun and shotgun loads from top manufacturers including Winchester, Remington and Weatherby.

Sinclair is best known as a top supplier of high-quality reloading tools, components and accessories. With the addition of mail-order ammo, Sinclair President and General Manager, Bill Gravatt says, “When you don’t have the time to reload, you can count on Sinclair to offer you a wide selection of the highest-quality ammunition from the brands you know and trust.”

I received this announcement from Brownells before inventory, pricing and the Ammo Advisor were made available so I was unable to directly compare Brownells ammo prices with its competitors. A quick price comparison of other existing products, though, indicates that Brownells pricing is not only competitive, but on the less expensive end of competitive. I’ve never dealt with Policestore, and have limited experience with Sinclair, but have done business with Brownells for more than 30 years–both as an ordinary customer and an industry insider. In those decades, I’ve never been disappointed in the quality of the products, service or people from Brownells, and fully expect that level of service to continue as they enter into the ammo market.

  • nn

    Tried it out, it seem to be an easy quick way to find out what they have in stock.

  • Larry Jones

    I really like this change in Brownells offerings. Just wonderful!

  • BPSniper

    I love Brownell's! They are my crack store. Some guys read sports magazines. Some guys read fitness magazines (which always seemed odd to me to stare at magazines of half naked men). I read the Brownell's catalogue from cover to cover. Their catalogue and service/supply is top notch.

    Their web sight, on the otherhand, sucks! I just looked at the ammo portion and it is typical Brownell's web action. Two minutes and I wanted to suck start my pistol. I'll wait for the catalogue version.

    • BPSniper

      Midway, on the otherhand, is the exact opposite. Catalogue is horrendous and website is great.

      Maybe the two companies could get together and share trade secrets.

  • Glen Skoglund

    What would be the most powerful load that can be used in a Colt saa 7.5" barrel, 44-40 cal 3rd generation. Also, what is recommended for use in this gun?

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