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new rimfire rifles

8 New Rimfire Rifles for 2018

by Philip Massaro 0

I think most of us began shooting with a rimfire rifle in hand — the mild report, the virtually non-existent recoil and… more »

2018 firearm cartridges

New Firearm Cartridges and Ammunition for 2018

by Philip Massaro 0

Modern ammunition has made a definite impact in the way we shoot and hunt — it is more consistent and efficient than… more »


10 Trends That Will Shape SHOT And 2018

by G&A Staff 0

So what’s the good news? Well, people are buying guns…lots of guns. But they aren’t necessarily buying black rifles, with an interesting exception.


Vehicle Security

by Jeremy Stafford 0

Jeremy Stafford gives good advice for vehicle security and how to be accountable for your rolling armory.


Is Gunleather Dead?

by Jeremy Stafford 0

Galco’s attention to quality and detail have kept leather thriving in the firearms industry.


Thompson Submachine Gun – ‘Gun Stories’

by G&A Staff 0

“Gun Stories” host Joe Mantegna talks about the origins and history of the Thompson submachine gun, also know as the Tommy Gun.


GPS Tactical Range Backpack

by Jeremy Cantrell 0

G.P.S. Tactical’s Range Backpack brings practicality to the firing line.


Hawks of Fury: Tomahawk Roundup

by David Faubion 0

From pre-Colonial wilderness to the War on Terror, the tomahawk remains the most versatile multitool in existence.


Raise the Bar: Barrett MRAD .338 Lapua Mag. and REC7 5.56 NATO

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Modularity and simplicity separate the Barrett MRAD .338 Lapua and REC7 5.56 NATO from their peers.


Remington’s Black Belt Bullet

by Richard Mann 0

The Golden Saber, Remington’s Black Belt Bullet, has evolved.


Weapons Defenses of Krav Maga

by Jeremy Stafford 0

The weapons defenses of Krav Maga, the official martial art of the Israeli Defense Forces, have simple, efficient and aggressive principles.


Of Moose and Memories: Hunting Newfoundland with a Mossberg’s MVP in .308 Win.

by David Faubion 0

Hunting Newfoundland with Mossberg’s MVP in .308 Win. rekindles a passion for the mightiest of deer.

The Story of Civil War Sniper Jack Hinson and His Rifle

by Kyle Lamb 0

The story of a confederate sniper’s revenge and an exclusive look at his rifle.


Spotting Scope Roundup: Testing and Rating $40K worth of glass

by G&A Staff 0

A comprehensive roundup that’s never been attempted by another hunting or shooting publication.


Gun Stories : The Sharps Rifle

by G&A Staff 0

“Gun Stories” host Joe Mantegna talks about the origin and history of the legendary Sharps Rifle.


First Look: SIG Sauer P365

by Chris Mudgett 0

SIG Sauer has just introduced a game-changing, sub-compact pistol that is truly in a league of its own – the P365.


Cameras Don’t Lie: S&W .500 X-Frame .500 S&W Magnum

by Guns & Ammo TV 0

Patrick Sweeney and James Tarr slow things down a bit by using a high speed camera to show you what a .500 Smith & Wesson looks like when firing.

ItKK 96, the Finnish designation of the NSV, features a Norwegian-made recoil-reducing floating gun mount with reflex optical sight.

12.7mm Russian and Chinese .50-caliber Machine Guns

by G&A Staff 0

John Browning usually comes to mind when talking about .50-cal machine guns but 12.7nn Russian and Chinese .50-caliber machine guns are nothing to scoff at.


Drive The Gun: How To Use The Support Hand With AR-Type Rifles

by Jason Teague 0

The good and bad and the ugly in terms of using the support hand on your AR-15.


Setting Up the 7.62mm AR

by Kyle Lamb 0

SGM Kyle Lamb shows how designing and setting up the 7.62mm AR can make every shot count.