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First Look: Mossberg Partners with Red Jacket Firearms

by G&A Online Editors   |  May 5th, 2014 29

Announced at the 2014 NRA Show in Indianapolis, Mossberg announced their partnership with Red Jacket Firearms.

Mossberg’s rifles and shotguns have become staples in the industry for a wide variety of applications. Paired with customized attention from Red Jacket, the two companies teamed up to bring a new series of long guns to market with a tactical advantage.

Initial offerings will include customized Mossberg MVP rifles, as well as 500 FLEX and 590 shotguns.

The Mossberg MVP Red Jacket Tactical Target bolt-action line of rifles include 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout variations; both of which use fluted bull barrels with suppressor-ready Red Jacket Shorty muzzle brakes. The rifles also feature mil-std. 1913 rails atop their receivers and adjustable triggers. Combined with a Mosscoat surface finish and an adjustable comb, a wide variety of shooters will find comfort when using these rifles.

The new series of firearms also includes a 500 FLEX Red Jacket Turkey/Security Shotgun combo and a 590 Red Jacket Tactical Shotgun. Both scatterguns are finished in Olive Drab (OD) Green with muzzle brakes and Magpul furniture.

These new offerings are becoming available mid-2014 and their MSRPs are not yet available.

Joe Meaux from Red Jacket Firearms introduces this new line of firearms:


    Interesting, wouldn’t mind seeing some of the offerings but I have a feeling that they are going to be overpriced for what is received.

  • JayMoonz23

    The guns pass the eye test but I’m sure they’re over-priced. On top of that, after watching the show, if that’s any indication of who these folks really are, I’d rather give my money to someone else.

  • Jeff Newland

    I have been looking to get one of those Mossberg MVP rifles. Maybe I’ll wait and see what the price difference is for the added ‘features’. Also, I hope they have non-threaded version for the California market. Sacramento seems to have a bias against threads for some odd reason.

    • DC

      Jeff, barrel threads are fine on a bolt action rifle. They are only considered an “evil” feature on semiauto rifles and pistols in Commie-fornia. I feel your pain, I live in the peoples republik of commie-fornia myself.

      • veebo 74

        Everything that red jacket makes is over priced. All you are doing is just making them rich. They have forgotten where they started when they were a nobody.

  • Rick Ruud

    If Mossberg can’t find anyone else to partner than those reality clowns it will be the last Mossberg I buy. I suppose they will put that retard Chris as their spokesman!

  • Clearanceman2 .

    I’d have to see, Red Jacket has some talent but Mossburg is known for value and Red Jacket not so much. The last show of theirs I saw was a mess. No one even wanted to be there but Will. Chris was coming apart at the seams. Too much reality but the gun/tank/whatever builds were still awesome. Less whining about your high dollar dream job and more cool builds please!

  • Clearanceman2 .

    I see Joe can finally calm down about money…

    • cuntstuck

      It’s basically his company now … In the real world steph and will are not the legal officers… charlie and joe are.. so yea understandable his pissed off about money loss

  • the gizz

    Pass. Red Jacket is a joke of a company. I’m not entirely sure what Mossberg is thinking with this “partnership”?

  • Ed

    What a joke!

  • Johnynew

    Gotta watch out for those tactical turkeys

  • Dubbie Hayles

    I have to agree that the rilfes will probably be way over priced for the general public. I just wonder what the idea was to partner with RJ. Custom guns maybe but it will be a hard sell for the everyday consumer.

  • RMP52

    Mossberg must be in pretty bad shape to think that a tie- up with these reality show losers are going to help them out in anyway.

  • mrgroovesd

    I’d rather buy the Duck Dynasty Mossberg than the RJ stuff. Real tree camo over corny add ons.

  • weasel_fa

    What happened to the owner of RJ? Seems like he is being the victim of a hostile takeover.

    • FAAQ2

      No since his FFL was taken away by ATF – RJ needs someone to run the company – someone other then that idiot Chris – who seems to be od’d on meth or something.

    • Sodomy

      Yea pretty sure Joe and Charlie are the current legal officers of Red Jacket steph and will are employees

  • JR57

    It’s not like Mossberg is high quality anyway – I think they are crap guns to start with. Them partnering with RJ is just to raise sales-end of story.

  • JR57

    It’s not like Mossberg is high quality anyway – I think they are crap guns to start with. Them partnering with RJ is just to raise sales-end of story.

  • Shadewolfe

    Having seen the drama bomb that is the show currently, I probably won’t touch anything with the RJ stamp. Granted I’ve enjoyed some of the episodes I have seen in regards to their builds and rebuilds, but the soap opera shenanigans has been a bit much.

    Even if I take a breath and consider that what we see may be the “most TV worthy” or “the worst” of what they go through day to day, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  • mikelsworld1974

    Red Jacket Firearms has a F rating with the BBB. Good luck to any company that gets involved with them.

  • doliver

    credibility not so much

  • 101nomad

    I would still buy Mossberg off the rack. But, nothing that ‘Red Jacket’ has touched. Something about those people I don’t like. (That is just me).

  • Kugelblitze

    Surely all of their designs have “nevah been dun befoah”!

  • JiminGA

    “Sons of Guns” used to be an interesting show but we stopped watching when it became a soap opera with some guns as an after thought. So the Red Jacket label means little.

  • atm

    But Chris has invested “half a decade” to Red Jacket, that’s why he’s so upset.

    Grow up kid, 5 years is nothing. Reality is you’re on the gravy train because you married the boss’s daughter. No other boss would keep you around with your drama.

  • kevin

    U all moan about red jacket being a soap opera but surely that all got to do with the producers just to try and make the show interesting, at the end of the day the way the producers are looking at it ” everyone loves a good drama”

  • doug

    red jacket.. is that the one on cable TV? stopped watching them when I saw buyers coming in for a GUN, ONE WAS A SINGLE ACTION ARMY 45. the owner said “I’ll build one for you.” it cost twice as much as a real colt and looked like it was made in turkey. I guess they don’t sell over the counter guns. I don’t watch them anymore.

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