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Red Jacket Crew Brings ‘Total Recall’ Submachine Gun to Life

by G&A Online Editors   |  July 18th, 2012 18

Sometimes the guys at Red Jacket like to let their imaginations wander a bit. We’re just fine with that, because it brings us even cooler, more outlandish guns than we could imagine. When Kris caught a glimpse of the trailer for the upcoming film Total Recall, he was so smitten with the film’s submachine guns that the team decided to bring these fantasy guns to life. This Kriss Vector SMB full-auto submachine features an integral silencer, specialized magazines and a wicked paint job. This is way more than just some non-firing movie prop — this bad boy is the real deal.

Check out the exclusive video from Discovery Channel, and be sure to catch a brand new episode of Sons of Guns on Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern on Discovery Channel.


  • mike

    In the email the pic of chris with the gun shouldered thee eotech is mounted backwards

    • BigMike

      You need glasses dude.

      • Big dick guy


  • Alan_T

    So Will ………………. When should I expect MY invitation to shoot it ?
    ……. Or is it lost in the mail along with my invitation to the traditional hog shoot ? ? ? Yeah …… I didn't even get a pork sandwich outta THAT ONE !
    YOU just wait Will ……. one of these days you're gonna want me to shoot one of the guns and I'll say . NO ! ! !
    And it won't do you any good to try to plead with me because I won't do it !
    You just wait …… Wolvie and old vet and me'll make our own SMG and it'll be really cool too and you'll want to shoot it and I'll say , well Will , pay me back that two dollars and give Wolvie 'n vet 'n me a roast pig sandwich and maybe we;ll talk about it ! ! !
    HA !

    • Poor Jack

      lol Alan you crack me up every time I read you, thanx for the laff

  • @TKuglar

    That is an awesome gun and I would love to shoot it wow what a gun!

  • cLancaster

    not being able to afford the paperwork and the other things for a full auto, any plans for a Kriss vector in semi auto or maybe a 3 shot burst?

    • Wolvie

      Um, 3-shot burst is considered full auto.

      So it's the same paperwork for fully automatic or 3-shot burst.

    • yeah buddy

      Kriss does make a semi auto version of that gun and their security pistol but I'm with you I'd like to see the RJF version with maybe a faux suppressor in the semi auto

  • David Gault

    what great show

  • just john

    I have always loved that gun, same i can only have the version with the HUGE barrel :(

  • hhv

    That is so innovating. Not. Come on people. Can some please design something real and useful. That Kriss is to bulky, I would stick with a HKUMP45.

    • Shaun Oreilly

      i thought that myself when watching the program but it would just be too bulky if actually used in the movie and they could just fold the butt.

  • Daniel Woo

    I never owned a gun, but after watching the shows and I saw the KRISS Vector in the magazine Recoil, I wanted it. I also want a shotgun. Hmm, I think this might start to become an addicting habit. I first need to learn how to shoot.

  • rifleman

    hey will what would you think if we turned chris's total recall gun into a fully automatic 5.56mm. rifle with hybrid scope and heartbeat sensor, light, laser, and what ever cool stuff you can think of. and this is just an idea

  • Daryl

    Any word on production and price?

  • cliff

    how much to get a kriss vector done up like your total recall gun

  • gbaltil

    Like kris can really build anything. That loser pud. Vince would beat that pud into the ground where a pos belongs.i feel sorry for Stephanie that she fell for that loser. He cant build guns cant play a guitar and sings like crap.
    2hat a loser.
    Little boy kris should be flipping burgers or making tacos.

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